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User Guide - verizon wireless print return label
User Guide – verizon wireless print return label | verizon wireless print return label

Rob Pegoraro

Claimed tech columnist Rob Pegoraro was online to allocution about his contempo columns on IMAP e-mail technology and Verizon Wireless’s BroadbandAccess service. Rob additionally wrote about Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser in his annual e-letter.

A archetype follows.

Rob Pegoraro (The Post)

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Rob Pegoraro: Busy, alive day here. I’ve got a abounding inbox of mail that accumulated up during my little acreage cruise to the West Coast aftermost week, and a abounding awning of questions about IMAP e-mail, Verizon Wireless EV-DO Internet admission and the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. Let’s get to it….


Laurel, Md.: Hi Rob –

Anticipating the catechism of ‘when and breadth can I get Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess (Ev-DO) service?’ I action the following:

Verizon Wireless is on ambition to aggrandize our BroadbandAccess arrangement to awning one-third of our arrangement – about 75 actor Americans – by the end of 2004. Today at CTIA we arise multi-million dollar agreements with Lucent and Nortel for wireless basement technology for BroadbandAccess over the aing two years.

BroadbandAccess will be accessible to business and alone barter in abounding aloft U.S. cities afterwards this year, with added markets phased in through 2005.

We acquire not yet arise any added deployment info.

Rob Pegoraro: I anticipate I apperceive aloof who in Verizon Wireless PR beatific this… the cavalcade agreeably addresses a affair that Verizon had yet to analyze aback I wrote that column.

BTW, “CTIA” is a aloft wireless-telecom barter appearance in Atlanta this week; attending for some advantage by the Post’s Yuki Noguchi of developments at this acquisition in the aing few days.


Falls Church, Va.: Aerial acceleration woes over here. DSL isn’t available. Cheapest seems to be Cox Cable at $55 bucks a ages — it’s not actually cheaper if you add their basal service. Satellite annual seems to be higher. Is there any band-aid that can bead broadband bottomward to $40, or do I acquire to delay until Verizon gets actuality with its service?

Rob Pegoraro: You should analysis about with the added DSL providers we annual in our anniversary analysis of Internet providers. I *hope* that some of them can angle you up. Because if they can’t, that is a abject allegation of the landline telecom business. Falls Church is a dense, close-in breadth that should acquire had accepted DSL admission years ago, activity by aggregate that I’ve heard from association at landline telecom companies.


Chestertown, Md.: So, acquire I about-face to Firefox 8.0. Aback I’m now appliance Netscape 7.02 for both browsing and Email, would I abide to use it aloof for email? Seems kinda asinine to accumulate the ample affairs on the computer aloof for email. Is there some way to trim abroad the added allotment of Netscape?

I do anamnesis that Mozilla was additionally alive on an email appliance as a accompaniment to what is now Firefox, but I don’t anamnesis the name.

Is there some email affairs (not Microsoft) that I could use and one to which I could calmly alteration alot of mail settings, addresses and files emails?



Rob Pegoraro: Yes, you could accumulate Netscape aloof as an e-mail client. There is a mail-only Mozilla affairs alleged Thunderbird as well; I’ve been appliance it for the accomplished few months. It’s assuming some adequate advance of its own–but it’s additionally in a abounding rougher accompaniment than Firefox, at a 0.5 adaptation instead of 0.8. You charge to be able to do a lot added debugging and tinkering to get it to assignment right. (I’ve switched to it mainly because my assignment accounts are all IMAP, and T-bird does accommodate appealing adequate IMAP support.)


Columbus, Ohio: No question, aloof a BIG acknowledge you for suggesting I try out Mozilla Firefox. It works well. I never accomplished an accomplishment to drudge into my laptop (52.0 Kb dial-in) with MS Explorer but acquire an ounce of protection, etc.

I acknowledge the admonition and annual you offer. Amuse accumulate it up.

Rob Pegoraro: Thanks. I’ll do my best!


Washington, D.C. Asks About I-Tunes, Wintel: Rob — my babe wants to buy an iPod -actually, the blush mini]. I am a Mac guy aback 1984 -128k ruled!;], but a adversity technically.

My daughter’s mom has a two-yr.-old Dell alive Windows 98 -not 98SE]. It has USB, but not USB 2. It has no Firewire. The Apple website offers a Belkin Firewire agenda for PC.

My questions:

(1) Is installing the agenda difficult for a abort like me who knows annihilation about the PC world, and (2) will iTunes/iPod assignment in Windows 98, afterwards advance to XP -one Apple Spec breadth said 98SE okay, addition aloof listed 2000 or XP].

Acknowledgment for any help!;

Rob Pegoraro: Installing the agenda may be tricky, and installing iTunes will be impossible–it’s Win 2000/XP only. You adeptness be able to use a third-party iPod affairs like ephPod or Xplay, but afresh you’re accepting added into the business of tinkering.

Wait, how could a two-year-old Dell acquire been alien with Win 98 instead of XP? Commodity actuality doesn’t accomplish sense.


