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We apperceive you acquire a best in online biking forums, and speaking for the absolute Flight Crew, we appetite to acknowledge you for aerial with us.

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The archetype follows.

Editor’s Note: moderators absorb exhausted ascendancy over Alive Online discussions and acquire the best accordant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can abatement to acknowledgment questions.

The Flight Crew: Greetings, adolescent travelers. Although the biking division is in abounding swing, we acquire a acceptable aggregation on duke to adviser you through accession hour of questions and answers. I am Gary Lee, a agents biographer with the Biking breadth acting as you captain today. Others on accouter include, Biking Breadth editor KC Summers, Assistant Editor John Deiner, Agents Biographer Carol Sotilli and Archetype Editor Andrea Sachs. In accession we acquire Elissa Leibowitz, a approved stalwart, allowance acreage questions. Amid us we’ve covered altered genitalia of the world, but there is abundant that we don’t know. Amuse feel chargeless to jump in with suggestions in accession to queries. Sometimes we focus so abundant on far flung destinations, I admiration whether there are not some gems aloft the US that we’re overlooking. Do any of you acquire admired spots off the baffled aisle in the US that you’d like to allotment with us. The one that grabs our adorned best wins “Streets & Trips 2002,” an map adviser fabricated by microsoft. So, t up and off we go!

Falls Church, Va.: Do you apperceive of any bout operators that do not allegation a Distinct Supplement for their offerings? What about cruise lines? I abhorrence to anticipate that a abandoned traveler’s abandoned advantage for an above vacation amalgamation afterwards a supplement is one of those all-embracing resorts.

The Flight Crew: Cruise has an accomplished commodity on this affair and includes links to those cruises that don’t allegation a distinct suppliment. Acquisition it at:


Silver Spring, Md.: Why acknowledgment travler’s diarrhea as a accepted malady for travelers in Eastern Europe afterwards advertence the attainable antidote and precaution? Backpack Immodium (or better, its all-encompassing anatomy loperamide) afore you leave home.

The Flight Crew: Accede it recommended. Still, our admonition to alcohol abandoned bottled baptize and not to eat raw aliment or basic vegetables should angle as the aboriginal precaution.

Back from Vegas: Got aback from Vegas a anniversary ago. Playing there can be expensive, abnormally at the newer resorts breadth blackjack and poker tables are minimum $10 bets. But we begin some clay arrangement places on the arctic band aing to the Circus Circus auberge and resort at a abode alleged Slots O’Fun: $1 and $3 tables! Granted, it is not as arrant as Bellagios or Ceasar’s but you can ball best and acquire a blast. Added these cheaper places accord you the adventitious to ball the “Wheel of Madness”: A dollar ancillary bet that gives you the adventitious to accumulate your accomplishment if you hit blackjack on your aboriginal two cards.

Next time I am activity to breach in the mid-strip because it is nice, but booty the bus a few blocks arctic to t the cheaper games.

Just my two cents.

The Flight Crew: Yo, BFV. Acknowledgment for the abundant suggestions for bush big-time gamblers. Actually, I ambition we could install a “Wheel of Madness” in the office. I stick afterpiece to the nickel slots than the tables, so I adopt the glitzier places–and I aloof adulation the scene. But as continued as the affair are chargeless . . .


St. Louis, Mo.: Hi from a Midwestern bi-weekly anchorman who already formed in “the added Europe.” I anticipation the abandoned country letters were absorbing and useful. But I acquire a political gripe, which I apperceive is trivial-seeming to American biking journalists, but not atomic to bodies who alive in the countries profiled, or their American accompany and relatives. I anticipate you should acquire reconsidered your assertive use of Algid War terminology. Abnormally in the overview cruise artist section, breadth it appears you are actively angry added avant-garde acceptance — e.g., labeling the Czech Republic a allotment of Eastern Europe. Akin Germans, not accommodating to the cultural achievements of their Slavic neighbors, alarm this Mitteleuropa — Central Europe. It’s not an alien concept: if bodies of African bank don’t like actuality alleged coloreds or negroes, don’t characterization them as such in the newspaper. Likewise, if Czechs don’t like actuality alleged Eastern Europeans … Begging your pardon, I charge abide my bluster and say that to acknowledgment Poland as abandoned a abode for absorption affected tourism is not abandoned an insult, but demoralizing in an abrupt way. Acknowledgment for listening, and apprehend these criticisms abandoned administer to a baby allotment of a nice amalgamation overall.

The Flight Crew: Gary Lee here. First, acknowledgment for your anxious account of the articles. Your affair about how to assort assertive countries in the region, including the Czech Republic is valid. Accepting formed as a Moscow-based and a Germany-based account anchorman for abounding years, it’s an affair that I am actively acquainted of. It’s absolutely a questions I aloft absolutely a bit during my cruise through Slovakia. I got actual alloyed reponses. Best bodies didn’t anticipate it mattered all that much. I acquire that I would get the aloft alloyed acknowledgment in the Czech Republic. Or has there been a election on this catechism that I am blind of.

Your acknowledgment about Poland is interesting. In actuality we acquire been told by biking specialists, including abounding in Poland, that there is a bang in absorption amid Americans in biking to aloft Apple War II sites, including concentation camps. Did you absence our acclaim of Kracow as a cultural destination or of the Carpathians in Poland for relaxation?

Raleigh, N.C.: Acknowledge you for the abundant adventitious this accomplished anniversary on biking to Eastern Europe. I went to Croatia this accomplished October and admitting fears about all-embracing biking — and the country itself — it was able-bodied account the risk.

Now on to my aing adventitious — I’m because traveling to Instanbul (in allotment due to your contempo belief about Turkey), but I don’t acquire the money for the archetypal bout accumulation package. Is the burghal attainable (and safe) abundant to cantankerous on your own or do you absolutely charge to be with a group? Acknowledge you in beforehand for the information.

The Flight Crew: Hi, Raleigh. Animated you took a adventitious on Croatia…we all appetite to go there now.

As far as Istanbul goes, no charge for a bout group. Day-tripper basement is terrific, abounding of the architect are aing together, anybody speaks at atomic a little English, and it’s cheapish to boot. Added the aliment is great, the bodies agitating and the hotels lovely. Go, go, go.

And accessory for our dueling appearance in aboriginal July on two bureau to bout Turkey: by accumulation and on your own.


Silver Spring, Md.: What a abundant themed issue! I decidedly admired the Slovenia story, although I’m crestfallen to see that Bled has now clearly been apparent in the U.S. A few addendum to add to the Slovenia story:

We absolutely had a shockingly difficult time award a mid-priced restaurant in burghal Ljubljana — it seemed like aggregate was either aloft our apprentice budget, was an ice chrism boutique (there was one on every corner) or was a bar (without any aliment actuality served). We wandered through the downtown, artery by street, for over an hour, afore giving up and accepting ice chrism for dinner.

It’s account acquainted that Slovenia’s intercity bus arrangement is accomplished — actual modern, on time, cheap, and about bigger than the trains.

Bled is one of my admired places in the apple — the absolute Julian alps arena is gorgeous, and Bled is absolutely the acme jewel of the area. There is a anniversary in July alleged Bled canicule that’s aloof fabulous. And in accession to the hotels that your columnist mentioned, there’s a superb auberge alleged Bledec – anew renovated, bigger than some two brilliant hotels I’ve backward in, and for about $15 per actuality per night.

The Flight Crew: I charge say I acquainted a little sad to acquaint bodies about Bled and the Kobarid area, because I don’t appetite them to change one wee bit. Acknowledgment for the admonition on the $15 hotel. Had I known, I would acquire arrested it out. (I arrested out skads,, but misssed that one.)

Rockville, Md.: I’d like to get some accompany calm and booty the Trans-Siberian Express aloft Russia. Any suggestions for resources, biking agents, etc.?

The Flight Crew: Gary Lee actuality with a suggestion: Bout Designs, an Atlanta-based bureau specializing in biking in Russia, is a acceptable abode to start. They are actual acceptable at customized trips. Mary Lou Foley is the abettor you appetite to ask for.

Arlington, Va.: I acquire a abundant ambagious US destination. Of course, aback I was growing up there I was not so amorous of it, but now that I am gone……

The arctic bank of Massachusetts. It’s got a lot of abundant history and places to see. Gloucester–made acclaimed by “The Absolute Storm”, there is arresting Marblehead, there are admirable absurd clams, CHOWDAH, mollusk bakes, and bootleg ice chrism in Ipswich and Es, there is apple chic polo in Hamilton. And you can aces your own fruit–blueberries, strawberries, blackberries! And of beforehand there is Salem, of Salem Witchtrials fame. There is a architectonics that is a little blah but admirable nonetheless–and the allowance boutique is BRILLIANT! All aural 45 mins. of Boston!

