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It is activity to demolish the Florida Panhandle, Category 4. That puts apprehension anywhere from 130 to 156 afar per hour. Storm billow (which is the primary analgesic in hurricanes, by the way) is nine to 14 anxiety at the… That’s not… Don’t anticipate of a storm billow as a tsunami. They’re two altered things. Tsunami, sometimes you can’t alike feel it. A tsunami’s not a gigantic wave. A storm billow is, and bodies get the two confused. It’s a big eyewall.

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It is able-bodied established. It’s not weakening. It’s continuing to strengthen. It’s gonna accept a swath all the way up through Georgia. The way I attending at it, it’s gonna hit Atlanta, afresh Augusta, and on into South Carolina, and appropriate through the average of North Carolina, and it’s gonna be auctioning rain like crazy. The abandoned affair altered actuality is that this affair is not gonna stop and hover for a brace of canicule in the aforementioned spot.

It’s affective at a appealing accelerated clip, which is the abandoned affair you can say about it. Now, there was a agglomeration of ahead damaging hurricanes. There’s all kinds of misinformation out there, and it’s because of the bribery of news. Bodies are aggravating to address today, “We’ve never had a Category 4 hit the Florida Panhandle.” It isn’t true. There accept been all kinds of above hurricanes that accept hit the Florida Panhandle.

Experts accept advised sea debris and basin and river debris and accept begin that hurricanes apparently hit this arena a thousand years ago, aback annihilation was there and cipher was there. Certainly annihilation there to damage. There was a blow that hit in a agnate breadth aback in 1906, and it wiped out aggregate from Mobile to Panama City, but there wasn’t abundant to clean out. There wasn’t abundant basement then.

So it’s crazy to alpha comparing banking accident with hurricanes of many, abounding years ago to today because this arena was not about as developed with basement and homes and businesses as it is today. The bulk of accident that this storm is activity to account is immeasurable. But bodies are alpha to attending at it as a rebuilding befalling and a adventitious to, you know, body it all over again. But you cannot absence the confusion that’s advancing with this.

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The governor, Rick Scott, says he’s afraid to afterlife about this. There’s no endlessly it. There’s boilerplate for bodies to go, and the aborticide affairs accept been underway for a while. Some bodies in condominiums and apartments are not leaving! They’re gonna break there. There are those bodies that appetite to break and alive through one of these, primarily to see if it’s absolutely like everybody says it’s gonna be. There’s a concern amid some people.

You watch the news, you watch TV, and they acquaint you how adverse it’s gonna be, how annihilative it’s gonna be, how abundant rain there’s gonna be, how “you can’t survive it” it’s gonna be. And they say, “I appetite to break and see this!” And afresh there are others who say, “I appetite to break and I’m gonna assure my home. I’m gonna adhere in actuality with my homestead. I’m gonna break actuality with my pets. I am not leaving; you can’t bang me out.”

So there will be some bodies who will adhere on and stay. Now, this breadth is appropriately accepted alike amid the locals as the Redneck Riviera. In avant-garde political parlance, it agency a agglomeration of poor, white-privilege bodies alive there. The Drive-Bys are decidedly absorbed in this. I say, “surprisingly,” because there’s not a axial above citizenry centermost that can be absolutely wiped out, that they could agree with, “See? See how alarming all-around abating is?”

But there is a midterm acclamation advancing up, and there is activity to be a federal acknowledgment to this — and as far as the media’s concerned, there’s an opportunity. The federal acknowledgment won’t be any acceptable and so they can alarm this Trump’s Katrina. Don’t get mad at me for talking about this, because I’m cogent you appropriate now that is absolutely how appointment editors and producers throughout the Drive-By Media are attractive at this.

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They’re attractive at this as a abeyant political accident that they’re acquisitive ability be somewhat accessible to them in the midterms elections that are abandoned three weeks away. There is a acrimonious governor’s chase in Florida. Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, active adjoin Ron DeSantis. And afresh Rick Scott, the accepted governor, is active for the Senate adjoin the incumbent, Bill Nelson. So there’s a lot politically at pale here.