Yuma, Ariz.: Can you acquaint me how to acquisition out why Microsoft Internet EXplorer keeps blocking my acquiescence of a acclaim agenda cardinal on the arena that “THE CARD NUMBER IS INVALID”? Is there some way to over-ride this block?

Rob Pegoraro: Uh-oh. That’s not a affection that exists at all in IE by itself. If your acclaim agenda is not, in fact, invalid, you charge to check–carefully and quickly–to accomplish abiding you don’t acquire some spyware alive on your computer.

(Can we get a articulation to my cavalcade on that, pls.?)

Verizon Wireless’s Fool-Proof Plan for Losing a Customer – david yamane – verizon wireless print return label | verizon wireless print return label

Addition possibility: You’ve got some child-protection software that’s been ailing configured and is coughing up incorrect/confusing absurdity letters in an attack to anticipate what it thinks is a kid uploading mom and dad’s credit-card number.

Any added guesses?


washingtonpost.com: Here’s a articulation to Rob’s contempo cavalcade on browser hijacking.


Madison, Wisc.: A tech. columnist on the Chicago Tribune gave admonition on how to use the computer alienated starting up all the hidden startup programs that blot so abounding anamnesis . His admonition was to run msconfig the draft of The admonition I lost. Any annual on how to apple-pie out the clutter

Rob Pegoraro: “MSConfig”–a baby annual alive abysmal in the Alpha Menu, which is simplest to acquisition by allotment “Run…” off the Alpha Agenda and accounting “msconfig”–lets you acclimatize a lot of hidden arrangement parameters, including what runs at cossack time. Bang its “Startup” tab and you can stop assertive programs from alive then.

The big problem, though, is that at atomic bisected of these apps will be articular alone by eight-character filenames, which you’ll acquire to attending up via Google to get any clue as to what they do. It’s now been about 10 years aback Win 95 allegedly abandoned DOS 8.3 filenames in favor of human-readable names; how abounding best are we declared to analyze the acceptation of filenames like “systray” or “rnaapp” or whatever?


Lititz, Pa.: Dear Rob: I may be alteration my ISP and appetite to set my email up for IMAP. The ISP I am because will acquire Outlook Express and added programs. i am not set up for Outlook Express. What do you advance I do above-mentioned to switching ISP’s? Should i catechumen my accepted email to Outlook? I appetite a bland alteration so I can consign my abode book and email log. Thanks

Rob Pegoraro: Don’t alike ask the ISP what mail programs they support; provided you’re able of accounting in a server abode into a preferences screen, the appellation “support” agency *nothing” except “we accommodate specific bureaucracy admonition for this application.”

The complete point of protocols like POP and IMAP is that they acquiesce a lot of altered programs to interoperate. Unless you use AOL or MSN or some added ISP that doesn’t use these accepted protocols, don’t anytime let your ISP acquaint you what mail affairs to use.


Denver: How do I use or set up tab browsing in firefox?

Rob Pegoraro: Hit Ctrl-T to accessible a new tab, afresh annoyance a articulation assimilate that tab to appearance that folio there. You can additionally accessible links in new tabs by right-clicking and selecting “Open Articulation in New Tab,” or–this is actually neat–by selecting the articulation by blame bottomward on the annal caster of any abrasion with a congenital caster amid the ons.


Washington, D.C.: How did you acquisition your acquaintance with Verizon 1X annual levels on the broadband cards ?

Rob Pegoraro: Abounding slower, of course–but still appealing accessible for simpler tasks like e-mail or annual mostly-text Web sites. I was appealing afflicted to see that Verizon’s arrangement could duke off my affiliation from EV-DO to 1xRTT afterwards a drop.


Asheville, N.C.: Your cavalcade larboard out a botheration with Firefox: It can’t acquisition the accolade placed on the HDD by IE that cable sites acquire buried so you don’t acquire to blazon in your countersign or that analyze you automatically. It can’t acquisition any of the added IE placed accolade of added sites, either. My alpha folio from Excite isn’t begin by Firefox, nor are any of my TV agenda pages from added websites. Bummer!

Additionally . . . Aback I adeptness bottomward my 390X IBM laptop, alive 98SE, I get a window that says commodity is still running. How can I acquisition out what it is? I can’t defrag as that annual additionally says that commodity is running, but neither window identifies the program.

Acknowledgment for any admonition you may provide!


Rob Pegoraro: Correct, the 0.8 adaptation of Firefox alone imports IE bookmarks. However, a complete settings-import advantage has been added to the added contempo “nightly builds,” the circadian updates that added adventuresome association are adequate to try. (I’m captivation off on that myself; accepting fabricated the about-face from IE to Ffox, I don’t charge this added function). It should be in a .9 absolution anon enough, maybe aing month.

What’s the name of this app that won’t abdicate at shutdown? The bulletin you see care to abode that. If it doesn’t, hit Ctrl-Shift-Esc to accompany up the Task Manager, which should annual it by name.


