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avery 11 11 inch binder spine template - Keni.candlecomfortzone.com | 1 inch by 3 inch label template

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What’s it like to get sucked into a atramentous aperture and biking at hypersonic speeds through a wormhole? Alan Watts congenital this Arduino-based consciousness-expanding spacetime visualizer to acquisition out.

avery 11 11 inch binder spine template - Keni.candlecomfortzone
avery 11 11 inch binder spine template – Keni.candlecomfortzone | 1 inch by 3 inch label template

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Since the aurora of man, we accept looked to the stars in awe and wonderment. Gazing into the blast has advancing age-old questions like “Why am I here?”, “Are we alone?”, and “What’s it like to get sucked into a blackhole and biking at hypersonic speeds through a wormhole?” Well, with an Arduino, 120 LEDs, an beyond mirror, and some old-school NASA-inspired hardware, CLAW Amusement Technologies is at atomic assuming to accept an acknowledgment to that acrimonious aftermost one, if it were airish to a aggregation of NASA engineers in 1960, with the Wormhole Actualization Apparatus (WAM).

The Beyond Mirror

Initial account of the wormhole core

The aboriginal footfall in architectonics the Wormhole Actualization Apparatus was designing the beyond mirror accumulation and sourcing the materials. Afterwards account lots of Instructables and watching lots of YouTube videos of antecedent attempts at architectonics an beyond mirror, I knew optic and cogitating affection were the best important factors in accepting a acceptable tunneling effect. TappPlastics.com sells custom-cut sizes of both two-way mirrors (the advanced one you can partially see through) and approved mirrors (the aback one). They were rather big-ticket (30 and 15 dollars), but account the bigger affection accomplished than by applying cogitating window blur to plexiglass, the best accepted DIY method. Aback I’ll be conduct holes in them, I bought them both in 1/8” acrylic. I capital the adeptness to ascendancy the administration which the wormhole “fell” abroad – if the 2 mirrors are absolutely parallel, the vanishing point will be in the centermost of the wormhole. Account the bend slightly, and you’ll get a nice 3d adit with the lights boring bend into infinity. Afterwards accomplishing some sketching, I came up with a architectonics that congenital 8 threaded rods and ts that would acquiesce the planes of the advanced and aback mirrors to be absolutely adapted to the adapted effect.

Both mirrors bare abutment to accumulate them accurate to collapsed (another important agency aback every blemish gets multiplied), so I bare to acquisition article adamant to enclose the assembly. McMaster-Carr sells flanged bend rings fabricated of 1/8” breathing in altered diameters that accept a clean, simple automated look. Aback these would actuate the admeasurement of my wormhole portal, I absitively to go with two 12-inch rings.

Front and ancillary abstruse apprehension of the core

Now that I knew the admeasurement of the wormhole opening, I could architectonics the tube that will authority the LEDs. I’m application strings of accepted WS2801-controlled RGB LEDs that I bought on AliExpress. I afflicted the optimal filigree arrangement with the LEDs appropriately spaced to actualize the best seamless absorption and a added acceptable tube of light. I acclimatized on an 8-inch abysmal with 4 rows of 24 LEDs and addition arena of 24 LEDs bustling through the aback mirror for a absolute of 120 lights. My cord is 150 LEDs, so I’ll abbreviate 30 off – addition abundant affection of the WS2801.

2 of the 3 rings installed

My antecedent thoughts complex application a accurate tube anatomy or an acrylic boom carapace for the 8-inch cylinder, but both were too blubbery for the border on the LEDs. I did lots of abnormality about in abounding altered types of food (and absolutely looked apprehensive blockage out at so abounding accidental things), but I couldn’t acquisition a acceptable pre-formed annular (the little artificial trashcan at Toys R Us was promising), so I bought an acrylic 12 inch x 6 basal wire shelf liner that was the absolute array and calmly angled to anatomy a circle. The acrylic bare to be an exact size, so I complete a adequately busy anchor arrangement to cut it. I acclimated a connected akin to adviser my jigsaw shoe forth a beeline band and afresh clamped the acrylic on either side, as aing to the brand as accessible to anticipate it from ballyhoo due to the accelerated cadence of the jigsaw.

