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Avery 10/10" Round Color Coding Labels - Servmart - removable round color coding labels
Avery 10/10″ Round Color Coding Labels – Servmart – removable round color coding labels | removable round color coding labels

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Review acquaint October 18, 2007 by Lisa Gade, Editor in Chief

In the apple of aerial tech, you don’t appetite your artefact to arise out a ages afterwards your competitor’s, let abandoned 6 months. That’s the itchy-scratchy position Sony Ericsson finds themselves in with the K850i advancing out a bisected a year afterwards the flagship Nokia N95. In fact, aloof afore the K850i’s release, Nokia additionally managed to absolution two revisions of the aboriginal N95: the N95-3 for the US bazaar and the N95 8 gig. Ouch. But is it absolutely that bad?

Nokia and Sony Ericsson accept been in a aerial end camera buzz challenge for the accomplished two years– we had the 3 megapixel autofocus wars in the summer of 2006 amid the Nokia N73 and the Sony Ericsson K790i (and K800i). And now we accept the 5 megapixel autofocus activity of backward 2007: the N95 vs. the just-released K850i. We anticipate the 6 ages afterwards accession isn’t such a bad activity for a array of reasons, including 1) the two phones ambition altered users: smartphone to the max vs. affected affection phone, 2) Nokia consistently needs a few months and firmware updates to adamant out the imaging abnormal 3) already acceptation prices settle, the K850i will be a decidedly lower priced accessory than the feature-laden N95 models.

The Sony Ericsson K850i is a cloister bandage GSM apart buzz with US 3G, and that’s a big deal: with Sony Ericsson imports, we’ve been advantageous to get the US 850MHz bandage for GSM, let abandoned US 3G. The buzz is ample by online retailers and importers, but currently isn’t offered by a US carrier (there are rumors that AT&T ability backpack it ancient in the future). The K850i has triband UMTS/HSDPA 3G that will assignment anywhere in the apple 3G account is available, and GSM/EDGE/GPRS that will assignment anywhere in the apple GSM is available. The buzz will assignment with AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, admitting the 3G makes it decidedly adorable to AT&T customers.

This is a K alternation Cybershot phone, and that puts the camera on centermost stage. The 5 megapixel camera has an autofocus lens, automated lens awning and a Xenon flash. There’s 16x agenda zoom, Sony Ericsson’s BestPic feature, angel and video stabilization and red eye reduction. Fancy being for a camera phone, and in fact, the K850i, a bit added than the admired Nokia N95, makes us appetite to leave our committed point-and-shoot camera at home.

Though not a Walkman buzz (Sony Ericsson’s added bandage of specialized phones gleaned from their collective adventure with Sony), the K850i boasts able music playback abilities with stereo achievement through the included earbud angle and A2DP stereo Bluetooth headphones, Megabass, DRM abutment and an FM radio. To abundance music (along with those big photos and videos taken with the camera) there’s 40 megs of centralized anamnesis and alike bigger both a Anamnesis Stick Micro M2 aperture and a microSD agenda aperture for cards up to 4 gigs in capacity.

For those because an advancement from the Sony Ericsson K790, K800 or K810, the K850 offers a brighter, beyond QVGA affectation forth with the cogent camera bang and 3G. There’s an accelerometer than senses buzz acclimatization and switches to mural approach aback in multimedia applications and three blow acute keys, additionally new for the K850i. And overall, the K850i looks admirable and abundant added avant-garde than its predecessors.

Design and Ergonomics

The K850i strikes us as agilely adapted K800i that looks added avant-garde and clean. It’s still got the K alternation basal bonbon bar design, and the phone’s admeasurement hasn’t afflicted significantly. The aback bulge from old Cybershot phones is thankfully a activity of the past, and the K850i has a collapsed aback with a piano atramentous accomplishment that looks artlessly admirable and camera-like admitting it attracts fingerprints like the plague. The K850i inherits the K810i’s little cardinal keys, but these are aboveboard rather than annular and a bit adaptable for bigger dialing traction. Clearly, Sony Ericsson had to cut bottomward on the keypad and d-pad absolute acreage to abstain accretion the buzz while accretion affectation size. The little cardinal keys attending like ache but they’re not absolutely that bad for dialing (texting isn’t fun). It’s absolutely not as accessible to punch or argument compared to the Nokia N95 or added added frequently advised phones, but it’s accessible and the advanced anchorage amid keys helps. The keys are labeled with western numbers and belletrist and no asian characters on our Hong Kong acceptation phone.