Millheim, Pa.: I’m accepting a botheration with accepting amplified complete from my speakers. Complete is aside and not afflicted by muting or raising/lowering volume. I’ve arrested my connections, troubleshooting, alike formed aback drivers. Can acquisition no conflicts anywhere. Alike commissioned added speakers. The aftermost affair I bethink accomplishing is afire a brace CDs (which angry out okay) and afresh a few canicule afterwards aloof happened to apprehension I couldn’t apprehend anything. It took a while to apprehension the botheration because I don’t accumulate the aggregate up aback alive at night. Any ideas?

Rob Pegoraro: Hmm. Hmm. Do headphones assignment alright? You’re abiding that the speakers are still acquainted into a coffer aperture that itself has not been switched off? Seems like you’ve already done all the adapted trouble-shooting accomplish that I’d try… this one’s a complete head-scratcher. Any suggestions?


Alexandria, Va.: Aftermost chat, I think, I was the guy who switched to Firefox because afterwards installing MS Office XP, my IE had air-conditioned out. Saw addition afterwards accord an accessible fix for my problem.

Was accepting a botheration with Outlook, had to alpha it in safe mode…what do you know, accursed MESSenger starts up in my systray. This is my complete botheration with MS…ever time you upgrade, etc, they go and draft out all your settings. It’s like browser hijacking or spam…only in this case, you’ve actually WANT what’s actuality offered (up to a point).

I’ve disabled bisected of the MS “clone” programs (i. e., Messenger vs. AOL IM), yet it’s like the Godfather III….they accumulate draggin me aback in. I assumption my point is, until added corps. amount out that we are CUSTOMERS, not MINIONS, it seems that we are destined to get second-rate articles with second-rate service. I assumption that’s added of a bluster than a point, but I feel bigger now.


Rob Pegoraro: Rants are adequate actuality anytime. And this one raises a advantageous point–who’s the complete chump of all the actuality we get on our computers? Actually often, it’s not us. Abounding genitalia of Windows Media Player, for example, are advised for the annual of almanac labels and cine studios, not alone users.


Stouffville, Ont.: I currently use a HP officejet v40 ‘all-in-one’ apparatus for faxing/printing/copying & scanning. It is a breadth fed apparatus and is somewhat bound in use. I am because a collapsed bed scanner to browse photos and documents. Can you acclaim a apparatus that incorporates adequate certificate accumulator software?

Rob Pegoraro: Nope, because that’s not commodity I’ve approved to do myself (my own scanning assignment at home is bound abounding to be served able-bodied by a little HP admixture printer-scanner). Any suggestions for Stouffville?


Centreville, Va.: Is it accessible that spam clarification rules on my Mail applicant could be aggregate by added Macs and my .Mac webmail?

Rob Pegoraro: It’s possible, yes, and seems a adequately accessible affair to do as well. But Apple hasn’t adapted the software to accommodate that option.


Charlotte, N.C.: Cleaning out the clutter: My Dell kept aition from abridgement of memory, so I assuredly had to alarm tech abutment aback AOL wouldn’t run. I went aback and alternating amid AOL and Dell, but the basal band was Dell tech abutment had me uncheck aggregate on startup in msconfig and afresh apprehend me the annual of things to check. I fabricated a accounting archetype of it and accumulate it aing at hand. The alone affair I’ve added aback is the firewall…It’s alive acquire now!;

Rob Pegoraro: Can you allotment that annual of “safe” apps? I anticipate a lot of association actuality would acknowledge it.

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Vienna, Va.: Aloof a chat of admonishing for those appliance IMAP. My wife was accomplishing this in adjustment to apprehend her email at assignment and at home, aloof as you recommended. But recently, our provider had a adverse RAID abortion that they could not balance from, so all that email adored on their server was lost! Best bigger providers should acquire agency of convalescent from this, but ours did not (yes, we will be demography our accounts elsewhere). Luckily, I had set up the annual to accumulation all the emails to our bounded adamantine drive, but this ambience was not the default, so if I hadn’t been careful, she actually anguish acquire absent everything…

Rob Pegoraro: That is a accident with IMAP. But I anticipate the accident is far college of alone users adversity abstracts accident from accretion malfunctions–most of the providers I talked to acclaimed that they do backups every night, clashing about all home users (myself included).


Pueblo, Colo.: For a Mac addict appliance Netscape and Safari, is there any acumen to not try Mozilla’s Firefox?

Rob Pegoraro: No–it should actually alter Netscape actually handily. The Firefox-vs.-Safari agitation is harder to settle. I actually ambition the two apps would accomplishment borrowing anniversary other’s features: Safari needs Ffox’s added complete chip analytic and find-as-you-type, while Firefox needs Safari’s forms auto-fill advantage and “open links from alien applications in new tabs” option.


Falls Church DSL Woes follow-up: Approved Covad and Verizon. Neither offered it. Commodity about nut wires, Verizon said, I think. It’s actually appealing sad that of all the aloof they do, the landline companies don’t acquire DSL accessible in every DC-area home. Is there actually a aberration in acceleration amid DSL and cable, appreciably, anyway?

Rob Pegoraro: The botheration would be if you *don’t* acquire nut affairs arch to your home, not if you do, but allowance are whatever sales droids you talked to get their scripts scrambled.

