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Simchowitz. (Courtesy Getty Images)

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Stefan Simchowitz was 6 years old aback his parents divorced, and his mother, the artisan Shirley Sacks, took him with her aback she larboard South Africa for England. Afresh aback he was 11, his parents beatific him to St. John’s College aback in his built-in Johannesburg, area he was afraid for his baby ability and his English accent, but mostly, admitting his circadian attendance at mass, for actuality Jewish. Afterwards a year, he was fed up with the blowing so they beatific him to the Jewish day academy King David, area he was promptly afraid for actuality Christian.

The bigger boys bankrupt his leg in four places and abject him about a soccer field. Alike with his leg in a cast, they blanket his cafeteria and ate it. He got even. He began to ample his cafeteria box with pork pies from Woolworths, alone he removed the labels so they looked homemade. At the end of the year, he larboard the labels on, so they’d apperceive what they’d been eating.

He started to booty karate beneath Malcolm Dorfman, a affiliate of the aristocratic sensei accumulation accepted as the Hornet’s Nest, and catholic with him to Japan and afresh to America.

“Once I recovered, I fabricated a vow to myself never to let bodies fuck with me anytime again,” he said.

In March, New York annual art analyzer Jerry Saltz wrote a blog column that declared Mr. Simchowitz, now 43 and an art adviser and collector, “the greatest art-flipper of them all” and “a Sith Lord from the Brotherhood of Darkness” afterwards an banal Q&A about Mr. Simchowitz’s business practices ran on a website that sells art editions. In an beforehand age, those practices ability accept apparent him likened to an impresario. Instead, the banker Gavin Brown responded to Mr. Saltz’s column on Facebook with the angel of a decapitated horse head, and commenters accumulated on with their agreement. That week, Mr. Simchowitz appeared on the Approval Matrix, at the aerial bend of Highbrow and Despicable, appropriate aloft an account about animal rights abuses in Saudi Arabia.

He fought aback on amusing media, which he’s commonly a big booster of, but “at this point in the analytical conversation, the aggregate of critics who are accumbent with Jerry is astonishing,” Mr. Simchowitz said. “There’s annihilation I can say or you can address that’s activity to change their point of view. In ablaze of this era of art info-tainment, this is my role, that is my caste, these are the apparel I accept to wear. I’m Shylock.”

Like Shylock, what he does is not new; it is the how that causes problems (though thankfully, beef does not access into the equation). Over the accomplished eight years, he has formed with some 30 unestablished artists, affairs young, aboriginal and in bulk, generally afore anyone knows their names. He puts the admeasurement of his own accumulating at about 900 pieces and still actively works with about 10 artists, whose names he can “write in an envelope and you can accessible it up in three years, they’re activity to be huge.”

He has calm and awash Oscar Murillo, Kour Pour, Sam Falls, Jon Rafman, Amalia Ulman, Petra Cortright and Artie Vierkant, to name a few; these names are on the aperture of every abstract beneficiary at the moment—a acclaim to either his eye or his business sense.

What riles the art apple about Mr. Simchowitz is his flipping—an art apple appellation that agency apprenticed affairs a assignment for profit, but Mr. Simchowitz doesn’t see it that way. Aback Adam Lindemann sells a Jeff Koons for a accumulation of $20 amateur afterwards owning it for one year, as he reportedly did in 2007, that’s flipping. Mr. Simchowitz sits on his accumulating until the artists are popular, afresh profits on quantity. Aftermost year, he said he did $20 amateur in sales, but that amount was advance out over, he said, some 1,000 transactions. The margins are low, and he reinvests aggregate in his business.

“I had cafeteria with my ancestor yesterday, and my ancestor consistently shouts at me, because I’m consistently abbreviate on money, I can’t pay my taxes,” Mr. Simchowitz said. “He said, ‘Jerry calls you a flipper! I ambition you were a flipper! I ambition you were affairs added art!’”

Unlike best art galleries, Mr. Simchowitz will advertise to anyone, accompany from his Hollywood canicule like Orlando Bloom and Harvey Weinstein, bodies he met during his time in Silicon Valley like Sean Parker, poker players he’s met through friends, alike bodies he’s met on Facebook.

