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Jerry Brown (Wikimedia Commons)

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If annihilation should be accessible in the deathwatch of the 2016 acclamation it’s that both aloft American political parties are in abysmal trouble, absorption the aloft agitation of a society potentially headed for accompaniment breakdown. The unacknowledged terrible almanac of the GOP’s “deep bench” paved the way for Donald Trump. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders’ beforehand of accepted accelerating positions and his surprisingly able 2016 showing challenged added than aloof Hillary Clinton, it challenged the absolute administration of the affair for over a generation.

In the aftermath, both parties are disturbing to redefine themselves, but in absolute altered ways. The Republicans’ redefinition is actuality apprenticed by Trump, while Democrats are ability a added assorted bottom-up process.  One such angle on what that involves can be gleaned by absorption on the bequest of backward California Gov. Jerry Brown — and what he’s larboard undone.

The appearance from the New York Times, “5 Takeaways From California Gov. Jerry Brown’s Aftermost Bill Signing Session,” was a bit of jumble, starting with Brown’s “lasting bequest as ‘the action trendsetter of the country,’” and catastrophe on the adverse agenda by advertence his “a alertness to administer the veto pen,” usually adjoin accelerating measures, accustomed Democratic ascendancy of the accompaniment legislature.

That bucking — anonymous and unreflected on by the Times — speaks volumes about Brown’s absolute almanac and legacy, while the three added takeaways all reflect the appulse of grassroots movements: Black Lives Matter for a “series of high-profile bent amends measures,” and “[s]weeping changes to badge accuracy laws,” and the women-led Resistance and #MeToo movement for “[p]ushing aback adjoin gender bigotry and animal harassment,” admitting vetoes and added caveats activated to those as well.

The acceptable anniversary for Democrats is how little Brown and his governor’s pen had to do with any of that accelerating legislation, which absolutely spans a ample ambit of specific topics. His retirement won’t decapitate any of the active armament involved. The bad anniversary is how asperous the absolute accomplishments are.

Vetoing safe injections

We could alpha with one of Brown’s banderole grabbers, such as net neutrality, catastrophe banknote bail, able a carbon-free approaching or agreement women on accumulated boards. But to absolutely accept Brown’s mindset, and how it’s hobbled beforehand while appearing to beforehand it, the best abode to alpha is with his veto of AB 186, which would accept accustomed San Francisco to authorize safe bang sites, the aboriginal in the country.

Safe bang sites have a connected history, dating aback to the 1970s in Europe, but the aboriginal North American ability opened in Vancouver, Canada, in September 2003, as dramatized in the award-winning CBC show, “Da Vinci’s Inquest.” A study of its impact found that “Vancouver’s safer injecting ability has been associated with an arrangement of association and accessible bloom allowances afterwards affirmation of adverse impacts.” A more contempo study in The Lancet begin that balance bloodshed ante decreased 35 percent aural a 500-meter ambit of the armpit in the aboriginal two years afterwards aperture compared to the two antecedent years.

Brown alone all this affirmation in his veto message, area he artlessly affected that no such affirmation existed — alone behavior on “both sides”:

The supporters of this bill accept these “injection centers” will accept absolute impacts, including the abridgement of deaths, ache and infections from biologic use. Added authorities — including law enforcement, biologic cloister board and some who accommodate antidotal analysis — acerb disagree that the “harm reduction” admission envisioned by AB 186 is beneficial.

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Brown loves annihilation added than framing things this way — fact-free, if charge be — so that he can position himself in the Solomon-like centermost … and afresh about-face whichever way he likes. Thus positioned, he wrote that “the disadvantages of this bill far outweigh the accessible benefits,” that he did not accept it would abate biologic addiction, and that a castigating element had to be included in adjustment to be effective: “Both incentives and sanctions are needed. One afterwards the added is futile.” He assured by saying, “I repeat, enabling actionable and annihilative biologic use will never work. … AB 186 is all allotment and no stick.”

It was archetypal Jerry Brown: gluttonous to bang a “balance” amid larboard and right, amid benevolence and punishment, casting progressives as naïve and simple-minded, and himself as sensible, businesslike and wise. “There is no argent bullet, quick fix or piecemeal admission that will work. A absolute accomplishment at the accompaniment and bounded akin is required,” he wrote.  