The accumulated wormhole core

The anchored core

Once cut with a fine-tooth metal-cutting blade, I congenital 3 sets of board arena clamps to anatomy it in a annular shape. All of the apparatus would be captivated calm with threaded rods, so I started by acid my “master” adviser holes in one of the breathing rings. Making abiding I kept aggregate in able orientation, I clamped the three copse rings to the breathing arena and accomplished their holes. I afresh accomplished anniversary of my 2 pieces of acrylic mirror with a appropriate assignment bit for plastic, which I activate out about afterwards antibacterial a few pieces of acrylic. These $.25 accept a beneath advancing acid bend and don’t get awash up in plastic.

11 X 11 Label Template Luxury Binder Spine Label Template Luxury Half ..
11 X 11 Label Template Luxury Binder Spine Label Template Luxury Half .. | 1 inch by 3 inch label template

Before conduct the holes for the LEDs, I printed out a arrangement with my exact placements and apparent the assignment spots on the acrylic. Conduct all 120 holes was a apathetic and accurate process. Afterwards, I sanded the acrylic to get rid of the appearance and afresh spray-painted the aback black.

Once all the wormhole apparatus were complete, I slipped them all assimilate the threaded rods in their able adjustment and acclimatization and anchored aggregate together.

First run – a success!

At this point, I still didn’t apperceive if the beyond mirror aftereffect is alike activity to work, so I popped in all the LEDs and was aflame and afraid to acquisition out. My mom commented on its account that it looked like a crockpot, so I was acquisitive it wasn’t destined for a agnate fate in a aphotic chiffonier beneath the sink. The LED cord hooks up calmly to an Arduino via SPI and an alien 5v supply, so I was accessible to acquisition out appealing quickly. Application the FastLED library, I ran through some basal action functions I had already developed for a antecedent activity and fabricated 2 rows of red and dejected lights circuit around. Success! It looked as acceptable as I had hoped and I acquainted my face already melting into the wormhole.

I/O Components

Now that I had a anatomic wormhole assembly, I bare to alpha architectonics the concrete interface to it. For inspiration, I browsed angel athenaeum of assorted NASA mission ascendancy apartment from the 50’s and 60’s and added space-related adumbration of that era. About every breathing had clusters of ellipsoidal ons, a punch or two, some analog meters, and lots of toggle switches. I went to SparkFun and AdaFruit to analyze their selections of apparatus and started biting up the blueprint of abeyant genitalia in Adobe Illustrator. Afterwards designing a satisfactory console configuration, I abounding up on potentiometers, rotary and toggle switches, black ons, indicator lights, a few 7-segment numeric displays, volt meters, and added parts, not yet absolutely alive what aggregate would absolutely do. And what potentially universe-altering apparatus is complete afterwards one of those cold-war “missile launch” about-face aegis covers? SparkFun sells a abundant one complete with a red LED, so I knew the WAM would at atomic accept a safety-first on/off switch.

I still bare to acquisition ellipsoidal ons. Digikey, Mouser, and best of the added ample basal distributors backpack some, but they charge apperceive NASA uses them because they alpha at $15 each. The accepted mockup of my ascendancy console had 32 ons, so I bare to acquisition them cheaper. Afterwards abundant analytic on AliExpress, I activate a supplier that had both cursory and latching baby ellipsoidal ons with configurable LED voltages for beneath than $2/piece so I ordered 20 of each. At the end of my on arcade binge, I had shipments from about the apple branch my way and a crazy aggregate of soldering to do.

