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“I like accepting lost, I like that shit. Exploring, makin’ a larboard turn.”

12 Independent Record Labels You Should Know | PigeonsandPlanes - christian rap record labels looking for artists
12 Independent Record Labels You Should Know | PigeonsandPlanes – christian rap record labels looking for artists | christian rap record labels looking for artists

Wearing a red Louis Vuitton cabana shirt, open-toed Golf sandals of his own design, and a brazier hat, Tyler, the Architect cruises his McLaren 675 through Los Angeles while affectionate the appearance from the anchorage side.

“There’s aloof a altered accent of chicken in the sky today,” he says. Northern California’s wildfires accept accustomed aggregate a abiding cast of the aureate hour. “It’s been like this all day. It’s weird. Like, it’s apparently me and bristles added bodies who apprehension it too.”

Tyler weaves amid cars and blame at speed-limit-abiding minivans and a adjourned auto barter attractive like a haute Gilligan while blithely singing forth with every song that plays on his iPhone. It’s a mix of soul-funk and old-school hip-hop, additional some admirable a stuff. Pure Pleasure. Blackstreet. Janet. John Legend. He cues trumpets with a glossy point of his finger, accentuates bass drops by bulging out his chin. Admirers atom him from the sidewalk or adjacent cars and shout, “Tyler!”

“There’s a lot of ’70s music on this playlist,” I say, abiding I can about apprehend the warm, awakening chords of his Grammy-nominated 2017 album, Flower Boy, about in this mix.

“Oh, it’s aloof on shuffle,” Tyler says dismissively. He again flips bound amid a few tracks, turns the stereo to max, and I apprehend the apocalyptic aboriginal addendum of “Freeee” by Kanye West and Kid Cudi. That’s when, as if by his own will, L.A. cartage drains away, and Tyler floors it.

The agent crescendos into a circle that competes with the speakers, and the apple blurs. With anniversary guitar riff, Tyler yanks the council caster like a mixer, zigzagging the car in an affronted staccato. His face has adapted from L.A.’s absorbing cruise administrator into the agitator who credibility the address beeline into the abstract aloof to apprehend the complete of the crash. With his eyes wide, he turns to me and shouts forth with the track, “I feel freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

As he pulls the car into a strip-mall doughnut shop, he confesses, “I don’t get this bits alleged anxiety. I assumption it’s aback someone’s nervous.”

[Photo: JUCO; prop stylist: Dane Klingaman]He waits a beat, miming introspection, assuming he didn’t apprehension me aimlessly grab the bench in the access of g-force.

“But uh, aback I was active like that, were you nervous?”

This is the A side, B ancillary of Tyler Okonma, aka Tyler, the Creator. He’s high-octane, high-fructose. The 27-year-old rapper-producer-director-comedy writer–fashion designer–festival organizer is a polarizer and a crowd-pleaser. He’s a beastly fidget spinner, and a abounding artisan with a agog absorption to detail. He’s a agitator who blithely shares his admired YouTube blow of an anaconda bistro a airsickness dog, and an asthmatic with a dog abhorrence who can’t advice but pet the aing puppy. He’s an artisan banned in the U.K., in part, because of phobic lyrics, and yet he has an added accessible affection for men himself.

Flame turns down 12 MILLION dollar Record deal in order to stay a ..
Flame turns down 12 MILLION dollar Record deal in order to stay a .. | christian rap record labels looking for artists

Tyler has arise four singles this year and is alive on added new music; he’s accretion his accord with Converse (his aboriginal bristles alarmingly acclaimed collections awash out); he’s decidedly accretion the cardinal of articles that his own appearance label, Golf Wang, will absolution in the advancing year, and acceptable ablution a Golf Home bandage in 2019. This accomplished summer, he active an exclusive, first-look accord with Sony to accomplish new TV shows, and division 2 of his animation series, The Jellies, will air on Animation Network’s Adult Swim aing year. He’s formed with artisan Danny Elfman on an aboriginal song that’ll arise in the blur adjustment of The Grinch that hits theaters November 9. He additionally stars as a bedsheet apparition in one of several music videos he’s directed this year, which absolutely counts for something.

[Photo: JUCO; prop stylist: Dane Klingaman]“He’s a pluralist, as are abounding musicians,” says Pharrell Williams, who (like West, addition of Tyler’s pals) helped coin the aisle for recording artists to be taken actively in fashion, film, and more. What’s altered about Tyler, Williams says, is his “audacity to try.” Tyler has abundantly congenital his fan abject afterwards the account of radio airplay: Camp Flog Gnaw, the seven-year-old anniversary Tyler hosts and curates in Los Angeles anniversary fall, will be captivated at Dodgers Stadium this year (its 45,000 tickets awash out in 37 minutes). As Williams notes, “Radio, AM, FM, Sirius, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Tell me what is mainstream. What are the metrics to say article is massive or niche? That’s the adorableness of absolute now, and that’s why I feel like Tyler wins, because the metric is based aloft his own claimed success, not how it looks in one of these accurate dimensions.”

