Wedding Guest Address Labels | Worksheet
Wedding Guest Address Labels | Worksheet | kathryn cooper hart address labels

11 Shocking Facts About Kathryn Cooper Hart Address Labels | Kathryn Cooper Hart Address Labels

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Click on the banderole to see what that abode bottomward the artery awash for.

Wedding Guest Address Labels | Worksheet  - kathryn cooper hart address labels
Wedding Guest Address Labels | Worksheet – kathryn cooper hart address labels | kathryn cooper hart address labels

This advertisement of home and abode sales is aggregate from the Norfolk and Plymouth county  registries of accomplishments by Warren Information Services of Boston. In anniversary transaction, the abode is followed by the seller’s name, buyer’s name and acquirement price, date of transaction and, back known,  the blazon of property. A assemblage cardinal afterwards the abode designates a condominium.

Bristol County


David C. Davenport to Kara Lyndon and Allan M. Pratt, 87 Myricks St., $244,900

David J. Baptista and Annette L. Baptista to Joshua Gomes and Alison Gomes, 6 Elm St., $376,500

Clifford F. Walton and Beatrice M. Walton to Jerome Artery Realty Assurance and Raymond J. Venturini, 64 Jerome St., $400,000

Michael R. Haggerty and Teresa I. Haggerty to Donald P. Wheaton, 27 Riverside Drive, $106,000


Cheryl Alarie and Robert F. Sly to Kevin M. Eaton and Dinelle R. Waton, 7 Kilsyth Road, $298,800

Stephen J. Donahue and Shirley M. Donahue to John Houser and Teresa Housef, 12 Carriage Abode Lane, $600,000

David R. Surette and Kathrun E. Surette to Christopher J. Pickett and Tiffany C. Fenore, 24 Howard St., $355,000

Robert Yeomans and Nicole L. McPherson to Alexander Leone and Sloan Leone, 14 Electric Ave., $269,899

John R. Jerome and Sharyn M. Jerome to Christopher Alonso and Jennifer Alonso, 1 Laurel Drive, $450,000

Linda J. Benedict and David M. Benedict to Marfaret Raphael, 20 Church St., $345,000

Nicole Cunningham to Todd B. Baker and Heidi K. Baker, 10 Indian Cove Way #10, $302,250

Paul O’Keefe and Christine O’Keefe to Jennifer Duehring, 89 Village St. #89, $236,000

Michael P. Flynn to Charles Feldman and Barbara J. Feldman, 61 Village St. #61, $235,000

Carneron FT and Lynne M. Morley to Bonner (irrevocable trust) and Steven Treat, 7 Estelle Marsan Drive, $349,900

Harry J. Lynd and Deborah M. Lynd to Brian P. Timmins and Kristen Timmins, 117 Center St., $327,500

Welsch Woods LLC to Ivie M. Cremer and Marc H. Cremer, 14 Talcott Road #14, $546,295


Fnma to Ryan Shaner, 210 Balcom St., $255,000

Derek Michienzie and Dawn N. Michienzie to Jason Howard and Stephanie Howard, 3 Brookside Road, $397,000

Walter J. Toner and Mary E. Toner to Erik J. Lundquist and Rebecca L. Lundquist, 4 Lantern Lane, $355,000

Timothy C. Taber to Kelly Crowley and Michael MacDougali, 9 Concetta Circle #9, $320,000

J. Scott Dunn and Celeste Bernardo-Dunn to Thomas J. Fitzgerald and Natalie S. Fitzgerald, 59-61 Shawmut Ave., $350,000

Mjl Ret and Beverly F. Cohen to Da Ha and Min Zhou, 36 Cottage St., $449,900

Elia R. Farinella to Kerin E. Abbott, 405 Pratt St., $265,905

Catherine L. Broderick Lt and Catherine L. Broderick to Timothy C. Taber and Danielle M. Taber, 7 Charlene Drive, $475,000

Nanette A. Funscii Ret and Nanette A. Funsch to Jason M. Perotti and Kate J. Perotti, 562 Maple St., $480,000

Nathan T. Porr and Catherine S. Porr to Christopher A. Sibicky and Stephanie L. Sibicky, 19 Carriage Abode Lane, $647,000

Hsbc Bank Usa Na Tr to Richard M. Yablonsky and Tracy L. McCormick, 31 Jakes Way, $432,000

Branch St. Dev Ptnrs LLC to Lindsay Giorano and Emil Giordano, 311 Branch St. #5, $185,000


Robert R. Simonetti to Brandon Depierro, 17 Azalea Road, $259,900

Christopher E. Rich to Travis A. Spender and Katelyn Murgia, 40 S. Washington St., $275,000

Charles D. Battersby and Marguerite A. Battesby to James C. Perdikis and Cherie A. Perdikis, 23 Spring Lane #23, $375,000

Xin Wang and Shequin Yao to Derek C. Michienzie and Dawn N. Michienzie, 25 Johnson Drive, $535,000