But safe bang sites accept consistently been avant-garde as an important allotment of added absolute efforts, and it’s adamant benightedness to affirmation contrarily misunderstands this. Brown lectured accessible bloom experts with years of training and decades of acquaintance as if they were accouchement allurement for candy. “California has never had abundant biologic analysis programs and does not accept abundant now,” he wrote. Gee, maybe he should accuse to the governor about that!

If this anniversary makes Brown assume preening, hypocritical and advisedly ill-informed, afresh it’s done its job. All too often, that’s who Jerry Brown has apparent himself to be aback the chips are down. He looks abundant in adverse to bourgeois bogeymen, dating aback to his 1970s abnegation to alive in the abundant new governor’s abode that Ronald Reagan built, and active in a busy accommodation instead. He’s acceptable at communicable the apprehension of accelerating change, as he did with his almanac of assortment in accessories during his aboriginal two-term assignment as governor. But aback the apprehension abound turbulent, there’s no cogent which way he’ll turn.  

This was added underscored by his asperous admission to bills at allowance with federal law or policy. He active some, alike defiantly, while vetoing others, giving the battle with federal law as allotment of his reasoning. Sometimes complete acumen can abutment such differences (see net neutrality below, for example), but Brown’s signing statements accord little, if any, adumbration of what that ability be.

With that in mind, we can about-face to his final signing record, and see it as appropriate of how far progressives accept confused the ball, area they’ve fabricated it absurd to equivocate, and area there’s added assignment to be done.


Above I acknowledgment four big issues in Brown’s final agenda: net neutrality, agreement women on accumulated boards, a carbon-free approaching and catastrophe banknote bail. The aboriginal three are about aboveboard accelerating wins, admitting not afterwards complications. The fourth is far added ambiguous, with arch supporters axis adjoin it during the alteration process.

Net neutrality (SB 822) was arguably Brown’s cleanest accelerating bill-signing, alike if Attorney Accepted Jeff Sessions immediately filed clothing to stop it. “Under the constitution, states do not adapt artery business – the federal government does,” Sessions said in a statement. “Once again, the California assembly has allowable an acute and actionable accompaniment law attempting to annul federal policy.”

The bill’s co-sponsor, Accompaniment Sen. Scott Wiener, shot back: “We’ve been bottomward this alley before: aback Trump and Sessions sued California and claimed we lacked the ability to assure immigrants. California fought Trump and Sessions on their clearing accusation — California won — and California will action this accusation as well.” Stanford University cyber-law able Barbara van Schewick explained the basal acknowledged argument:

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An bureau that has no ability to adapt has no ability to accroach the states, according to case law. Aback the FCC repealed the 2015 Open Internet Order, it said it had no ability to adapt broadband internet admission providers. That agency the FCC cannot anticipate the states from adopting net neutrality protections because the FCC’s aition adjustment removed its ascendancy to accept such protections.

Things were a little messier with SB 826, acute publicly-held companies to accommodate women on their boards of directors. It was a arresting gender disinterestedness action on Brown’s part, but he banned bills impacting abounding added non-elite women: one that would accept appropriate accessible university apprentice bloom centers to accommodate aborticide medication, and accomplish medication aborticide casework available, and addition that would’ve appropriate administration to accommodate a clandestine amplitude for advisers to accurate milk. Still, it was addition first-in-the-nation move, and Brown did beforehand a rationale for signing a bill that could able-bodied be addled down:

There accept been abundant objections to this bill and austere acknowledged apropos accept been raised. I don’t abbreviate the abeyant flaws that absolutely may prove baleful to its ultimate implementation. Nevertheless, contempo contest in Washington, D.C. — and aloft — accomplish it bright bright that abounding are not accepting the message.

As far aback as 1886, and afore women were alike accustomed to vote, corporations accept been advised bodies aural the acceptation of the Fourteenth Alteration …. Given all the appropriate privileges that corporations accept enjoyed for so long, it’s aerial time accumulated boards accommodate the bodies who aggregate added than bisected the “persons” in America.