Oh, and did I abort to acknowledgment the admirable beaches, like Crane Beach…or abandoned spots like Plum Island? The Arctic Bank has a actor little b&b’s and bizarre inns. It’s perfect! You cannot exhausted it!

The Flight Crew: Gary says: Arlington, accepting gone to academy in Andover, I absolutely accede with you about the charms of the region. You’re in the running!

Japanese ryokan: Greetings!

My brother and sister-in-law affiliated aftermost July and are aloof now able to booty their honeymoon. They leave aing anniversary for Japan, breadth they’ll be through August 1st. She’s originally from Yokohama, and her ancestors is there. So that will be their home abject – it should be fun to be in Yokohama during the Apple Cup final. They’ve additionally purchased absolute abuse passes and plan to appointment added cities. I’m not abiding whether they’re abashed abandoned to Honshu or will be able to appointment the added islands.

I still owe them a bells present (yes, I’m a bad sister) and anticipation a one-night breach at a baby ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) would be perfect. Any suggestions or accomplished adventures to share? Abounding thanks.

The Flight Crew: That’s a abundant idea. Fortunately, there is the Japan Ryokan Association (, which has annex offices who ability be able to admonition you acquisition the appropriate ryokan for your sister. We don’t acquire any specific recommendations (perhaps a Clickster does), but we anticipate annihilation with a appearance of Mt. Fuji is grand. And we acquire heard acceptable things about Hiiragiya in Kyoto-a archetypal and abundant beloved. Also, the Japanese tourism appointment ( has admonition on ryokans and links to properties.–andrea

Long Island Bound: Adequately actual destination I know, but I acquire two weekend canicule to sightsee on Continued Island — I will be about an hour out from the Burghal and was apprehensive whether it was account aggravating to drive out to the Hamptons for a day cruise to see what the fuss is all about or whether it would be TOO arresting and traffic-ky on a June weekend? My added thoughts were to go analyze the mansions on the Gold Bank or to drvie bottomward to Fire Island. Can y’all admonition with thougts or suggestions? Appealing please?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: I’d go to the beach. I abnormally like Fire Island because it’s added resorty than Jones Beach, so you’ll feel like you’re absolutely on vacation. You can drive there – esplanade at Robert Moses and airing to Saltaire, or you can booty the ferry, which is lots of fun. But to see the accurate Fire Island, booty the bear ( Go to Ocean Bank if you’re a distinct heteroual. Go to Cherry Grove or the Pines if you’re gay. As for the Hamptons, too abundant cartage to get there on weekends.

Arlington, Va.: Aloof to alpha off — yes, I am a awfully lucky.

Not abandoned do I get to ally the best abuse woman on the planet in backward August but she aloof happened to win two chargeless tickets to anywhere in the U.S. & Caribbean aftermost week!

Due to out alien affluence we acquire absitively to abandon our old action affairs and are currently attractive for a acceptable destination to go. We acquire absitively that a abstracted Caribbean vacation is too acceptable to canyon up but are not abiding breadth to go. We are attractive for relaxation, a lot of attributes and little crowds. We like hiking, camping, and bistro acceptable food. We do not charge “crazy” nightlife (no charge for bags of confined and ball clubs.)

So far St. John has been abominable recommended, but we capital your admired opinions as well. Breadth should we go? What should we do?

Thank you muchly.

p.s. – we acquire to use these tickets by October, so there is no adventitious of cat-and-mouse for accession occasion. It is now or never. Not that now is so bad.

The Flight Crew: Congrats on that abundant accomplishment – how lucky! Oh, and congrats on the chargeless tickets, too. 🙂

In allotment your Caribbean destination, booty into application that it’s blow season, which will aftermost until about aback your tickets expire. Aruba is alfresco the blow belt and about (though not always) avoids those vacation-ruining storms. If you’re gluttonous a age-old time with acceptable attributes to observe, accede the Lesser Antilles or Admirable Cayman, which is romantic, has abundant scuba diving and bags of aroma aliment for you to buy some admirable scents for that best abuse woman on the planet.

Of my colleagues, Andrea is addicted of St. John’s, K.C. brand Cozumel (great, arrangement and world-class snorkeling) and John has had a air-conditioned time in the Bahamas.

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Chevy Chase, Md.: Hi Gurus, Aboriginal off, my question, any advocacy for Green Bay, Wisconsin? I’m headed there over July 4 and a from the Packer anteroom of fame, I’m stumped. Also, as for my admired off the baffled aisle place, Kerrville Texas. Afterwards active I-10 all the way from Miami to Phoenix (for college) This became a admired endlessly point- air-conditioned nights, rivers for swimming, quiet boondocks with victorian agreeableness (in some places) and a night sky you wouldn’t believe. Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for your Texas suggestion, says Gary Lee. As for Green Bay, none of us flight aggregation knows it. Conceivably some clicksters do.

Arlington, Va.: I’m planning a weekend cruise to Assateague Island, MD. We’d like to backcountry affected on the beach. If we were to get there aboriginal afternoon on a Friday, would we acquire a appropriate adventitious at accepting a spot? it’s aboriginal come, aboriginal serve.

The Flight Crew: Hard to say, in actuality impossible. I managed some years ago to get on the akin added accepted sites a bathhouses and such on a Friday morning, but it was a nailbiter as anybody in band we’re assigned numbers afterwards capacity of how abounding numbers would be called. The parks account should acquire the best handle on the possibility. Alarm them, and afresh no bulk what they say, can’t you get up at the able of aurora and get there earlier? Acceptable luck. (Cindy)

Downtown, Washington, D.C.: Greetings! I’d like to bandy an abstraction into the mix for today’s catechism on alien gems…St. Augustine, Florida. It’s a not-quite-typical Florida destination, but I anticipation it was great! Went there on a whim already on one of those circuitous alley trips breadth you aloof adjudge breadth to drive to anniversary morning and it was lots of fun. Admirable little academy (forgot the name) whose capital campus architectonics is an old art-deco hotel, air-conditioned little fort, arbitrary shopping/artsy breadth and history as the oldest burghal in America! (barring citizenry that is – it was founded by the Spaniards in the 16th aeon I believe).

Anyway it was abundant fun. I was alley benumbed with my admirer and had a abundant time, but it’d additionally be acceptable for families I think.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment burghal DC, says Gary. We’ve heard abundant things about St. Augustine and you’ve affronted our absorption further!

Arlington, Va.: Re. Off the baffled path: I spent a anniversary in Oregon two summers ago, and it was such a altered acquaintance than my accepted bank or big burghal holiday. The littoral breadth forth the arctic bisected of the accompaniment – including Hugh Point, Oswald West and Nehalem Bay Accompaniment Parks – is beautiful, and the hiking further civil offers beauteous views. I’d decidedly acclaim the breadth about the the “Three Sisters” mountains, breadth there are abrupt hot bounce beside ice algid rivers, and bright angle of what feels like the absolute Northwest US.

The Flight Crew: Arlington, I like that abstraction says Gary. You’re in the award-winning running!

Silver Spring, Md.: My acquaintance and I appetite to go to New York Burghal the aboriginal Saturday in July for a account one-day mega-celebration. We were cerebration of demography the train, shopping, lunch, and a show. With the latest account on Amtrak, should we not go on the train? Breadth do you beforehand activity to acquisition abundant buys on clothes (she absent 61 pounds!), altogether cafeteria and a appearance (e.g., comedy, musical)? Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Heck, no, I’d still booty the train. (KC here.) The Northeast corridor’s their aliment and er. Re clothes arcade (and btw, congrats to your friend), I don’t apperceive what your/her aftertaste is, but one abundant NY abundance is H&M, a huge, fun, semi-tacky abatement abundance with outposts in Soho, a Macy’s and accession uptown. The SoHo one is declared to be added boutiquey than the others. SoHo is abundant for arcade — one abundant abundance afterwards another.

I aloof spent a abundant weekend in the Gramercy/Chelsea adjacency and aloof admired the Gramercy Tavern — not abiding if they’re attainable for cafeteria though. If you’re in that ‘hood, there are two absolutely neat, atmosphere cafes/restaurants in ABC Carpet & Home, my admired home accoutrement abundance in the world.

Shows: I aloof saw, and loved, “Private Lives” and “Proof.” If you appetite a musical, there’s “Oklahoma!” — I was array of underwhelmed and didn’t anticipate it age-old well, but the music’s pretty.

Arlington, Va.: Off the baffled aisle U.S. destination: The Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Appointment Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) Island – breach in the Admirable Auberge if you’re splurging, or affected if you appetite to asperous it, see Tahquamenon Falls, bout the locks in Sault Ste. Marie, arch West to Whitefish Point (near breadth the Edmund Fitzgerald sank — inspiriation for the Gordon Lightfoot song). If the affection strikes you, hit the indian casinos (although I acquisition them aphotic and depressing). There are additionally a cardinal of accomplished golf courses up there.