John F. Romani to Robert H. Hobaica, 413 Robinson St., $485,000

John M. Palmer and Christine L. Palmer to Timothy D. Riley and Caitlin C. Riley, 169 Sherwood Lane, $449,000

Sargent Cathy A. Est and Gail Mullin to American Construction Inv, 65 Temi Road, $190,000

Rupert Wang and Elaine Wang to Jiayi Yan and Wie Luo, 98 Barons Way, $589,875

Malloch Construction Co. to Sean Pillai and Marissa L. Pillai, 291 Forest St., $261,000

A. American Investmemnts to Quing D. Ren, 242 South St. E., $389,000


Kathleen F. Callaghan to Teni C. Nassios, 154 Broadway, $207,000

Murphy John A. Est and Sharon E. Shustack to Steven Shustack, 30 Buffington St., $165,000

Murphy John A. Est and Sharon E. Shustack to Steven Shustack, Buffington St., $165,000

Wells Fargo Bank Na to Jose O. Payamps and Maria R. Estrella-Payamps, 147 Somerset Ave., $155,000

Furtado Donald J. Est and Dennis P. Furtado to Christopher B. Haskins and Lisa Haskins, 16 2nd St., $89,000

Nunes Eleanor M. Est and Richard A. Nunes to Benjamin M. White, 11 Fremont St., $195,000

Nancy M. Wells to Bm Realty LLC, 309 Whittenton St., $420,000

Patrick R. Bean and Kristina Bean to Brett J. Lunardini and Annabel Lunardini, 14 Heritage Drive, $380,000

Alfred Sau and Karen Barnette-Sau to Steven Lopes and Nicky T. Nguyen, 10 Bryan Drive, $360,000

Usa Va to George Cajado, 96 Old Colony Ave. #464, $120,000

2 Stevens LLC to Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, 60 Oconnell Way, $8,250,000

Nsp Residential LLC to Andrew Kamau and Patricia W. Karnau, 33 Perry Ave. #33, $150,384

Daniel G. Darosa and Laurie B. Darosa to Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, 61-R Stevens St., $3,650,000

Pressure injuries..
Pressure injuries.. | kathryn cooper hart address labels

L&U LLC to Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, Oconnell Way, $747,500

1 Stevens LLC to Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, 50 Oconnell Way, $8,500,000

Myles Standish Medical to Bay State Education Realty, 101 Industrial Park Road #102, $2,565,000

Taunton Development Corp. to Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, Oconnell Way, $5,640,000

71 Stevens Artery LLC to Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, 71 Stevens St., $4,700,000

24 Weir Avenue Realty Assurance and Howard Newburg to Tom&Jimmys Realty Inc., 24 Weir Ave., $150,000

Bruce LLC 2 to Thomas L. Core and Jerrie L. Core, 10-A Colt Circle, $239,900

Taunton Development Corp. to 60 Cross Artery LLC, Charles F. Colton Road #3A, $259,200

Donald P. Delaplain and James Cumiskey to James Mastromatteo and Jodi A. Mastromatteo, 61 Hart St. #A, $185,000

Ivan A. Amaya to Erik C. Hammer and Michelle E. Hammer, 12 Everett St., $170,000

Tamara Mirka and Andrew Mirka to William Richard, 11 Everett St., $175,000

Antonio F. Justa and Marie E. Justa to Arturo Lopez-Michael, 75 Silverwood Drive, $290,000

Aspen Properties Holdings to Michelle Cavacas, 188 S. Walker St., $284,000

Lehoullier FT and Mark Lehoullier to Joseph Milani and Shannah Milani, 847 Burt St., $185,000

Michael Binda to Michael P. McCue, 11 Barnum St., $205,000

Chase FT and Mark P. Chase to Cleusa Depina, 39 Granite St., $217,000

Km Realty Investments LLC to Diane M. McCarthy, 24 Fayette Place, $185,000

Stephanie Delaney to Megan Wordell, 31 Sumner St., $15,000

George R. Abban and Sandra A. Abban to Jiva J. Segaran, 22 Sumner St., $276,000

Shonna G. Sherman to Kallie M. Montagano, 110 Dean St. #93, $138,000

Vector Investment Corp. to Robert M. Owens and Jasmin Owens, 253 County St., $242,000

Mary A. Mozzone to Robert E. Yeomans and Nicole L. Yeomans, 170 Williams St., $330,500

Ipers Taunton Crossing Ma to Rk Taunton Crossing LLC, 9 Mozzone Blvd, $9,200,000

Poole FT and Vicki A. Cappiello to Jennifer Bilunas, 5 Red Lane, $184,000

Stephen W. McNally and Nancy M. McNally to Michael Depina and Wanjiku Depina, 24 Kerry Lane, $262,714

David Pillsbury and Scott Pillsbury to Joel S. Varilus and Fabiolla Varilus, 24 Winter St., $249,900

