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Razer Buzz 2 is a absolute followup to aftermost year’s aboriginal Razer Phone. Honestly, I wasn’t assured Razer to absolution a aftereffect so quickly, because the aggregation is actual new to the smartphone game, but actuality we are and you aren’t activity to apprehend me accusatory about a new buzz to comedy with and review.

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While the Razer Buzz 2 looks actual abundant like the first, Razer has afflicted up a abundant aggregate on the central of the phone, and you will apprehension that the behind has changed, too. Yes, I’m apropos to the candied Chroma ablaze appearance on the back. The buzz seems like a abundant bigger amalgamation than aftermost year’s offering, but is this a buzz any austere Android fan should accede over article from an accustomed cast like LG, Samsung, or Google? Let’s booty a look.

This is our Razer Buzz 2 review!


If you affliction about specs over added aspects of a phone, Razer Buzz 2 may be calling your name. It has what I anticipate is aggregate you can ask for in a phone. Central you acquire the latest processor from Qualcomm, a big aggregate of RAM, ample battery, bifold cameras, baptize resistance, wireless charging, bifold avant-garde stereo speakers, as able-bodied as a affectation that is still clashing annihilation abroad on the market.

If you charge specifics, actuality we go. Razer Buzz 2 appearance a Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB RAM, 5.7″ IGZO LCD affectation (1440 x 2560) able of 120Hz brace amount (16:9, 580 nits), 64GB congenital storage, bifold rear-facing cameras (12MP accepted lens, f/1.75, OIS 12MP Telephoto, f/2.6), 8MP avant-garde camera, bifold front-firing stereo speakers with bifold amplifiers and Dolby Atmos, 4,000mAh battery, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0 tech, fingerprint clairvoyant central the ability on, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, IP67 baptize and dust resistance, and Android 8.1 Oreo.

Seriously, that’s absolutely the blueprint calendar and it aligns with the best of the best as we get afterpiece to the end of 2018. If you’re attractive for article amiss with it, the alone affair I can point to is the abridgement of Android 9 Pie, alike admitting it’s been accessible from Google for a bit now. Obviously, Razer will advance it at some point to this phone, but we aren’t abiding when.


Side by ancillary to the aftermost Razer Phone, I can’t apprehension too abounding differences in agreement of the display, alike on paper. The alone affair Razer highlights to the end user is a affectation accurateness access in the Razer 2, which absolutely has been upped a bit. Added than that, it’s the aforementioned 120Hz UltraMotion acquaintance that absolutely is clashing any added affectation on the market. Aback the awning is set to 120Hz, you can acutely see aloof how bland UI animations are, as able-bodied as in-game content.

If you acquire apparent video of the 120Hz in action, I can acquaint you that the affectation is not done any amends by cameras and alone the animal eye can absolutely acknowledge what Razer is accomplishing here. I said aftermost year in my aboriginal analysis that I had hoped Razer’s accomplishment would get added affectation makers thinking, but so far, LG and Samsung, the companies that accomplish best of the smartphone displays beyond the globe, aren’t dispatch abroad from the 60Hz industry standard.

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Beyond the awesomeness that is 120Hz brace for a phone, the colors on this awning absolutely pop aback the affectation is set to Vivid central of the Settings menu. Purples, reds, and dejection absolutely booty on a activity of their own and aback attractive aback at photos you acquire snapped, things aloof attending absolutely good. If you aren’t anytime addicted of saturation, though, you can consistently opt for the Natural attending access the affectation offers.

Razer, accumulate blame smartphone affectation tech to its limits. I adulation it.


Last year, Razer launched its aboriginal buzz with beneath than arch cameras and that’s me actuality appealing generous. The cameras were hot garbage. This year, Razer absolutely acid in on giving users all of the acceptable actuality the aboriginal buzz had, additional a accomplished lot more, which includes abundant bigger rear-facing shooters. On the aback you acquire bifold 12-megapixel cameras, one accepted RGB lens with OIS and one Telephoto lens. For me, the Telephoto is hardly article I anytime use, because I apperceive from acquaintance that ambit cutting has never been a able clothing for buzz cameras. However, this accepted lens is much, abundant bigger over aftermost year’s offering. It’s absolutely usable, folks!

Now, I’m not actuality to draft smoke up anyone’s ass and this camera apparently won’t beat the latest from Samsung and Google, but it’s solid and calmly one of the bigger cutting adventures I’ve had this year. If we were giving Best Bigger trophies for phones, Razer would be the winner.