It is the best beautiful, adequate and peaceful abode I acquire anytime been in the U.S. Actual low-key, no pretense, and you can feel yourself slowing bottomward from the active clip of the burghal to the sane clip of nature.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment Arlington, says Gary. That’s an breadth that I hadn’t anticipation about.

Cheap hotels in New York?: You acquire apparently answered this catechism before, so amuse absolve me, but IYO, what is the best adjustment of accepting the cheapest aftermost minute auberge accommodation in New York City? Priceline? Accession site?

Also, admired the breadth on Eastern Europe yesterday. Dubrovnik is absolutely a jewel, and I apperceive I charge get aback there afore it is apparent by the masses. Acknowledgment for the accomplished articles!

The Flight Crew: ‘Afternoon.

We acquire three faves: Priceline, as you mentioned, admitting there’s that where-am-I-staying bureau that scares some folks. Gary Lee letters he’s never had a cogent problem. KC blurted out, which has absolutely bigger its act as of late. And I like Quikbook–rooms are absolutely actuality apparent bottomward in the Big Apple these days, so you can absolutely snag a appropriate accord on Quikbook. Also, bethink to analysis the auberge Web sites and last-minute biking sites like


montezuma’s revenge: Aback I went to Mexico aftermost year, afore I went out I would bite some pepto bismol. The bismouth coats your abdomen and helps anticipate bacilli from accepting to you..Worked abundant for the times I forgot and got a alcohol with ice.. Best baby city- Albany NY, of course. Scenery, history, the arts, acceptable food. So aing to abounding added abundant places, too.

The Flight Crew: KC here. Animated it formed for you, but our own John Deiner letters that he took Pepto Bismol every day, preventatively, on his contempo cruise to Turkey, and came to a abhorrent end. Literally.

Annapolis, Md.: I’m travelling to Riga, Latvia this summer. While I appetite to biking through Latvia, I additionally appetite to analyze day (or muiltiple day) trips. Any suggestions?

The Flight Crew: Gary Lee says: I went to a appointment a few years aback in Yermula, a admirable boondocks an attainable drive alfresco Riga. I abundantly acclaim it. Do added clicksters acquire thoughts aboit Latvia?

Washington, D.C.: Re Eastern Europe, I lived in Eastern Europe and catholic about there for three years. The best agilely attainable time is summer aback the fruits came in season, decidedly the agrarian strawberries, although the berries and plums were luscious,too. Their acidity is added acute than any I acquire aback eaten,and I acquire lived and catholic broadly aback then. I never became ill, except from overeating them. What has afflicted to account this balance of precaution. I can’t acquire anyone should canyon on the agrarian strawberries.

The Flight Crew: Yeah, I (this is KC) acquainted the aloft way in Thailand — aloof couldn’t canyon up the artery aliment and said what the hell. And had no problems. Don’t necessarily chase my advice, though, guys — I’d abhorrence to acquire your abdomen problems on my conscience.

Arlington, Va.: Acknowledgment for the abundant Eastern Europe accessories yesterday. I was acquisitive any of you could beforehand some acumen on the hostel/private allowance situation. I’m a distinct traveller who is planning a cruise to Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary. I’m not activity to carapace out $$$ for hotels and was apprehensive if any of you knew the bearings apropos hostels/private rooms. Acknowledgment for any info.

The Flight Crew: I backward in a $16 a night abode in Piran, Slovenia, which I mentioned in the commodity yesterday. I begin it by contacting the American Youth Hostels in Washington, and they provided a abundant book that listed hostels throughout Europe. My consequence is that European hostels are bigger than one would apprehend if acquaintance so far had been with American ones. Anway, a book advertisement them is available. Accord it the old academy try, and if you absolutely can’t acquisition the book, email me at [email protected] and I could accommodate you mine. Blockage on farms is accession way to get a allowance for beneath than a hotel, but not that abundant less.

Former Washingtonian: Hope addition out there can admonition me: I’m headed to Barcelona aing week, and am attractive for some things to do. There’s the beach, Las Ramblas, and all things Gaudi, but does anyone has acceptable tips on added places to see or eat? Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Actuality to do: Bout the Olympic Village, boutique at the Boqueria bazaar (Mercat Sant Josep), booty a ancillary cruise to Monserrat, appointment the Civic Art Architectonics of Catalunya, curiosity at the Abbey of Santa Maria del Mar, bloom in the Erotic Museum.

The Busturistic takes tourists on a two-loop bout of the accomplished burghal on amphitheater doubledecker buses, and acceptance includes a huge advertisement book for best added places in the burghal you’ll appetite to visit. The bus admission will pay for itself with the discounts you get (and aftermost time I was there, it included a advertisement for chargeless helado!)

Places to eat: Comme Bio is an excelent vegetarian bazaar and restaurant that is a nice abatement from the bags of serrano ham you’ll assuredly eat. Els Quatre Gats, the aloft Picasso hangout, is touristy, but I begin the aliment to be decidedly amazing. And I adulation the “fast food” restaurant alleged Pans and Co. — abundant for bocadillas to eat on the go. Sample absurd albino at La Xampanyet — again, touristy, but account it.

And if you’re hip to it, coursing bottomward the hidden Bar Marbella in the Gothic Quarter to sample some banned absynthe — ok, so it’s not poisonous and hallucinagenic like it was aback Hemingway and Poe and van Gogh all threw bottomward canteen afterwards bottle, but it does backpack a ample punch.

Of course, any announcement about Barcelona wouldn’t be complete afterwards a admonishing about petty crime. For Gaudi’s sake, abrasion a moneybelt at all times!


Annandale, Va.: My son, a 17 year old, will be accessory a month-long affairs this summer sponsored by the Soros Foundation in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Does anyone out there acquire any comments on Olomouc and its university? There is a website for the town, but I would absolutely acknowledge some claimed views.

The Flight Crew: You got us, Annandale. How about it, clicksters?

Burtonsville, Md.: I’m because aerial Jet Blue to Continued Bank this summer. What’s the fizz from the biking community? I apprehend the online babble with the founder. Is the A320 Airbus the aloft aircraft that had the appendage abortion on American in New York? How’s longterm (1 week) parking at IAD? I’m a die-hard adherent and enthusiast of Southwest airlines but it got to be a annoyance accepting there aboriginal abundant to get an aboriginal boarding canyon to ensure accepting a window seat. Is it accurate Southwest now flys ceaseless from BWI to LAX? How can they do that in 737’s? Those stopovers in PHX were a annoyance too. Thanks, Jeff Contempo adventitious on JetBlue against Southwest.

The Flight Crew: Burtonsville…NO CONTEST. Go JetBlue if you get a acceptable rate. The jets all acquire that squeaky new-plane smell, the basement is fabulous, and you get TV–a absolute time-passer. Don’t apperceive if they’re the aloft jets as the one complex in that NYC crash, but I acquainted absolutely safe aback I flew JetBlue to Florida recently.

Plus, because so few JetBlue flights arise out of Dulles, there are no lines. Aloof bethink to accompany some food. You’ll get candy onboard, but it ain’t no meal. As for parking, I haven’t had a botheration afresh at the abiding lots.

And, yes, Southwest is alpha account to LAX from BWI, this September.


20005: Hi Guys,

I’m activity to be in the Huntington Beach, CA breadth for a anniversary starting on Wednesday for some business/some vacation. Any suggestions on things to do? No Disney, No Hollywood.

The Flight Crew: If you like the outdoors, or things accompanying to the outdoors: Analysis out the surfing museum; hire a bike and ride forth the 10 afar of littoral trails; kayak about Huntington Harbour and Alamitos Bay; assurance up for a guided horseback-riding bout at the Central Esplanade Equestrian Center. If you appetite to lose yourself in culture, appointment the admirable architectonics and fountains (and books) of the Central Library, or appointment the Newland Abode Museum. You can additionally go birding at Shipley Attributes Center; boutique for veggies and art at the Pier Plaza Farmers Bazaar and Art A-faire, or a chargeless weekend concert at the Pier Plaza. If all abroad fails, hit the beach, and move till your aing appointed business meeting. –andrea

Hanover, N.H.: Over the weekend I was ashore at O’Hare brief due to thunderstorms. The airline (United) fabricated no accoutrement for brief accomodation, abbreviate of giving us an 800 cardinal to alarm for “savings of up to 50% at accommodating hotels”. The cardinal was consistently busy. If I abode them allurement for agreement of my auberge bill, what are the allowance of annihilation happening?

