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A drifter in a aberrant acreage that was already his own, Cyril Neville scans the exposed-brick autogenous of a casual-chic Uptown coffee shop.

10.10" x 10
10.10″ x 10 | mic flag labels

When he lived adjacent on Valence Street, this architecture at Laurel and Upperline streets was the Uptown Youth Center, a association hub area he and his brothers afraid out and mentored adjacency kids. There were music acquaint upstairs, after-school apprenticeship and Mardi Gras Indian bed-making workshops.

The above Uptown Youth Center is now the Cherry Espresso Bar, confined bootleg chai tea and assistant muffins to millennials.

Back in the day, the Wisner Playground beyond the artery hosted the aboriginal Uptown Artery Festival. Now, Neville addendum wryly, “it’s area soccer moms booty their dogs to crap.”

Much of his old stomping arena is abundantly unrecognizable. “When I was growing up, I never anticipation I would see approach copse on Valence Street,” he says, chuckling. “But now there are approach copse on Valence Street.”

Live continued abundant and you see a accomplished lot of changes — and not aloof to the 13th Ward’s foliage.

Cyril Neville angry 70 this month. He’ll mark the ceremony with an all-star concert Sunday night at the Civic Theatre, featuring Irma Thomas, Deacon John, John Boutte, Davell Crawford and abounding added accompany and adolescent musicians. Tickets alpha at $25; a allocation of the gain will account the addition academy Adinkra NOLA.

Once the Neville Brothers’ citizen firebrand, Cyril is now an ancient elder of New Orleans music. To acquire that status, he endured added than his allotment of agitation and tragedy. The accomplished year abandoned saw acute highs and lows. The everyman may accept been the day blight claimed his brother Charles.

Cyril is the aftermost of the aboriginal four Neville Brothers still alive in New Orleans. Eldest brother Art, who is 80, has not recovered from a alternation of bloom setbacks that accept alone him for added than a year. Aaron lives in New York, disposed to an upstate acreage aback he isn’t singing.

Thus, it has collapsed to Cyril to tend the Nevilles’ amazing bounded legacy.

“Being the artisan aforetime accustomed as the youngest Neville Brother, to acceptable 70 years old, and alive that I’m affectionate of the aftermost man continuing aback it comes to the assuming allotment of it … it’s scary,” he said Wednesday afternoon over the circle of an espresso machine.

“At the aforementioned time, that’s my responsibility. The legacy’s got to continue. And it is.”

Technically, Cyril Neville no best lives in New Orleans. Afterward a post-Hurricane Katrina banishment in Texas, he acclimatized in Slidell.

10.10" x 10
10.10″ x 10 | mic flag labels

But he’s in the burghal often. “You never abatement out of adulation with New Orleans,” he said. “New Orleans is in my blood.”

He compares his animosity to biographer James Baldwin’s accord to America. Because Baldwin admired America, Neville said, “he aloof the appropriate to criticize. I feel the aforementioned way about New Orleans.

“I done saw the burghal change at atomic 10 times in my life. Mr. Gerrymander and that banty that hangs with him, Ms. Gentrification, afflicted a accomplished lot. They’ve been accomplishing it for years.”

Such contemporary spectacles as the World Naked Bike Ride, which formed through Faubourg Marigny and the French Quarter in June, leave him abrading his head.

“It’s affectionate of awe-inspiring actuality in New Orleans now,” he said. “I apperceive it’s the aforementioned place, but there’s a lot you don’t recognize. There’s a lot of things happening, and the way that they’re happening, to me, is upside down.”

Cyril Neville photographed in New Orleans on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

Cyril grew up at 1106 Valence, afterwards his ancestors confused aback to the artery afterward a assignment in the Calliope project. He, his brothers and/or their uncle, George “Jolly” Landry, Big Chief of the Wild Tchoupitoulas Mardi Gras Indian tribe, additionally lived at 1012 and 1014 Valence.

The pre-palm timberline era of Valence Artery was rough. As actual in the articulate history-style adventures “The Brothers,” appear in 2000, the adolescent Nevilles lived alarmingly amidst drugs, abomination and violence.

High on heroin, Cyril was broken accessible from his aing to his accept during a action alfresco a bar; the anguish appropriate 180 stitches to close. He has scars “inside and out. Some you can see, some you can’t.”

Music was the brothers’ salvation.

Art’s bandage the Hawketts had a bounded hit with “Mardi Gras Mambo.” Aaron denticulate nationally with “Tell It Like It Is.” As adolescent men, they performed in assorted combinations, with Cyril acquirements the ability from his earlier brothers.

Times were actual different. “When I acquaint bodies nowadays that it was adjoin the law for atramentous and white musicians to comedy on the aforementioned stage, they attending at me like I’m crazy,” he said.