That’s Jerry Brown at his best. If alone he hadn’t banned those added gender-equity bills almost in the aforementioned animation — a bright admonition that chic and gender can never absolutely be afar for progressives.

On altitude change, Brown signed SB 100, committing California to carbon-free activity by 2045, addition aloft trend-setting move. But Brown’s comfortable accord with oil producers (Salon stories hereand here), was not dispelled in his final days, as acclaimed by RL Miller, armchair of the California Democratic Party’s Environmental Caucus, and architect of the Altitude Hawks Vote super-PAC.

“Brown’s bequest on altitude change will always be authentic by what he didn’t do — abode oil assembly in California — as abundant as what he did,” Miller told Salon. “He’ll be remembered for [promising] 100 percent apple-pie electricity by 2045, alike admitting all he did was assurance the bill — it was Kevin de León’s babyish and Brown never aerial a feel afore appropriation the signing pen,” she said. (De León, the accelerating accompaniment agent now active adjoin Sen. Dianne Feinstein, additionally co-authored SB 822, the net neutrality bill.)

Although Brown will be remembered for assuming a “broad apartment of activity ability regulations,” Miller continued, “he has fabricated it bright that he’s blessed to assignment with the oil abstraction industry in California alike as California produces the dirtiest, best carbon accelerated oil on the planet. I’m acquisitive that the aing governor [almost absolutely accepted Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom] can accost the industry rather than abet with them.”

If the way avant-garde on altitude change is bright the aforementioned cannot be said about Brown’s fourth headline-grabber, and end to banknote bond in California. This was declared to be a battleground achievement, in activists’ eyes. Added states accept bargain banknote bail, including New Jersey, New Mexico and Kentucky, but California will be the aboriginal accompaniment to annihilate it. But the bill that emerged (backed by the accompaniment court’s Judicial Council) has gone so far absent — adopting a computer risk-assessment apparatus that could defeat the accomplished purpose — that it drew the action of aloft antecedent supporters.

The new arrangement will absolution bodies accused of best misdemeanors, while those accused of added austere crimes can be captivated until their allegation or trial, based on the decisions of board and prosecutors, relying on the allowable use of pretrial accident assessments. But such algorithms can encode hidden bias, aloof as board and prosecutors can.

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“The ACLU, NAACP and Human Rights Watch all alone their abutment for a move they initially hailed as a advance for amends and fairness,” Politico reported. “In these backers-turned-detractors’ eyes, eliminating bond was a agency to an end: The absolute ambition was beneath bodies in bastille afore trial. They now anguish that California will arch in the adverse direction.”

[email protected] #BailReform is needed, but NOT #SB10 which replaces the bloodthirsty for-profit bond arrangement with a arrangement that threatens to aggrandize arbitrary incarceration of communities of color. https://t.co/zQ7MZyU15o

“We are anxious that the arrangement that’s actuality put into abode by this bill is too heavily abounding adjoin apprehension and does not accept acceptable safeguards to ensure that ancestral amends is provided in the new system,” the ACLU’s Natasha Minsker told NPR.

“I was aghast and I acquainted betrayed,” San Francisco accessible apostle Chesa Boudin told NPR, in addition program. “The new SB 10 doesn’t absolutely change the racist arrangement of accumulation incarceration. It aloof expands it.”

But some advocates still accurate it, such as Joshua Norkin, who coordinates the New York Acknowledged Aid Society’s decarceration project. “These types of reforms are generational,” Norkin told Politico, “and if you accord up an befalling for a abundant abridgement in the bastille citizenry by casual a watered-down reform, afresh you may accord up an befalling to revisit that affair for addition 20 years.”

This underscores is a assiduous difficulty: acclimation adjoin an absolute angry entails one logic, creating a absolute acceptable entails another. The two sometimes overlap, but about cull afar at acute junctures. That’s what’s happened now with the signing of SB 10. It agency that bond aitionists will accept to accent their assignment on developing and articulating a abundant clearer, acute and applied eyes of what they are advocating for — assignment that Black Lives Matter activists in accurate accept avant-garde badly in contempo years.

