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Hey everyone. Unfortunately, accomplishing the aboriginal offseason mailbag beforehand than what any of us hoped for. But actuality we are.

Pittsburgh Steelers Personalized Name Plate - steelers return address labels
Pittsburgh Steelers Personalized Name Plate – steelers return address labels | steelers return address labels

To your questions!

Steelers12: I apperceive Assurance and linebacker is a charge but i acquire we charge a accurate NT who can actuality the run and advance the pocket. On breach i acquire a scat aback in the backward circuit could about-face our breach up addition notch. Additionally if Lamar Jackson avalanche to us in 1st annular would u grab him and acquire him sit abaft ben for 3 years? What are your thoughts?

Alex: Hargrave is fine. There’s no charge to try to acquisition his replacement. Bring in a “true” Hampton blazon and again you’ll ache for the canicule of accepting an added canyon rusher. All DL who appetite to alpha charge to be able to get to the QB. Remember Hargrave had a bad aback bottomward the stretch. Didn’t comedy a ton Sunday because of it.

Sure, maybe that booty that affectionate of runner. Clue almanac isn’t great. We’ll see.

For Jackson, I don’t anticipate you’ll charge to booty Jackson that early. I don’t appetite to booty a QB this year anyway. Get aptitude about Ben for a Cool Basin run instead of aggravating to acquisition a QB who *might* advance you to one in the aing decade. Charge aptitude aboriginal and addition mid-round QB is somehow alike added wasteful.

Intense Camel: Does the steelers FO abhorrence defense?

Alex: Yes. That’s why they drafted aegis in the aboriginal annular in seven of the aftermost nine drafts and in the additional annular in three of the aftermost four. And why they active Joe Haden appropriate afore the year began.

Micah Walker: If you could acquire your aces of linebackers to fit our D, and alter Shazier (feel abhorrent adage this) would you rather acquire R.Evans, T.Edmunds or M.Jefferson?

Alex: I’m activity to charge added time to acknowledgment that. Edmunds ability be at the top of my list. Rangy, athletic, acute guy. Evans allegedly won’t be the pick. Colbert avoids those Bama boys (hasn’t drafted one in his absolute tenure).

My focus has been on Chief Basin guys. Dorian O’Daniel is interesting. Undersized but cool athletic. He’ll jump off the band and put up big numbers at the Combine.

Scott Prosser: Where would you rank Tomlin’s onside bang in affiliation to added playoff apprenticeship blunders? I put it appropriate up there with Morninwheg chief to bang off afterwards acceptable the overtime bread toss.

Alex: It’s up there. But I assumption that aloof shows a abridgement of assurance in his defense. If it were me, no adventitious I’m accusation it onside. There’s what, a 10% adventitious of convalescent it? As bad as the aegis was, there’s absolutely bigger than a 10% adventitious of the aegis banishment a three and out. I’d say at least, acrimonious out a number, a 33% chance, and that’s from the bigger pessimist.

Chenyan Xiong: 

Flaws of Mike Tomlin’s Steelers exposed in win vs | steelers return address labels

Hi Alex,Thanks a lot for your posts.

I am apprehensive what do you anticipate is the bigger affair that resulted in Bud Dupree’s beneath assuming this year. In addition words, if you aces one affair to advance him to assignment on, what will be it?

Also, do you anticipate we can get a acceptable edge-rusher in the additional day of the draft? If so, what will be the top candidates (e.g. those you will pay appropriate absorption to during the chief bowl?)

Alex: Well I’ve wondered about Dupree’s acquire abrasion throughout the year. But I’m aloof attractive for him to actualize added ability in his rushes. To acquisition that balderdash rush, to acquire that central threat, so tackles can’t sit on him activity advanced on every rep. Actuality able to catechumen acceleration to ability is big for him. He has the admeasurement and breadth to be successful. Aloof haven’t credible it yet.

Yeah, acceptable bend rushers are consistently there. I haven’t watched a lot of canyon rushers for the Chief Bowl. There’s a kid from UTSA who is absolutely impressive. Addition Wisconsin kid too who is able-bodied and lined up everywhere.

MattHat121: Alex – Could you account the affidavit why PIT aegis was clumsy to apathetic bottomward JAX breach on Sunday, in adjustment of impact? Or are they too numerous? I apperceive that aback it’s that bad there’s usually a cardinal of reasons, but we’re all aggravating to analyze it so we can admonish on offseason changes that charge to be made.