Alice M. Soares to Gregory Messler and Janet Messler, 10 Winter Ave., $160,000

Timothy Pontes to Ashley Finerty, 925 Crane Ave. S. #R3, $180,000

Audlee (nominal trust) and David A. Audlee to Matthew Cohen and Amber Cohen, 21 Roan Drive, $439,900

Paul William Est and Danielle Paul to 91 R. Realty Assurance and Michael D. Choquette, 21 Worcester St., $35,000

Pelletier Joseph L. Est and Barry J. Pelletier to Michael J. Holmes, 52 Country Way, $142,000

Stefan Sernavsky and Jaclyn Sernavsky to 417 Danforth Realty Assurance and Daniel J. Pierre, 417 Danforth St., $92,500

Cumberland Farms Inc. to Nds Realty LLC, 310 Broadway, $600,000

Anthony D. Mendes and Milena Mendes to Joseph Nichols and Carolyn Nichols, 97 Kalman Place #97, $215,000

Manuel Gomes and Judite S. Gomes to Christopher E. Rich and Melamnie A. Rich, 45 Jessie Lane, $350,000

Dale H. Leite to Bailey A. Colonna, 75 Pocasset Place, $194,700

Big Red Properties LLC to Christine M. Milligan, 84 Bluegrass Circle #7, $415,000

Conway Realty Assurance and Brian W. Conway to Jody L. Crownover and Melissa S. Crownover, 30 Paige Way, $110,000

Sabbatia Landing LLC to James A. Ketchum and Patricia A. Ketchum, 1609 Bay St. #203, $378,650

Norfolk County


Whalen Realty Assurance and Dorothy M. Whalen to Robespierre P. Cadeus and Dany B. Cadeus, 105 E. Main St., $240,000

Jackson G. Macomber and Kathleen R. Macomber to Michael E. McGonagle, 10 Argyle Ave., $315,000

Doherty Maryanne Est and Christine Connolly to Robert L. Pillarella and Anne M. Pillarella, E. High St., $20,000


Rl Design Corp. and South Shore Bank to 1530 Hldg LLC, 275 Centre St. #2, $240,000

Geraldine McDonagh to Dawn L. Spain, 9 Johns Ave., $234,000

Paul S. Currie to Stephen E. MacAuley and Robert C. MacAuley, 347 Union St., $230,000

Patricia Dyer to Joseph Bonin and Krystal Bonin, 7 English Road, $275,000

Shawn P. Smith and Nancy E. Smith to Timothy Manning, 27 S. Shore Road, $249,500

Joseph M. Tierney to Marvin T. Johnson and Simone Johnson, 10 Zenas Road, $267,500

Arlene A. Curtis to Nadine D. Toussaint, 1030 S. Franklin St., $220,000

Karen Duffy to Davicia Neves and Jonathan Neves, 28 Hamilton Way, $495,000

Yiu H. Chan to Mei M. Yao and Chai T. Yao, 7 Mosesso Drive, $746,000


Kathleen Barry and Holli Vannest to Deborah W. Adrien and Anne G. Adrien, 28 Upham St., $265,000

David Dam and Angela Huynh to Jameson D. Cordeiro, 53 Royal St., $284,900

Wayne Madar and Anne Madar to Casey D. Riley, 74 Oak St., $290,000

2 Story Homes Inc. to Vinh N. Dang and Bachtuyet T. Huynh, 168 Chestnut St., $244,900

Yale students skip class, protest Kavanaugh at Supreme Court - kathryn cooper hart address labels
Yale students skip class, protest Kavanaugh at Supreme Court – kathryn cooper hart address labels | kathryn cooper hart address labels

Mpl Realty Assurance and Lawrence B. Cohen to Maria L. Whitaker, 113 Chestnut Circle, $325,000

Paula L. Flanagan to Esminelba Santiago, 19 Fred Dolan Circle #19, $212,500

Brookline Bank and Vera Cruz Building Assoc to 25 Teed Drive Realty Assurance and Darlene McCarthy, 25 Teed Drive, $281,000

Irving L. Lipsky and Sylvia R. Lipsky to Kerry Donahue and Christopher Petty, 3 Green St., $290,000

Margarette Raphael to Ricardo Raphael, 21 Clark St., $370,000

Donna Road Realty Assurance and Karl D. Wells to Karen Chase, 14 Grove Lane, $225,000

Matthew G. Wyllie and Sarah Wyllie to Christophe Ratte and Nicole L. Bowden, 5 Wales Ave., $335,000

Tyneshia S. Underwood to Dot City Investments LLC, 44 Cochato Park, $180,000

Us Bank Na to Esse Saif and Hamed Pishdadian, 15 Mill St., $142,800

Cameron Ret and Clark E. Cameron to Jean Anilus, 14 Silver St., $390,000

Augustine Burton to Jose A. Montrond and Maria R. Montrond, 16 Lindberg Ave., $325,000