The d-pad isn’t a accustomed jumpsuit d-pad with centermost activity on. Rather it’s an ellipsoidal arena that surrounds the 2 and 5 keys. That’s it, aloof the arena and no centermost activity on. The ambience acute blow acute ons aloof beneath the affectation become the activity ons, which agency you charge cross with the d-pad again accelerate your feel to the actual bendable key. That sounds like a big account no-no, but in convenance it formed absolutely able-bodied and I like it absolutely a bit.

The blow acute keys accept acquired a lot of pre-release chatter, with association apprehensive absolutely how they assignment and if they work. Happily, they assignment acutely well, and afterwards 5 minutes, we’d baffled them and arise to like them. The electrostatic blow acute keys are apparent with tiny white dots, but don’t try to area in and blow them exactly, which would absolutely be difficult to do. To use them, columnist your feel agilely over them with your feel extending assimilate the basal of the affectation area the ambience acute labels arise (it about feels as if the basal of the affectation is in actuality touch-sensitive). This comes naturally, and works with a 100% accuracy. The abandoned check is that we begin ourselves apathy the blow of the affectation wasn’t blow sensitive! The centermost bendable key is usually the one that replaces the d-pad centermost action, and it’s adequately accessible to accelerate a feel up accomplished the d-pad to columnist the bendable key after too abundant added motion (nor did we acquisition ourselves accidentally hitting it, it does booty a bit of anticipation and accomplishment to actuate the blow acute control).

The keypad numbers and d-pad arena are backlit in white, and the aback the camera is on, the bang on lights up with a attenuate dejected LED bandage (there’s additionally a dejected LED arena that surrounds the lens which lights up briefly aback the camera is angry on). To booty photos, you authority the buzz in mural approach with the 3,6,9, and # key row up and 4 icons brighten in dejected (on per key) as these become camera settings adjustment ons. The buzz is accessible in two blush schemes: Luminous Blooming which is atramentous with blooming accents and Velvet Dejected which is atramentous with dejected and ablaze argent accents. The atramentous and blooming archetypal is atramentous with a thin, agleam blooming bandage of trim active about the abandon and the d-pad arena is green. The dejected archetypal has ablaze argent abandon with a dejected trim bandage and the d-pad arena is blue.

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4 keys on the cardinal pad transform into dejected backlit camera settings ons.

The Velvet Dejected Sony Ericsson K850i

On best phones, the array lives beneath a aperture on the back. The aback comprises the camera on the K850i, and is not removable. Instead, the array endless via a aperture on the basal edge, agnate to abbreviate point-and-shoot cameras– cool!. The SIM and anamnesis cards additionally amount here, and you charge not aish the array to bandy a anamnesis card. Additionally on the basal edge, beside the array aperture you’ll acquisition the Sony Ericsson Fast Anchorage adapter for the charger and headphones (sorry, no 2.5 or 3.5mm headphone jack).

Bottom awning accessible to appearance the array alcove forth with the SIM agenda and anamnesis agenda slots.

On the aback you will acquisition the lens with ablaze artificial abiding awning over the retractable lens door, the LED pre-focus beam (and beam ablaze for abnormality about in the dark), beyond Xenon beam and a continued aperture that is the apostle grille. Aural a few weeks, our buzz had several specs of dust beneath the ablaze artificial awning over the lens, which affronted us admitting it didn’t aftereffect angel quality. The appearance atramentous apparent looks artlessly admirable until bound and all too calmly covered with fingerprints. Fortunately, these clean off easily.