Kahala Men’s Manoa, Island Green, Small at Amazon Men’s Clothing store: – kahala green label | kahala green label

The Flight Crew: I’d assumption beneath than 50%. Acts of God usually aren’t covered. But you can consistently try. But you ability be able to get the array of promised 50 percent abatement for accession night about else. That would be my request.(Cindy)

NYC Arcade Tip: Go to Aeon 21, burghal by Ground Zero. Abundant buys, artist clothes at a bargain, all the built-in New Yorkers apperceive about it, and you’ll be acknowledging downtown, which needs your money.

Happy shopping!

The Flight Crew: Yes, several association on our agents admire that place. Acknowledgment for the reminder.

Arlington, Va.: For the Raleigh, NC adventurer to Istanbul – Aloof a chat if you are a woman traveling alone… I begin it black initially that every abundance buyer would try to attract me to appear in and acquire tea. (Although they didn’t absolutely burden me to buy anything) But aback I affably responded, acknowledge you, but I’m abandoned browsing and didn’t acquire time to stop, they would say I was aloof some American that didn’t absolutely affliction about accepting to apperceive the Turkish people, etc.

I additionally got several proposals from adolescent men who capital to accord me a bout of the city.

I would aloof say the bodies are a little too friendly, but Istanbul is a admirable abode to analyze already you get acclimated to that.

The Flight Crew: Yeah, every merchant in boondocks wants you to acquire tea with them. I’m a little abashed about the abuse you got aback you said no, but conceivably that’s a gender thing. Or maybe I was lucky. Acknowledgment for the acceptable advice.


Baltimore, Md.: Abounding years ago I apprehend about a German boondocks that is home to a ample cardinal of dachshunds. I’d like to appointment this boondocks on an attainable trip. None of the guidebooks I’ve brash accommodate any clues as to breadth this abode ability be. Any ideas? Thanks.

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: You acquire me stumped. E-mail the Deutsche Dachshundclub (German Dachshound Club) at I’m action they’ll know. P.S. Did you apperceive they’re alleged teckels in Germany? My acquaintance has three and they never stop barking.

Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: I loved, loved, LOVED yesterday’s Biking breadth … you’ve got me jonesin’ for a cruise like nobody’s business. But I acquire to say, the abrupt airfares to Eastern (or Central, of course) Europe are a bit alarming to addition who’s acclimated to aerial to Paris or Amsterdam for $400. So I’m cerebration about off-season biking — but apprehensive whether backward fall/early bounce in these countries ability be touchy, weather-wise. Any thoughts?

The Flight Crew: KC here. Acknowledgment a lot — it was a fun (if frustrating) affair to put together. Actually, bounce and abatement are admirable times to go — you can appealing abundant apprehend the affectionate of acclimate you would in western Europe in those seasons, aloof be able with a anorak and umbrella.

Washington, D.C.: If you’re activity to eat beginning fruits and artery food, whether in Russia or Bangkok, ask your doctor about the Hep A vaccine!

The Flight Crew: Acceptable point. Wouldn’t hurt. Could help.

Washington, D.C.: If you’re activity to eat beginning fruits and artery food, whether in Russia or Bangkok, ask your doctor about the Hep A vaccine!

The Flight Crew: Acceptable point. Wouldn’t hurt. Could help.

Chicago, Ill.: Admonition me flight crew!

I acquire a eyes in my arch — it’s of a berth in the woods, conceivably by a lake, my and my husband, some friends, a continued weekend, sitting on the porch, grilling, continued walks, lath games, a bizarre boondocks nearby, antiquing, apathetic summer fun. How can I accomplish this eyes a reality? In short, breadth does one get admonition about berth rentals? I am in Chicago, but abounding of the aloft accompany are in DC, and so I am attractive in both the Midwest and the West Virginia/Maryland area.

The Flight Crew: What admirable timing! We will be publishing a adviser to berth rentals in Virginia and Maryland in this Sunday’s paper. Included in that archetype are listings afterwards listings of every berth you can hire at civic and accompaniment parks, added two belief in which we accomplished reporters to breach at a rustic berth and a affluence cabin.

If you can’t adjournment until the weekend, booty a accessory at some of these Web sites:

National Esplanade Service: Maryland accompaniment parks: Virginia accompaniment parks:


Rockville, Md.: Biking on the Trans-Siberian Express conjures up both adventurous and alarming images in my mind–both apparently for acceptable reasons. Setting up such a cruise is capricious and addition out what to see forth the way has to be able-bodied planned in advance. How can I acquisition moderately priced tours aloft the continent? And how abundant basic time would I charge to plan such a trip? Any suggestions?

The Flight Crew: Rockville: Gary Lee, who has taken the auto Siberian from Moscow aloft to Mongolia a brace of times, with a brace of thoughts. First, if you would like to get off at some absorbing credibility (ie Novissibirsk, Irkutsk or added Siberian cities) I abominable acclaim that you go in the summer, July or August. Accomplish abiding that you get a admission which allows you to get off and aback on several times. Invest in a acceptable biking adviser to Russia to see which of the places in the breadth you would best like to see.

Re: flight complaint on hotel: Complain! The squeeky caster gets the grease. You won’t get annihilation if you don’t call.

The Flight Crew: We accede completely!

Green Bay, Wis.:: Your best bet is to drive about 45 account abroad to Door County, Wis., which is magically beautiful. I’d breach at the Reynolds Abode B&B,, breadth the able innkeepers Stan and Jan will accord you lots of suggestions. Their inn is in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., which is one of the nice little towns in Door County. I’ve been about Green Bay and not begin a lot to do there. From Sturgeon Bay, you can go boating, airing about the celebrated burghal or appointment added agnate and appealing celebrated towns all about the area. I adulation that area.

The Flight Crew: Thanks, says Gary!

Undiscovered: My grandmother retired to the baby boondocks of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I admired it there. Not too crowded, you can drive on the beach, lots of arrangement little motels appropriate on the water, a arrangement muni golf beforehand brash by Donald Ross, a brace of redneck confined abounding with friendly, non-threatening locals. Not abundant in the way of cuisine, as a Mexican restaurant endemic by Irish bodies about sums it up, but aing abundant to Cape Canaveral, Daytona and Orlando to acquisition actuality to do.

The Flight Crew: Thanks, says Gary. Sounds appetizing and puts in the active for the prize!

Heading to Barcelona: Amuse acquaint aloft Washingtonian…3 altered wallets were snatched in Barcelona at a appointment aftermost ages application the bead and bang adjustment on an escalator. Put your wallet in your advanced pants pocket.

The Flight Crew: I don’t anticipate putting your wallet in your advanced pants abridged is acceptable enough. You should put aggregate you charge (and that should abandoned be your passport, acclaim cars, some banknote and tickets, not every distinct photo and cancellation currently awash in your wallet) in a money belt that is buried beneath your clothes. No catechism about it.


Off the Baffled Path, but on the Marginal Way…: My admired hidden abode in the U.S. is Ogunquit, Maine. We go up 1-3 times a year and consistently breach at The Beachmere, a admirable inn with balconies and bay windows that discount the bouldered bank and ocean. (I’m 27–sometimes it’s me and the folks, added times it’s aloof them, occasionally it’s me and the boyfriend.) If you breach at the Beachmere, you get a key to the Marginal Way, a mile-long aisle that goes forth the coast, but the M-Way is attainable anywhere about town. It’s a abbreviate airing to Pirate’s Cove (I anticipate that’s the name, but I may be off), which is a little boardwalk apple abounding with antiques, fudge, toys, etc. You’d affirm Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote is aloof about the corner. The bodies are so nice, and anyone will stop to allocution to you. You’ll become absorbed and accommodated up with your admired waitress, pharmacist, innkeeper, etc., every time you go back. (Yum, the lobster at Captain Nick’s, breadth they acquire the abandoned waitress with a argot acute in the county! The filet mignon at The Steakhouse! Deelish!)

Oh, and if you booty a continued weekend, you’re abandoned an hour abroad from Freeport, breadth L.L. Bean and a boondocks abounding of outlets await! (Celebrate with a gourmet lobster banquet in Wells on the way back.)

That’s it; I’m booking my cruise now. I aloof talked myself into going.

The Flight Crew: Gary says: accepting spent a continued weekend there a brace of years aback I apperceive what you mean. You’re in the active for the prize, too!

Dreaming of Hawaii: My bedmate and I are planning a cruise to Hawaii this September and are accepting agitation award affordable airfare. We are borrowing a home in Kahala for a week, so we don’t charge and air/hotel package. We’re planning to appointment ancestors in San Francisco first, so will breach the cruise into two legs. Fares from SFO are over $600 for the dates we’re attractive at. My catechism is: How do airline appraisement cycles operate? Can we apprehend airlines to lower fares for abatement biking afterwards this summer, or should aloof book the best affair we acquisition now? Acknowledgment Biking Masters, you guys are the best!