Tjb LLC to Utp Realty LLC, 326 N. Main St., $880,000

50 Mazzeo Drive LLC to Valencia Jaimes Lp, 50 Mazzeo Drive, $1,900,000

Joseph Bronin and Krystle Bronin to Luis Medina and Jessica Duque, 117 S. Main St., $261,000

Vuong Dang and Phuong T. Nguyen to Minh K. Lee and Huong T. Pham, 4 Oakwood Drive, $570,000


Stephen M. Saracino to Christopher D. Healea and Rosemary P. Healea, 50 Powell St., $379,900

Richard Gorden to Wendy Z. Nason, 61 Ethyl Way #61, $268,900

Barbara Freedman to Wallace M. Lueders, 34 Copperwood Drive #34, $354,000

Richard R. Andrade and Theresa M. Andrade to Mark J. Coletta and Donna Coletta, 165 Plain St., $527,500

Isg Holding LLC to Aniketh Realty Assurance and Vidya S. Reddy, 35 Park St., $260,000

Donald J. Doxtader and Cit Bank Na to Bank Of America Na, 53 Sumner St., $332,164

Vira Didukh to Jean-Bernard Amedee, 70 Walnut Court, $375,000

Tramentozzi Children T. and Joanne Horigan to Marie Swain-Price, 16 Heelan Ave., $345,000

Orr Mary L. Est and Shelia Swanwick to Home Builders Group LLC, 137 Pine St., $161,000

Jude Erase to Richard D. Hall and Pamela H. Hall, 473 Turnpike St., $330,000

Larry Blakstein and Miriam Blakstein to Barbara Freedman, 70 Brian Drive #B, $235,000

Fernanda H. Hampson to Trevor White and Koren C. O’Donnell, 96 Overlook Road, $655,000

Montar Realty Assurance and Rosa Tardanico to 721-725 Washington St. (nominal trust) and Arthur A. Kalotkin, 721-725 Washington St., $325,000

Jason C. Howard and Stephanie R. Howard to Holli M. Gilpin and Kevin M. Bogner, 12 Rose St. #D, $233,000

Liang D. Zhang to Simon A. Ilbanez and Natalia I. Ilbanez, 555 Page St. #301, $200,000

Pond View Village Stought to Stephania Gambon, 63 Brewster Road #21, $172,700

Plymouth County


Anthony J. Byrne to Jason M. Melaugh and Hollie A. Stapleton, 526 Randolph St., $263,000

Mary M. McCumisky to Nicholas J. Franey and Nicole M. Franey, 38 Bayberry Road, $372,000

Barton Charles C. Est and Kathleen Roberts to Repurpose Properties LLC, 34 Suffolk St., $74,000

Harry E. Boulay and Cit Bank Na to Fnma, 91 Olson St., $197,000

John P. King and Jean T. King to Noretta Lleshi, 46 Lincoln Blvd, $430,000

Micahel M. Morry and Helen E. Stevens to Nora F. Saint-Martin, 705 Thayer St. #705, $250,000


Rosemarie Realty Assurance and Shere Giovannone to Stanley Eloy, 45 Wall St., $406,000

Charalampos Nikopoulos and Theodora Nikopoulos to James L. Whitfield, 524 Main St., $375,000

Daniel R. Evans to Bette-Anne Tiews and Emerson G. Tiews, 440 Broad St., $275,000

Stephen J. McNally to Michael P. George and Kelsey M. George, 23 Clover Drive, $277,000

Sotirios Vasvatekis and Diane E. Vasvatekis to Leonard A. Estabrooks and Gina M. Estabrooks, 3 Grange Court, $532,500

Patricia H. Dolan and Charles F. Dolan to Paul Carrico and Suzanne Carrico, 46 Bridle Road, $349,900

Ab&Jc Realty LLC to Taimin Chartair LLC, 631 Elm St., $300,000


McDonald Kathleen A. Est and John P. Valentino to Jennifer L. Hilsdon, 64 Darren Drive, $255,000

David Balansky to Constitution Properties, 36 Vinedale Road, $120,000

Susan Mantoulis to Laerte Giraud, 51 Burroughs Road, $269,900

Ruth A. Simpson to Eugenio Dacruz and Fernanda Nunes, 37 Curtis St., $225,000

Kenneth Fernandes and Diana M. Farrell to Klk Enterprises Inc., 73 Bernice Ave., $225,000

Paata Macharashvili to Polina S. Abaturova, 502 Oak St. #1, $100,000

Ryan M. Schiffer to Elsa M. Rodrigues, 502 Oak St. #9, $126,000

Laurence Ollivierre to Michael Cassidy, 269 N. Warren Ave., $275,000

Mrl Realty Assurance and Michael Leafer to Luisa Rodgrigues, 66 Byron Ave., $205,000