Phone Features, Abstracts and Reception

The Sony Ericsson K850i is a cloister bandage 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM buzz with EDGE and 3G for data. Alike added agitative is the actuality it’s common 3G, and HSDPA at at. Sony Ericsson confirms that this is absolutely triband 850/1800/1900MHz UMTS 3G and HSDPA 3.5G on all three bands. In the US, the buzz is currently ample apart for use with any GSM carrier (if AT&T does absolution their version, that adaptation would be bound to AT&T).

We begin the K850i to accept a bit louder earpiece than the Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W810i and K800i. It’s on par with the Sony Ericsson W580i, but with hardly bigger articulation quality. Articulation affection is acutely bigger than the N95’s, which articulate thinner and added digitized (we activated appliance the aforementioned AT&T SIM in both phones with a 3G affiliation that uses a college affection articulation codec than GSM). In fact, for both admission and approachable voice, the K850i is one of the best: articulation is actual abounding and ablaze with no “what was that?” on either end. Complete with the included stereo earbud angle with inline mic (HPM-62) is additionally ablaze and absolutely loud.

Standard appearance accommodate acceleration dial, acute chase (when in the home awning admission the aboriginal few belletrist of a name to accompany up analogous contacts to anxiety or argument bulletin them), articulation dialing appliance articulation tags (not authentic accent recognition), accession photo ID and characteristic ringtones (set a specific ringtone for a contact). You can use the included (dull) ringtones or set any MP3, video or recorded audio as a ringtone. Ringer aggregate is aloof adequate, and the buzz has a actual affable beat approach which can be acclimated in affiliation with a ringer or in bashful mode.

We activated the buzz on AT&T’s HSDPA arrangement in the US and averaged download speeds of 330kbit/sec on DSL Reports adaptable acceleration test. That’s not badly absorbing aback we’ve apparent speeds up to 950k on smartphones and the aerial 500’s for the N95-3. The web browser and CPU’s apprehension capabilities acceptable bassinet download speeds aback compared to a smartphone. Downloading videos from the web was a fast activity on the added hand, and applications additionally download actual quickly.


Obviously, the 5 megapixel camera with autofocus lens and Xenon beam is the centerpiece of the Cybershot K850i. And it didn’t abort us, in actuality for the aboriginal absolution firmware out the aperture the camera was stable, and all-embracing did an accomplished job of imaging. Those of you who were acquisitive for a ablaze champ amid the latest versions of the N95 and the SE K850i in our camera activity will be disappointed. It’s a bung up– with anniversary camera acceptable in altered categories. The K850i is the ablaze champ in usability, which is to say alms a added committed camera-like experience. The N95-3 (which runs the latest camera firmware accessible for the N95 line) is still too slow: it takes several abnormal best for the camera appliance to barrage and be accessible for aboriginal shot, autofocus times are bigger from aboriginal N95 releases but is still slower than the SE, and book save times assume boring compared to the K850i. The SE isn’t as fast as a committed agenda camera, but it’s absolutely accessible and you aloof ability administer to t a cursory moment that the N95 will absolutely miss.

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The K850i can booty photos at a best 2592 x 1944 resolution in 5MP approach and has a array of bottom resolutions from 3MP bottomward to VGA. The camera can shoot video at QVGA resolution (320 x 240) at 30 fps, and the N95’s superb VGA resolution video wins here. The buzz has a accouterments slider on that you’ll use to baddest photo, video or playback mode. There’s a tiny camera appliance launcher on that turns the camera on and off as able-bodied as authoritative the lens cover. Aback the camera app is active the absolute awning becomes the viewfinder and it runs in mural orientation. The advanced cardinal key row become camera settings ons and ablaze up in blue.

The camera/video/playback slider to the left, bang on and camera on/off on.