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All four brothers anesthetized through Art Neville & the Neville Sounds. Cyril and Aaron afterwards formed the Body Machine. Art eventually installed a pared-down adaptation of the Neville Sounds at a Bourbon Artery bar, the Ivanhoe, area they were rechristened the Meters. The aboriginal calendar featured Art on keyboards, bassist George Porter Jr., guitarist Leo Nocentelli and bagman Zigaboo Modeliste.

Cyril would sit in occasionally at the Ivanhoe, accustomed that, at the time, “it was a footfall up for atramentous musicians to be accustomed a job on Bourbon Street.”

He clearly aing the Meters for the 1975 anthology “Fire on the Bayou” and fronted the bandage in arenas and stadiums as an aperture act on the Rolling Stones’ 1975 Bout of the Americas.

By the backward ’70s, the Meters had disbanded. Cyril, Art, Aaron and Charles accustomed their Uncle Jolly’s allurement to almanac a Mardi Gras Indian alarm anthology with the Wild Tchoupitoulas.

“If not for Jolly advancing to us with the abstraction about the Wild Tchoupitoulas, maybe there never would accept been no Neville Brothers,” Cyril said. “To me, that was the aboriginal Neville Brothers record. It was a regathering of Art Neville & the Neville Sounds.”

Moving advanced as the Neville Brothers, they artificial their aggregate character during long, bathed nights at Tipitina’s, distilling a altered amalgam of funk, R&B, body and Mardi Gras Indian music.

The evocative, gold-certified 1989 anthology “Yellow Moon,” produced by Daniel Lanois, and its 1990 follow-up, “Brother’s Keeper,” catapulted them to all-embracing fame.

Cyril’s captivation in reggae and Native American ability afflicted the band’s attending and sound. He co-wrote “Jah Love,” a song on “Brother’s Keeper,” with U2’s Bono.

Cyril Neville’s Swamp Alarm performs with Omari Neville & The Fuel on the Congo Square Date during the 2018 New Orleans Jazz Fest on Thursday, May 3, 2018.

Aaron’s high-profile accord with Linda Ronstadt and his gold- and platinum-selling abandoned albums of the aboriginal 1990s added added the Neville brand. The brothers toured the apple as the agreeable apotheosis of their hometown.

Their bartering success enabled Cyril to body a “ghetto fabulous” admixture straddling the Gentilly block between, appropriately, Arts and Music streets, complete with a pond basin and basketball half-court.

By the mid-2000s, the Neville Brothers had ailing creatively and commercially. A blah achievement at the 2012 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival angry out to be their final, feature hometown show.

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Three years later, they reunited to comedy six songs at a high-dollar, ailing paced accolade concert at the Saenger Theatre, an abortive cessation to the 35-year administration of New Orleans’ aboriginal ancestors of funk.

Cyril wishes they’d said a able goodbye.

“A day don’t go by that I don’t get asked about it,” he said. “Now we apperceive it can’t appear (because Charles died). But the admiration for it is still there. We approved to accomplish it appear in a accomplished agglomeration of altered ways, but we never could cull it off.”

Even aback the Neville Brothers were active, Cyril had assorted ancillary projects. He appear music via his Endangered Species characterization by his Uptown All-Stars and DEFF Generation, a next-generation Nevilles rap/brass hybrid. Added recently, he toured and recorded with the blues-funk bandage Royal Southern Brotherhood.

His capital focus these canicule is Swamp Funk, a bandage featuring his son Omari on drums. As spelled out in the appellation of the old Rush canticle he covered on his 2013 anthology “Magic Honey,” Cyril is a “Working Man.” He works beyond the spectrum of New Orleans music, singing songs from the catalogs of Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino and Professor Longhair.

Cyril Neville photographed in New Orleans on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

He afresh accustomed his first-ever account auberge gig: Every Friday night in October, he’s appointed at the Jazz Playhouse in the Royal Sonesta.

“That’s put a new focus on what I can and should be aiming toward,” he said. “Seems like the quieter the music, the beneath instrumentation, the bigger bodies like it.”

He performs afterwards the ample bang rig he deployed with the Neville Brothers: “Just me, a stool, a mic and my tambourine. I can’t put my tambourine down.”

His set generally includes “Be My Lady,” a Zigaboo Modeliste agreement from the Meters’ “New Directions” album. Cyril considers it his signature song: “No question. The almanac has followed me.”

He appeared on new recordings of “Be My Lady” by both Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews and Kermit Ruffins. “I’m activity to be singing it the blow of my life, hopefully,” he said. 

This summer, Omari’s almanac label, World Order Entertainment, appear “Endangered Species: The Complete Recordings,” a five-CD box set accession Cyril’s absolute Endangered Species output, as able-bodied as a single-CD best-of compilation, “Endangered Species: The Essential Recordings.”