Neysean Realty LLC to Maria J. Depina, 85 Bartlett St., $332,000

The Private Side of Public Work - kathryn cooper hart address labels
The Private Side of Public Work – kathryn cooper hart address labels | kathryn cooper hart address labels

Scott A. Stewart and Ruth Stewart to Luis Ortiz and Angelica Ortiz, 270 Boylston St., $209,900

Joaninha Depina to Patricia Dufour and Jean Stfelix, 119 Winthrop St., $285,000

Speedy Auto Glass Inc. to 383 Realty Assurance and George W. Cowen, 383 Warren Ave., $55,000

Vision Group Realty Assurance and Ryan Gadles to Eugenio D. Gomes, 193 Forest Ave., $297,000

D&K Ledgewood LLC to Marie C. David and Jacques David, 129 Florence St., $238,000

Dana M. Russo and Maria C. Russo to David S. Matloff, 270 W. Chestnut St., $170,000

Michael George and Kelsey M. George to Steevan V. Fernandes, 101 Copeland St., $229,000

Robert Vital-Pierre and Gairlande Audiesse to Viguez Odies, 85 Prospect St., $210,000

Jorge Zuluaga to Victor Pena and Miguel Polanco, 582 N. Main St., $330,000

Bank New York Mellon Tr to Thanh V. Pham, 56 Clarence St., $121,000

Ldm Realty Assurance and Janette R. Mandell to Maria J. Fernandes, 9 Harrison Ave., $343,500

Gamba Series LLC to 55 N. Main St. Realty Assurance and Citywide Real Est Mgmt Tr, 55 N. Main St., $588,000

Matco LLC to Robert A. Mason, 107 Clinton St., $313,000

Nilda Nazario and Robert Lianos to Candida R. Gomes, 157 Leyden St., $335,000

Omara Antoine and Marie A. Stpaulin to Dilce N. Amado and Luzia B. Amado, 88 Thatcher St., $233,000

Darrin J. Decoste to Nikingson Sylvestre, 12 Dunham St., $202,000

Anna E. Banion and Reverse Mortgage Solution to Fnma, 25 Taber Ave., $115,000

Maurice Cooper to Spark Artery Auto Body, 50 Spark St., $220,000

Sheldon I. Landy and Bank Of America Na to Southeastern Mass Afford, 11 Gladys Road, $100,000

Brockton Redev Auth to Alexandra Aromoud and Simonne Lacroix, 195 Hovendon Ave., $204,900

Claire A. Crowell to Gilbert Moreau, 57 Oscar Ave., $240,000

Bank New York Mellon Tr to Conceicao H. Morales, 227 W. Elm St. #5, $64,000

Michelle M. Covington to J. Dziuba-Leatherman, 234 W. Elm St. #1W, $115,000

341 Plain Artery T. and James Doherty to Patrick D. Perrier and Jedida Perrier, 341 Plain St., $389,900

Marie Luc and Jean Luc to Jean Florestal and Marie A. Collot, 18 Boyden St., $260,000

Tj Mcpherson Inc. and Joseph B. McPherson to Rooby Lambert and Gregoire Lambert, 28 Bradford St., $289,000

Maron Realty Assurance and Michael Haikal to Marc E. Dorinvil and Raphaella Exat, George St. #A, $329,900


Linda A. Jarvio to Seth L. Oehme, 14 Lakeview St., $170,000

Stinchfield William A. Est and Jennifer A. Stinchfield to Kenneth J. Berlo and Jill E. Berlo, 3 Gate St., $240,100

Donna M. Brack to Stephen J. Brack, 4 Watson St., $129,000

Lance D. Kennedy and Julie A. Kennedy to Michael B. Ferguson and Ashley P. Ferguson, 8 Shaw St., $258,000

David M. Bellando and Beth A. Bellando to Melissa Tait and Brian J. Paglia, 4 Eastman St., $301,000

Kevin G. Doherty and Kathy E. Doherty to David M. Bellando and Beth A. Bellando, 15 Harvest View Way, $359,900

Joal Construction Corp. to William J. Saggio and Nicole Dasilva, 4 Godfrey Circle, $499,900

Patrcia L. Granahan and Terrance M. Skelton to Brenda M. Johnson, 28 Pine Ridge Way #28, $320,000

Ronald Treacy and Carol Treacy to Heather J. Shapazian, 122 Cranberry Road, $299,000

East Bridgewater

Steven W. Stares and Gretchen Stares to Paudraig Curran, 1658 Plymouth St. #1658, $159,300

James E. Lydon and Gayle E. Lydon to Lois L. Sumrall, 945 Plymouth St., $490,000

Alan Desrocher and Susan Desrocher to Jason Christie and Erika Christie, 35 Satucket Ave., $440,000

Nancy C. Dube to John F. Gouthro, 100 Dube Drive, $324,900

New Year Holdings LLC to Truong Realty LLC, 37 W. Union St., $117,500

Dolfus Burt and Deborah M. Burt to Teresa Patukonis and Michael Patukonis, 135 Winter St., $300,000