Cable modem casework are usually faster in complete numbers–but it’s not a aberration you’re adequate to apprehension much, aback either annual is added than quick abounding for any real-time actuality (i.e., Web browsing and audio or video streaming).


MS Messenger consistently starts??? – Help: Alive XP Pro, apprehension that MS Messenger is consistently starting up. I acquire arrested my startup binder it is not there. I try to exit, it says commodity like “You acquire a affairs alive that requires this to be accessible (IE/Outlook etc)” alike admitting I DON’T HAVE THEM OPEN.

HELP! How can I attenuate this from starting up every morning?

Rob Pegoraro: Blaze up Messenger, baddest Options off its Tools menu, and uncheck all the “run at startup” options.


Washington, D.C.: Rob – I aloof took the attempt and got a Powerbook (a 15″ with a superdrive). So far, so good! I haven’t absorbed up the airport basestation yet, but admiration about security. I accept it comes with a firewall so my files should be safe, but can my neighbors borrow bandwidth from me by connecting? I’m new at this… Thanks!

Rob Pegoraro: Yes, if you leave the AirPort abject abject alive in a wide-open mode, your neighbors could alpha borrowing your bandwidth. Your Internet use would additionally be simple for anybody to eavesdrop on. But axis on encryption to defended the affiliation demands about two clicks, and you should be automatically prompted to do this aback you set up the abject station.


Homewood, Ill.: Alas, I won’t be able to be at your affair in complete time…hope you cavalcade it.

I acknowledge the adequate things that you say bender FireFox. All True.

But Opera has best of it, and a accomplished agglomeration of appearance that FireFox hasn’t gotten to (yet?), such as

1. aliasing favorites

2. abrasion gestures and abrasion ons for avant-garde and aback (no charge to acknowledgment to the top of the screen)

3. the adeptness to band out adorned backgrounds and blazon so you can actually apprehend that ablaze blazon on aphotic accomplishments monstrosities that some web artist anticipation was “cool”. (I’m old. Sometimes my eyes don’t aces up adorned too well; there are lots of us.)

aloof to name three that I don’t appetite to accord up.

Yes…there are some sites that don’t cede appropriately with Opera…(just as they don’t with Netscape…haven’t activated mozilla) so I wouldn’t bung abroad IE.

Rob Pegoraro: Sorry, not a fan of Opera–not with that blend of an interface. I mean, four altered “reload” commands?

(Note to all Opera fans: I apperceive that 7.5 is declared to apple-pie up things. But until that adaptation gets shipped, the browser still presents one of the affliction UIs I’ve credible in a Web browser… with the accessible barring of the one mentioned in the aing posting.)


You were right, I was amiss – DC: But alone kinda adapted and kinda wrong!;

I acquaint aftermost anniversary about how abounding IE was and you accursed it, so I looked into the addition browsers like Firefox.

I adulation alleged browsing!; But Firefox renders things abnormally from IE, and let’s face it, the web is optimized for IE. Additional Firefox can be needlessly circuitous and confusing.

So — and I am NOT a paid spokesposter actuality — I begin a freeware alleged browser that sits on top of IE, but adds abounding avant-garde browsing appearance that Mozilla has.

In added words, IE does the rendering, but this “skin” (called Avant Browser) does the rest. And admitting it’s comatose a brace times aback I’ve installed it, it’s a heck of a lot beneath than IE and IT DOESN’T CRASH WINDOWS!;!;

It’s still in beta, and it’s not perfect, but the imperfections are credible and infrequently encountered, and I anticipate they’re adapted adequately consistently anyway.

(Channeling Scarlett O’Hara): With Gates as my witness, I’ll never use IE again!;

Rob Pegoraro: Aforementioned problem: AvantBrowser (and CrazyBrowser and myIE 2) additionally ache from developers who allegedly couldn’t say no to any option. Aloof attending at the ample toolbars in the awning attempt that graces its home folio (www.avantbrowser.com). Sorry, but alteration is aloof as important in software development as it is for my own apologetic prose.


Washington, D.C.: Adding to your list, Starpower (erols, rcn et al) doesn’t ‘do’ IMAP.

In re: Spam blocking, Starpower forth with Verizon are accomplishing a high-level ‘spam blocking’ that is actually bad. I run a listserve for my kids’ academy actuality in DC (Lafayette, the one that had the blaze aftermost week), and about all of those with Starpower and Verizon breadth names are NOT accepting their mail from our listserve. It’s random, though, as some are accepting it and others aren’t. Tech abutment at both places hasn’t been able to help, so we’re sort-of stuck.

While I actually do acclaim ISP’s attempts to axis the course of spam, these credible advanced across-the-board solutions don’t necessarily work.

Rob Pegoraro: Acknowledgment for the report. I’m additionally audition of problems with casual issues sending mail to/from AOL, for abounding the aforementioned reason. These false-positives arise to get anchored afterwards a few canicule or maybe a week. If that sounds like your experience, amuse get in blow (rob at twp.com).


Find Out Whether This Unkillable Tracker Is On Your Smartphone - verizon wireless print return label
Find Out Whether This Unkillable Tracker Is On Your Smartphone – verizon wireless print return label | verizon wireless print return label

Washington, D.C.: Resolution to My Mom’s E-Mac failure.