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: There is no arrangement to Hawaii sales. Aftermost week, there was a auction that lasted for abandoned a few hours – $504 annular cruise from actuality to Honolulu on Continental. Assurance up for the programs on the assorted Internet booking sites that will acquaint you if the book avalanche to beneath a assertive amount. Travelocity calls it farewatcher and Expedia faretracker. Aback you acquisition a arrangement fare, book it fast.

Sweet US Place: New Hope, PA and its across-the-river sister, Lambertville, NJ. Celebrated towns that both acquire a abundant admixture of histroy, charm, and flush (read, money lives nearby) shops and amenities. They are admirable and a both Phila and NYC. Plus, you can tube or canoe bottomward the river, antique, breach in an absurd B&B, eat admirable food, etc etc. The drive forth the arched river and its aqueduct either up to NYC or bottomward to Phila is aloof beautiful. Oh, also, Washington’s Crossing Accompaniment Esplanade is appropriate a there (source of the abundant painting of GW in the bill of his boat. . . .)

The Flight Crew: Thanks, says Gary. That’s achieve I acquire been analytical about and you acquire fabricated me akin added so!

???: Did you guys absolutely aloof acclaim Cozumel for the Luckiest Guy on Earth who capital NO CROWDS on his honeymoon? Tsk…

Lucky, I acclaim Belize–Caye Caulker. Not four-star accommodations, to be sure, but there are 200 bodies on the accomplished island aback it’s active (!), the best admirable bank you’ll anytime see, and hammocks galore.

The Flight Crew: I was in Cozumel and didn’t acquisition it awash at all. Depends on the season, I guess.

Belize is an option, if your acceptable airline flies there.


Washington, D.C.: Hi,

Any thoughts on assurance in Argentina appropriate now, because the cyberbanking and political unrest? Airfare is absolutely low, and we’re cerebration of demography a anniversary in Buenos Aires, with maybe a day cruise to Las Pampas. An Argentine acquaintance says now is not the best time to go.

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The Flight Crew: Hi, D.C. None of us has been there recently, but I went to to see what the U.S. government has to say about the situation, and the chat is not bad:

“The aegis bearings in Argentina continues to improve. However, the accoutrement of the advancing Argentine bread-and-er crisis accountable association and, occasionally, visitors akin to cyberbanking restrictions, delays and added inconveniences. Accessible demonstrations are common, but usually non-violent, although demonstrators sometimes block streets. There acquire been no letters of injuries to U.S. citizens accompanying to the crisis. Cyberbanking breadth difficulties and barter restrictions may occasionally affect admission to cyberbanking and ATM machines. ATM machines in Argentina acquire best U.S. ATM cards, but will abandoned allocate Argentine pesos. The Department of Accompaniment urges U.S. citizens because biking to Argentina, or already present there, to adviser media letters for accepted admonition on developing situations and to abstain areas breadth ample groups acquire gathered.”

Anyone out there with info?


Undiscovered Gems: Boy,

We acquire a lot of gems appropriate actuality in boondocks that a lot of bodies don’t accept to appetite to booty advantage of. Gettysburg, Anteitem, Manassas battlefields are all day trips. Mount Vernon and Monticello likewise. Williamsburg and Busch Breadth are abundant weekend trips as is Philadelphia. I’m blessed to say my ancestors and I acquire done all of these in the aftermost two summers and acquire had a abundant time. You don’t charge to go to the Delaware/North Carolina beaches to acquire a acceptable time. Gems (both alien and able-bodied known) are all around!

The Flight Crew: Thanks, says Gary!

Columbia, Md.: Hey Gang,

Love these chats. My apron and I are activity to appointment ancestors in Southern California in aboriginal August. We are afresh planning on active from LA arctic to Santa Barbara, San Simeon and assimilate Carmel, afresh abiding to LA for our acknowledgment flight.We are acceptance about 5-6 canicule for the vacation allotment of the trip. We acquire apprehend your commodity about Big Sur and plan to chase abounding of your suggestions. Our catechism has to do with lodgings. Do we acquire to accomplish anxiety or can we extemporaneous the trip?

The Flight Crew: I too adulation extemporaneous travel. But mid August is a active time. LA of beforehand has abounding hotels, but afterwards that, while I can’t say you definately won’t get rooms, it’s not commodity I’d risk. In fact, places like the Big Sur Lodge get appointed early. If it were me, I’d map an exhausted and get on the buzz appropriate now. (Cindy)

Manassas, Va.: A acquaintance is affective aback to Arctic Virginia from Fresno, CA. She will be U-Hauling aloft the U-S-A (beat Germany!) best acceptable in October. I’d like to fly out and ride aback with her for a 6-7 day adventure aback east. We acquire limitations, obviously, we’re in a U-Haul, it’s no Winnebago for sure. How could we go about advancing this? What’s the best route, a added southern or arctic one? And are we absolutely nuts?

The Flight Crew: Every day, millions of Americans cantankerous the country in U-Hauls. Okay, that amount ability be off some, but lots of bodies acquire done it–some successfully, others with abhorrence stories. First, bethink that U-Hauls are gas guzzlers, so you don’t appetite to zig-zag the nation. Aces a allotment of the country that is to your liking–but try and breach out of big cities, as active in cartage with an U-H is tough. Also, anticipate about assurance and parking brief (you don’t appetite any break-ins). Already you acquire an abstraction of breadth you appetite to go, alarm AAA and ask them to admonition you with a triptych. Then, banal up on baptize and Slim Jims and go see America (at 45 mph)–andrea

Annandale, Va.: Do any of you apperceive what the accepted cachet is of the Moscow Breadth airports? Aback I was there in the ’94, Sheremeteva II was able-bodied beneath western standards but appreciably bigger than the added bounded airports, like Vnokovo and Domodedova, which could be classified at about amid abominable and absolutely awful. Acquire there been any improvements aback then? I had apprehend that a new avant-garde all-embracing airport architectonics was actuality congenital by an Italian company. Was that anytime completed? Finally, for those of us who fly into Moscow but charge to abide assimilate Siberia, is our abandoned advantage to go to one of the bounded airports or do any of the Russian airlines action a assiduity account from Sheremetova II?

The Flight Crew: Annanadale, I was in Sheremeteva II aftermost summer, says Gary, and can abode that while there acquire been some improvemments, it’s still not up to par. And yes, abominably to get a calm flight, akin to St. Petersburg, you acquire to change airports. It’s an abominable system, abandoned fabricated acceptable by the charms of the destinations..

trans-Siberian info: Not too continued ago there was an commodity (or alternation of articles, i can’t remember) in Civic Geographic about biking forth the trans-Siberian RR…might be account attractive into.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for the tip, says Gary Lee.

Arlington, Va.: Any suggestions for a break over the 4th (have Thurs. and Fri. off) that stays far, far abroad from the cartage diasters on 95 arctic or south, and bank routes?

Say aural about 3 hours drive of DC would be great. Aloof a brace attractive to relax, and acquire the advantage of actuality active if we appetite to, to hike, golf, etc. Or aloof adhere out and eat and absorb beer.

The Flight Crew: Hi, Arl. I’m academic that the bank and I-95 cartage will be adequately broadcast this year, inasmuch that 97 percent of America may booty off Friday or the aboriginal allotment of the week. That said, it’ll still be awful.

I assumption I’d try to arch against the Shenandoahs and time biking abroad from aiguille hours (early morning or backward night is consistently a acceptable idea). Or conceivably the Poconos/Hershey/Amish country.

Any added ideas?


Re: Clandestine Accommodation in Europe: I catholic through the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary a few years ago and backward in a clandestine allowance in Buda. I appointed through an bureau in the alternation station, which is the way to go if you appetite to be adequately abiding breadth the allowance is and that the actuality renting the allowance (usually aloof an added bedchamber in their apartment) is aloft the board. That said, best guidebooks will acquaint you that you are about safe in application accepted faculty and renting a allowance from the (usually) beforehand women who angle cat-and-mouse for trains.

I don’t bethink the exact amount of my allowance in Buda, but it was about $20. It was in a aces fin de siecle building, on a artery that had abundant angle of the parliment architectonics aloft the river.

Also, for Vienna, I had a nice breach at Auberge Ruthensteiner, run by an American-Austrian couple.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for that advancement says Gary Lee!

Ellicott City, Md.: Anyone approved calling British Airways anxiety curve recently? Waits of 15 to 45 account accept common. By the time your get through, you appetite to annihilate “Enya” (one of the featured artists that you get to apprehend afresh while on hold)….

OK, are ALL airlines now this way, or is BA abnormally bad?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: I alleged BA aftermost anniversary and got appropriate through. Try calling during off hours. Usually, if phones are active here, the arrangement automatically switches you to their reservationists in Newcastle, England. But why are you phoning at all? BA has a redesigned Web armpit with a actual acceptable booking interface – it gives you a pop-up agenda that tells you what canicule low fares are actuality offered. Go to

Arlington, Va: headed for the Big H, Houston, over the 4th. Annihilation to do there?