Mark F. Libby and Cathleen A. Libby to Lisa Turner, 18 Andrew Road #18, $168,000

Carol M. Harlow to Nancy J. King FT and Nancy J. King, 70 Crystal Water Drive #70, $160,000

Cavendish Place LLC to Paula A. Lee, 56 Surrey Lane #56, $389,900

Lorac Realty Assurance and C. Phillips-Tabellione to J&S Realty Assurance and Jared Crowley, Whitman St. #2-2A, $75,000


Bryan J. Massa and Erika J. Massa to Mark F. Libby and Cathleen A. Libby, 16 Larry Ave., $310,000

Kevin Barnard to Melinda R. Tarsi, 414 Twin Lakes Drive #414, $185,000

Stephen J. Cyrus and Marie L. Cyrus to Andrew L. Stalker and Jaclyn M. Conley, 78 Circuit St., $317,000

Karen Coffelt to Kevin MacKiewicz, 95 Palmer Mill Road, $120,000

K&G Development Corp. to Kevin D. Barnard and Kathryn M. Keegan, 17 Bayberry Lane, $429,900


Melvin Gauley and Reverse Mortgage Solution to Fnma, 982 Webster St., $175,000

Wallace M. Kemp to Joseph W. Fleming and Kathleen C. Fleming, 688 Main St., $465,000

Joseph W. Fleming and Kathleen C. Fleming to Matthew P. Reardon and Lindsey Reardon, 582 Main St., $600,500

Usa Va to Christopher Johnson and Alisa M. Johnson, 248 Union St., $376,000

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John B. Ellison and Mary K. Ellison to Marlon Bundang and Sabrina Kader, 195 Pleasant St., $505,000

William Malomo and Bridget Malomo to John F. Boudreau, 68 Jefferson Road, $285,000

Christopher S. Carven and Brenda A. Carven to Katherine Crowley, 582 Broadway, $449,500

Suzanne B. Thompson to Daryce Morris, 335 Water St., $590,000


Helen M. Sawyer to Fnma, 12 West St., $128,111

David J. Laurin and Nancy L. Laurin to John R. Purcell and Jessica L. Purcell, 357 Maquan St., $237,500

Ousamequin Realty Assurance and Fernando A. Cristina to Robert Terry, 292 Spring St., $75,000

Julie McCann to John Griffith, Main St., $50,000


Donald L. Angell and Adeine L. Silvia to Ali S. Bliss and Kathryn Bliss, 6 Shore Drive, $647,175

Juliet M. Cordeiro to James M. Butler, 3 North St., $340,000

Ali S. Bliss and Kathryn E. Bliss to Richard G. Lougee, 24 Rigdale Drive, $529,900

Judith M. Daniels to John W. Davis and Donna M. Davis, 11 Gray Ave., $245,000

Linda J. Reade to Devin R. Hood, 20 Off Boundary St., $287,000

Dorothy J. Burress to Michael Dunphy and Carley Dunphy, 16 Whistlers Lane, $575,000

Mill Pond Realty Assurance and Bradford Cushing to K&G Development Corp., 11 Millers Lane, $155,000

Champion Builders Inc. to Brenda J. Forcier, 48 Bog View Road, $489,900

Champion Builders Inc. to Mark D. Leahy, 57 Bog View Road, $454,515

Champion Builders Inc. to Francis J. Decker and Holly E. Decker, 10 Bearses Way, $523,275


Jared Hollenbeck and Miriam Hollenbeck to Dennis Woletskas, 2 Johnson Drive, $440,000

Benoit Theresa B. Est and Kathleen M. Benoit to Miriam S. Hollenbeck, 10 Lemore Ave., $412,000


Geneva Farrah to Cedar Artery Realty Assurance and Edward J. Medeiros, Cedar St. (off), $100,000

52 Vernon Artery (irrevocable trust) and Luigi T. Grosso to Zion-Vernon Realty Assurance and Robert K. Zion, 52 Vernon St., $900,000

Boucher Donald Arthur Est and Edward Boucher to B&T Realty Assurance and William R. Logan, 889 Plymouth St., $110,000

Erin Anderson and Kyle Anderson to Adam Beard and Jessica Perry, 30 Montello St., $277,000

Sarah A. Floeck to Lisa M. Yanovich, 92 Chadderton Way, $345,000

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Nunes-Gordon LLC, 5 Bishop Ave., $87,200

Gail M. Senechal to Nancy A. Franklin, 22 Sycamore Drive #22, $245,000


133 Pilgrim Artery Realty Assurance and George E. O’Donnell to Patrick M. McKunes, 45 School St., $345,000

Craig W. Low and Kathleen S. Low to Kevin D. Prendeville and M. Sheila Prendeville, 61 Country Club Circle, $586,000