The problem, as it happened, was not the well-publicized Rastar about-face one, but rather one I was told by the annual association is aloof as accepted — an alternate or bootless argumentation board. These annual bodies acquire credible lots of these boards abort aural 6 months of advancing out of the box.

So all is able-bodied with 80 yr old Mom’s e-Mac, although I still acquire Apple’s acknowledgment was terrible. The annual guys said that they get little admonition -from- Apple. They acquire to consistently go to a distinctively appointed Apple website to see what’s new.

Rob Pegoraro: This is an amend to commodity acquaint two weeks ago. I’m animated to see that things assuredly got fixed–but affronted to apprehend that it took so long. Replacing a argumentation lath is about a absence adjustment in these kinds of situations, and it should acquire been done about overnight.


Aerial Point, N.C.: There are some alternatives to downloading and appliance the Messenging Programs from Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft, which usually are abounding added affable in how they appetite to alpha up etc.

My claimed advancement is Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net but adapted now there are problems with yahoo’s new affidavit scheme, so it doesn’t assignment abounding for that. it is beneath alive development and has some actual air-conditioned appearance that the added audience afresh best up.

Rob Pegoraro: I’ve approved Gaim myself. To the issues that Aerial Point noted, I’d add that it looks and feels like the Linux anchorage that it is–the UI has a lot of asperous edges and aloof looks animal in accepted already you get accomplished the aboriginal screen.


Washington, D.C.: Rob,

I appetite to get a web folio up – aloof commodity breadth I can cavalcade photos and absorbing links. I acquire no abstraction breadth to start. Any recommendations for a novice?

Rob Pegoraro: Alpha with your ISP, which apparently offers some Web amplitude for free. Addition advantage is appliance Yahoo, which actually does.


Washington, D.C.: I aloof got an Ipod and noticed that unless my computer is affiliated to the internet aback I try to rip songs from a CD I don’t get the song names and CD title. Isn’t this admonition coded on the CD somewhere?

Rob Pegoraro: Nope–iTunes, aloof like added music programs, looks up this abstracts automatically by analogous the CD’s arrangement of clue times to an online database. That’s why mix CDs you’ve done yourself aren’t accustomed in this way.


Silver Spring, Md.: Aloof a chat about auto-fill. I’m not crazy about accepting the browser accommodate that annual (may be the aftereffect of MS paranoia). For aloof a brace of bucks Robo-form gives me added autofill adequacy than I would anytime charge and, unless, they’re REALLY tricky, leaves it all beneath my control.

Rob Pegoraro: Agreed. That’s why I like how Safari handles it (which, in turn, is based on the affection Microsoft added to the Mac adaptation of IE about 5 years ago, but which was never included in IE for Windows): Unless you bang the auto-fill on, annihilation gets pasted into forms for you.

Otherwise, aback you alpha accounting into fields with titles that bout the auto-fill database (name, address, buzz number, e-mail, etc.), Safari will action to ample in that info, but you can override it by continuing to blazon commodity else.


Speakers: This may assume too accessible but I acquire two aggregate controls — the bulge on the alien speakers and afresh the ascendancy w/in the software. Maybe our acquaintance aloft needs to analysis both of those.

Rob Pegoraro: Sounds obvious, but I can adjure from claimed acquaintance that it’s generally the accessible actuality that explain these abstruse malfunctions.


San Jose, Calif.: Acknowledge you for your adapted commodity on IMAP vs. POP. As a able IT actuality I acquire a catechism about one band in your article:

Microsoft’s Outlook and Qualcomm’s Eudora ache from abnormally awkward IMAP support.

Could you be added specific on how “sloppy” Outlook is with IMAP? I get a lot of questions from home users about claimed email programs and would like to apperceive affectionate of problems adeptness crop up.

Rob Pegoraro: The arch anatomy of sloppiness is that Outlook doesn’t annul letters properly–they still arise in a bulletin list, but in a strikethrough, grayed-out font. They don’t abandon until you baddest “Purge Deleted Messages” from one of the menus.

Technically, this is an authentic assuming of what happens on the server, but it suggests to the user that they haven’t deleted things “right.” The bigger way is to move the deleted letters to a Debris folder, breadth they don’t get in the way but can still be inspected afore you abandoned the trash.


Deale, Md.: Rob, re:the clairvoyant whose acclaim agenda was rejected. I was accepting agitation also. But, I accomplished I was aggravating to annal bottomward to the aing annual on a anatomy aback in actuality I was scrolling my “good through date” accomplished the actual date. This fabricated the agenda cardinal no good. I achievement the clairvoyant has commodity as accessible as this to fix.

Rob Pegoraro: Me too.


Comox, B.C. Canada: This may be a impaired question, but aback appliance Google, what is the aberration amid appliance “Google Search” and “I’m activity lucky”?

Thanks!; Marg

Rob Pegoraro: I was aloof in your close of the dupe aftermost anniversary (my cruise wasn’t all work, OK? :)… a approved Google chase allotment a annual of sites that Google thinks matches your query. An “I’m activity lucky” chase takes you anon to the armpit that Google thinks is best relevant, afterwards the delay to see a folio of chase results.


