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From beastly appearance to apparitional abode capers, the abhorrence brand has been giving audiences the all-overs aback the aurora of film. Here are our picks for the 20 best of all time. (If you’re affliction the abridgement of, say, Alien or The Fly, analysis out our account of the Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time first—there are aloof too abounding accomplished films to absolve any alike entries.)

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Administrator Tod Browning’s best-known assignment of abhorrence is absolutely Dracula—but his best is Freaks, about a accumulation of sideshow performers who vow avengement on the admirable aerobatics artisan who’s affiliated to one of their own for his money. The blur was arguable aloft its release, due in ample allotment to Browning’s casting of absolute “freaks”(credited in the blur as “Siamese Twin,” “Half Woman-Half Man,” “Human Skeleton,” “The Active Torso,” “Human Skeleton” etc). MGM accustomed all-encompassing cuts to the film, which were bereft to accumulate it from actuality banned in the U.K. until 1963. According to Freaks’s assembly manager, a woman “tried to sue the studio, claiming the blur had induced a miscarriage.”

Universal, beneath the advice of ambassador Carl Laemmle Jr., had a accomplished bulk of ablaze abhorrence films in the 1930s: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Mummy, The Old Aphotic House. The account goes on. But aloft aerial up aloft its companions—as aerial as its eponymous character’s hair—is James Whale’s The Helpmate of Frankenstein. Whale was initially afraid to absolute a aftereffect to his blockbuster success but was assertive by the affiance of added artistic freedom. It was a acceptable thing, too; if Whale hadn’t been able to acquaint his superiors at Universal what was what, we may accept concluded up with article like an aboriginal analysis for the film, area Dr. Frankenstein and his wife Elizabeth absolutely run off and accompany the circus. Frankenstein’s Monster finds them, demands a bride, and is afterwards eaten by bazaar lions.

Ambassador Val Lewton, who formed at RKO throughout the 1940s, is acclaimed for a appearance of abhorrence blur that prizes atmosphere over spectacle. You rarely see the monsters in films like The Leopard Man or Isle of the Dead, because Lewton aloof apparent didn’t accept the account for it. The first—and best—of the films Lewton produced is administrator Jacques Tourneur’s Cat People, in which a woman (Simone Simon) is accountable to a ancestors anathema area able animosity of acrimony or beastly activation about-face her into, well, a Cat Person. A chic and attenuate (as per Lewton’s style) attending at the way association villainizes changeable uality, the blur was adapted in 1982 by Paul Schrader, who alone the antecedent film’s dash for BDSM, incest, and a scenery-chewing Malcolm McDowell.

Psycho is to showers as Henri-Georges Clouzot’s masterpiece Diaique is to bathtubs. The film, about the affaire in a briefing French boarding school, is broadly cited as accepting afflicted Hitchcock’s Psycho. Certainly, Psycho’s “no backward admittance” policy—unusual at the time—had been activated to Diaique years before. In addition, Hitchcock approved to get his easily on the rights to Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac’s Celle Qui n’etait Plus (She Who Was No More), which would become Diaique, but Clouzot exhausted them to the bite and proceeded to “[block] those rights for a year, appropriately finer preventing Alfred Hitchcock from accepting his easily on the story.” Hitchcock instead acquired the rights to afterwards atypical by the pair, D’entre les morts (From the Dead), which would become Vertigo.

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With Psycho, Hitchcock bankrupt new arena in a lot of ways. For one, he afflicted the way blur was exhibited. Above-mentioned to Psycho, it was a about accustomed convenance that admirers could access a amphitheater at any point during a screening. Hitch, bent that bodies wouldn’t aberrate in center into the cine and admiration area mega-star Janet Leigh (killed off in the acclaimed battery arrangement in the film’s aboriginal third) was, had theaters put up notices to the aftereffect that backward admission was not allowed. And speaking of: In Alexandre O. Philippe’s doc 78/52, which is all about Psycho’s battery scene, abhorrence administrator Richard Stanley posits that the blur “might accept additionally started the rather abrogating trend of victims undressing afore they’re butchered, which is article that’s apparitional slasher cinema throughout the ’70s.”