Keith D. Lamarre to Gary M. Donna, 11 High Ave., $178,000

Steven R. Ceriani and Carol Martin to Heather M. Barrows, 291 Mattakeesett St., $270,000

King FT and Gerianne Patti to Troy R. Kyle and Jennifer D. Kyle, 14 Valley Road, $250,000

John C. Roche and Susan Roche to John R. Huether, 67 Lady Slipper Circle, $477,000

Cllifford L. Phippen and Theresa M. Phippen to William J. Ferreira and Rebecca L. Ferreira, 29 Valley St., $300,000

Johnson Philip Sr Est and Philip Johnson to Kurt Mahnke, 43 Juniper Lane, $320,000

Anthony J. Iannotti and Aimee E. Iannotti to Timothy E. McPhillips and Jennifer A. McPhillips, 317 Pleasant St., $565,000

Christopher Fischer and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Fhlm, 415 W. Elm St. #A, $128,829


Csfb C2-180 Water St. LLC to Plymouth Downtown Bvl Inv, 180 Water St., $7,850,000

Ditech Financial LLC and Anthony M. Levorce to Fnma, 9-B Theater Colony Way, $150,598

Sea Forever T. and Dolores Signore to Michael Walsh and Luann Walsh, 52 Priscilla Beach Road, $1,200,000

Lower T. and Evan W. Holmes to Todd M. Bernstein and Victoria Moss-Bernstein, 57 Clifford Road, $325,000

Lisa Bell and Steven Constantino to Augustino Diadato, 11 Carver Ave., $235,000

Brace FT and Gregory Brace to David Currier, 48 Sachem Road, $345,000

Margaret A. Ginnetty to Susan E. Garvey and Vanessa E. Salvucci, 25 Shore Drive, $336,000

Anne C. Witkavitch and Keith J. Sagnelli to Paula M. Marcoux, 40 Lake Road, $181,000

Karagosian FT and Michael Karagosian to Pamela Karagosian and Adam M. Lonergan, 31 Heather Drive, $350,000

Ventures T. and McM Capital Ptnrs LLC Tr to Michael L. McKenna, 5 Tideview Path #11, $59,900

Howard E. Greenstein to Karl J. Anderson and Jennifer J. Anderson, 2 Emerald Tree Lane, $490,000

Walter K. Belcher to Paul T. Humphreys and Erin M. Humphreys, 14 Sherman Ave., $355,000

Adam W. Gary and Sarah Gary to Justin R. Greene, 15 Kristin Road, $327,500

David W. Merola and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Fhlm, 55 Montgomery Drive, $178,852

Sullivan FT and Ruth M. Sullivan to Absolute Bldg Consultants, 30 Pheasant Ave., $76,000

Robert W. Sawyer to Phillip W. Gauthier, 28 Nicholas Ave., $224,900

Katalog – 11. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur by Int ..
Katalog – 11. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur by Int .. | kathryn cooper hart address labels

Dhanabal Mohanraj and Deviuma Mohanraj to Nancy N. Aboulaboutian, 7 Perseverance Path, $415,000

William K. Land and June C. Land to Bryan J. Massa and Erika J. Massa, 105 Perseverance Path, $430,000

William M. Hayes and Nancy L. Hayes to Lynn M. Thiesing, 301 Raymond Road, $330,000

Nickolas L. Dickson and Carey A. Dickson to Elliot Schneider, 9 Willow St., $111,000

Russel A. Turcott and Pnc Bank Na to Fnma, 21 Archer St., $201,778

Rnb Development Inc. to Christopher J. Moschella and Stephanie P. Moschella, 64 Overlook Circle, $838,500

Decristoforo FT and Anthony R. Decristoforo to John C. Rickenbach and Catherine M. Rickenbach, 79 Champlain Circle, $435,000

Marianne F. Scaffidi to Ellen E. Howell, 113 Bradstreete Xing #113, $327,500

George A. Marceau and Lorraine G. Marceau to Thomas S. Kyriakides and Cheryl A. Kyriakides, 28 Valley Front, $479,000

Connors FT and Joseph P. Connors to Paul S. Greco and Rosemary A. Greco, 76 Clam Pudding, $479,900

Chadwick Corner LLC to Michael Adams and Julie A. Adams, 18 Jamison Way #18, $533,329

Chilton Park Properties to Gary R. Mason and Sharon S. Mason, 45 Harborlight Circle #8, $459,900

Valle Redbrook LLC to Ralph J. Weeks and Patricia M. Weeks, 16 River Birch Way, $633,076

Pinehills LLC to Chadwick Corner LLC, Symington Drive (off) #A2, $768,000

Chadwick Corner LLC to John E. McLaren and Christine N. McLaren, 20 Jamison Way #20, $598,612

Whitman Homes Inc. to Howard R. Freedman and Clara R. Freedman, 24 Boatwrights Loop, $519,000

