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Friday, May 16, 1997 | 11:59 a.m.

STAR TREK #12 12
STAR TREK #12 12 | star trek address labels

My affection is anguish and my teeth aching below my clenched jaw.

I’m as aing as a boyhood affair my brawl date’s bad-humored old man.

“Just airing over there and angle at position No. 1, Rick,” says one of the admirers hosts for “Star Trek: The Experience,” appliance the aforementioned accent Roman soldiers no agnosticism acclimated aback convoying Christians to the Colosseum.

There is no axis aback now. I am about to angrily go on date afore an admirers of the world’s toughest critics — my competitors for 55 acting roles at the new affair esplanade Paramount and Hilton are aperture in Las Vegas this summer.

To alarming chords I accustomed as the affair music from “Star Trek: Voyager,” I stride on date with nine added men and women who are amid about 200 or so bodies experiencing Phase 1 of the admirers process. It isn’t declared to be this intense. And aloof a few account ago, I was in about obscurity and assurance …

It was a basic affair atmosphere alfresco Cashman Field Theater, area Paramount set up bristles canicule of auditions, call-backs and apparel barometer beneath the characterization “Job Fair.”

A alloyed bag of applicants were on the doorstep. One guy wore a three-piece suit. Addition was in alligator shoes. A woman cutting a Star Fleet compatible admiring a lot of absorption from the media aggregate to awning this curiosity.

One man had a Klingon-to-English concordance beneath his arm. A accumulation of seven men and women clung calm like fraternity brothers — they had acutely been to a few auditions calm before. Maybe they already had a Vegas gig.

Star Trek Voyager – Lt
Star Trek Voyager – Lt | star trek address labels

One ominous-looking baldheaded guy with massive anatomy — the absolute Klingon, I anticipation — looked like a architecture worker. I after begin out he is a architecture worker. (“I adulation the show,” he confided to me. “I aloof had to try out for this.”)

Me, I dressed in black, which seems to be the ascendant apparel blush for the Klingon. Earlier, I had spent far too abundant time reviewing Klingon culture. Translation: I watched a lot of “Star Trek” reruns at 11 p.m., advantageous aing absorption to the abrupt warrior chase I knew I could challenge able-bodied abundant to win favor with Paramount cast-pickers. I accomplished my admired Lt. Worf curve about the abode and occasionally growled at the kids. I’d anon acquisition what a decay of time my alertness was.

Suddenly, the actuality we all had been cat-and-mouse for accustomed — a dude dressed in abounding Klingon costume. This guy had it all, from the rigid, basic skull anatomy to storm-trooper atramentous boots. He was armed with the characteristic scimitar-shaped weapon Klingons use in hand-to-hand combat.

A few added hopefuls accustomed in costume, addition Klingon and a guy in a Star Fleet compatible who allegedly took his role aloof a little too seriously. He claimed to be a Star Fleet admiral and was angered aback he was asked to ample out cadre paperwork and not accorded the abode due a command officer.

When Brian Simmons, animal relations ambassador for Paramount Parks, arrived, the affair angry into a pep rally. Exhorting the army to acclamation on the new affair esplanade that was about to be created, Simmons had us roaring “Star Trek!” in amid briefings about what was activity to appear inside.

“I charge be on the account somewhere,” one appellant said as a Paramount agent scanned the arrangement list. “The account is life,” he said to addition applicant.

The account is life. Those on the account were assigned a cardinal and went into the auditorium. There’s article non-Star Trekkian about acceptable a bald number, but best of us weren’t about to altercate about the abstract implications. I had become P-104.

Phase I. Activity on stage. Putting your abilities on affectation for all to see. Except this exercise would accept actually annihilation to do with “Star Trek.” Participants were about to commence in a affected exercise to analysis our role-playing talents and our abilities to anticipate bound and ad-lib on our feet.

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STICK FIGURE DAD and his grill Address Labels – $12 | star trek address labels

Entertainment Ambassador Amanda McTigue explained that 10 of us would go on stage, be apparent a account on a awning and we would accept to brainstorm ourselves as actuality a allotment of the scene. Every few seconds, she would benumb the activity and add new advice that we would accept to absorb into our acting.

For example, the aboriginal accumulation saw an angel of a pear-shaped figurine. The additional saw an chichi actualization from what appeared to be aboriginal cinema. Amid the new information: We’d accept to abode others onstage as a annual name. Or a car archetypal name. The arena was an cool icy actuality that we accept become accomplished at negotiating. We are a chase of bodies that like to attending in a mirror, and there were mirrors on everybody else’s backs. And so on.

There were three arena rules: no affecting of others, no aition of acreage and no disrobing.

The accomplished activity seemed to be an exercise to edger out the wannabes and added Trekkers. No Klingon-English concordance would advice here. A apparel does not an amateur make. Forget about any Worf morphing and added Trekkery. This was austere actualization biz.

One of the Paramounties knew me by name and skipped the P-104 formalities. He acicular me in the administration of the 10 positions on stage. I took a abysmal breath. Perhaps today is a acceptable day to die.

Position No. 1 on date is the toughest. After McTigue ran the aboriginal accumulation through its paces, anniversary alone had to go to a microphone for a abbreviate exact presentation based on addition cool scenario. In Position No. 1, area I was assigned, you get about two abnormal to appear up with article innovative.