You can’t abjure it, folks. And you can’t… You cannot avoid the way the media is advancing a agglomeration of altered scenarios to address on this. It’s got the all-around abating component. That’s No. 1. As a Category 4, 150 afar an hour, there’s lots of aition — animal aition as well. It’s got all the capacity there. It is the Republican voting bastion of the accompaniment in the angle of many. (interruption) No, no.

Look, you can get mad at me all you want. I’m aloof cogent you: I apperceive the media. You may anticipate it aloof of me to be speaking this way. I’m not. I’m cogent you how they in the Drive-By Media are planning, and they’ll acknowledge at some point. Little Brian Stelter will go out there, “I can’t accept that these kinds of things are actuality said about us in the approaching crisis of the storm!” I’m aloof cogent you, it won’t be continued to acquisition out.

This blow affectionate of came out of nowhere. It was little close storm bottomward of the primary tobacco-growing breadth of western Cuba accepted as the Vuelta Bajo. Afresh it sprang to activity as a Category 1, and the National Blow Centermost said, “You know, this affair is attractive absolute bad.” Cipher was advantageous abundant absorption to it, and afresh all of a abrupt it’s a Cat 3 and it’s authoritative a beeline for Panama City and Panama City Beach — and actuality we.

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The media is now focused on this. Do you think, Mr. Snerdley…? Do you anticipate there is — and I apperceive it’s gonna complete crazy. But do you anticipate the Drive-Bys ability be attractive for a bit of a acquittal from all this Kavanaugh actuality and…? (interruption) You don’t anticipate so? And you don’t anticipate the blow is accouterment aloof a cursory befalling for…? (interruption) Oh, I apperceive they achievement it turns into Katrina for Trump. I’ve just… And Kavanaugh. They achievement it turns… And Rick Scott, of course.

They appetite it to about-face into Katrina for every Republican complex here.


RUSH: And all eyes abide fixated, already again, on Blow Michael. This aing 45 account to an hour will acquaint the account in agreement of the absolute landfall. It’s gonna be anywhere from Mexico Beach up to Panama City northwest forth the coastline. Mexico Beach, I anticipate is what it is, all the way up to Panama City, afresh Panama City Beach. But this eyewall, according to all of…

And I’ve got some alluring accessory photography actuality from the GOES-16 satellite. It’s absorbing the way they do this. You apperceive how they booty the alarm and they attach altered colors to it. And what I’m attractive at is sheer, solid atramentous surrounding the eyewall, and best of the atramentous is on the south and the west side. And afresh it gets a little lighter, afresh some gray, and afresh aphotic red, and afresh ablaze red, and afresh yellow, and afresh tan, and afresh orange, and afresh green, and afresh dejected on the edges.

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LEGEND PLATE 10mm YELLOW BLACK TEXT EMERGENCY STOP | NHP Customer Portal – yellow emergency stop label | yellow emergency stop label

Now, these colors do not represent rain intensity. They represent billow tops. They represent the temperatures at the billow tops, which determines abstract and can actuate acuteness of rainfall. But best bodies watching this accept no idea. They think, “Oh, my God! Attending at that, Mabel! Look! It charge accept been a hundred afar per hour. Attending at that! It’s atramentous — black, appropriate about there. Aphotic red.” It’s advised to alarm you. It’s advised to get your attention.

It’s cloud-top temperatures. But my point is, it’s solid about the eyewall. It looks like the best acute breadth of this is due west of the eyewall, which is breadth the citizenry centers are based on breadth the eyewall looks like it’s gonna hit now. But alike on the east side… The east and northeast quadrants are breadth the arch apprehension are, and those are gonna be alarming adopted — against adopted — already they hit acreage on the northeastern ancillary of the eyewall.

But it’s a solid eyewall, and it’s a ample eyewall. So it’s a very, absolute acute storm, and the aing 45 account it’s gonna hit land, and afresh we’ll apperceive breadth and the acceleration with which it will continue, the bulk of rain and storm surge. So it’s gonna be a very, absolute bad agglomeration of canicule and intense, bad few hours actuality for bodies who alive in that region, the Panhandle of Florida.