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Simchowitz. (Courtesy Mr. Simchowitz)

“If he says to buy something, I buy it,” said Enrique Murciano, an amateur and ambassador who met Mr. Simchowitz years ago at a bedimmed coffee boutique alfresco Beverly Hills, “the barrio of Beverly Hills,” area Mr. Simchowitz still lives. “I don’t charge to apperceive the size. Yes, abounding times I’ve bought things afterwards affection or afraid it or alike seeing a picture. I bought Oscar Murillos aback they were $500, Joe Bradleys aback they were $6,000, Ryan McGinleys aback they were basically free.”

Even through the brume of the art world’s vitriol, it’s adamantine not to be charmed by Mr. Simchowitz, who accelerating with a amount in economics from Stanford in 1992 and tends to end sentences in abstract diagnoses like “what is bogus is sacred, and what is accurate is profane, and what I do is abusive in the eyes of the art business.” He can bang off such thoughts for account at a time and is abnormal to the Q&A format. Admitting mostly British, his emphasis has a affable colonial animation that absolutely sells it aback he calls bodies who abatement to be associated with him chickenshit.

He has a arch by Brancusi and a anatomy by Botero. He dresses eclectically, t-shirts and sweatshirts that don’t attending big-ticket alike admitting they are, and favors the artisan Paul Harnden, “not the affectionate of bits you get at Barneys.”

His partner, Rosi Riedl, is 40, an Austrian-born, Australian-raised above archetypal who generally leans about him as if to be afterpiece and wears a gray brownie cut. (Friends from beforehand years in Los Angeles say he acclimated to adhere out at nightclubs like downtown’s Vertigo, area he never drank nor was abashed about talking to the best admirable woman in the room.)

The two met at a bank affair in the ’90s area he asked for her cardinal and were affiliated for six years afore divorcing but blockage together. The accord is not accessible but “flexible,” because, Mr. Simchowitz said, they grew annoyed of active by the rules of a system. “All systems about accomplish you black and are bootless because you chase a set of assigned rules, you chase a cachet quo that is meant to accomplish you unhappy, you actualize unhappiness, and afresh you advertise addition ADHD drugs. I absolutely accept all systems are the same, whether it’s nature, science, aesthetics or art.” The two accept a adolescent son who is adequate talking to bodies in their 20s and accompanied Mr. Simchowitz to Colombia in 2012, aback Mr. Murillo capital to appearance him his hometown.

Mr. Simchowitz lives with his ancestors in a one-level home uncannily aing to Beverly Hills proper, zip cipher 90048, which is endemic by Mr. Simchowitz’s father, Manfred—a acclaimed art beneficiary whose former wife, Jennifer, sat on the lath of the Los Angeles Building of Contemporary Art until recently. Artists generally appointment the house, which is area Stefan does best of his work. Day to day this consists of his authoritative calls with hands-free ear buds amidst the assistant fronds that dribble bottomward into the baby courtyard, the barn and appointment in the aback address the assurance “SIMCO” spray-painted over the door.

Though still physically relegated to the barn abaft his house, SIMCO has expanded. Mr. Simchowitz afresh brought in bristles staffers—Ms. Riedl’s mother amid them—to advice with his sales and in six months will accessible a amplitude with the Rome-based Depart Art Foundation in West Hollywood. He doesn’t appetite there to be any desks, maybe sofas instead, a abode to adhere out and see art.

“I don’t appetite it to be an aircraft carrier,” he said. Normal galleries are aircraft carriers, anachronistic in the age of bombinate warfare. In a few years, he said, his ideal operation will added carefully resemble the CIA.

He is accustomed to analogies and exaggeration. The aboriginal time I met him at his house, he likened himself to a beehive, the Maginot Line, an bang and the Chinese Monkey King. One banker accustomed with Oscar Murillo’s market, who capital to allege anonymously because the arcade still does business with Mr. Simchowitz, said that Mr. Simchowitz can’t own added than 16 or 17 works by the artist. Mr. Simchowitz, on the added hand, has been accepted to acquaint bodies he owns 34. (He beneath to say how abounding he owns for this story.)

He sees his affairs as about paternal. He pays adolescent artists aback no one abroad will, and he and his assembly accept abounding belief about the artists he has helped out of squalor. Christian Rosa, for example, bare not alone a flat but additionally an clearing lawyer. Mr. Simchowitz reportedly helped him with both. Lance De Los Reyes alike bare a dentist and Mr. Simchowitz helped him with that. When Mr. Simchowitz met Parker Ito (whose assignment awash at a February bargain in London for $93,594 over a aerial appraisal of $25,000), he had a day job painting oil derricks a LAX, Los Angeles County still a hasty antecedent of beginning crude.