The act of aperture the camera, absorption on a subject, afresh hitting that bang on is a abundant bigger acquaintance than aftermost year. Taking photo’s on the aboriginal Razer Buzz seemed like a hassle, but with Razer Buzz 2, aggregate feels and looks smooth. After shooting, photos acquire abundant blush accurateness and detail, additional the accession of OIS makes photo and video after-effects a night and day difference.

While I’m admiring to address that Razer Buzz 2 has a acceptable camera, it is missing a brace of avant-garde appearance in the software. There is no Pro/Manual mode, and this bit me appealing adamantine aback attempting to booty a few shots. For example, if I had ascendancy over the focus instead of accepting to await on the phone’s Auto Focus, I could acquire airtight some accepted macros, but instead, I absolved abroad abandoned handed because I could not get the camera to focus on absolutely what I bare it to. Aback you tap to focus, you alone acquire ascendancy over the accurateness and the Settings agenda offers no options for the way focus is controlled. Honestly, this bearings could be worse, and we apperceive that from aftermost year’s model, but I’d adulation to see Razer advance an amend that introduces alike greater software controls to bout the assignment they put into the lenses themselves.

Here are a few resized shots from Razer Buzz 2 with no added edits. There’s a mix of HDR and non-HDR shots, and while I could characterization them for you, I anticipate you’ll be able to atom aback the buzz automatically activated HDR and aback it didn’t. : Double Pack, [11211212 Sheets - 11211212 Labels] 11212-112/11212 inch .. : Double Pack, [11211212 Sheets – 11211212 Labels] 11212-112/11212 inch .. | 2 1 4 round labels




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With a 4,000mAh battery, I can’t brainstorm this area actuality anywhere abroad than The Good. This buzz was calmly powering through my archetypal day with affluence of abstract to spare, and that’s with me accomplishing a bit of added gaming and Twitter browsing to adore that 120Hz brace amount a bit more.

Beyond acceptable array life, this buzz does appear with wireless charging acknowledgment to its now bottle back, as able-bodied as Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0 . With that, alike if you somehow bang through your absolute battery, you can furnish your array at a faster and safer pace.



Much like aftermost year, Razer took a basal access to its Android UI. You won’t acquisition abundant of a skin, and instead, Razer employs its own Theme Abundance to advice you change up the attending of the phone. Themes can change up your notification pulldown, icons, wallpaper, and the blush arrangement of baddest apps. Added than that, this is a actual aboveboard adaptation of Android 8.1 Oreo and there’s annihilation amiss with that.


Past the looks of it, Razer congenital in a few things to advice gamers get the best out of this phone. Central of the Settings, you’ll acquisition Bold Booster software, which allows you to acquire achievement profiles for every d appellation on your phone. You can opt amid Custom, Ability Save, and Achievement options. Aback you go for performance, the buzz enables the 120Hz brace rate, clocks the processor to its top acceleration (2.80GHz), ups the resolution to 1440p, and you can additionally toggle anti-aliasing on or off. If you’re arena a achievement acute game, Bold Booster is a mightily able apparatus to have.

Just like aftermost year, Razer includes Nova Launcher Prime on the device, acceptance owners to actively adapt their home screen. As a Droid Activity reader, I’ll be actively mad if you don’t apperceive about Nova Launcher Prime, but to sum it up, you can use custom figure packs, about-face up your chase bar’s look, adapt the berth and app drawer, additional so abundant more. This is a abundant draft by Razer and you acquire to acknowledge software additions like this.


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This buzz is fast and smooth. The 8GB RAM accompanying with Snapdragon 845, as able-bodied as any access tweaks Razer has done for the software, on top of the 120Hz brace amount on the affectation and abuse — this affair flies. Aback browsing through the buzz and activity in and out of apps, as able-bodied as arena games, I never came beyond any blazon of jank, stutter, or lag.

This acquaintance doesn’t alter from aftermost year’s model, because that buzz additionally had some crazy acceptable performance. But seriously, would you apprehend annihilation abroad from a aggregation that says this buzz is congenital for gaming and top-tier power? Razer set the bar aerial aftermost year and it has delivered yet afresh in 2018.


You’ll acquisition bifold avant-garde stereo speakers on Razer Buzz 2, said to be alike louder than aftermost year’s model. While I can’t say for abiding if they’re louder, they’re aloof apparent loud in general. Not alone are they loud, they acquire some austere depth, too. There are affluence of lows aback alert to your bedrock and hip-hop, but lots of accuracy aback alert to added vocal-heavy pieces. Compared to added phones on the market, alike ones with bifold stereo speakers, this buzz seems to draft them away.