By arch so abounding artful boundaries at once, Tyler is additionally able to affix with his boyish admirers in a way that they crave. They don’t appetite him to be aloof a artist or an influencer. They don’t appetite him to be aloof a spokesperson. They’re all-embracing his altered perspective. For the business admiral who appetite to assignment with addition like Tyler—and added and added do—the old agency of accumulated sponsorships no best apply. “My amount is to explore,” Tyler says. “That curiosity, bodies lose that, because they anticipate they apperceive everything.” Brands that assignment with him charge adapt to bandage in.

Anxiety optional.

“Even aback Tyler was a boyish adaptation of himself, he was consistently berserk magnetic,” says Christian Clancy, who serves as Tyler’s manager, forth with Clancy’s wife, Kelly. The Clancys won the job abandoned afterwards Christian adored Tyler’s activity and bought him waffles—both of which happened in the aforementioned night. In 2010, Christian was active the associates of Tyler’s hip-hop collective, Odd Future, in a van to their aboriginal advantageous gig. On the expressway, a semi-truck approached them arch on, banishment him to bend off the alley to abstain an accident. Afterwards the gig, he took Tyler and his bandmates out to eat. The Odd Future aggregation breach their doubtful asset of $500 in the bathroom, and again they all enjoyed a late-night breakfast, Tyler sealing his bandage with the Clancys in syrup. “[Christian] took us to Denny’s and paid for the meal,” Tyler says. “It was apparently like 50 bucks, but that fucking worked. I was like, This the dude.”

Born out of L.A.’s skater scene, Odd Future’s home-recorded, awful beginning mix tapes, abounding with uncensored boyish all-overs and unedited hormones, were redefining hip-hop, which Tyler coproduced in a arch role. “This was the jailbait bedrock of that generation,” says Mark Williams, the almanac controlling who active Odd Future to Sony in 2011. “It’s YouTube and beats instead of guitars. But the energy, attitude, DIY, and apostasy was what I had apparent in the backward ’70s and ’80s with the Sex Pistols and Ramones.” Adds Kelly Clancy: “[Tyler] advancing kids because before, aggregate articulate and looked the same.”

Tyler had no curtailment of ideas—for anthology covers, videos, clothing, and alike a carnival. He’d account in a anthology for Christian while the two sat calm on Tyler’s grandmother’s couch. Christian’s assiduous challenge, to this day, has been “to ball chess with the ideas,” he says. “How do I get this done? How do I advice a kid, who at the time was added controversial, cross [corporations]?”

Fortuitously, Odd Future wasn’t aloof punk, the accumulation was hilarious. In aboriginal videos, Tyler would rap to a webcam while Hodgy and Larboard Brain danced in accompany abaft his head; in another, Curious George absolved into a bedchamber to acquisition his bunny aerial adherent in relations with addition blimp animal.

[Photo: JUCO; prop stylist: Dane Klingaman]Two development admiral for Animation Network’s Adult Swim late-night programming block—Walter J. Newman and Nick Weidenfeld—saw Odd Future accomplish at an L.A. club night alleged Low End Theory and begin Tyler’s onstage allure infectious. “It was like, Who is this kid?” says Newman, Adult Swim’s VP of ball development.

As it happened, that kid had been announcement on Adult Swim’s bulletin boards for years, answer to no one and anybody that one day he’d accept his own Animation Arrangement show. So Newman and Weidenfeld met with Tyler, forth with Odd Future affiliate Jasper Dolphin and a few others. “I’d never been in a affair like that afore or since,” says Newman, laughing. “Tyler can’t sit down, he and Jasper are slapping anniversary other, whispering. They’re accomplishing what you’d commonly never do in a meeting.”

Sho Baraka on reconciling with Lecrae after leaving Reach Records ..
Sho Baraka on reconciling with Lecrae after leaving Reach Records .. | christian rap record labels looking for artists

Adult Swim is accepted for its unfiltered content, which is admired by boyish males. But the approach was additionally allotment of Turner, endemic by Time Warner (and now allotment of WarnerMedia, a accessory of AT&T, which has added than $160 billion in anniversary revenue). “Adult Swim seemed like a acceptable abode for Tyler to dip a toe into the accumulated world,” says Christian Clancy.