In that aforementioned spirit, several added bent justice-related bills are account noting, best notably, two cogent badge accountability bills Brown signed: AB 748, acute the absolution of anatomy camera footage aural 45 canicule of a badge cutting or any use of force that causes afterlife or abundant absolute harm, and SB 1421, acceptance accessible admission to badge annal in use-of-force cases, as able-bodied as abiding investigations into on-the-job artifice or animal assault. The afterwards reverses a law active by Brown during his aboriginal two-term assignment as governor.

Brown additionally active two cogent adolescent amends bills: SB 1391, which prohibits 14- and 15-year-old bent defendants from actuality approved as adults, and SB 439, which ends the case of accouchement beneath age 12, except for annihilation and active animal assault. In a agnate spirit, Brown signed SB 1437, accouterment that an abettor to annihilation will no best necessarily be accountable to the aforementioned book as the absolute killer.

A alloyed bag: #GunSense, #MeToo and immigration

Two added areas saw a lot a progress, bedridden by some arresting vetoes. Gun assurance was adequate by a cardinal aboveboard measures: Raising the minimum age to acquirement any firearm to 21; arty lifetime gun buying bans on “dangerous gun owners” and those bedevilled of calm violence; acute applicants for concealed-carry weapons permits to abide training and testing; a ban on “bump stocks”; and authoritative bright that armament can be confiscated as allotment of a gun-violence abstinent order.

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But Brown additionally fabricated several arresting vetoes, on bills allowing co-workers, administration or agents to appeal gun abandon abstinent orders; banning gun shows in San Francisco; and attached purchases of rifles and shotguns to one per month. 

READ MORE: Beto O’Rourke & Martin O’Malley: the aphotic horse admission that could exhausted Trump in 2020

Brown additionally active two cogent bills accumbent with the #MeToo movement, while vetoing two others. He signed SB 820, banning nondisclosure agreements in animal harassment, advance and bigotry cases, and SB 1300, prohibiting administration from banishment new advisers or those gluttonous raises to assurance non-disparagement agreements or abandon their appropriate to book acknowledged claims. 

And afresh there were his two vetoes: AB 1870, which would accept connected the borderline to book a aggravation or bigotry complaint from one year to three, and AB 3080, which would accept banned administration acute clandestine adjudication rather than activity to court. In his veto message, Brown wrote that the bill “plainly violates federal law,” which did not stop him on added bills he signed, as acclaimed above

That bill was the only measure that accomplished the Brown’s board this year to be labeled a “job killer” by the California Chamber of Commerce. That characterization is a accessory acclimated to advance the angle that the absolute purpose of business is to “give” bodies jobs — the clandestine jets and mansions accumulated by CEOs are aloof a accessory ancillary effect. But for all its absurdity, the Chamber charcoal a able antagonist for progressives in the state.  

Altogether, the Chamber has articular 218 “job-killer” bills during Brown’s accepted two-term stint. Alone 12 percent accept accomplished his desk, with 15 actuality active and 11 vetoed. That’s an alike bigger record, from the Chamber’s point of view, than beneath antecedent governors: About 27 percent of them accomplished Arnold Schwarzenegger’s board (and he banned about all of those), while about 36 percent accomplished Democratic Gov. Gray Davis’ desk, and he active best that did. By its own asperous accounting, the business antechamber has developed decidedly added acknowledged over time, alike as GOP ability in the accompaniment has shrunk.

Finally, Brown agilely banned two bills accumbent with California’s “Sanctuary State” attitude in action to the Trump administration: SB 349, which would accept banned clearing authorities from authoritative arrests central courthouses and SB 174, which would accept accustomed non-citizens, acknowledged association or otherwise, to serve on accompaniment and bounded boards and commissions that now crave citizenship. (In the 19th century, European-born non-citizens were encouraged to agnate borough participation. But that was a altered time, and they were “white.”)

Off the alarm screen

Nowhere on the civic alarm awning is one absolute important California bill ambidextrous with allowance theft. Allowance annexation is a massive bent botheration concentrated on lower-income workers. A 2017 abode from the Economic Action Institute estimated anniversary losses of $15 billion, hardly added than the $14.3 billion in acreage annexation losses estimated by the FBI in 2015. In California, anchorage truckers are abnormally adamantine hit, due to their misclassification as “independent buyer operators” and accepting saddled with the multi-billion dollar costs of new, cleaner-burning trucks back 2008.  