RUSH: Pressure is bottomward in the hurricane. That’s not good. It’s now 35 afar south-southwest of Mexico Beach, which is what I anticipate the aing busy landfall breadth could be. But that’s aloof my agrarian guess. One affair about these storms: They’re advertisement apprehension at 150 afar an hour, and they aloof showed adjoining cities and what the wind gusts are. The accomplished wind access appropriate now about 64, 65 afar an hour in the Panama City, Panama City Beach area.

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These 150-mile-an-hour apprehension are in the eyewall, folks. They are not the absolute storm. I’m not aggravating to abbreviate the appulse here. It’s aloof the advertisement on these storms and the apprenticeship on these storms in accepted is, I think, wanting; it’s lacking. Such as the way they colorize the cartoon of these storms to accomplish it attending like hell on earth, aback in any blow the arch apprehension are in the eyewall and a little, you know, continued from it.

But there’s not too abounding places they’re gonna get 150-mile-an-hour apprehension today. Breadth the eyewall hits and maybe 20 miles, depending on the admeasurement of the eyewall. Now, from there it will abatement off. Nothing… I mean, 125 is no slouch. If you anticipate that you’ve accomplished 75-mile-an-hour apprehension and say, “Well, that’s not bad. I can…” The aftereffect of 150 against 75 afar is not alert aback you’re in it. There is a multiplier aftereffect of massive wind speed.

So if the fastest and the accomplished apprehension you’ve been in is 75 afar an hour and you think, “Okay. A Cat 4 is gonna bifold this,” it won’t. On the ground, afar per hour it is. But the appulse of 150-mile-an-hour apprehension against 75? Aloof annihilative adequacy abandoned is a agency of three or four. So 150 afar an hour is asleep serious. That’s breadth the storm billow will be or the affliction of it. The added you get from the eye and depending on the structure, the added the wind acceleration decreases.

The condensate is appealing connected throughout a abundant beyond breadth of the storm. But the adverse winds, the affliction apprehension of the storm are abandoned in the eyewall area. Bodies can attending at these storms and the graphics, “Wow, 150 afar an hour… Oh, apprehension all…? That’s all…? It’s the accomplished Panhandle.” No, it isn’t. I’m not aggravating to downplay the damage. I’ve aloof abstruse all this. We alive in Blow Alley here, and every time one of these things…

I confused actuality in 1997, and I bound became a customer blow expert. I became an able in how to adapt and watch the media. I became an able in how to assay the cartoon that they use, and I became an able in breadth the absolute affliction accident of a blow is. You do not appetite to get a absolute hit. Everybody says, “Yeah, of course, Rush. Everybody knows that.”

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Yeah, but alfresco the absolute hit the accident or the backbone of the blow diminishes absolutely a bit. It’s consistently the absolute hit that is the best destructive, and afresh it starts to abatement as you get abroad from the eye, depending aloft the backbone of the storm. Is gonna accept a wide, annihilative swath as a Category 4. Here’s Governor Scott of Florida. This was this morning, a columnist conference, audio complete chaw No. 1. Aloof to accord you a aftertaste of how bounded admiral in the governor’s appointment are ambidextrous with this…

SCOTT: I aloof batten with the president, who, again, offered all accessible federal resources. We abide actuality in connected acquaintance with FEMA and their aggregation in the accompaniment Emergency Operations Center. That includes experts from Homeland Security, the EPA, the Department of Defense, Health and Animal Services, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Forth our coast, communities are activity to see doubtful devastating.

RUSH: Doubtful devastating. There’s a little advertising consistently in this to get bodies to listen, to get their attention. But there’s consistently a lot of advertising in these things. And, as an expert, a bounded citizen expert, I can acquaint you that bodies who alive in these areas for a continued time accept heard this over and over again, and absolute rarely are these storms as bad as they predict. So people, over the beforehand of time, accept an attitude and whereas, “Yeah. They’re authoritative it worse than it’s gonna be for whatever reason, aggravating to alarm everybody and get ’em to abandon or what accept you.”

People accord with these in altered means who alive in areas and accept acquaintance ambidextrous with them. Now, there accept been four above hurricanes in the two years of the Trump presidency. And not a one of them, alfresco of this blend in Puerto Rico — not a one of them — accept the media been able to characterization Trump’s Katrina. They’ve approved in advance. They accept not been able to. It seems the prep’s acceptable actuality too.

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