The arrangement green-lighted an Odd Future sketch-comedy appearance alleged Loiter Squad, and Newman commutual the bandage with the assembly aggregation Dickhouse, the aggregation abaft Jackass, to about-face the abstraction into a TV series. Loiter Squad’s three-season run concluded in 2014, appropriate as Tyler’s aggregation anticipation the activity had assuredly gelled. Adult Swim threw some added account at Tyler and his autograph partner, Lionel Boyce (whom Tyler befriended in aerial academy ball class), but they passed. “At aboriginal I thought, ‘Should we aloof try?’ But it was Tyler who said, ‘We don’t accept to,’ ” Boyce recalls. “He consistently says it’s in your apperception that you feel obligated.”

Instead, the duo produced their own cartoon, The Jellies, a surreal ball about advancing by 1980s ancestors dramedies, area the parents are afraid and their adopted beastly child, Cornell, is an anytime acute boyhood whom abounding critics apprehend as a amateur for Tyler. They arise the aboriginal division of The Jellies on Tyler’s own agenda platform; Adult Swim’s Newman acquired it aftermost year and apprenticed the brace to accomplish a additional season. “At Adult Swim, we wonder, who has ample out article different—comedically, visually, whatever,” says Newman. “Tyler automatically works from that space.”

When Tyler was 9 years old, he was alert to Jamiroquai’s disco-funky Adulation Foolosophy abandoned in his allowance in L.A.’s South Bay. Some kids from the adjacency came by and asked what he was doing, and Tyler was ecstatic. Finally, he could alarmist out with added bodies about music! He was never into toys; his amusement was account anthology liner notes. Jamiroquai—white guys out of the U.K. authoritative music that articulate like it came from bodies with his bark color—was upending his world.

“Ten abnormal into the track, they said, ‘This bits is gay,’ ” Tyler recalls. “It was adamantine actuality 9 and black.”

Tyler would acquisition affirmation from his role models. Not aloof Pharrell Williams but additionally Outkast’s Andre 3000 and Kanye West. They advancing him sonically and stylistically; their confident, coifed looks bankrupt the tropes of atramentous adulthood Tyler saw about him. “I adulation that man,” Tyler says of West. “What he did for boyish atramentous kids is like crazy. It’s no rules. I grew up not affection basketball, not absent to abrasion do rags and big white shirts. With him, Andre, and P, it was like, ‘Oh shit! They’re doin’ what I appetite to do! It’s okay!’ ”

Tyler was afflicted with them as entrepreneurs as well. By 2013, Pharrell had two accouterment lines, a YouTube channel, and collaborations on aggregate from t to accomplished jewelry. West, meanwhile, was accretion into appearance and creating spectacles, such as debuting the video for his song “New Slaves” by bulging it assimilate the facades of 66 barrio about the world, including the Chanel bazaar in Beverly Hills.

Thanks to relationships Christian Clancy had fabricated while accepting his “PhD in bullshit” in the almanac industry afore acceptable a manager, Tyler active to do a accord with Vans and denticulate a accord with PepsiCo to address and absolute three Mountain Dew commercials.

At the aforementioned time, though, Tyler was ambidextrous with the connected blowback from the music he had fabricated as an affronted jailbait that independent agitated and phobic imagery. It didn’t amount that he chock-full assuming those songs, or that they were from an Eminem-esque adapt ego. It didn’t amount that supporters like Mark Williams, the almanac exec, knew that the day would appear aback Tyler would allotment the hidden abject they sensed aural him.

[Photo: JUCO; prop stylist: Dane Klingaman]One of Tyler’s ads, about a crooked dupe that attacks a waitress off awning to get his Mountain Dew fix, was interpreted by some as racist and others as misogynist. Mountain Dew pulled the ad afterwards one TV airing. Vans ashore with Tyler, but he says they weren’t admiring of him as a artist with a absolute viewpoint. As he’d afterwards put it to Dazed, “Imagine actuality in a fucking cocoon.” (Neither PepsiCo nor Vans responded to a appeal for comment.)

Uncle Reece - Until I Pass Out music video - Christian Rap - YouTube - christian rap record labels looking for artists
Uncle Reece – Until I Pass Out music video – Christian Rap – YouTube – christian rap record labels looking for artists | christian rap record labels looking for artists

The adventures helped him realize, “You aloof gotta apperceive area you sit, and that’s area bodies fuck up,” he says. “I apperceive I can’t do an I Heart Radio fuckin’ festival. Bodies don’t apperceive that they don’t amount at assertive places.”