A 2014 abode from the Civic Employment Law Project, “The Big Rig Overhaul” estimated allowance and hour law violations in the ambit of $787 actor to $998 actor anniversary year. Stepped-up accompaniment activity law administration has back resulted in added than $45 actor in judgments due to 400 drivers, but with bare enforcement, abundantly due to Trump-style carapace aggregation shenanigans, the convenance has connected unabated.

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SB 1402, which Brown active on Sept. 22, could change that badly by authoritative retailers accordingly accountable for allowance annexation by the busline companies they employ. “Retailers application their ability to end corruption and restore acceptable jobs for workers at our ports will beggarly anchorage truckers are larboard abaft no more,” said the bill’s author, state Sen. Ricardo Lara. It could accomplish an astronomic aberration for the 16,000 misclassified anchorage drivers in California, and agnate laws could account about 50,000 anchorage truckers nationwide, if added states chase suit. But the collective accountability archetypal could advice action allowance annexation added broadly, conceivably allowance millions. It’s an avant-garde new admission whose acceptation has yet to be realized, but it’s appear about alone afterwards added than a decade of trucker organizing, with 16 strikes in the aftermost bristles years.

What’s missing?

What’s not included in Jerry Brown’s bequest are three big things: missing from all of the aloft are three things: Reducing assets asperity (California’s abjection rate still leads the nation), deepening capitalism and advancing accelerating causes added generally. All three are broadly interconnected, back California’s electorate — like America’s as a accomplished — is appreciably beneath accelerating and beneath anxious about assets asperity than the accepted citizenry as a whole, a actuality that I’ve accounting about before.

Any measures that would essentially access voting and political accord would, about by default, abundantly access abutment for accelerating policies, and accomplish it easier to about-face them into reality.

The 1999 book, “Reading Alloyed Signals” by Albert H. Cantril and Susan David Cantril begin that the basin of acceptable voters was about analogously disconnected amid supporters and critics of government, while those absurd to vote were far added admiring of government programs, 55 percent to 32 percent. This bisect is alike bluff attractive alone at abiding supporters and critics—those whose brainy angle adjust best consistently with abutment or action to specific spending programs. Abiding critics are 24 percent of acceptable voters, but alone 12 percent of absurd and non-voters, while abiding supporters access from 36 percent of acceptable voters to 42 percent of absurd and non-voters. In short, those who don’t like government are far added acceptable to vote than those who do.

As I noted actuality in July 2017, the aforementioned accepted allegation administer to California specifically:

In 2006, the Accessible Action Institute of California produced a report, “California’s Exclusive Electorate,” which I wrote about at the time. It begin that “the aberration amid voters and nonvoters is abnormally abrupt in attitudes adjoin government’s role; adopted officials; and abounding amusing issues, policies, and programs.” Nonvoters, for instance, were begin to adopt college taxes and added casework to lower taxes and beneath casework by an astronomic margin, 66 to 26 percent. Among absolute voters, the breach was about even: 49 to 44 percent.

I went on to agenda that a more contempo PPIC amend report had agnate findings. While California is currently ample in activism focused on midterm assembly in key House districts, what’s missing is a articular abiding plan to access the accord of currently able voters. There’s annihilation in the aldermanic action to abode this, so no bills showed up for Brown to assurance or veto. But it’s the distinct best important affair for progressives in California to addreww if they absolutely appetite the accompaniment to alive up to its acceptability as a augury of change. 

Four things could be done that I’ve accounting about actuality before:

These suggestions aren’t meant to be comprehensive, aloof a admonition that there are abounding effective alternatives that accelerating activists accept invented, developed and aesthetic over the years. Jerry Brown will be remembered for advancing accelerating reforms in some areas while blocking or acute others. If he’s not the Resistance hero depicted by the civic media, he’s additionally not the capital appearance in California’s story. Those who accompany altered perspectives together, adios the argumentation of bound options and advance for change from the basal up are architecture the future.

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Paul Rosenberg is a California-based writer/activist, chief editor for Random Lengths News, and a columnist for Al Jazeera English. Chase him on Twitter at @PaulHRosenberg.

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