Panel Architectonics and Fabrication

Panel layout

At this point, I had an about complete console architectonics fatigued in Adobe Illustrator including all the arise holes for my admission ons and switches. Originally, the panels were activity to be rear-painted Lexan as my antecedent Arduino activity had been, but I started to anticipate that artificial would end up actuality too abominable – abnormally compared to all the adorned ons. Hand-cutting and airbrushing with this aggregate of detail would booty forever. I looked into accepting aluminum panels fabricated but was originally angry off by the aggregate quotes I was accepting from places like Advanced Console Express. Austin’s TechShop has a waterjet, but there wasn’t abundant time for me to get certified and up to acceleration with it.

Panel cut with waterjet cutter

I approved the admonition of my metal sculptor acquaintance and he affiliated me with San Marcos Waterjet – they were out of a barn in the Hill Country south of Austin. I exported a DXF of aloof the cut curve and they said it would be $100, so alone one day afterwards I had my two panels. Considering I would accept spent a anniversary filing aboveboard corners in plastic, altercation tiny vinyl stencils with an X-Acto knife, and cursing a chock-full airbrush, the $100 was appropriately accustomed to my waterjet saviors.

Beautifully printed panels

Staples Label Templates 11 Beautiful Berühmt Avery Etiketten ..
Staples Label Templates 11 Beautiful Berühmt Avery Etiketten .. | 1 inch by 3 inch label template

The capital console was too ample for my friend’s screen-printing shop, so he forwarded me on to addition bounded boutique that specialized in press metal signs. This concluded up actuality the best big-ticket footfall of architectonics the WAM, but the end aftereffect of the buffing, printing, and afresh clear-coating of the aluminum panels was absolutely account it.

Designing The Circuitry

Temporary panel

While my aluminum panels were accepting finished, I created a acting ascendancy console from 1/8″ plywood so I could get aggregate army and afresh burrow into my charge affair in circuitry. Not counting SPI pins for the wormhole LEDs, the I2C for the three 7-segment displays, and consecutive TX/RX for the complete module, I bare 54 added I/O pins for all the switches, ons, and knobs. Accepting alone completed one added Arduino project, I was adequately new to electronics and had never heard of about-face registers, pull-down resistors, sourcing against biconcave current, or decoupling capacitors.

The ascribe about-face registers with pull-down resistors

After an online crash-course in about-face registers and abounding late-night Digikey orders and cancellations, I concluded up with bristles 74HC165 chips to handle 40 of the ons (each dent is 8-bit which translates to 8 ons). I set the 40 ons that ascendancy the capital functions of the wormhole to the about-face registers, and, for simplicity’s sake, aggregate abroad was assigned to its own I/O pin on the Arduino Mega 2560, which has plenty. I additionally had all the alone LEDs in the ons to control, so afterwards added crash-coursing, I activate the TPIC6B595N – addition blazon of about-face annals that can ascendancy all my lights with aloof four Arduino pins. This about-face annals is appropriate in that it is affiliated to a 5 volt antecedent and is advised bore current. It’s bare actuality because of the aerial amperage all the LEDs could potentially draw from the baby cardinal of Arduino pins. They are 8-bit as well, so I acclimated four of them daisy-chained together.

Wiring the circuits

All of the shift-in registers for the ons were affiliated to one breadboard and addition was acclimated for the LED shift-out registers and their added agnate components. It took me a few nights of zen-like adherence to adhesive the affairs to all my ons and switches, but I anon had aggregate assuredly affiliated calm afterwards a accurate aberrant of over 200 wires.

Once aggregate was affiliated to the Arduino, I bare both 5 volts (for the wormhole LEDs, 7-segment displays, on LEDs, and circuits) and 12 volts (for the Arduino and the two console indicator LEDs), so I acclimated a JAMMA-compliant arcade adeptness supply.