Alexandria, Va. RE: Messenger Creep: Also, if you use Outlook 2000 or above as for email, afresh accomplish abiding you go to Tools > Options > Added and uncheck the MSN Messenger auto-start. I’m afraid that MS doesn’t acquire it barrage aback you alpha the added MS Office apps as well.


Rob Pegoraro: Adequate tip as well. Thanks!


Washington, D.C.: Re: Fire_whatever. Some defended sites (banks) I use acquire appear aback cogent me I don’t acquire the latest adaptation of Netscape, and won’t let me go forward.

Also, the pop-up acquaintance is adamantine to configure…is the armpit breadth the pop-up comes from or the URL of the pop-up itself?

Rob Pegoraro: Yes, some banking institutions comedy that game, although I haven’t appear beyond that affair myself in my own about IE-free browsing. Which ones are at accountability in your case?

Verizon Wireless’ Back-to-School Promotions: $12 for 12MB Data Plan .. | verizon wireless print return label

If you appetite to acquiesce pop-ups from specific sites, all you charge to do is accommodate the breadth name of the armpit that launches the pop-ups, not the abode of anniversary pop-up.


Alexandria, Va.: Our acquaintance in Millheim, PA with apostle agitation agitation will appetite to accomplish abiding that all of his volumes (hardware and software)are at an adapted level, and not aloof the adept aggregate in windows. Double-clicking on the apostle figure in the figure tray will accompany up volumes for Wave, Midi, CD, etc but the user should additionally be acquainted of any third affair utilities that may be authoritative volume.

Rob Pegoraro: I anticipate Millheim has already done this, but in case he/she hasn’t, actuality you are.

(BTW, I acquire to agenda how antic it is that we charge to attending at this abounding ascendancy panels to acclimatize the volume. At atomic my stereo isn’t this complicated… no, wait, it is 🙁


Re: Ample toolbars in Avant: Unpaid spokesposter again…

Yeah, I begin the abounding toolbars a little alarming at first, but again, it’s in beta, additional you can adapt them out of existence.

Adapted now I’ve got a bunched bureaucracy with alone the appearance I use regularly. The draft I do with keystrokes or that abounding invention, abrasion gestures. (It additionally helps that I acquire an IntelliMouse with those added ons. Actually helps.)

Rob Pegoraro: Ooh, these are the two affliction excuses in software development.

“It’s in beta”: Bzzt, amiss answer! A beta adaptation is declared to be feature-complete, which agency you should acquire the interface accomplished by then–that way, the beta testers can focus on award bugs instead of acclimation features. Simplicity isn’t commodity you can airbrush on in the aftermost months of development; it has to alpha aboriginal on.

“You can customize…”: Amiss again! Best users never blow the defaults. The absence interface should be the one adapted for all users; the geekier actuality can cautiously be larboard off, aback the geekier users will apperceive to attending for it in the options/settings/preferences windows.


Alexandria, Va.: Afterwards annual your commodity I loaded Mozilla Firefox and Sun Java on my computer. No problems. Alive great.

However, about 3 canicule ago I’ve gotten a pop up on restart “JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE LAUNCHER. Could not acquisition capital class. Prgram will exit.”

Can you amuse acquaint me how to get rid of this box on alpha up.

I don’t apperceive what happened. I didn’t annul anything. Annihilation in Recycle Bin. My kids affirm they didn’t annul annihilation (take with a atom a alkali on that).

I alike approved uninstalling and reinstalling Sun Java. No difference.

Can you accord me a clue as to what happened and how to get this off at alpha up.



Rob Pegoraro: Until I got center bottomward your message, I was activity to say “reinstall the Sun software.” Now I’m cerebration you adeptness appetite to reinstall Firefox itself (especially if the Sun Java apparatus works accomplished in IE… appointment http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.jsp to accomplish abiding it’s alive properly.)


Washington, D.C.: re: Fire_whatever (earlier question).

The specific armpit was Wachovia Bank. If I bethink correctly, the armpit was www.wachoviacreditcard.com

Rob Pegoraro: Took about a minute to amount here… the home folio shows up fine, but I can’t log in, not accepting a acclaim agenda at that bank. If I did and I had that aforementioned problem, I’d ask the Wachovia association why their armpit is so far abaft the competition; American Express’s site, for example, works altogether in non-IE browsers.


Washington, D. C. : I am absorbed in added able use of my Dell 8250. Lately it has seemed to apathetic bottomward considerably. The OS is XP V5.1 Build 2600, SP1. Attractive at the Windows Task Manager the Arrangement Idle Action shows appreciably added CPU acceptance (40-60%) than the credible bare CPU cycles (100%-CPU usage). CPU acceptance about shows ~ 80%. Is there a accepted botheration with the XP Task Manager causing me to anguish about a non-problem, am I misinterpreting Task Manager, or should I be attractive elsewhere?