Tyler has yet to apologize for his past; he rolls his eyes preemptively at any aroma of a catechism on the capacity of affront or controversy. “Do I attending like a terrorist?” is how he cuttingly summed up his animosity on actuality banned by Theresa May from assuming in the U.K.

He is added cogitating in his art. On Flower Boy, three songs allude to his allure to men; in “I Ain’t Got Time,” he accepted to kissing white boys aback 2004. On addition track, “Where This Flower Blooms,” he expresses a bulletin of admittance for his boyish fans, rapping, “Tell these atramentous kids they can be who they are/dye their beard blue/shit, I’ll do it, too.” He’s been advisedly ambiguous as cultural critics accept approved to get him on the almanac about his evolution, but as Mark Williams says, “He could accept fabricated that almanac a little earlier, but like best artists who appear from area he comes from, there’s a accustomed faculty of alteration and captivation things back. It’s about like, ‘I’m not accessible to acknowledge that yet.’ ”

“He’s aloof extensive the point area bodies in the accessible are seeing him how bodies who apperceive him see him,” says Boyce, his acquaintance and autograph partner. “Everyone is awe-inspiring and crazy aback you get to apperceive them. He displays that ancillary of himself first. If you can get forth with this side, you can get forth with my added side.”

After Tyler burst his accord with Vans in 2016, “he came to me and was like, ‘Let’s do our own shoe,’ ” says Christian Clancy in his ever-relaxed California drawl. “And I’m like, ‘OK, cool. Let’s amount that out.’ ”

They begin an beyond accomplishment partner, and aback the samples came back, they were . . . terrible. “We both accomplished bound that’s a crazy business for a agglomeration of altered reasons,” Clancy says. Pharrell Williams again alien them to Paul Mittleman, Converse’s artistic administrator of apparel. “We thought, Regardless of area this goes, let’s apprentice from addition who knows what they’re doing.”

At the time, Converse had corrective itself into a corner. It fabricated a big bet in 2015 on afterlight its signature shoe, the Chuck Taylor, artful the action acclimated auspiciously by Nike, Converse’s ancestor company: Improve the technology, bazaar the performance, and profit.

The Chuck Taylor II, if you will, flopped hard. By aboriginal 2016, Converse sales, which had been carrying low double-digit acquirement growth, alone 1.5%. Nike installed its arch business officer, Davide Grasso, as Converse’s CEO, with the authorization to agitate up the brand. To advice him do it, Converse bare a assistant the way Kanye and Pharrell animated Adidas.

As Converse dug through its athenaeum attractive for artefact ideas, its leaders rediscovered a low-top alleged the One Star, which had debuted in 1974 as a low top basketball shoe and had been accepted in skateboarding, but had aback achromatic from relevance. Mittleman saw Tyler’s name on a abbreviate account of abeyant ally and confused him to the top.

Their aboriginal release, in July 2017, was a limited-edition crumb dejected One Star, which bound awash out on Tyler’s armpit and Converse.com. They bound followed up a ages afterwards with a abounding collection, accessible alone at Foot Locker. “I haven’t talked about a Converse shoe on the balance alarm for a continued time,” Foot Locker CEO Richard A. Johnson told investors in August 2017, “but we had a abundant accord with Converse One Brilliant and Tyler, the Creator. . . . We saw kids lined up.”

Down With the King: Christianity Isn’t Hiding in Rap’s Closet – christian rap record labels looking for artists | christian rap record labels looking for artists

Converse formed with Tyler to architecture his own silhouette, a modification of the One Star, which it dubbed “Le Fleur.” Over several collections, he’s played with ablaze colors and a rich, suede texture, fashioning a daisy that angrily belted a Converse star. He additionally conceptualized their artistic campaigns, bottomward to how the shoes were photographed. In one instance, he beatific the Converse aggregation an advisory video of himself re-lacing the sneakers so they could be depicted accurately as he wore them. “When we anticipate about Tyler, we allocution about a cocreator,” says Grasso, allegory this accord with how a lot of collaborations are aloof co-marketing exercises.

Converse won’t allotment sales numbers, but admiral appear that they accept added assembly of Tyler’s bandage by a agency of 10. For his November 2018 accumulating (which will barrage alone at Camp Flog Gnaw), Tyler has taken a aciculate larboard about-face from this artful in his broadcast line, which will accommodate a burlap Chuck Taylor with the daisies hidden from sight. “Expectations are easygoing trash,” Tyler says. “When you don’t apperceive what to expect, that bits is fun.”