Software Development

Finally seeing the coil of affairs absorbed to the Arduino started to anguish me. I still had no abstraction if it would be able to handle all the ascribe and outputs while processing all the LED action furnishings I was anticipating having. I ample the best affair to do was to cipher the basal functionality I needed, analysis the performance, and afresh boring add in the “fluff”. I began with the simple spinning LEDs from my antecedent analysis as my starting point.

Since WAM will do altered things based on which of the dozens of ons the user pushes, I advised the capital affairs bend as a bound accompaniment apparatus – this allows me to accept altered “modes” that will charge a altered set of cipher executions. For instance, if the adeptness is off, the LED ablaze blinks and the absolute arrangement is in an abandoned approach and apprehension to be switched on. Already switched on, it enters its “testing” accompaniment and will go through a startup action and afresh abandoned afresh until the user pushes the “engage” on. A appropriately architected FSM allows new states to be calmly added and accommodate an extendable abject on which to body altered functionality.

LED ons

Mini Liquor Bottle Label Template Printable 1111 Files 1111 DIY 11 | Etsy - 1 inch by 3 inch label template
Mini Liquor Bottle Label Template Printable 1111 Files 1111 DIY 11 | Etsy – 1 inch by 3 inch label template | 1 inch by 3 inch label template

For the 40 ons assigned to the bristles about-face registers, I actualize bristles 8-bit byte variables – anniversary bit would be 0 or 1 depending on its up or bottomward state. In the capital affairs loop, the about-face annals is continuously polled at a aerial aggregate and, application bit-shifting, compared to the antecedent accompaniment stored in the variable. If there’s a change, I apperceive the on has been pushed (for the cursory ons) or its accompaniment afflicted (for the latching ones). I created addition chic for the on LEDs that lets me toggle the accompaniment of a specific on on or off aback it’s pushed. I affix the blame and the lighting classes together, so aback a on is pushed, the agnate LED of that on turns on.

I capital lots of the apparatus to behave autonomously: ons that would blink at a assertive aggregate for a cardinal of seconds, aggravate sweeps that would breathing on the analog meter, and auto-incrementing ethics on the 7-segment displays. I created a multi-purpose time-based amid chic that functions as a basal aggregate architect whose achievement can be beatific to its ancestor class. I accredit it a alpha value, an end value, the accepted time in milliseconds and the absolute continuance to run. Aback I charge to acquisition out a tween, I accelerate it at which milliseconds, and it will acknowledgment the time-derived value. I can additionally set it to bend a assertive cardinal of times or to run forever. I can use it on my 7-segment displays to breathing from 0 to 100 over 5 seconds, for example, or on an LED to accomplish it blink for 10 abnormal at 2 blinks per second. I don’t charge these furnishings to necessarily run at the fastest acceleration accessible — abnormally aback on acknowledgment and the wormhole LEDs were the achievement antecedence — so I added a abundance acreage which belted updates to alone appear at assertive millisecond intervals that I could abuse on the fly.

As I coded the assorted functions and classes for all my ons, knobs, switches, and affectation components, I tracked achievement and acclaimed how altered settings afflicted all-embracing performance. I was appealing blessed that aggregate played accurately calm at this point. Aback aggregate was based on time, I could abuse anniversary component’s amend abundance on appeal and burke its cpu usage.

Once I had cipher for all my ons, switches and affectation components, I capital to analyze altered beheld furnishings for the wormhole, so I started by hard-coding sample animations. Eventually I would actualize added alternate and abundant routines, but I capital to try altered furnishings to see what looked good. Colored, spinning lights were the accessible acceptable beheld effect, but I was additionally able to simulate a falling-into-the-wormhole aftereffect by alternating all the lights in rows 1 and 4 with the lights in rows 2 and 3. Due to the mirrored absorption of anniversary row on itself (1-2-3-4 | 4-3-2-1 | 1-2-3-4 | etc.), I couldn’t consecutively toggle anniversary row for a acceptable effect. So alike admitting I am alone activation two steps, accumulated with the abyss acumen created by the beyond mirror, it appeared as if the lights were in motion. All the blinkiness was starting to get a little seizure-inducing, so I capital to add adulteration and achromatize furnishings to the LEDs to accord them some life. I’ve accounting action software afore so I was acquainted how computationally big-ticket these functions can be, but I capital to see how abundant I could clasp out of Arduino’s bound horsepower.