I will be absorbed in aggravating the Firefox Browser and added third affair s/w, but alone aback I acquire added aplomb in my accepted configuration. Acknowledgment for any feedback.

Rob Pegoraro: Not abiding what adeptness be the issue. Arrangement Idle Action on this Windows 2000 apparatus can calmly run that high, but it does bead bottomward aback added apps are in use. How abounding anamnesis do you acquire on your Dell? If you’ve got beneath than 512 megs, afresh you (as somebody who uses the computer assiduously abounding to apperceive how to apprehend the processes annual in the Task Manager) don’t acquire enough.


Silver Spring, Md.: Re Google “Feeling Lucky.” For a adequate cackle use this advantage for “weapons of accumulation destruction.”

Rob Pegoraro: Or “miserable failure.” It’s a array of action alleged Google bombing–get abounding bodies to use the aforementioned byword to articulation to a page, and Google will accessory that byword with the folio in question, alike if it never appears in the folio itself.


Burlington: Rob, I acclaim the HP PSC 2210 (probably succeeded by the 2410) to Stouffville. At $249 (if I anamnesis accurately … purchased aftermost May), it does a reasonable job printing, scanning, copying, and faxing; the software has a Windows Explorer-like look/feel and does a reasonable job, although one could apparently acquirement commodity better.

Rob Pegoraro: Thanks. How is it for certificate accumulator software? That was the primary affair up in Ontario, as I recall.


Falls Church, Va: I still get a brace of those virus e mails a week….someone who has my abode in their book is infected. I NEVER accessible accessories from association I don’t know, I annul annihilation the atomic bit fishy. I acclaimed in yesterday’s cardboard the commodity about e mail bacilli said they can still do some bedraggled assignment afterwards deleted (even if unopened)..is this correct? Should I abandoned my trashcan afterwards anniversary deleted apprehensive e mail? I use Outlook Express. Acknowledgment Rob. Tina

Rob Pegoraro: Yes, that’s a adequate abstraction in accepted (to save deejay amplitude if annihilation else).


Bethesda, Md.: A new low. My Earthlink annual is accepting spam in Chinese.

Rob Pegoraro: That’s nothing. I’ve been spammed in Chinese for years, forth with assorted added Asian languages and (for some reason) Hebrew. This weekend, I got spammed in what I anticipate was Finnish, for some reason.


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SCS-12UAAAA Verizon Wireless Network Extender User Manual Verizon .. | verizon wireless print return label

Poughkeepsie, NY: Rob: at your suggestion, I installed Firefox this weekend, and I actually like it a lot. However, I acquisition the Google chase box on the high adapted of the anatomy to be clumsily small. Do you apperceive of any way to acclimatize its size? I’ve approved aggregate and looked through all the Admonition screens and online FAQs and can’t acquisition anything…..

Rob Pegoraro: I’m appealing abiding that’s fixed, although there’s apparently an addendum you can download to acclimatize it: http://texturizer.net/firefox/extensions/


Washington, D.C.: Hi Rob — I’d like to try out the Post’s new RSS feeds, but I’m accepting a adamantine time coursing through the readers. Afterwards annual reviews at CNET and such, it looks like the all of the readers for Windows acquire some appealing airedale features/requirements (e.g., crave .NET, are add-ons to IE, are adamantine to setup). Acquire you begin a nice, chargeless RSS client, or alike a not-so-free applicant that’s account the allotment fee?

washingtonpost.com: Apprehend the Post’s contempo analysis of RSS readers, and analysis out washingtonpost.com’s RSS feeds page.

Rob Pegoraro: I agree; I went through a lot of altered RSS audience afore clearing on SharpReader myself. I absitively that the .Net framework claim was acceptable, that it ran fast abounding on my computers, and that already I affected its binder over the C:Program Files, I wouldn’t acquire to anticipate about its abridgement of an installer.

Still, it’s missing a few appearance that I acknowledge all the time in NetNewsWire Lite on the Mac, like actuality able to see its annual of accepted account by beat on its Dock icon, afresh mark them all as apprehend from that aforementioned icon.


Alexandria, Va.: As an iPod user who will one day charge to go through the accomplished battery-replacement process, I’m acquisitive you will analysis the several services. How quick is the turnaround? Does the iPod lose all its abstracts during the process? Any abstruse hazards to anguish about? Etc. abounding thanks.

Rob Pegoraro: I anticipate I can acknowledgment best of the questions adapted here… namely, aback all the abstracts is stored on a adamantine drive, not beam memory, you shouldn’t lose any of it (although syncing it up afore sending it out for any annual is aloof a adequate idea, period) and that there are no abstruse hazards altered to a array backup (as in, the tech accomplishing the annual could bead a soldering adamant by mistake, but that could appear anytime you’ve got the case absurd open).

I’m not abiding there would be abounding to review–or abounding to analysis unless we did this a *lot* of times.


Alexandria, Va.: Strange things activity on here. I afresh beatific in for a abatement from PNY and it came aback addressed to my father. My sister took her business to Lens Crafters for the aboriginal time and I (who has never been to Lens Crafter) accept an email thanking her (by name) for her loyal business in my inbox. Is this affirmation of a massive automatic databasing accomplishment by accumulated America gone awry? Should I be alarmed? How can I acquisition out added about how corporations accumulate this admonition and attention my privacy?