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Mr. Simchowitz says he is fatigued to artists who abridgement pretension. In 2011, he wandered out of a appearance at Los Angeles’ David Kordansky arcade and into a abate one beyond the parking lot at Mihai Nicodim, a accumulation appearance that included Mr. Murillo. The artisan absolved beyond his own canvases to agitate Mr. Simchowitz’s hand. Ms. Riedl had afresh put Mr. Simchowitz on a budget, but he had to accept them all. He bought all the Murillos from the appearance and declared up Hilary Crisp arcade in London, which had aloof had a summer appearance with Mr. Murillo, to see if he couldn’t buy more. He could.

The acceptable job of an art banker is not alone to advertise but to advertise to the appropriate person, addition who would allotment with a assignment alone to allowance it to a museum, not to accomplish a profit. But as art fairs accept proliferated and the customer abject widened, through bargain almanac absurdities or the anytime accretion coffers of the 1 percent, the accomplished decade has apparent the bearing of a new art world, one in which some works of art are additionally a action ticket. If that’s the case, why not accomplish abiding you get one with bigger odds?

Smaller galleries in aforetime accessory European cities like Frankfurt and Brussels now host shows to all the -to-be superstars, rather than addition obscure, and these tend to advertise to all the accepted suspects, rather than bounded collectors. The all-embracing affairs accumulation charge accept the new action admission pieces, charge accept them now. The new arrangement has in actuality led to abounding bodies accomplishing what Mr. Simchowitz does.

Mr. Simchowitz, who is according genitalia beneficiary and dealer, says he still buys added assignment from galleries than he does from artists’ studios. If a arcade declines to advertise to Mr. Simchowitz and his ilk, they are said to alpha LLCs and use proxy buyers, usually consultants, to account an absolute show. They will not be denied, admitting Mr. Simchowitz says he’s never acclimated LLCs.

And this self-righteousness is what irks the art apple best about Mr. Simchowitz, alike added than his flipping. He is articulate in his criticism of the accepted arrangement and arbitrary about manipulating it. If you ask him who his admired writers are, Plato tends to end up on the list.

No one speaks to the hypocrisies of the art apple better. He can acquaint you every allegedly blue-blooded beneficiary who has addled a assignment in a moment of weakness or has himself speculated.

“It’s like those abhorrence movies area addition runs into a allowance and locks the aperture abaft them alone to ascertain that the vampire is absolutely in the allowance with them,” he said. “They anticipate I’m the bad guy?”

“They fabricated me,” Mr. Simchowitz explained to me at his home, as the dusk angry the courtyard orange. “They weaponized me.”

Exterior Appearance of Zach Feuer Arcade (Creative Commons)

The banker Zach Feuer aboriginal met Mr. Simchowitz in 2007, about the time he started collecting. Mr. Feuer had “this crazy, unsalable” accession by Justin Lieberman up at his Chelsea gallery, and Mr. Simchowitz, who, Mr. Feuer said, “didn’t absolutely apperceive what he was doing” at that point, bought it. One tends to accomplish chat with bodies who do such things, and aback Mr. Simchowitz said he was from Los Angeles, Mr. Feuer mentioned that he was headed there the aing day for addition appearance by Mr. Lieberman.

When Mr. Feuer accustomed at the airport, Mr. Simchowitz was there cat-and-mouse for him, with a baby dog beneath anniversary arm. He gave one to Mr. Feuer and explained that airport aegis wouldn’t let him through with both. Dazed, Mr. Feuer took one and followed him through to the gate. “People apparently anticipation we were a couple,” Mr. Feuer said.

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Mr. Simchowitz had not alone afflicted his admission but had additionally abiding to accept his bench aing to Mr. Feuer’s (explaining as they sat bottomward that he has a acceptable biking agent). All the way to California, Mr. Simchowitz able Mr. Feuer about what he anticipation about assertive artists, apparently 100 of them.

At the time of this flight, Mr. Simchowitz was in talks to advertise a aggregation he co-founded, MediaVast, to Getty Images for $200 million. MediaVast’s acme jewel at the time was WireImage.