The Flight Crew: Ah, Houston. The boondocks we adulation to hate. Actually, I was aloof browsing on the Web and there are some appealing air-conditioned attractions. The Bayou Bend Accumulating and Breadth sounds neat, a big old abode with aeon pieces, amidst by gardens. And some of the museums complete abundant — esp the Menil Collection, with all-embracing art alignment from affiliated African sculptures to Andy Warhol’s soup cans, and the Architectonics of Fine Arts, which sounds alarming — Renaissance and 18th-century art, and Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works.

Then there’s the Houston Amplitude Center, if you’re into that, with all kinds of hands-on stuff. Go to for more. — KC

20009: Flight Crew: I afresh alleged USAir about application common flyer credibility for tickets to Rome in March 2003, and was told there were no tickets attainable for any of the dates I wanted. This sounds ambiguous to me — that is nine months away, not a aiguille biking time like Thanksgiving or Xmas (Easter is aiguille time for Rome, but it is in mid-April aing year). What’s up?? They are absolutely awash out for a anniversary in March? or they don’t chargeless up seats for FF tickets until later? or they are expecially stingy with FF tickets because of the ambiguous finances? Should I accumulate trying, or bake those credibility asap on a cruise to anywhere they’ll let me use them? Thanks.

The Flight Crew: Usually, booking way in beforehand is the best idea. But no necessarily so aback booking FF tickets. Its a acceptable abstraction to TRY in advance. However, all the airlines tend to put out actual few common flyer tickets that far in advance. They adjournment to accomplish abiding there isn’t activity to be mega appeal afore they chargeless up freebies. You could get adjustable on the dates and see what happens, or adjournment a bit and see if they open. Sorry, no way to adumbrate for abiding what will happen, or when. And commodity abroad could be happening, but I can say that accession seats is not abnormal nine months in advance. (Cindy)

Green Bay and out-of-the-way: My then-boyfriend (now husband) and I went to Green Bay about 6 years ago, on our way to the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. We had to fly into Wisconsin because in Michigan you had to be over 25 to hire a car (which we weren’t). As far as Green Bay, the burghal seemed appealing austere to me. However, arctic and east, the backdrop about the Door Peninsula and that allotment of Basin Michigan was artlessly amazing. Now, for my bung of the UP: go! We went in April, and Basin Superior was still partially frozen. The pictures we took on the bank at Ontanagon (our base: acceptable Quality-Inn blazon hotel) accessory like end-of-the-earth Civic Geographic photos. We went hiking in the Porcupine Mountains, about Basin of the Clouds and Basin Gogebic…could absolutely apprehend the closing groaning as the ice went through its bounce thaw. So few bodies and such amazing, bashful backdrop makes this one of my best admired vacations ever. We acclimated Ontanogon as our base, all the nut mining in the breadth meant that lots of Cornish bodies acclimatized actuality aftermost century. As a result, you can still get acceptable Cornish pasties (meat pies) in the bounded restaurants. One aftermost thing: you can fly Midwest Express, to Milwaukee and afresh affix to Green Bay. This airline is hands-down my favorite, as every commuter gets aliment served on absolute china, and absolute wine. I apprehend they acquire albino brunches on Sunday flights.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for the admonition and the advancement says Gary. Acceptable work!

K Street, Washington, D.C.: I am activity to acquire a 10 hour layover at Heathrow in August (on my way to Slovenia, in fact!). I leave Dulles at 8:00 am, admission at Heathrow at 9:00 p.m. and don’t leave until 7:30 a.m. the aing day. Any account on hotels/showers/etc nearby? The anticipation of not showering or alteration my clothes or sleeping about besides an afflictive armchair over that aeon is absolutely hideous. Acknowledge you!!!!!!!

The Flight Crew: This is a articulation to all hotels in the about of Heathrow:

The Flight Connection Centres in Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4 acquire showers. There’s additionally commodity alleged the Affluence Island, in which you pay a fee of about 25 pounds for affluence battery suites, clothes aide and shoe charwoman service, a adequate basement area, admission to newspapers and accessory TV, workstations with internet admission and business facilities.

But you appetite to beddy-bye too …


Re Hep A virus: you charge to acquire added than one attempt I believe, so don’t adjournment for the aftermost minute.

The Flight Crew: Thanks.

Fairfax, Va.: Regarding out of the way destinations, a admirable abode to analysis out is Dusk Atrium arctic of Flagstaff, AZ. Best tourists bypass it on the way to or from the Admirable Canyon, but it’s account the time to analysis out. A from the atrium itself, there’s some abundant hiking, ice caves, and some alluring anistazi ruins.

The Flight Crew: Fairfax, that sounds wonderful, says Gary.

Arlington, Va.: Off-the-beaten track: there’s a tiny boondocks in NW PA alleged Conneaut Lake. It’s a absolute throw-back: actual mellow, average America, family-oriented affectionate of place. There’s a attractive lake, big abundant for baptize skiing, etc., with one accessible beach, and launch. And there’s a baby action esplanade on the lake, with one of the oldest board roller coasters in the world. There’s a abundant booth alleged Mama Bear’s, and the confined are so arrangement that I never absorb added than $10 for a night of bubbler beer.

Accommodation can be a problem, as there are a bulk of rather abandoned motels about the lake. Apparently the best advantage is the Auberge Conneaut, which is appropriate in the park. There are a agglomeration of cottages that hire by the week.

There additionally is a adequately ample Amish association in the area, so you get see buggies every so often, or a road-side angle breadth you can buy aliment and pies and such.

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It’s about at atomic 5 hours from DC, and usually takes added like 6.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment abundant says Gary. Sounds like the affectionate of abode we’d adore ourselves.

St. Joseph, Mo.: I absolutely enjoyed advertent St. Francisville, Louisiana. There’s an amazing celebrated abbey there with a admirable graveyard and lots of copse with Spanish moss. Abundant antiquing and fun little restaurants. I additionally enjoyed a abundance there alleged Grandmother’s Buttons, which sells all kinds of jewlery fabricated from ons, including some aged ons. It’s a abundant little town. If you are anytime active from Natchez, Miss., to New Orleans, this would be a nice stop on your way.

The Flight Crew: That’s a acceptable recommendation, St. Jo! Thanks!

Boulder, Colo.: Abundant accessories on Eastern Europe! Do you apperceive of any agents who hire apartments or houses for a anniversary or two in Ljubljana, or added places in Slovenia? Do they exist? Searches on the Slovene day-tripper Web armpit point one to condos in ski resorts or auberge accommodation with kitchens, but annihilation like the offerings of Cuendet in southern Europe, or Marys in Prague, or your examples for Croatia.

The Flight Crew: I put in a alarm to the biking abettor mentioned in Sunday’s piece, but got an answering machine. Why don’t you try her too today, and if you don’t acquire an acknowledgment by apex tomorrow, email me and I’ll see if I can acquisition out accession way. ([email protected])

re: United — I can add to this Vent!: I would action beneath than 50 percent.

I had a agnate adventure with Delta. Aboriginal my fianc and I were offered to be bumped (including hotel, banquet voucher, 300 afar and $150 each). Aftermost minute, two added bodies were alleged to be bumped BUT they asked us to about-face with them. We agreed and told the accessory who said that she was active and that we “missed out”. In the end, rainstorms balked all flight plans, we were ashore at a almost big-ticket auberge appointed for us by Delta sans meal ticket, clothes(!) or adjacent restaurants to eat at. I anticipate we may acquire gotten chargeless alcohol tickets for our aing flight afterwards arguing with them for one hour.

If you win with United I appetite the secret!

The Flight Crew: Thanks.

Re: Jetblue: Aloof did the Jetblue affair from IAD to Oakland and aback from Continued Bank to IAD. The flight itself was fine- the DirecTV absolutely fabricated it go by quickly. Candy were appropriate (still brought our own food) and the aggregation was nice. However, aerial out there was a mess; the alike advancing in from Oakland had automated problems so we had to adjournment an added 2 hours (and watched anybody abroad admission and leave on their Jetblue flights) for them to fly a alike bottomward from JFK to IAD. They didn’t acquire acceptable admonition and no one seemed to apperceive what was activity on. They kept cogent us the alike would admission in 30 minutes, afresh 45 minutes, etc. In return, we got a $25 acclaim for a approaching flight. I’d acquire rather had that in liquor! Because of the delay, we absent out on several things we were declared to do. I was aghast with Jetblue for this, but it was nice not to acquire to adjournment too continued in band at IAD. Continued Bank is a hardly altered story, aback they fly to New York and Vegas as well- best lines- but the “airport” is so tiny that it aloof seems worse. Anyway, I’d apparently fly Jetblue afresh if I had the chance.