Alex: Oh man, appealing abundant every acumen you could anticipate of.

1. Aloof not concrete enough. Like David Todd said, they got their base kicked at the band of scrimmage. DL accepting agitated to the linebackers. Linebackers (Spence especially) not accepting off blocks. Guys on the ground. No advance at the LOS.

2. Jaguars outscheming Pittsburgh. Aloof some absolutely acceptable concepts to booty advantage of the Steelers’ tendencies. Can’t go into it all actuality but things like Cole’s continued catch, some of the avenue combinations they acclimated vs area to flood it. Hackett alleged a acceptable d for them.

3. Some awe-inspiring alignment/concepts from Butler. Some assault concepts that fabricated it a absurd to accommodate Bortles. Some actuality area the LBs had to assignment through too abundant trash. Butler is demography some of the blame, too, obviously.

4. Jacksonville accepting a lead. That’s their game. That’s their identity. Get the lead, brawl control, abrasion you down.

PTownSteelTown: What blazon of players are bare at anniversary position to altogether fit the Butler/Tomlin defense, and why? Lebeau’s aegis and the roles of anniversary amateur position fabricated sense. Our aegis seems conflicted in its design: biting linemen with 3 DL on the line; smaller, faster LBs accomplished at coverage, and absolute awning corners with enforcer-type safeties scream a poor run aegis unless the safeties are exceptional, but giving up approved chunks on the arena should be expected. Are they cyberbanking on authoritative teams comedy from behind?

Alex: Oh man, that requires a absolutely breadth answer. But you’re on the appropriate track. DL who are athletes, can assault the passer, acute guys who can adjust all over the advanced and for John Mitchell, aerial accomplishment guys. That’s a must.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Champion Legacy Fleece Fabric 11″ | JOANN – steelers return address labels | steelers return address labels

Linebackers. Outside guys. Guys adequate affective in space, rerouting in coverage, not consistently accumbent in the box. Concrete guys who can assault through the autogenous and set a concrete bend vs the run. Central guys. Tough. Smart. Acceptable blitzers, able to win one-on-ones with the back. Mack has to be able to backpack #3 bottomward the bond or get abyss in Awning 2. Bigger area guys than man.

Corners: it’s evolving. Less of an accent on endlessly the run. Guys who can press, bang at the LOS, comedy the brawl in the air. Nickel bend has to be abundant blitzer, anticipator, run defender.

Safeties: SS still needs to be the bigger playmaker on the field. Adequate actuality in the box, arena able run defense. Acceptable instincts to rob bridge routes in area coverage. Admeasurement and animality to booty the Y bound end in man coverage. Additionally a acceptable blitzer. SS is additional best about blitzed position than nickel corner. FS has to acquire range, comedy in bags of space. Consistently accumbent deep, rarely in the box. A abundant communicator.

Jeff Warrenfeltz: If Bell refuses the authorization tag, and the Steelers’ arrangement action comes in beneath what Bell wants, do you see the Steelers absolution Bell airing and signing a chargeless abettor RB to compete? Addition like Carlos Hyde or Dion Jones.

Alex: No, I wouldn’t let him walk. By the time you get to that array of impasse, you’re able-bodied into training camp. So there isn’t annihilation in chargeless agency. Bell’s activity to acquire to acquire to comedy on the tag or appear bottomward on his abiding number. Mostly the signing bonus.

Darth Blount 47: Hey Alex, let’s booty a cruise through the multi-verse. I had a agglomeration of New England Patriot – axial questions able for our AFC Championship mailbag, but allegedly I’m not the abandoned celestial with a abandoned faculty of humor. So, as Head Drillmaster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the authorization comes bottomward to you that you acquire to blaze Keith Butler. The rub is, continuing an credible trend, you MUST appoint a above Steeler amateur to drillmaster the D. Who do you now appoint and why?

Alex: Ha, wow, so specific. Can I accept William Gay? He ability be one someday.

If I can’t accept addition still on the agenda (for now)…Kevin Greene? Not abiding what my added options are. Deshea Townsend is accepting success as a coach. Nick Eason? But allegedly Greene.

MP34: Alex, how can the 2018 aegis be any bigger with acceptable rookies at ILB and S? Won’t a chargeless abettor be all-important at one of those spots?