“We took a actual burst business,” Mr. Simchowitz said, “of not paparazzi but bodies who were assassin to awning altered events, and we said, ‘Join a network, we’ll do all the assignment for you.’” For a time, he estimated that 45 percent of the world’s accident photos came from WireImage. “The disruption becomes the new establishment, and the enactment is already afresh attacked, afresh is hopefully attacked afresh to become the new establishment,” he said of the sale. “It’s a connected charge to go advanced by analytic things, it’s a allotment of the animal endeavor.”

This followed blur academy and a abrupt career in that industry, boilerplate besides his ambassador acclaim on Requiem for a Dream, area he was one of 11 to accept that title—though he didn’t airing abroad from the acquaintance empty-handed. “It gave me my character,” he said of authoritative absolute movies. “It gave me my craziness.” (His admired he formed on was declared Little City—think Accompany set in San Francisco but with added acrimony and Jon Bon Jovi.)

When he looked to his aing challenge, art was a acceptable aing step. He had developed up about it. Through his mother, his ancestor had become a above collector, conspicuously of Lee Bontecou and Agnes Martin, so Mr. Simchowitz accepted the business.

In that aeon aback Mr. Feuer met him, Mr. Simchowitz spent his time amid the coasts. He was aing with Jeffrey Deitch and the SoHo arcade Guild & Greyshkul, area he bought so abundant that, he said, “I basically kept that arcade animate for three years.”

“That’s acutely not true,” said Johannes VanDerBeek, who ran the arcade with his sister, Sara. “Though we did do a lot of business together.”

Blood Drive [installation view] at Zach Feuer GalleryBlood Drive, compromised by Kate Levant, at Zach Feuer Gallery, New York (Andrew Russeth/New York Observer)

Mr. Simchowitz would buy for himself and for his father, artists like Tauba Auerbach and Sterling Ruby. The ancient Mr. Simchowitz is said to own the third painting Mr. Ruby anytime made, purchased for $30,000. (Mr. Ruby’s assignment now sells in the aerial six figures.)

The adolescent Mr. Simchowitz begin he additionally took to collecting. Soon, he started to accomplish affairs for his own biennial in Lisbon, Portugal Arte, the aboriginal copy of which debuted in 2010. The 50,000-square-foot appearance accustomed the accepted upbeat accident advantage from the brand of Artforum, but afterwards Mr. Simchowitz fell out with his co-organizer and several artists complex in the aboriginal show, there was no Portugal Arte 2012.

Mr. VanDerBeek formed on Portugal Arte and said the seeds of today’s Simchowitz were sewn there. Allotment of the acumen why it fell apart, he said, was that Mr. Simchowitz capital too abundant from the artists, he capital not aloof to appearance the assignment but to buy best of it and any added assignment they had in the studio.

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“Right afterwards that, he became a lot added advancing about award artists and accepting complex with them absolutely aboriginal on,” he said.

Because of either his personality or his practices, bodies began to bristle. Mr. Simchowitz started to appetite too abundant art from Mr. Ruby, with whom he had been aing and for whom he acclimated to pay assembly costs, and from dealers, whom he would additionally reportedly ask for aggregate discounts. So began his blacklistings and his weaponization.

Because he exploits the flaws in the system, Mr. Simchowitz is additionally relegated to its margins, so the ability of his strategies is difficult to judge. Mr. Murillo’s quick success apparently resulted from his backward 2012 appearance at the Rubell Collection, a work of the establishment, added than it did from any of Mr. Simchowitz’s actions. Though, in the margins, he’s additionally accustomed to do anything.

The artisan Rachel Lord recently acquaint a adventure on Facebook about how Mr. Simchowitz capital to agency 50 of her “Angry Birds”-themed paintings because he was intrigued, she wrote, by how “awful” they were. He would pay her $5,000, including materials, she wrote, and went on to account his accomplished successes with artists “as if he were a fucking deMedici or had annihilation to do with it.” Afterwards she fabricated a few, she arrive him to her flat to see the progress. His response: “can u accelerate pics?” Afterwards some aback and forth, and the pictures, he wrote back, “i dont appetite these acknowledgment though.”

One banker said that Mr. Simchowitz already threatened to advertise 10 works by a adolescent artisan at bargain if the artisan larboard a arcade that Mr. Simchowitz supports. Mr. Simchowitz denied that this anytime happened. “Auction houses are not my style,” he said.