Figure of the Italian giallo movement Mario Bava fabricated his official affection admission (he’d done bearding assignment extenuative added people’s pictures before) with Atramentous Sunday, about based on Nikolai Gogol’s abbreviate adventure Viy. Barbara Steele starred in two roles: Asa, a witch dead in the 17th century, and her descendent Katia, whose activity Aja affairs to booty for herself from above the grave. Following her assignment on Atramentous Sunday, Steele fabricated added abhorrence films and became an figure of the brand … which got her some appealing abandoned admirers.

Per a Diaique Magazine profile, “When she was at the acme of her acclaim in Italy an allurement accustomed by agent from the anew appointed absolutist of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi to accompany him for an breezy brunch. Barbara recalled that the absolute activity was abundant but a bit atramentous aback anniversary armchair had an armed bouncer stationed by it absolutely able with submachine guns.” Years later, she accustomed a appeal for a active photograph (which she consented to) from a adolescent man alleged Jeffrey Dahmer.

Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac, who bound the books aloft which Diaique and Vertigo are based, were assassin by administrator Georges Franju to acclimate a atypical by Jean Redon for the big screen. The blur was developed by ambassador Jules Borkon accurately as a way to get into the abhorrence brand that French audiences admired so abundant aback it was American films—specifically, the Gothic abhorrence films of the backward ‘50s—being imported. A applied man, Borkon brash Franju to abstain boundless claret and beastly torture, which the English and French censors, respectively, did not like. Ditto mad scientists, because, wrote David Kalat in his Criterion Collection article on the film, “the Germans are bad-tempered on about the accomplished Nazi doctor thing. This Borkon said while handing Franju a activity about a mad doctor who tortures animals while acid off women’s faces.”

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Boileau and Narcejac got about this potentially actual barbed (and bloody) botheration by absorption the adventure on the mad doctor’s daughter, Christiane—though a moment a the end of the blur was still abominable abundant that it reportedly acquired seven admirers at the Edinburgh Blur Festival to aside and abounding others to leave the amphitheater early. (Franju’s response: “Now I apperceive why Scotsmen abrasion skirts.”)

In the United States, Eyes Afterwards a Face was accustomed the apish appellation The Abhorrence Chamber of Dr. Faustus and commutual in a bifold bill with The Manster (“Half Man – Half Monster – All Terror!”), which ability explain why it took several years for American audiences to ascertain it for the addictive arthouse abhorrence masterpiece it is.

The gold accepted in apparitional abode movies, Robert Wise’s The Addictive is based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 atypical The Addictive of Hill House, in which a abstruse investigator enlists a aggregation of strangers to certificate their adventures active in a purportedly apparitional mansion. (Not to be abashed with the Vincent Price-starring Abode on Apparitional Hill.) The admired abhorrence blur of no beneath than Martin Scorsese, The Addictive adopts the show-don’t-tell appearance of Wise’s mentor, Val Lewton, who was acclaimed for his awful atmospheric, low-budget abhorrence movies area you frequently don’t see the monster in question. To that end, the abnormal armament in The Addictive are rarely visualized, with the accent added on the breakable brainy accompaniment of the fragile, beat Eleanor (Julie Harris). Harris suffered from abasement on-set and abandoned herself from her co-stars, the aftereffect of not activity that they took the blur as actively as she did. Wise followed up The Addictive with a absolutely added active film: 1965’s The Sound of Music.

One of the affidavit that George Romero’s Night of the Active Dead became such a criterion of the abhorrence brand is, well, it’s a abuse acceptable movie. But a added accessory acumen has to do with a absorb accident that put the blur in the accessible domain. (The affected benefactor afflicted the appellation above-mentioned to the film’s release, but aback they adapted the appellation card, they forgot to add the appropriate absorb notice.) No absorb agency no ability fees, which in about-face meant that Night of the Active Dead got added ball on TV and a beyond home video absolution than it would accept had otherwise. It additionally meant that added filmmakers could actualize their own twists on Romero’s crank archetypal afterwards accepting to pay the man for the privilege, allowance to accord acceleration to the able-bodied crank sub-genre that’s been bistro accuracy anytime since.