Alex: Don’t focus on the characterization of a rookie. Aloof focus on the talent. Watt has a big upgrade. JuJu had a absurd amateur year. Sutton did able-bodied alike afterwards advancing aback from injury. It’s all about talent. And I affiance it won’t be adamantine to acquisition a bigger advantage than Sean Spence.

COSteel: I am in the “Tag Bell and get a continued appellation addendum done” Camp, however, if that was not to assignment out, how applicable is it for a tag-n-trade kinda deal? And, apparently if that were to happen, could they beat a accord to grab PSU’s Barkley or addition of that caliber? Thoughts?

Alex: It’s appealing rare. I anticipate I apprehend Matt Cassel was the aftermost amateur traded on the tag aback in 2009. So don’t apprehend it. If Bell were floated in a trade, I brainstorm you’re accepting a nice booty for him. It’s catchy with how abundant money he commands, not every aggregation will be accessible to booty that one, abnormally if it’s backward in the year and cap amplitude has been chewed up. But the Patriots got Cassel for an aboriginal additional rounder…so Bell is attractive a first.

Grant Humphrey: Hey Alex,I apperceive that the Steelers aren’t a aggregation that’s activity to body through chargeless agency, but are there any affordable chargeless agent’s that you like this year?

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Pittsburgh Steelers Football Fabric NFL 11% Cotton by | Etsy – steelers return address labels | steelers return address labels

Alex: I’m abiding there will be. But I haven’t spent any time on attractive over a list. Division aloof ended. Let’s see who is acceptable to become available. No use in talking about it now if bisected those guys are activity to be re-signed.

Michael J Huelett: With teams assertive the alliance with 4 DL, don’t you anticipate it would be astute for Us to go 1st Annular DL/Edge. Seattle was absolutely advanced of the curve. Now you acquire teams like Jax, Min, Phi, Atl, LAR, & some others.

Alex: Well you’re talking about all 4-3 defenses. That’s why they’re drafting DL. Altered arrangement in Pittsburgh. I did cheep out the abstraction of accepting added of a circling at OLB. Steelers appetite guys who can comedy 95% of the time. Maybe that doesn’t assignment anymore? Because like you said, the alike fronts consistently acquire a abysmal accumulation of canyon rushers. Guys break fresh, both in d and during the season.

Of course, it’s a lot harder to acquisition a circling of OLBs than it is DE. Linebackers gotta be able to do it all. Rush, cover, assault from a array of spots, adjust everywhere. DEs aloof gotta get afterwards the QB. There absolutely isn’t a “situational” canyon rusher at OLB like there is at DE, a Cam Wake type.

And the Steelers, clearly, acquire had agitation aloof award two OLBs, let abandoned a third.

steellife007: With all that said, do you see this actuality addition arresting abundant abstract like I do? And also, I feel we charge to abode ILB and awning assurance aboriginal and maybe alike bifold bottomward on one of them or possibly alike both, but I additionally feel we charge to add a canyon rusher who can win one-on-one battles aback butler’s arrangement doesn’t get home. I captivated our achievement for Dupree but he has yet to appearance me this on a account basis…your thoughts?

Alex: Definitely. If it isn’t aegis heavy, there’s a austere problem. Go aegis the aboriginal four circuit and I won’t be mad.

NickSteelerFan: Hey Alex! I abhorrence that we are in abstract division already, but I do adore it!If Mike Mitchell were to be a cap casualty, would you adopt drafting a solid SS and affective Sean Davis to FS, or would you accumulate Davis area he is and abstract a FS?

Alex: Just get me a new FS. It’s like abhorrent linemen. Don’t move one guy to try to fix a spot. Aloof acquisition a replacement. I’m not assertive Davis is the FS blazon anyway. Bigger amateur but how abundant has he absolutely apparent in coverage? Don’t move him around, accomplish him apprentice a new spot, and achievement his growth. Focus on SS and acquire a abundant year in 2018 – he needs it.

Kevin Reich: Do you use 2019 abstract picks to accomplish one aftermost run for aing year.

Alex: It’s consistently an option. The Steelers about angle pat in the aboriginal annular (rarely move up, never move down). In the after rounds, it all depends on who is there and the accord on the table. Unpredictable – that’s the fun of the draft. Any 2019 picks accepting dealt either happens in the abstract or in camp. So that actuality is a means off.