The Flight Crew: Hey, acknowledgment for the report. But ya know, a two-hour adjournment these canicule is nuthin’, admitting the abashed communications is a pain. And as abounding times as I’ve been delayed on a flight, I’ve never gotten a flight coupon, so I’d say you fabricated out OK (though KC letters that she additionally has accustomed a agenda for a flight adjournment on accession airline). Acknowledgment again.

Backcountry in Assateague?: Acceptable luck. Aboriginal of all, if you appetite to backcountry why do you affliction about a atom on the camping grounds? Assateague allows for bank camping: it is about 20 or 25 afar so there should be lots of places to affected up and bottomward the bank ancillary or the bay side. If you absolutely are into amenities like showers and actuality like that, afresh yeah you ability be affliction for a space.

The Flight Crew: Thanks.

Washington, D.C.: Aloof got aback from my action in Italy. I appetite to acknowledge readers and agents for their recommendations. Based on a rec. from a reader, we backward at the Imperial Tramontano in Sorrento for a anniversary which was aloft splendid. Acknowledgment to the staffer who recommended the Auberge Mozart in rome–the breadth was unbelievable!

Thanks to all who brash us!

The Flight Crew: You’re welcome, says Gary. It was I who appropriate the Mozart and would acquiescently go aback again.

Arlington, Va.: So what would it amount me to fly to Korea for Friday’s match?

Please acquaint me I don’t acquire to explain this question.

The Flight Crew: A bald $3,200, my soccer-crazed and sleep-deprived acquaintance …


Maryland: My admired out of the way spot:

Teddy Roosevely Civic Esplanade in western Arctic Dakota. A appointment at sunset, with the application bright off the black rocks is a artlessly beauteous site. Alternatively, a gray, backing day that gives way to sunshine and a bubble could accomplish you cry. Contrary to accepted opinion, Arctic Dakota is not all flat, windy, and boring. In western Arctic Dakota, you get a added aboriginal adorableness and beneath tourists than in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Additionally in Western ND is Medora, a lovely, restored/rebuilt borderland resort. If you appetite to see breadth Teddy Roosevelt roamed the prairies, or chase the Lewis and Clark trail, see anachronistic excavations, and accommodated some of the greatest bodies in the world, a cruise to Western Arctic Dakota is in order!

The Flight Crew: I like that abstraction responded Gary. It puts you appropriate in the running.

Caribbean honeymoon: If you get to arch to the Caribbean on your action this summer, accede Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands. There is a resort there alleged the Continued Bay Bank resort that sounds aloof like what you’re gluttonous – quiet, classy, adequate and affluence to do afterwards the agrarian night life. I had the best adequate nine canicule of my activity there, sunbathing on a mile-long amplitude of sand, canoeing and snorkling about Tortola and Vigin Gorda, abnormality through Alley Boondocks – the tiny capitol burghal – abounding of blithely black houses and British pubs (try Pusser’s). There is a hardly added acclaimed resort on the added end of the island alleged Little Dix Bay, but I acquire heard it is a little added “commercial” and added expensive.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for the suggestions!


LA-bound: Activity to LA in a few weeks on vacation. I adulation arts and crafts and mission appearance architectonics and furnishings, and wondered if you apperceive of assets with admonition on visiting arts and crafts houses/museums about Pasadena?

The Flight Crew: I would acquaintance the Los Angeles Conservancy ( the Pacific Design Center ( for ideas. Additionally can L.A. Architect annual for leads. You ability additionally try the Pasadena Heritage accumulation (, which offers celebrated walking tours. If all abroad fails, acquaintance the L.A. burghal tourism office, which can advance you to your dream homes. –andrea

Maryland: My admired out of the way spot:

Teddy Roosevely Civic Esplanade in western Arctic Dakota. A appointment at sunset, with the application bright off the black rocks is a artlessly beauteous site. Alternatively, a gray, backing day that gives way to sunshine and a bubble could accomplish you cry. Contrary to accepted opinion, Arctic Dakota is not all flat, windy, and boring. In western Arctic Dakota, you get a added aboriginal adorableness and beneath tourists than in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Additionally in Western ND is Medora, a lovely, restored/rebuilt borderland resort. If you appetite to see breadth Teddy Roosevelt roamed the prairies, or chase the Lewis and Clark trail, see anachronistic excavations, and accommodated some of the greatest bodies in the world, a cruise to Western Arctic Dakota is in order!

The Flight Crew: Thanks, Md. Sounds like a winner.

for the Green Bayer: Green Bay: I can’t bethink how far Oshkosh is frm Green Bay, but the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) is amid a Oshkosh and has a admirable musuem. They additionally acquire a massive air show/fly in in August, which is amazing fun.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for that added tip, says Gary Lee.

Arlington, Va.: Isn’t Mackinac Island artlessly arresting “Mac-in-ac”, but the boondocks from breadth you t the bear is absolutely Mackinaw? Or do I acquire that angry around?

The Flight Crew: I acquire you are right. And I’d like to add: don’t plan on pond in the basin up there, akin in August, unless you’re a affiliate of the Polar Bear Club. (Cindy)

for the UHaul mover: I don’t apperceive if you were reffering to affective in a “do it yourself truck” or absolutely a UHaul. Don’t get a UHaul. Try Penske. You would be abashed that the amount is VERY commensurable (and Penske will generally bead it some if you amount boutique and appear aback with a lower rate). Added the milage is unlimited, the trucks are beneath than 2 years old, t seats, the AC works, etc. Moved a acquaintance from Blacksburg to Colorado in one, and at the end he said “I am so animated you assertive me to alarm Penske.”

I don’t assignment for Penske, I am aloof awash on their trucks afterwards some bad UHaul expierences. Spreading the chat aback abounding bodies don’t apprehend they hire to accustomed people.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for the advice. And if are anytime attractive for a job, I anticipate Penske has begin its new business manager.

Undiscovered Gem: The St. John Valley of Maine. This is an breadth breadth French Acadians settled. You can go into a booth and association bellied up to the adverse still allege French. Added the backdrop is amazing–every postcard of Maine’s abatement foilage could be taken in these hills and valleys. Acropolis Kent, Lille, Van Buren are aloof a few of the towns.

I additionally anticipation yesterday’s breadth was great, and I would acclaim added “theme” issues. ALthough it’s nice to get a smatteering of extensive destinations some weeks, I anticipate absorption on an breadth or a distinct affair is absolutely added useful. Accumulate up the abundant work.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment a lot — affair issues are fun for us to do, admitting I (KC) anguish that readers who aren’t absorbed in whatever the breadth is will feel larboard out in the cold. So we usually try to acquire commodity for everyone. But acquaint me, absolute quick — what do you guys appetite to see added of, in depth, for planning purposes?

Re: U-Haul: I did that cruise from SF aback actuality to DC. Booty the southern avenue (arizona -> Tenn) because there ability be snow in the mountains up arctic already

The Flight Crew: How arctic did you go?? Acceptable idea, though. Thanks.

Re: Houston: Houston ain’t a bad city, but I’d acclaim active bottomward to Galveston if at all accessible (it’s about 45-60 minutes). Galveston is admirable and the bank is nice. The Strand can’t be exhausted for arcade and history.

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for that tip.

re: Green Bay: I went to academy aloof south of Green Bay, WI, and admitting there’s not a lot to do appropriate in town, you can be in Door Canton in about an hour if you acquire a car! Door Canton is a peninsula amid the Bay and Basin Michigan, which offers breathtaking drives, hiking, and lots of tourist-y shopping. If that sounds acceptable to you, analysis it out! There are affluence of canton and accompaniment parks in the area, best forth one of the bodies of water, which are absolutely beautiful.

The Flight Crew: Thanks!

Crystal City, Va.: My acquaintance and I are aerial stand-by to Italy aing anniversary which bureau that we don’t appetite to buy an Italy abuse canyon advanced of time in the states. I apperceive that there are abuse passes that you can buy in Italy. My catechism is this: Is there achieve I can get a archetype of Italy’s alternation schedules? How will we apperceive which trains charge anxiety advanced of time and which don’t?

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The Flight Crew: Italian alternation schedules are attainable online at That armpit has been ability some updates, so if it’s not available, accessory at That armpit contains schedules for all of Europe (and is an accomplished armpit to bookmark for approaching reference).


Washington, D.C.: We are traveling to Scandinavia in August, and are absorbed in lodgings that are nice, safe, yet affordable. We acquire started attractive into B&Bs, but are hostels a acceptable option, esp. if we’re 20-somethings who would like to breach together, not absolute into large, aggregate rooms? From the books, it looks like some hostels acquire couples accommodation or ancestors rooms; do you apperceive if that is a aberration in Norway/Denmark?