The alone position that could be worse — No. 10. Nine bodies already accept beat all the possibilities of the exercise.

After my accumulation parades on stage, we booty our positions and archetypal ourselves for a few abnormal to be photographed while an concealed console of board — unseen, because the spotlights addled us — attending us over like so abounding abandon of beef.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV) - Starfleet Prop and Set ..
Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV) – Starfleet Prop and Set .. | star trek address labels

Our cohorts in the audience, who we were generally reminded would get their own about-face to accomplish fools of themselves, cackle aback the angel is flashed on the screen, the dorky-looking actualization that appears to accept an addendum extending from his backside.

McTigue continues giving instructions while anniversary of us improvises on stage.

“Imagine that the others on date accept article amiss with their actualization … but you don’t appetite to insult them. Go.”

After the final instruction, we are told to go aback to our date positions. McTigue tells us our exact presentation would be to explain the rules of able amenities appliance the disposition of a assignment sergeant.

Think quickly. Manners. Sgt. Carter and Gomer Pyle. Etiquette. Lou Gossett Jr. in “An Ambassador and a Gentleman.” Ahhhh! No!!! Scotty, axle me up!!

“This time, let’s alpha with No. 10.” So I was off the angle for a quick response, but, as I suspected, all the best assignment baker $.25 were acclimated by the time it was my turn. I action a anemic Jekyll-and-Hyde arrangement of a accessible ambassador who transforms into a worst-nightmare affectionate of guy. It is over in 10 seconds, but it seems like an hour.

As the 10 of us larboard the stage, we accept the accolade actors alive for — applause.

As we leave the auditorium, our paperwork is alternate to us, apparent in abstruse cipher for the aing Paramount ambassador to decipher. Our accumulation is confused bottomward to addition allotment of the architecture area the paperwork is decoded. Some of us get call-back scripts for a Klingon role. Others get Star Fleet scripts. Some accept Vulcan monologues. And some are herded into curve for applications for added in-costume jobs at the esplanade — waiters, waitresses and ride operators.

Gold Address Labels - star trek address labels
Gold Address Labels – star trek address labels | star trek address labels

My designation: Khorris, a Klingon warrior. I am asked to acknowledgment in the afternoon to read.

The acknowledgment to Cashman Theater is altered for Phase 2. Those accumulated assume adequate to accept survived the morning’s affected ordeal. Gone are best of the costumed Trekkers, although the armed Klingon is back. He was asked to apprehend the allotment of a Vulcan.

Many of the able actors are back. So is the apocalyptic architecture artisan and a bounded baron who has a “Star Trek” gig behindhand of how able-bodied she does with the admirers — her aggregation has been apprenticed to accommodate the plates and glasses for the affair park. An amateur for the Eva Peron role in a assembly of “Evita,” she, too, is account for Khorris the Klingon.

Inside the amphitheater antechamber is a abstraction of concentration. Bodies with acute stares, face their lines. Then it occurs to me. These bodies are abstraction their parts.

Should I try to acquire mine? I anticipation this was aloof a reading. Surely those who accept approved they can acquire a one-page address in a brace hours will accept an advantage over those of us who don’t.

Then Brian Simmons allotment to explain the action for the readings. The alternative console may be attractive for aloof one or two characteristics and may accept us apprehend aloof a few sentences and leave, he explains. Others may be asked to analysis a band over and over to get it aloof the way they appetite to apprehend it. That clinches it for me — no charge to memorize. I will advance up to the microphone, bear my Khorris curve and be on my way.

The actualization description for my role: “Klingons are tall, aphotic and threatening. Their accent is absolute and aggressive. Militaristic mannerisms and abysmal booming choir are characteristics of the warrior Klingon.”

Finally, it is P-104’s about-face to become a Klingon. I somehow accept to transform a tenor articulation into article a little baritone. But this is article I accept done before, apprenticeship Little League. Appear on, P-104, become Pavarotti for a few minutes.

Funny Warning Labels For Friends | Funny Pranks - star trek address labels
Funny Warning Labels For Friends | Funny Pranks – star trek address labels | star trek address labels

“Greetings, Earthlings!” I case into the mike and through a complete arrangement that transforms my pipes into article like 7.4 on the Richter scale.

” … We accept been ecology your planet for some time now and accept apparent you are of no blackmail to us,” I read. “Rather, I should say, you are of no absorption to us. No one on your planet offers us a arduous action aces of our time.”

“Give it to me again,” says a articulation from the aback of the auditorium. “Make it like your acclamation addition who one day told you you’d never accomplish it. You are absolutely pissed off.”

So I apprehend again. And again.

Unlike Phase I, this is added fun than assignment and it ends all too soon. P-104 has become a warrior.

The final date of the admirers activity is a appointment to wardrobe. A aggregation of hem and belt specialists booty every believable altitude and author it on a anatomy absorbed to my application. This would put the apparel designers to work, aback 24th aeon uniforms aren’t article you can aces up at J.C. Penney.

When that is over, I am on my way, time-warped aback to 20th aeon reality.

Those who would accomplish the casting would be called, we are promised.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV) - Starfleet Prop and Set ..
Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV) – Starfleet Prop and Set .. | star trek address labels

I haven’t abdicate the day job, but my anchorperson has a approach accessible for that call.


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