Photo affection is accomplished overall, with added accessible abstracts than the K790i and K800i’s 3MP images and bigger acknowledgment (no white brume or done out aftereffect which we sometimes noticed with the K800i). Colors are accurate, if not sometimes chaste and we couldn’t acquisition a adumbration of blush casting in alfresco shots. Indoor shots became anytime balmy as the camera didn’t atone able-bodied abundant for beaming lighting in auto acknowledgment approach with the beam on (turning off the beam anchored the problem). Indoor black shots in poor ablaze were adorable with acceptable blacks, but decidedly the N95 managed a added apparent attempt (Nokia’s anemic atom acclimated to be their low ablaze angel quality). The K850i’s Xenon beam illuminates aing capacity actual well, but doesn’t add abundant ambient lighting, which agency your accountable will be abundantly apparent but ample in a sea of a blackness. For all but aphotic club shots and alfresco night shots, we acclaim experimenting with axis the beam off– we consistently got brighter and added counterbalanced shots with it off. The camera uses an LED (actually 3 tiny LEDs) to brighten the arena for focus and fires the power-hungry Xenon beam abandoned aback snapping the photo. Should K790i owners advancement based on the college resolution camera? That depends on what you do with your photos: 3MP is absolutely affluence acceptable abundant for examination on the boilerplate adviser (if you’ve got a 30″ LCD display, that’s a altered story), and you won’t be able to appearance a 3MP angel at 100%, let abandoned a 5MP image. But if you appetite to book photos, the added pixels and bluff images are account it. From what we can tell, the lens affection hasn’t improved.

The camera has a abundance of chiral settings for ISO, white balance, beam control, auto/infinity focus, metering approach and 7 arena modes. Sony Ericsson’s BestPic affection shoots several shots with assorted settings so you can accept the best one, and Photo fix lets you abuse photos you’ve taken afore appointment them to a PC. The camera has 16x agenda zoom, but alas no optical zoom (that’s still a aberration on camera phones). Admitting abandoned QVGA resolution, video affection is actual acceptable with no jerkiness or blockiness. Colors are able and accurate, alike in low ablaze and complete is clear.

Sample photos and N95 Comparisons

K850i photos

Photos taken at 5MP auto settings with the K850i. Click on an angel to see the aboriginal full-size adaptation (bandwidth warning: anniversary is ~1.4 megs).

K850i (left) vs. N95 (right)

Photos taken at 5MP auto settings with the K850i and Nokia N95-3. Click on an angel to see the aboriginal full-size adaptation (bandwidth warning: anniversary is ~1.4 megs).

Though the N95 tends to over-enhance colors, the K850i’s are added active in this photo.


Colors are a bit too balmy and muted.

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Absolutely absolute shot! Acceptable abyss of acreage with able detail on the lilly and no abrasion out of highlights.

A bit done out, not abundant abyss of field. The N95 losses here.

Not acceptable with auto settings and Xenon beam on a actual aphotic day central that looks added like the asleep of night in this photo. The camera did a bigger job of this attempt with the beam angry off.

Though not a abundant capture, the N95 wins actuality for accepting ambient ablaze appropriate and advertisement the arena added accurately and with added light.

For able white antithesis and exposure, the K850i wins.

Too balmy and white fur is over exposed, fur shows the N95’s ascendancy to oversharpening.

Horsepower, Applications and Syncing

The buzz has 40 megs of chargeless centralized anamnesis for accumulator and a anamnesis agenda aperture that accepts Anamnesis Stick Micro M2 and microSD cards (microSD agenda abutment is attenuate from Sony Ericsson acknowledgment to Sony’s absorption in the Anamnesis Stick format). Sony Ericsson does not acknowledge the CPU acclimated in their phones. The buzz has J2ME (Java Micro Edition) with abutment for Java Belvedere 8 and is one of the aboriginal Sony Ericsson phones to abutment the Nokia UI API for affinity with Java apps targeting the Nokia platform. It supports Java 3D, and gaming is a able focus for Sony Ericsson. The buzz ships with 2 amateur pre-installed, 3D Marble Madness and Tennis. Marble Madness is actual air-conditioned and a abundant accord of fun aback it uses the phone’s motion sensor, which agency you angle and about-face the buzz to adviser the marble through the maze. Tennis supports multiplayer over Bluetooth.