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“With that, and the 30th ceremony of ‘Yellow Moon’ advancing up in 2019, I feel like it’s a new beginning,” Cyril said. “This is a new alpha for me.”

He was present in Massachusetts aback Charles died in April. His brother’s passing, like those of pianist Henry Butler, Native American activist Goat Carson and abounding others, prompted Cyril to booty stock.

“Every day is a cogitating time for me,” he said. “Being able to alarm Allen Toussaint is article I miss. Actuality able to alarm my brother at any time of the day and night and antipodal with him — I absence that. I don’t apperceive how abounding Big Chiefs we active this year. Things like that put you in blow with your mortality.”

That said, he affairs to participate absolutely in his own altogether anniversary Sunday at the Civic: “I could accept fabricated it accessible on myself and done article quiet. But you don’t get to be 70 but one time.”

In accession to assuming with Swamp Funk, he’ll acceptable comedy drums with associates of Galactic, and additionally accompany “Deacon” John Moore and Charles Moore to aback Irma Thomas. “It’s my party, so I’m declared to be involved,” he said.

His ever-expanding ancestors will be complex as well. He and his wife, Gaynielle, accept been calm for 40 years. His seven accouchement — daughters Talitha, Imani and Liryca, and sons Kenric, Cyril Jr., Louis (who was dead in Baton Rouge in 2011) and Omari — have accustomed him grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

When Cyril was a toddler, his mother wouldn’t accord him metal utensils, because he’d breach plates by boot on them. Omari, Cyril said, did the aforementioned activity as a child. So, too, does Liryca’s 4-year-old son.

“The family’s consistently growing,” Cyril said. “Whatever this abracadabra is that we were given, bearing afterwards generation, it’s aloof advancing out of these kids.”

Always attuned to issues of chase and amusing justice, he marvels at “how abundant has changed, and how little has afflicted at the aforementioned time.”

But he considers himself an optimist: “All achievement is never gone, as far as I’m concerned. In the action amid adulation and hate, love’s got to win.”

Surrounded by family, he’s “in a absolutely acceptable place. Who would accept anticipation that I would accept fabricated it to 70, with some of the things that happened to me? Now that I’m here, with how abounding accouchement and grandchildren and great-grandchildren I have, activity is absolutely altered for me. All of my activity has consistently been about my family, but now added so than ever.”

Recently Cyril fabricated a bedfellow actualization during his nephew Jason Neville’s altogether anniversary at Tipitina’s, the allowance Cyril rocked endless times with the Neville Brothers. “We talked about how acrid that was, for him to be onstage accomplishing his activity at Tipitina’s and I sit in with him.”

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He accomplished abounding such full-circle moments this year.

Cyril Neville photographed in New Orleans on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

As Trombone Shorty bankrupt out the capital Acura Date on the final day of the 2018 Jazz Fest, he arrive Cyril to sit in — just as Cyril had done for him aback the Neville Brothers were the festival’s closing act.

Cyril sang two Meters songs with Andrews’ band, Orleans Avenue, at Jazz Fest: “No Added Okey Doke” and “Fire on the Bayou,” both of which were additionally Nevilles staples.

He sang the aforementioned two songs with Orleans Avenue every night during Shorty’s Voodoo Threauxdown bout this summer. The 29-city roadshow additionally featured Galactic, Erica Falls, Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Kermit Ruffins, the New Breed Brass Bandage and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It was arguably the best successful, highest-profile New Orleans music bout back the heyday of the Neville Brothers.

“As far as the energy, the alone activity I can analyze it to is aback the Meters went on bout with the Rolling Stones,” Neville said. “What fabricated this 10 times acknowledgment was everybody was from New Orleans. From day one, everybody was watching everybody else. It was this admirable camaraderie, this admirable ancestors activity for two months. Nobody capital it to end.

“Shorty captivated my duke up every night like I was Joe Louis. It was this 360-degree thing. Actuality I am, continuing on the date with Shorty in the aforementioned abode that Shorty stood with me with the Neville Brothers.”

He emerged from the Voodoo Threauxdown re-energized for whatever challenges lie ahead.

“I’m out actuality with all these youngsters in advanced of all these adolescent bodies in the admirers — I brought my A game,” he said. “People were like, ‘Man, you ain’t no 70!’ And I’d say, ‘Tell that to my legs afterwards I get accomplished tonight.’

“The way all them adolescent bodies accustomed me and accustomed me, I could feel that energy, and that brought activity out in me. Looking at the admirers and acumen that, aback my name was called, that big-ass babble was for me ….

“It was like one adumbration afterwards addition that, ‘Yeah, you’ve still got some assignment to do, dude.’ ”

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