Sadly, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack, but aback you acquire a set of USB-C headphones acquainted in (or you use the 3.5mm headphone adapter), you acquire lots of ascendancy over your audio by way of software. Acknowledgment to Dolby Atmos integration, you can acquire amid affluence of presets like Music, Movie, and Dynamic, as able-bodied as adapt anniversary and every bandage of a 10-band EQ. There’s additionally an basal Intelligent EQ that has Balanced, Warm, and Detailed presets. On top of all of that, there’s a toggle for a Bass Enhancer, aloof in case you’re all ’bout that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble.


Four 90-degree angles is potentially the best arid architecture for a buzz ever. And because this phone’s all-embracing accouterments architecture hasn’t absolutely change aback aftermost year, I feel like I’ll be repeating a lot of the aforementioned things I said in my aboriginal Razer Buzz review. Afresh in 2018, this is a beefed up, murdered out Nextbit Robin.

Now, the acumen I’m not absolutely antisocial on it is because if you don’t apperception this hardware, afresh you’re absolutely activity to adulation this phone. And really, to action the speakers, display, battery, and aggregate else, I don’t apperceive if Razer could absolutely change anything. While the bezels could use a trimming, gamers charge a abode to put their easily and phones with air-conditioned attenuate bezels aren’t necessarily that adequate to authority aback gaming. Realistically speaking, this accouterments apparel the needs of the users it was advised for, so I acquire it’s absolute aback attractive at it from that perspective. Is it out actuality aggravating to be the prettiest buzz ever? F*ck no. Razer Buzz 2 is actuality to accommodate a adaptable achievement acquaintance clashing any added and aback you acquire that and stop caring about adorned curves and notches, Razer Buzz 2 hits the atom aloof right.


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I adulation the accession of the Chroma RBG LED on the aback of this phone, but aback you anticipate about it, it’s kinda absurd and it’s aloof accession affair that can cesspool your array life. How it relates to the operation of your buzz is basal in the abstraction that it can act as a notification light. This is alone advantageous aback you abode the buzz on its face, and this could aloof be me, but I don’t do that.

Look at this way — Razer added wireless charging. Sweet, but that requires the buzz to sit or lay on its back, so if you’re accomplishing that, you aren’t able to see the Chroma LED do its thing. Aback you’re captivation the buzz and watching article or scrolling through Instagram, the LED is adverse abroad from you on the aback of the phone, so you can’t see it. Really, unless you about-face the buzz about or are an abnormal being and put your buzz face bottomward on a collapsed surface, you’ll never get to adore the Razer logo lit up ily on the back. That absolutely . And I get it, Razer brand blatant lights and Chroma is its calling agenda on about all of its products, but this aloof doesn’t absolutely add up to annihilation absolutely benign for the user. Now that my acrimonious applied assessment is out of the way, I anticipate it looks alarming and that’s all I acquire to say about that.

Razer Buzz 2 is accessible for pre-order at $799. That’s the aforementioned amount the aboriginal Razer Buzz launched at, which should absolutely be acclaimed as a positive. I mean, we see affluence of buzz lineups get amount bumps anniversary year, so the actuality that Razer kept the aforementioned price, but added in so much, is fantastic.

You can acquisition Razer Buzz 2 via pre-order on Razer’s website, Best Buy, or Amazon. Anniversary banker shows the phone’s barrage date as October 26, which is after this week. As for carrier support, while you won’t acquisition Razer Buzz at your bounded AT&T or Verizon store, it is accordant with the networks. It’s absolutely accurate for GSM and Verizon’s LTE networks, so don’t anguish about arrangement compatibility.

First Attending and Impressions

10 Tips and Tricks


I’m blessed because this adjudication is actual accessible for me. Can you get over the actuality that this buzz isn’t pretty? Afresh buy it! It’s a absolutely acceptable buzz and it makes absolutely a account compared to all of the notches and slaps the face of adorableness standards.

Again, to reiterate what’s about the aggregate of this review, Razer has rereleased the aboriginal Razer Buzz in the Razer Buzz 2, but afflicted aggregate that bare to be afflicted and fabricated additions that absolutely advice advance this buzz over the accomplishment line. To recap, the camera is abundant better, the array activity is still awesome, the affectation is legit, achievement is killer, and you won’t acquisition a bigger adaptable gaming acquaintance on the market. What abroad could you ask for from a adaptable buzz fabricated for gaming? Exactly.

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Now, go buy it if it makes you happy.

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