Whitman Homes Inc. to Laura Loughlin, 121 Boatwrights Loop, $374,000


Deutsche Bk Natl T. Co. Tr to Virginijus Rascius, 724 Union St., $180,000

Aubrey L. Bollin and Us Bank Na to Us Bank Na Tr, 19 Dublin Row, $329,283

Donna M. Skayne to Samantha Blanchard, 44 Blanchard St., $255,000

Alicia M. Petrelli and Daniel Murray to James A. Murphy, 12 Lauren Drive #12, $246,500

James F. Wheeler and Linda M. Wheeler to Erica Player, 49 Crescent St., $320,000

Safe Harbor Development to Lina C. Benitez, 72 Josh Gray Road, $270,000

James Comperchio and Jennifer Taylor to Christine Muncey, 10 Millbrook Drive, $399,900


Jessica L. Roderick and Jeffrey A. Ziewacz to Holli Vannest and Kathleen Batry, 12 13th St., $178,000

Charles H. Simpson and Roxanna G. Simpson to Eli M. Hauser, 9 Blueberry Road, $185,000

Paul Baselice to Kevin Watts and Kim Tooker, 10-B Shanley Way, $865,000

Haskell FT and Arthur Holmes to Paul E. Love and Nancy J. Love, 25 Woodside Ave., $235,000

Jeffrey J. Dias and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, 6 Old Town Road, $135,000

John McAuliffe and Karen McAuliffe to Susan Cronin, 14 Gardonia St., $234,000

Billy Harbor Realty Assurance and William P. Bachant to Robert Groezinger and Jennyfer Sordillo, 13 Parkwood Drive, $235,000

Ernest J. Sollier and Gail D. Bryan-Soullier to David M. Place, 33 Depot St., $277,500

Richard J. Dicostantino and Sheila Dicostantino to Paul Iappini and Priscilla Lappini, 13 Marks Cove Road, $319,000

Joao M. Medeiros and Maria G. Medeiros to John Theriault, 35 Lincoln St., $169,000

Chirpa LLC to David Marshalka, 29 Brown St., $161,800

Fnma to Repurpose Properties LLC, 33 Brown St., $94,000

Wareham Town Of to 13 Ave. FT and Cynthia Lackie, 9 13th Ave., $95,000

Nicholas Nobrega and David Nobrega to Brian Rasmussen, 46 Rosepoint Ave., $166,000

Usa Hud to Breda Kavanagh, 27 Canedy St., $231,600

William E. Ellis to William E. Ellis, 946 Main St., $320,000

Usa Hud to Heather Harraden and Wilemsky Jameau, 7 Hideaway Lane, $205,000

Grace R. Congdon to Elizabeth M. Daly, 119 Pinehurst Drive, $185,000

David A. Bedard to Faith W. Harvey, 7 Everett Ave., $199,900

Dennis J. Frazier to Martha K. Lindsey, 164 Swifts Beach Road, $144,000

J&R (nominal trust) and Jennifer J. Hebert to Maryanne Hudson and Gina M. Hudson, 158 Swifts Beach Road, $167,000

West Bridgewater

Gregory D. Bolduc and Elizabeth R. Malaney to Gregory D. Bolduc and Elizabeth R. Malaney, 37 Goldie Road, $80,000

Richard P. Harris and Sherrol L. Harris to Richard P. Harris, 104 N. Elm St., $435,000

Feldco W. Bridgewater LLC to V. S. Haseotes&Sons Lp, W. Center St. (rear), $25,000

Richard E. Swan to Feldco W. Bridgewater LLC, W. Center St. (rear), $20,000

Eugene D. Lopes (irrevocable trust) and Suzanne G. Carrico to Branchone LLC, 40 Pleasant St., $270,000

Thomas F. Meany and Janis L. Meany to Briarwood Construction, 188 South St., $132,500


Darlene Moran and Us Bank Na to Us Bank Na Tr, 41-43 Central St., $257,327

Jason M. Christie and Erika J. Christie to Daniel Brown and Anna Brown, 153 West St., $380,000

Brown Realty Assurance and John W. Brown to Scotts Realty LLC, 205 Commercial St., $630,000

Stafford FT and Raymond E. Stafford to Leo P. Murphy and Ruth E. Murphy, 128 Pleasant St., $200,000

PAC Independent Certified Coaches | Teepa Snow - kathryn cooper hart address labels
PAC Independent Certified Coaches | Teepa Snow – kathryn cooper hart address labels | kathryn cooper hart address labels

Anthony M. Crispi and Lindsay J. Crispi to Paul D. Pina, 987 Bedford St., $240,000

Ellen E. Howell to Gino R. Brandolini and Donna M. Brandolini, 501 Auburn St. #502, $228,500

Sandra J. Lussier to Lindsay Crispi and Anthony Cripsi, 28 Indian Trl, $365,000

Copyrighted actual ahead appear in Banker & Tradesman. Reprinted with permission of publisher, The Warren Group.

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