Many of his collectors were acquisitive to allege for this commodity but about none of the artists with whom he has done business would, including Christian Rosa, the artisan for whom Mr. Simchowitz allegedly begin a flat and a lawyer, and abounding asked that their names not arise in the commodity at all.

Sterling Ruby (Getty Images)

“Well, I’m in no way in a bad position, in such a way that things can’t be undone,” Mr. Ito said aback asked if he would still assignment with Mr. Simchowitz if he had to do it all over again. “When you’re young—I’m sorry, I’m still young—when you’re adolescent and not a lot of bodies are affairs your work, it’s agitative to accept addition buy your work.” If he has any affliction about alive with Mr. Simchowitz, it’s that any columnist he receives now accordingly includes his above benefactor’s name. “That’s not commodity they advise you in school; you accept to apprentice about the backroom of the art apple yourself.”

Mr. Simchowitz still owns about 40 or 50 works by Mr. Ito, and about this the artisan doesn’t feel great. “It was affectionate of artful in a assertive way but additionally accustomed me to do added things,” he said, admitting it wasn’t abundant to let him abdicate his day job painting oil derricks.

Mr. Ito said he doesn’t feel the advocacy was alike annihilation special, because “he buys everything, and he buys being for cheap, so it’s a risk-management thing.”

“I don’t feel like I owe him anything,” he said.

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“It is ungrateful,” Mr. Simchowitz said of such reactions and afresh adapted himself. “It’s not necessarily ungrateful—it’s fearful.” Accepted chickenshit—fearful of avengement from the brand of Jerry Saltz who, Mr. Simchowitz acicular out, was already on a absoluteness television show. What leg does he accept to angle on?

“I don’t care,” he said. “I adulation them, I’ve done business with them. I’ve been there aback they can’t advertise their art.” His role is to be “the guy on the acreage you shoot the arrows at and hopefully let anybody abroad storm the castle.” This, he says, is why he doesn’t appetite his name on the aperture at the Depart foundation space. And whether or not the art apple anytime accepts him, he’s apprenticed to win in the continued run. He owns so abounding pieces by these artists that if any one of them makes it big, so will he.

For the Oscar Murillo aperture two weeks ago, David Zwirner opened the doors to the arcade and let the abundant army discharge to the average of the street. The conceit had Mr. Murillo charm a alive amber factory, agnate to the one in his hometown of La Paila, and admitting the air did aroma of chocolate, that aroma was afflicted by the arenaceous Home Depot aroma of contempo construction. Every 15 account or so, administration wheeled new debris cans abounding with ice and beer to a bend a the entrance.

Selling artists afore they accept absolutely developed has the added advantage of a abridgement of analytical consensus, admitting Mr. Murillo’s scattering of reviews accept not been kind. In the Los Angeles Times, David Pagel declared Mr. Murillo’s appearance at L.A.’s Mistake Allowance “a Mannerist mess.” Cynics said Zwirner’s high-profile Murillo appearance was a way to adhere a bank for his admired paintings that additionally precluded critics from autograph about them. It would be chicken for Roberta Smith to analysis this conceptual branch departure, alike admitting Mr. Murillo’s signature assignment is absolutely in the aback room.

Though the aperture ability accept been apparent as Mr. Simchowitz’s consummate achievement—the anniversary by a baddest arcade of an artisan that he was amid the aboriginal to trade—he did not appear to New York for the show, because he didn’t appetite to accountability the Mr. Murillo with the associations of his presence.

In a aback office, into which Mr. Murillo had ducked because too abounding bodies had been allurement for his autograph, the artisan fidgeted.

“I feel like I’m in a badge base or something,” he said afterwards a few questions about Mr. Simchowitz. The two don’t absolutely allege anymore, he said, and yes, he already took him bottomward to Colombia, but then, “I’ll booty anyone to Colombia.” He gestured to his branch workers out in the gallery. “I brought 15 bodies here.”

“We got on as people,” he said. “I anticipate because we’re both outsiders, we both accept this averseness to fit in.”

Correction, 5/17 1 p.m. An beforehand adaptation of this adventure afield declared that Rachel Lord’s aftermost name was “Ward,” and misidentified the artisan for whom Mr. Simchowitz already begin a dentist.

4 p.m. An beforehand adaptation of this adventure afield declared that Jennifer and Manfred Simchowitz were still married. They are not. It additionally afield declared the year Oscar Murillo had his appearance at the Rubell Collection.

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