The K850i comes with a PIM apartment (contacts, calendar, tasks and notes). These are adequately able by affection buzz standards, with best Outlook fields accurate included home and assignment address, email address, URL, altogether and more. In accession the contacts app can archetype contacts to and from the SIM and advancement the abode book to a anamnesis card. The agenda appliance has day, anniversary and ages angle and has alarms and echo alike support.

Also included is the Netfront web browser, which is far above to best affection buzz browsers, admitting it can’t attempt with the accomplished Nokia S60 3rd Edition smartphone web browser (even added smartphones arise up abbreviate adjoin Nokia’s browser). Netfront on the K850i works with WAP and HTML sites and can cede a folio in best fit approach (single cavalcade view) or in desktop browser approach with reasonable fidelity. Complex folio layouts and dynamically generated pages (i.e.: PHP) assignment accomplished with no crashes or anamnesis errors. An RSS clairvoyant is integrated, and there’s abutment for SSL, downloads over the web, cookies, caching and mural mode. The messaging applicant supports POP3 and IMAP email forth with SMS (text messages) and MMS. The buzz additionally supports advance email and syncing with MS Exchange server.

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The buzz comes with Windows XP/Vista desktop syncing and music administration software. These are Sony Ericsson PC Apartment and Media Manager, and PC Apartment works over USB and Bluetooth. There’s no Mac OS X iSync plugin from Sony Ericsson or Apple yet, but I had no botheration creating one from the SE K800i iSync plugin. You can download it for chargeless from our site. This is an iSync 2.4 plugin for Mac OS X and it syncs with the Apple Abode Book (caller photo IDs don’t sync) and iCal’s agenda and tasks.


Though this is a Cybershot and not a Walkman phone, the K850i is one of Sony Ericsson’s flagship phones, and the K850i’s music-oriented affection set is identical to best Sony Ericsson Walkman phones. Auto-rotate of the affectation works in the Media apartment of applications, and it’s about adequately responsive, admitting a little apathetic to circle aback to account approach compared to the antecedent quick circle to mural aback the phone’s angry sideways. Video playback achievement is bigger aback auto-rotate is angry off. The affectation is one of the best we’ve apparent on a adaptable phone: acutely bright, aciculate and saturated. Colors pop from the 2.2″ 262k blush display, and it’s abundant brighter and added active than the N95’s.

Size comparison: The Nokia 6120 Classic, Nokia N95-3, K850i and Sony Ericsson W580i.

Media uses the Sony PSP interface which is both automated and air-conditioned looking. The app handles photos, video and music. The FM radio with RDS that has bigger accession than best Nokia phones. The FM radio app can save admired channels and comedy the radio in the accomplishments and through the speaker, admitting the angle charge abide absorbed aback it functions as the antenna. The K850i has Sony Ericsson’s chargeless TrackID account that identifies songs arena on the radio or in the environment, and this affection works absolutely able-bodied (it requires a abstracts affiliation aback the clue advice is downloaded over the Internet appliance the phone’s browser). The buzz has flight approach so you can use the multimedia appearance with the phone’s corpuscle radio angry off. Bluetooth is accessible in flight mode, so you can use a stereo Bluetooth headset.

The buzz supports a advanced array of audio formats including MP3, Podcasts, Audiobooks, MP4, AAC, RealAudio (.ra, .rm), WMA, XMF, M4A, WAV and midi. Video formats accommodate MPEG4 (MP4 with AAC or AMR audio), 3GPP, WMV (.asf, .wmv) and RealVideo 8 (.rv, .rm). The K850i supports OMA DRM 1.0 and 2.0 for archetype adequate music, video and Java applications. Audi affection through stereo earbuds and alike stereo Bluetooth headsets is excellent, with acceptable stereo separation, able bass (even stronger if you about-face on Megabass) and ablaze highs. The buzz absolutely makes a acceptable iPod acting aback acclimated with a 2 or 4 gig card. We loaded a 4 gig microSD agenda with songs and ran the amateur for 6 hours with affluence of array larboard to spare.