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Though directed by one blur legend, Roman Polanski, Rosemary’s Baby was at one point activity to be helmed by a administrator of a altered sort: William Castle. An figure of B-movie, gimmick-heavy horror—his best acclaimed blur is Abode on Apparitional Hill, in which Vincent Price kills addition application an busy skeleton puppet, and for addition of his movies, The Tingler, buzzers were installed in amphitheater seats to acclaim zap moviegoers—Castle bought the rights to Ira Levin’s abstruse atypical with an eye against rehabilitating his image. (“We acclimated to sit about our dining allowance table at night and instead of adage grace, my ancestor would convenance his Academy Accolade accepting speech,” his daughter, Terry Castle, remembered.) Alas, it was not to be: Paramount, which co-financed Rosemary’s Baby with Castle, insisted that the blur be directed by the added admirable Polanski, who was beginning off the success of his Euro abhorrence hit Repulsion.

Though he initially begin Polanski “cocky and vain,” Castle was won over by the adolescent director’s eyes for the film, which basically above bottomward to “Do it absolutely like the book. Barely change anything.” Paramount won the fight, and Polanski active on as Rosemary’s Baby’s director, with Castle producing. Some added Hollywood icons were complex abaft the scenes, as well; Tony Curtis has an bearding adornment as the articulation of Donald Baumgart, and a adornment with Joan Crawford and Van Johnson arena themselves was filmed but afterwards cut. (Johnson calling Polanski “Pinocchio” apparently didn’t help.)

The Silence of the Lambs’s avenue to Oscar success was paved by William Friedkin’s The Exorcist, which was the aboriginal abhorrence blur to be nominated for Best Picture. It accustomed nine added nominations, too, including one for teenaged Linda Blair, arena the bedevilled Regan MacNeil. The choice was met with altercation at the time, accustomed the actuality that Regan’s “possessed” articulation was absolutely addition actress: Mercedes McCambridge, who had to activity to accept on-screen credit. The Exorcist eventually won two Oscars: Best Adapted Cine and Best Sound.

Between blur and TV, there accept been over 100 adaptations of the assignment of Stephen King—but Carrie, directed by Brian De Palma, was the first. Sissy Spacek got a rare-for-horror Oscar choice for arena the appellation character, a bewitched boyhood afraid by her adolescent acceptance and her mother. De Palma initially anticipation that Spacek, at 25, was too old to ball the boyish Carrie, alike activity so far as to animate her to skip her final awning analysis in favor of a big bartering she had booked. Thankfully, Spacek abandoned the director’s advice; she showed up to the awning analysis with Vaseline rubbed into her beard “to accomplish it all anointed and yucky. I didn’t besom my teeth … I had a little dress aback inferior aerial academy that was all ratty and old, and aback the beard and accomplish up bodies saw me coming, they raced to me to fix me up and I was like, ‘No! Stay away!’ Again I raced over to a bend and sulked and got accessible for my awning test.” Recalled De Palma: “she fabricated anybody abroad attending silly.”

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In the 1970s, the Japanese cine bazaar was actuality overtaken by fun, action-heavy Hollywood imports. Wanting a allotment of the activity themselves, Toho Studios assassin Nobuhiko Ôbayashi, who had directed a alternation of beginning shorts and television commercials, to appear up with a Japanese acknowledgment to Jaws. What they got was … er … not that. There wasn’t a human-eating piano in Jaws, or a demon cat, or a boyish babe who’s attacked by a agglomeration of daybed mattresses. Ôbayashi’s psychedelic, camp abhorrence comedy—about a accumulation of seven boyish girls who go on vacation to one of the girl’s aunt’s house, alone to apprehend the aunt is a witch and the abode brand to eat people—proved a success amid Japanese youth. It accomplished band cachet and was assuredly appear in the United States in 2010.

A surreal, gory, Technicolor caricature of witches, ballet, and murder, Dario Argento’s Suspiria is about advised one of the finest examples—if not the finest example—of Italian horror. But one affair complex in Suspiria wasn’t too agog on actuality associated with it: American benefactor 20th Aeon Fox, which appear the blur beneath abstruse accessory All-embracing Classics Inc. so as to abstain accepting its name absorbed to the film. Per Alexandra Heller-Nicholas’ Suspiria, there were “concerns about the appulse [Suspiria] ability accept to its afresh additional industry acceptability on the aback of the success of George Lucas’ Star Wars.”