Prototype software block diagram account assuming furnishings and compositing technique

With that in mind, I started to agree the best optimal architectonics (for both achievement and flexibility) of the action routines. I configured anniversary of the bristles 24-LED rings to be afar animated, but could additionally accord its furnishings to any other. The LEDRing chic contains the arrangement and blush of the 24 LEDs it is assigned to. On top of the arrangement sits a circuit effector. By ambience the “step” aggregate of the spin, it will account the arrangement by that amount. Accumulated with my tweener class, I can acquaint an LED to breathing all the way about in bisected of a second. On top of that effector is a achromatize effector which has its own tweener so I can oscillate the accuracy of the LED at a altered aggregate as it spins around. Anniversary arena of LEDs is assigned two of these classes, acceptance me to actualize two abstracted layers of patterns and circuit them in adverse admonition for a ping-pong effect, for example. My LEDRender chic handles the action afterlight of all bristles rings and composites the colors from the two layers of a ring. I concluded up with a absolute of 12 absolute layers assigned to 3 altered sets of LED rings.

Part of the cede action is administration how to toggle the currently-on LEDs. Instead of abruptly switching off, anniversary LED has a activating “decay” acreage which allows it to boring achromatize abroad already angry off. For example, a adulteration ambience of 0.5 on a LED will abatement its accuracy by 50% anniversary time the anatomy amend is called. By appearance this chain of vision, this gives a spinning LED a abundant smoother aftereffect with a appendage of ablaze that fades abaft it.

After I coded all the altered action functions, I bare to accredit all the inputs to the assorted ambit and settings of my action routines. I authentic the four alien rings as “coil 1” on the ascendancy console and accumulated the one close arena and the footfall aftereffect of the alien rings as “coil 2” and fabricated up scientific-sounding action names that they’d be labelled as. I acclimated my laser printer and origami cardboard to accomplish the on labels. Afterwards my beforehand tests with cellophane bootless (I should accept accepted that lasers cook plastic), I apparent the cardboard was absolute – packs appear in dozens of altered colors, accept acceptable blush density, and are white on the aback to broadcast light.

I still accept added controls though. Aback the RPM bulge is turned, the aggregate is acclimated to set how fast the LEDs footfall to the aing light. Normally, anniversary LED is stepped one “pixel” at a time aback activation the circuit effect. In this configuration, the fastest I could breathing a 360-degree bend would be hardly beneath than one added (24 LEDs about at 30 fps). Aback I couldn’t force any added frames per second, I adapted the action accepted to beforehand the LED by 2 or 3 accomplish depending on the RPM value. The lights in amid the footfall get “filled in” and are faded, so it looks like it’s aloof spinning faster as the accomplish get larger.

The R, G, and B toggle switches are affiliated up to my LEDRender chic and skips abacus those blush ethics in the final achievement to the LEDs.

The 3-way “phase” rotary switches about-face the RGB ethics of the LEDs appropriate or left, so red ethics get assigned to green, blooming to blue, and dejected to red. Turning it afresh accouterment the colors the added way.

My capital affairs bend runs (or at atomic tries to) at 30 frames per second. The latest millisecond aggregate is apprehend at the alpha of the bend and stored into a capricious that is afresh beatific to all the classes that accept tweens to update.Surprisingly, aggregate concluded up active absolutely smoothly, but article was missing… my hallucinations were all visual. It bare sound!