To alteration songs and added media to the buzz you can use a agenda clairvoyant or put the buzz in USB 2.0 accumulation accumulator approach and arise it as an alien drive on your computer. The buzz additionally supports Media Alteration Protocol (MTP) to alteration media files and accompany playlists over USB in buzz or accumulation accumulator mode. This works with Windows Media Amateur 10 and 11 beneath Windows XP and is accurate natively beneath Vista.


The K850i has Bluetooth 2.0 EDR with a chic 1 radio. It supports best every frequently accessible contour including the admired A2DP and AVRC profiles for Bluetooth stereo headsets and headphones (a nice accompaniment to the Walkman-like music features). We activated the buzz with the Motorola S9 Bluetooth stereo angle and got some of the best complete we’ve anytime heard arise out of those headphones whose bass contrarily seems a little anemic (earbuds aloof don’t bear a lot of bass oomph) and we heard beneath white hiss than accepted (the S9 tends to accept accomplishments hiss with best phones). The Plantronics Pulsar 590 stereo headphones additionally articulate excellent, with ambit aing 30 feet.

Standard address headsets appliance the angle and handsfree profiles additionally offered acceptable audio for calls with accomplished articulation accuracy and bigger than boilerplate range. We activated the Plantronics Discovery 655 which has a abundant DSP but about poor ambit (5-10 anxiety with best phones) and got 25 anxiety of range. The Jawbone formed able-bodied with acceptable aggregate (it can be a bit quiet on admission articulation with some phones) and 15 anxiety of range.

Other profiles accommodate both DUN and PAN for appliance the buzz as a aerial acceleration wireless modem for a notebook, HID, Bluetooth alien (control a PC appliance the phone), consecutive port, FTP, Bluetooth press and sync. The buzz has Bluetooth power-saving mode, which reduces Bluetooth ability burning but can abandoned be acclimated aback you ambition the buzz to affix to abandoned one Bluetooth accessory at a time.


The Sony Ericsson has abundant array activity that beats the N95-3 easily bottomward aback both phones are in 3G mode. The N95 does bigger in GSM mode, but the K850i still wins easily down. Of course, the N95 does accept WiFi and a GPS, but of which can absorb a abundant accord of power, but we’re basing our allegory with those appearance not used. We’re actual afflicted with the cardinal of hours SE got out of the 930 mAh Lithium Ion array in 3G approach (3G uses added ability than GSM), and our buzz lasted 2 to 3 canicule with boilerplate use including 30 account of allocution time/day, 2 hours music playback/day, adorable up PIM advice several times throughout anniversary day, surfing the web over HSDPA for 30 minutes/day and demography 40 photos/day.

Closing Thoughts on the K850i vs. the N95

The Nokia N95 and the Sony Ericsson K850i are both apart GSM phones with 3G, a music amateur and a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus lens. The aing similarities end there. The catechism is: do you appetite a smartphone? Do you charge WiFi or a GPS? If the acknowledgment to these questions is yes, the N95 is your animal. If these aren’t important to you, again the K850i is in the running. We apprehend that the K850i will advertise for $200 beneath than the N95-3 in the US already prices accept acclimatized down, an important agency if amount is important to you. The K850i is arguably added adorable and is bit smaller, has bigger articulation affection and a abundant bigger music player. The N95 is stronger on the video playback and video recording (VGA on the N95 vs. QVGA on the K850i). Both do appropriately able-bodied on accession and both accept acceptable body affection (those bedeviled with fluctuant sliders will apparently feel bigger about the SE’s solid bonbon bar design).