And, my vote for out of the way US breadth is Mackinac Island in Michigan. No cars; abandoned people, horses, bikes, abundant aliment and backdrop and admirable hotels!

The Flight Crew: I’m not in the appointment appropriate now so I can’t say whether official auberge adviser I mentioned beforehand has those details. But I apperceive it has email addresses, and you could plan by emailing the ones that are in locations you ambition to visit. The auberge I backward in in Slovenia was fabricated up of baby rooms, one bunkbed per room. Aggregate bath. (Cindy)

Vilnius, Lithuania: Oops…forgot to mention, For Lithuania biking — I’ve had some abundant luck and admonition with and with Vytis Tours out of NYC..

The Flight Crew: Thanks, says Gary Lee.

Washington, D.C.: Can you acclaim a acceptable rental car aggregation for renting an automated car in Italy?

The Flight Crew: I’m abashed you’ll acquire to go through the above companies and pay through the nose. Automatics are aberrant in Europe. The minute you ask for one, they accept to apperceive you’re American and acquire you are loaded. Prices shoot up tremendously. Try calling EuroCar, but abounding of the bounded rentals don’t akin acquire them in their fleet. (Cindy)

Arts & Crafts in LA:: don’t absence the Getty, which has a accumulating of appliance brash by Harvey Ellis. You’ll appetite to see it.

The Flight Crew: Aha, of beforehand we carelessness the best attainable place. The admirable Getty!

Vilnius, Lithuania: Labas (Hello) I’m exited to see that Eastern Europe is accepting some print…and I abominable acclaim branch east. As an American active in Vilnius for the accomplished two years, I’ve had a adventitious to appointment some abundant sites about Lithuania. At this moment, the sun is still out, the alfresco cafes are open, and apple chic beer is still served by the bisected liter for $1. Vilnius is an alien gem, abominable recommended, but aural a 3.5 hour drive there are abounding added places to visit. Lithuania has nice beaches and bank dunes on the Baltic Sea (Nida), abounding forested civic parks, and akin a animating quiet spa boondocks (Druskininkai) for “dirt cheap” mud baths…and the better day-tripper attraction,Grutas Park, a arbitrary Soviet bronze esplanade breadth you can see a few two adventitious Lenins. Stop by and say accost afore the flocks of tourists come…

The Flight Crew: Abundant acknowledgment again, says Gary.

Terra Alta, W. Va.: My 14 year old babe and I would like to abstain Christmas (bad memories, accident of a admired one) by activity to Italy. We adore museums and Roman history and absolutely appetite to see Pompeii. We would like a bargain bout — we don’t charge adorned commons or wine, or choice auberge rooms. I acquire looked at Trafalgar — any added ideas? And how anon should we book?

The Flight Crew: KC here. Analysis out Perillo too — they’re a good, solid, boilerplate bout aggregation specializing in Italy and acquire been in business for a continued time. I’d alpha blockage into it now, analyze prices and options, etc., admitting you can absolutely adjournment a brace of months.

Columbia, Md.: I’m aerial to London, afresh on to France, abandonment Thursday night…and OF COURSE, European Air Cartage Controllers may bang on Wednesday.

What do you apperceive about the strike’s probablity? And, if it goes ahead, should I apprehend problems on the Friday articulation of my flight from London to Toulouse?



The Flight Crew: Sottili here: By Friday, it should be sorted out. A one-day bang is set for Wednesday, and France will be the hardest hit – at atomic 50 percent of flights will apparently be canceled there. Controllers in added countries, including Italy, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia, will booty allotment in a one-hour walk-out on Wednesday, so those disruptions shouldn’t be bad.

Washington, D.C.: Hi there,

Hope I can this in in the aftermost few account . . . I will be in Arizona (Phoenix area) for a appointment in July, and will acquire a few chargeless canicule to biking and explore. Added than the Admirable Canyon and Sedona, any recommendations as to breadth to go and what to see? Acknowledgment for your help!

The Flight Crew: Yo, DC. Depends on how far you wanna go. I’ve consistently capital to analyze the Tucson breadth and Saguaro Civic Park, a brace hours south of Phoenix. Further out from Tucson, a the Mexican border, tiny Bisbee, a aloft mining town, is a alluring arts antecedents that consistently comes abominable recommended by travelers in them thar parts. Flagstaff additionally has its fans, and the hiking in the breadth is declared to be great.


for the LA Arts and Craftser: Analysis out the American Craft Council or the annual American Appearance for info, stores, shows, ads, etc. I apperceive that Appalachian Bounce carries the magazine, not abiding if too abundant of a alcove advertisement for the bookstores to carry.

The Flight Crew: Brilliant. You guys are on a roll. Thanks.

Somewhere, USA: Re: award hotels in Central & Eastern Europe (specifically Poland). I’ve had abundant luck application–for example, blockage in one of the Warsaw “businessmans’ hotels” for approx. $35/night. There’s a agnate website for Prague, but I haven’t acclimated it myself. That ability be account a try as well.

The Flight Crew: Thanks, says Gary. Acceptable tip.!

Washington, D.C.: Hi! Acknowledgment for demography my catechism – I am activity to be traveling with my husband, sister and parents to Melbourne, Australia this December. Instead of blockage in a htoel, we are absorbed in renting a abode for the two or so weeks we will be there (which includes Christmas). Can you acclaim any acceptable assets for us? Acknowledgment actual much!

The Flight Crew: We don’t acquire any claimed acquaintance with this, so I ability beforehand you acquaintance the Melbourne Visitors Bureau or the Australian Day-tripper Commission at



for the caribbean honeymooners: The honeymooners should absolutely accede Grenada. It’s not beat with tourists, the bodies are VERY friendly, it usually doesn’t get hit with hurricanes, the aliment is FABULOUS (especially if you like back-scratch and added East Indian fare), and the Island is abandoned 33 aboveboard afar so you can get about and acquaintance the accomplished country appealing calmly — with its waterfalls, hikes through the rainforests, bout of aroma mills, and of course, abundant beaches. I spent my action there and can’t say abundant acceptable things about it.

The Flight Crew: Acceptable idea!

Silver Spring, Md.: My wife and I are cerebration about aerial into Montreal in August, spending a few canicule there, a day or two in Quebec City, and afresh active to Prince Edward Island. Aback it would be a appealing continued drive, I’m attractive for a acceptable endlessly off point (overnight) amid Quebec Burghal and PEI. Based on the map, this would be about in New Brunswick, either forth the bank or a little bit inland. Any advice?

The Flight Crew: Gary asks: do any clicksters acquire thoughts on this?

Rather be in the Islands: Hi Biking Crew. My admirer and I are attractive into activity to Barbados, West Indies aing year for our honeymoon. Any suggestions as the best time of the year to go and what to do? Thanks!

The Flight Crew: I LOVE Barbados. Mainly account it has both calm Caribbean beaches and affable Atlantic ones. Plan one day to hire an attainable auto for touring the island–mountains, pikestaff fields, out of the way hotels with restaurants. Aback to go? Acceptable is the winter escape from the cold. Cheaper added times. I assume they acquire the aloft blow division as the added islands, Aug through say Oct. But analysis acclimate at any website, bout book, or tourism agency. (Cindy)

McLean, Va.: I charge to get alternation schedules for biking amid Maner, England, and Angelsey, Wales in September. The actuality with whom I talked by buzz at Britrail said Britrail couldn’t accommodate them. The Web abode he gave me didn’t work. Do you apperceive how I can get this information?

The Flight Crew: Did you try this site?


Washington, D.C.: Per Orbitz, abrogation this Thursday, abiding Tuesday, it’s abandoned $1356 to Seoul on Asiana…

$1356 airfare $5 account fee $1361 cruise amount Asiana Airlines 6231 operated by accomplice airline Thu, Jun 20 8:15a-10:19a alike change Washington (IAD) Los Angeles (LAX) 1

Asiana Airlines 201 Thu, Jun 20 1:30p-6:30p Los Angeles (LAX) Seoul (ICN) absolute duration: 21h 15min

Asiana Airlines 214 Tue, Jun 25 7:30p-2:00p alike change Seoul (ICN) San Francisco (SFO) 1

United Airlines 220 Tue, Jun 25 4:10p-12:13a San Francisco (SFO) Washington (IAD) absolute duration: 17h 43min .

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment says Gary. Accurate work.

The Flight Crew: Acting flight captain Gary Lee adage acknowledgment for all your abundant questions and admirable input. Acknowledgment additionally for the accomplished account of off the baffled aisle destinations. I like the tip about Gloucester, Mass and the surrounding area. Amid annealed competition, you get the prize! Let me apperceive how to accelerate it to you by emailing me at [email protected] And tune in aing week, all!

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