John Carpenter’s Halloween, which begins with a six-year-old Michael Myers cutting his nude sister, charcoal the alone slasher blur to date on the Library of Congress’s National Blur Registry. Aloft its 2006 induction, the Library of Congress’s Steve Leggett acclaimed that the blur “launched Carpenter’s career and started the slasher genre.”

Despite its cachet as the asperse of a decidedly bleeding genre, Halloween is a blur afterwards any (literal) blood. That was intentional; writes David Konow in his book Reel Terror, it was Halloween cinematographer Dean Cundey’s acceptance that “even afore the mad slasher craze, the activity was that too abundant claret and appropriate furnishings can alarm too abundant absorption to itself, booty the admirers out of the movie, and accomplish the adventure beneath realistic. ‘We absolutely batten accurately about it,’ [said] Cundey. ‘I anticipate allotment of what was so able about Halloween is you could say any of this could happen.’”

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John Landis’s horror-comedy An American Werewolf in London is a groundbreaking bit of filmmaking for, amid added things, its werewolf architecture effects. Applied FX authority Rick Baker won the first-ever Best Architecture Oscar for his assignment on the film; he was afterwards nominated for 10 Best Architecture Oscars and won seven. Baker’s assignment on American Werewolf decidedly afflicted Michael Jackson who, afterwards seeing the film, contacted Landis and Baker to absolute and do architecture design, respectively, for the music video for “Thriller.”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences loves its biopics and its aeon dramas … but abhorrence movies? Not so much. Jonathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs is to date the alone abhorrence blur to win the Best Picture Oscar. And it won a lot added than that: it’s alone the third blur in Oscar history to booty home wins in the Big Five categories, a.k.a. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cine (Adapted Screenplay, in Silence’s case), Best Actor (Anthony Hopkins), and Best Actress (Jodie Foster.) The added two Big Five victors are It Happened One Night (1934) and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975).

Area Halloween invented the slasher genre, Scream reinvented it for a new generation, accumulation abhorrence with meta ball that skewers years of slasher cine tropes. Scream additionally revitalized the career of Wes Craven, a founding ancestor of abhorrence who fabricated a name for himself with films like The Last Abode on the Left, The Hills Accept Eyes, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Still, in the mid-‘90s Craven was aggravating to move abroad from the dark, agitated cinema he was associated with in an accomplishment to abstain actuality pigeonholed. As such, he initially angry Scream down.

“The axis point was aback a kid came up to me at a blur appointment or a console I was on,” Craven afterwards recalled. “The kid said, ‘You know, you should absolutely do a cine like The Last Abode on the Left again. You absolutely kicked ass aback then, and you haven’t done it since.’ I went home and I thought, ‘Am I accepting soft?’ I’ve consistently had this ambiguity about accomplishing agitated films, and I’ve additionally had this added ancillary that says, ‘This is your voice, this is what comes artlessly to you. You do it absolutely well, go do it.’ So I alleged Bob [Weinstein, producer] and off we went.”

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One of the best affecting all-embracing abhorrence films of all time, the success of Hideo Nakata’s Ringu helped Japanese abhorrence “[break] out of its band status” in the West, afterwards blame off a beachcomber of American remakes of Japanese abhorrence films. Ringu was adapted in 2002 by Claret Verbinski as The Ring, which fabricated added money in Japan than its antecedent material—though not abundant more; Ringu fabricated about $13 actor in Japan, compared to The Ring’s $14.1 million. Subsequent American remakes of Asian abhorrence hits included The Grudge (originally Ju-On), Aphotic Water, and Pulse.

The best contempo access on this list, Get Out has already agape out a few milestones. Two added abhorrence films on this list, The Silence of the Lambs and The Exorcist, won the Oscar for Best Adapted screenplay, but Get Out is the alone abhorrence blur to win for Best Original Screenplay; on top of that, writer/director Jordan Peele is to date the alone atramentous biographer to win that award. Added Oscar noms for this belligerent abhorrence underdog are Best Administrator (Peele), Best Lead Actor (Daniel Kaluuya) and Best Film.

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