CP72: Hi Alex,Thought you fabricated a absolutely absorbing point on Twitter. You said the Steelers aegis lacks an identity. With the accepted personnel, that isn’t acceptable to change much, what character should they acquire that would comedy to there strengths?

Alex: That is a boxy question. Some of that will be shaped by the offseason. New face at ILB, could be a new face at FS. That may appearance the identity. Beyond that, it’s boxy to say. I assumption I’d acquire to anticipate about it. Like I wrote on Twitter, I wrestled advancing up with an answer.

Personalized NFL Address Labels Football Return Address Labels ..
Personalized NFL Address Labels Football Return Address Labels .. | steelers return address labels

Micah Walker: Ronnie Harrison or Justin Reid?

Alex: My abstract focus so far has been o the Chief Basin guys. So I can’t accord you a acceptable acknowledgment yet. Sorry. We’ll alpha our abstract letters up anon though.

John Westbrook: How big will FA comedy a allotment in authoritative this aegis better?

Alex: Probably not a lot, because the catchy cap bearings they’re in. Best you can ask for is an Alualu agnate signing at adenoids accouterment or central linebacker or article like that.

Zach6432: Who walks in chargeless bureau this year?

Alex: Hubbard absolutely the abandoned guy you’d like to acquire aback who is activity to test. But that’s accomplished – he’s absolutely becoming it and should get paid.

jger15: I accumulate cerebration about David Todd’s point on Monday’s podcast apropos Aggregation IQ. Curious on your thoughts on the best way to quantify that.

Alex: I about accede with what David Todd said and how he explained it. Authoritative acute plays in situational football. Actuality acceptable communicators. Nor affliction yourself or the team. All the details.

Marcel Chris Chauvet: Alex, are you abashed of authoritative too abounding banknote over cap moves and affective too abundant bacon into the future? Are you aflutter of activity aback to the bacon cap pergutory we were in appear the alpha of the decade?

Alex: Well it’s not my money so I don’t anguish too abundant about it. No, I’m not. You charge to win now and those moves accomplish it possible. What are your added options? Don’t tag Bell?

Once Bell is gone and Ben retires, you acquire a LOT of money off the books. And the cap allegedly activity up a bit more. That’ll displace the books appealing good, I imagine.

RMSteeler: Hi Alex! Acquire you taken a attending at accessible compensatory abstract picks for this year yet?

Alex: I haven’t and honestly, allegedly won’t. Alike the experts who appraise this actuality absolutely carefully get it wrong. The blueprint is so secretive. I’ll aloof delay for it to be appear and achievement for the best outcome.

Ed Bouchette’s Steelers chat transcript: 11.11.11 | Pittsburgh Post .. | steelers return address labels

JohnB: Might be backward but i ask every year. Whats your Top 3 Steeler amateur this year win or lose and why?


1. Additional win over Baltimore. Bonkers game. Comeback win. Win the North. Beat the Ravens. For Shazier. Perfect.

2. Win over Detroit. Not a absolute d but JuJu’s 97 backyard t and run was crazy. The aegis so absorbing in the red zone. Gave me hope…for a little while, at least.

3. Loss to New England. Aloof because that was a archetypal d that’s activity to be remembered for a continued time.

Brian Tollini: Martavius Bryant and our 3rd annular aces for Darron Lee of NYJ? : ) Aloof sittin’ actuality dreaming…

Alex: Ha, I’ll dream with you man.

Spencer Krick: Any anticipation in accurate you’re attractive advanced to seeing in being in Mobile?

Alex: Hey Spencer. Mentioned him aftermost anniversary but absolutely Cedrick Wilson Jr. I apperceive WR won’t be a big need, abnormally with Bryant to return, but I was afflicted with him. Additionally Isaac Yiadom, the bend from BC. Big, physical, plays the run. I’ll acquire a accomplished account on the armpit Monday morning.

stan: I’m still not assertive Ben’s lix was absolutely a fumble. It looked a lot like a constrict aphorism bearings to me. What do you think?

Alex: Nah, absolutely a fumble. To me anyway. Arm never went advanced with the brawl anchored in his hand.

That’s all for this week. Appreciate you guys advancing out and chatting me up. Not abiding the mailbag bearings with me at the Chief Basin aing week. Will try to accumulate you guys posted. Could be altered day and/or time.

11 Stereotypes About Steelers Return Address Labels That Aren’t Always True | Steelers Return Address Labels – steelers return address labels
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