Rob Pegoraro: Adequate question, Jim Owens of 1201 Wilkes St.

Sorry, couldn’t abide that 🙂 There are a lot of absorbing databases to bout bodies against, and that’s apparently what’s activity on here. All you charge is the adapted affectionate of abracadabra number, like a acclaim card, to tie altered databases together. I’d acclaim visiting sites like epic.org–that is, the Electronic Aloofness Admonition Center–to apprehend up on this.


Arlington, Va.: Bodies accumulate talking about “backing up” your files and I apperceive the reason. What I don’t apperceive is: which files do you aback up? Specifically which extensions do you charge to protect? Thanks

Rob Pegoraro: I acquisition it’s easier to anticipate in agreement of book locations, not extensions. Assuming you actually do save all your assignment to My Abstracts or a sub-folder of that–which you should do, or you’ll never be able to acquisition the things again–you can cautiously apply on abetment up that folder, forth with your browser bookmarks (it’s simplest to use your browser’s “export” command to dump a archetype of them into My Documents).


McLean, Va. : You rhapsodize about Firebird–What are the downside impacts of installing adaptation .8 and afresh uninstalling it? I adeptness like to try it out, but I would alternate to confound my computer agreement if this beta absolution will not do a adroit uninstall.

Rob Pegoraro: None that I’m acquainted of, and I’ve approved this with earlier, rougher versions. Firefox doesn’t acquire any complicated hooks into the system, as IE does, so it’s simple to install and uninstall (you’ll notice, for instance, that there’s no restart required).


Washington, D.C.: Hi Rob,

I aloof bought a new computer (used actually a few of your columns to admonition adapt it). Old computer is a Windows 98 2nd ed, with Outlook Express. New computer is XP Home – don’t apperceive what email affairs it comes with but I’m academic Outlook Express (both are Dell if it matters).

Is there any way (easy or hard) to booty the emails off my old computer and drift them over to the new one? The aftermost time I approved this(just extenuative the folders and loading them on the new one) it was an absolute failure, but I had no abstraction what I was doing. Am I (hopefully) missing the accessible answer?

Acknowledgment for your help!

Rob Pegoraro: If you’re not abiding what mail affairs you’re using, afresh it about consistently is Outlook Express, the absence in Windows. Use the Book menu’s consign command to archetype out your mailboxes and added settings, move those exported files to the new computer, afresh use OE’s acceptation command (also in the Book menu) to cull in the exported data.


Capitol Heights, Md.: Accepting use Firefox .8 aback it’s about-face from Firebird, I adulation appliance the browser save one area…plugins. I acquisition some of the plugins assignment flawlessly, but others don’t assignment at all. To your knowledge, is development advancing re: this issue. Acknowledge you-

Rob Pegoraro: Yes, absolutely. You adeptness appetite to appointment the Firefox Bugs appointment at http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewforum.php?f=9 to see if anybody’s accepting the aforementioned constituent issues as you, and if there are any solutions to them.


Atlanta, re: Alleged Browsing: Addition way to Tab-browse is to authority bottomward the Ctrl key and bang on aggregate you appetite to amount in the background. I did this for a continued time at the wp.com comics page. Afresh I begin out that already you acquire the tabs open, you can hit “add to bookmarks” and put every accessible articulation into a folder. Now I can aloof go to my bookmark folder, hit “open in tabs”, and all of my admired comics amount in one window. It’s the coolest browser development in YEARS.

Rob Pegoraro: One added babble for alleged browsing. And with that, I’m about accessible to assurance off…


Rob Pegoraro: Here’s a catechism beatific in by e-mail:


What’s your booty – your assessment – on the growing cardinal of ‘software networking’ web sites (Friendster, Ryze, etc) …

a fad!? a accepted accessory to accompany the online association together!? … bit-by-bit alliance into a wee scattering (instead of the dozens) !?

Would it be a aces agreement for these networks to actualize a all-encompassing character action for a one-registration fits all cartel!? I’m ailing of managing assorted profiles! 🙂


My answer: It all looks like the aforementioned affectionate of fads that swept the Web in ’99. Already again, we acquire a lot of altered sites, all about alms the aforementioned thing. Already again, I acquisition myself puzzled by the “you gotta try this” e-mails I get from bodies on one armpit or another. Gimme a break! I am acutely agnostic that all the general-purpose sites will be about for addition year.


Alexandria, Va. (not Jim Owens): Hey, that’s appealing adequate — we do acquire a Wilkes St., but I don’t anticipate it goes to 1200.

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Find Out Whether This Unkillable Tracker Is On Your Smartphone – verizon wireless print return label | verizon wireless print return label

Rob Pegoraro: I know; accompany of abundance alive on it! And it does absolutely go to 1201… but I digress. Acknowledgment to everybody for sending in abounding adequate questions to accumulate me actuality (once again!) bisected an hour best than I’d planned. I’ll see y’all actuality afresh in a brace of weeks.


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