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The K850i improves decidedly on the Cybershot K790i it replaces. Admitting on the apparent it looks like a face-lifted adaptation of the K790i and K800i, central there’s a lot of acceptable new being activity on: the 5MP camera with bigger still images and abundant bigger video, cloister bandage buzz rather than triband, common 3G with HSDPA, the new media amateur (we adulation the interface), bigger music player, Bluetooth A2DP and a abundant brighter and a bit bigger display. This is a buzz it’s adamantine not to like.

Pro: Abundant camera with faster camera achievement than the N95, absurd display, accomplished Bluetooth with a ample alternative of profiles and acceptable range, has both M2 and microSD agenda slots. Acceptable array activity for a 3G buzz with a Xenon flash. Finally, accepted anxiety accelerate and end ons on a Sony Ericsson phone!! Buzz is acknowledging and stable, acceptable HTML browser by affection buzz standards. Supports MS Exchange and advance email.

Con: Keypad isn’t acceptable for abundant texters. Abundant blow controls, but blue d-pad. Nighttime and dim arena imaging on automated ambience is not good. Fast anchorage adapter instead of 2.5 or 3.5mm stereo jack (why do we still accept to buy a high-end Walkman buzz to get this??). HSDPA speeds could be better. Dust specs arise and go beneath the ablaze artificial that protects the lens awning and lens.

Mac users: Download our chargeless Sony Ericsson K850i iSync 2.4 Plugin for Mac OS X here.

Web site: www.sonyericsson.com

Price: currently about $565 US. Estimated $475 to $500 already prices achieve bottomward in the US

Display: 262K blush TFT blush LCD. Awning admeasurement diagonally: 2.2″. Resolution: 240 x 320, supports both account and mural modes and has an accelerometer than automatically rotates the affectation in media applications.

Battery: Lithium Ion rechargeable. Array is user replaceable. 930 mAh, archetypal BST-38. Charges to 90% aural 2 hours and absolutely aural 2.5 hours according to SE. Claimed allocution time: up to 9 hours on GSM, 3.5 hours on 3G. Claimed standby 16.6 days.

Performance: Undisclosed CPU. 40 megs centralized memory.

Size: 4 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches. Weight: 4.2 ounces.

Phone: Cloister bandage 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM with GPRS and EDGE. UMTS/HSDPA (3G): 850/1900/2100MHz bands. Supports ambit switched abstracts affiliation as well.

Camera: 5 megapixel camera with autofocus lens and Xenon flash. 16x agenda zoom. Front adverse video conferencing camera (not accurate by US carrier services).

Audio: Built in speaker, mic and Sony Ericsson Fast Anchorage stereo headphone jack. Stereo earbud angle with inline mic included (HPM-62). Has speakerphone, beat mode, acceleration punch and articulation dialing (voice tags). Music Amateur 3.0 included, supports MTP (Music Transport Protocol) and reads ID3 tags.

Networking: Bluetooth 2.0 EDR with A2DP Bluetooth stereo, AVRC, headset, handsfree, Object push, Bluetooth remote, DUN, PAN, BIP, HID, consecutive port, Sync/SyncML, phonebook access, Bluetooth alien ascendancy of PCs and FTP profiles. Chic 1 radio with low ability ambience option.

Software: Media (music amateur 3.0, video amateur and photo viewer), PIM applications (contacts, calendar, tasks and notes), web browser (Access Netfront) with RSS reader, messaging (POP3 and IMAP email, SMS and MMS), anxiety clock, cipher announcement (password keeper), TrackID, PhotoDJ, MusicDJ, PlayNow (link to download music and added things, about for a fee), PictBridge, T9 predictive argument input, acute chase (for calling and sending messages), complete recorder, stopwatch, calculator, beam ablaze (uses LED on aback of phone). Sony Ericsson PC Suite, Media Manager for Windows included.

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Expansion: 1 microSD slot, 1 Anamnesis Stick Micro M2 aperture (1 aperture handles both types of media). Compatible with cards up to 4 gigs (supports SDHC microSD cards). A 512 meg M2 agenda is included with the buzz (but no M2 to Anamnesis Stick adapter for use with a agenda clairvoyant is included).

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