1111 Images of 11 Inch Circle Label Template | leseriail
1111 Images of 11 Inch Circle Label Template | leseriail | 1 inch by 3 inch label template

I’d had some antecedent acquaintance application Arduino’s tone() command for adequately basal audio achievement and I was able to clasp out some appealing absorbing sounds with accelerated abundance sweeps and pulses to actualize acceptable low-fi sci-fi effects, but WAM bare more.

While accomplishing analysis into altered Arduino complete bearing techniques application R2R resistor ladders and DACs, I came beyond Mozzi. It articulate promising, but abominably it requires the aggregate of the processing adeptness of the Arduino. Realizing that any complete bearing is activity to be adequately CPU intensive, I started attractive into standalone chips that could be controlled via the Arduino and accomplish sounds independently. I discoveredBabbleBot and the GinSing absorber that incorporates it. The BabbleBot dent appearance 6 oscillators that gives it the adeptness to actualize polyphonic complete furnishings and accomplish WOPR-like speech. This added a accomplished new ambit of sci-fi homesickness to WAM. Everyone loves computers that talk! GinSing uses a consecutive advice API to ascendancy complete amalgam and it was alone now that I noticed all-embracing achievement issues aback arising commands. It wasn’t horrible, but ambagious that it was this assuredly slowing it down. I haven’t had time to acutely investigate this yet, but I’m analytical if it’s article in Arduino’s consecutive manual or a arrest in the GinSing API due to buffering or something. It was alone a few baddest commands causing the hiccup, so I connected by extending the GinSing chic and abacus a tweener to the complete controls. Now I can actualize added furnishings by allotment its achievement to the abundance of an oscillator or any cardinal of added complete settings. Afterwards abundant tweaking, I achieve aloft a appealing acceptable chastened frequency-shifted WOM-WOM-WOM sound. Intergalactic audition amusement ensues.

The Asylum and Cart

Sketchup architectonics of asylum and cart.

I capital a simple asylum to arise the panels to and authority all the electronics. With SketchUp, I bent the best bend to arise the two panels and afresh advised the asylum contour based off that. From there, I about complete the blow of the enclosure, bottomward to the area of anniversary t that captivated aggregate together. I printed out templates for the appearance of the ancillary panels and area of assignment holes, transferred them by carbon-copy to 3/4” MDF, and cut the pieces with a jigsaw.

By application block joints, the absolute asylum can be disassembled if anytime bare to booty it all apart.

After aggregate was anchored calm and the panels were installed, it was accessible to get its wheels.

I activate some automated casters at my bounded big box home advance abundance and congenital a angle application 3/4” galvanized pipe. Due to cilia differences, I accomplished and broke galvanized caps to attach the casters to the basal of anniversary aqueduct leg.

Final Assembly

11 inch labels - Keni.candlecomfortzone
11 inch labels – Keni.candlecomfortzone | 1 inch by 3 inch label template

Everything was assuredly congenital but I was still application my acting copse ascendancy console with all my ons, so I had to abstract all my base and install aggregate into the aluminum panels. I took a abysmal animation and pulled handfuls of affairs out of breadboards. Visions of WAM never alive afresh and me aggravating to acquisition the one wire I confused flashed into my head. Afterwards reconnecting the spaghetti of affairs with alert optimism and a abiding hand, I army the wormhole amount by inserting the threaded rods into the eight holes in the capital console and accepting it with acorn nuts. I accurate all the wire access – abnormally voltages and grounds. I haven’t zapped annihilation yet and I absolutely didn’t appetite article to backfire the aboriginal time I about-face this affair on.

I angry on the adeptness supply. Nothing exploded, but I apprehend a aside hum advancing out of the speaker. “Needs a decoupling capacitor”, I think, but it’s too late, I am accessible for my aboriginal trip. I caster it about and the boring blinking adeptness about-face beckons me. I don’t resist. I cast it on, apprehend the accustomed WOM-WOM-WOM-WOM-WOM, and activate my beginning voyage.

See you in hyperspace.

The Wormhole Actualization Apparatus is currently on affectation at Northern-Southern in Austin.

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