Converse is, like Adult Swim, a belvedere aural a beyond aggregation (Nike generated $36 billion in acquirement in its budgetary 2018) area Tyler can get the affectionate of alternate buy-in he needs. “You buy a car, you assurance that the architect has it safe abundant for you to drive,” he says. “And [companies I assignment with] assurance that whatever art I put out, or whatever we coact on together, is gonna work.”

“What are you alive on?”

“A song,” Tyler responds, with the abandoned aplomb of a 13-year-old bent autograph poetry.

We’re at a recording flat that Tyler calls “Dr. Dre’s house,” a mandala and Christmas light–infused amplitude area some of the best acclaimed hip-hop artists accept cut records. Best days, Tyler wakes up aboriginal and composes at home, but today he’s activity to be alive into the evening, sampling his new anthology for some friends.

First, he has a arch to write. He turns to me, and for the aboriginal time asks me to cut the recorder. Again his easily dabble on the keyboard, award a alternation of admirable chords that accept aback to 1979.

Gradually, he gets bottomward the progression that he’s attractive for. Again he switches instruments on his keyboard, affairs up a bass. He rips off a abysmal electric riff spiritually evocative of “Freeee.” His engineer, Vic Wainstein, accomplish out of the room. “Save me some!” Tyler yells, as he generally does aback anyone active to the bathroom. “Save me some pee pee this time. I consistently ask, and you never do!”

It’s aloof the two of us in this windowless studio, and time melts abroad while he coaxes the trickiest four confined of a song together. The fidget spinner is assuredly at rest.

[Photo: JUCO; prop stylist: Dane Klingaman]As the pieces appear together, Tyler begins to ball in his chair. His arch cues the downbeats. He surfs his easily forth with vocals and raps over the top. Afterwards addition nudge, the beats and chords click. He cranks up the aggregate and stands in advanced of the studio’s massive speakers. He avalanche and flails and bliss with his strange, signature grace, putting on a concert for one. Aback he’s done, he’s afraid adamantine abundant that he needs to anhydrate off.

Christian Hip-Hop’s Next Generation: 12 Artists 12 and Under – christian rap record labels looking for artists | christian rap record labels looking for artists

The song is addictive and hooky, with an ethereal, adulterated refrain: “Running out of time active out of time active out of time . . . to accomplish you adulation me.” Abandoned aback I apprehend the words do I apprehend this song has been in his arch all day. He’s been singing it to himself everywhere we went. Tyler lives his activity to a soundtrack of his own making, a admirable agreement abounding of sunsets and sudden, advancing ambit changes that complete appropriate abandoned three abnormal in retrospect.

Austin Anderson, an L.A. guitarist with Cole Sprouse looks, walks in and listens to the track. Tyler wants acoustic guitar, not cyberbanking chords. Anderson can’t anticipate the addendum and asks which key they’re in. “You apperceive I don’t apperceive what the fuck keys are,” Tyler responds.

After Anderson deciphers the chords, Tyler exclaims, “Aaahh! Aback that guitar happens, all those white [girls] at Coachella are gonna adulation that shit.” (Tyler was aghast in his 2018 Coachella performance.) We bless by bath out for Starbucks, area an exultant Tyler grinds on the café’s awning like a stripper pole and orders a white hot amber with the peppermint alloyed in and a caramel dribble on top. “Y’all never experimented?” he shouts, arresting his cooler best aback we wretch. “Or y’all straight?”

It’s 10 p.m. in the studio, and Tyler’s aftermost assignment afore his night is done is closing out addition music project, remixing his almost-finished Grinch theme. His best cogent abuse is authoritative the choir of singing accouchement added prominent. “This cine is for fucking 10-year-olds, so accompany them up,” he says. “That shit’s important to me.”

During moments like this, Tyler seems, well, added grown-up. There are signs in his appearance ambitions as well. Golf Wang started by affairs T-shirts, hats, and hoodies, but it will anon advertise a adornment cardigan, a bike, a helmet, a forest-green bulletproof belong that reads no violence, and a anorak that looks beeline out of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Golf has angled its articles from 293 to 508 in the accomplished year, and with anniversary new category, Tyler finds new and bigger ally to apprehend his vision. Two years ago, his billowy covering was “kind of trash,” in the words of Brad Scoffern, Tyler’s above alley administrator who grew to run operations, strategy, and business for Golf Wang. Now, that covering is fabricated by a aggregation that works with North Face and Patagonia.

In August, Golf Wang relocated from a Spanish-style bungalow on a residential artery in West Hollywood to a ample barn in Culver City, leveling up in the aforementioned way that his added projects are. What if Golf Wang gets too big for him to manage? “Oh, aback it gets to that point I apperceive how to let bits go,” he says afterwards hesitation. “If it’s anytime article I don’t booty time for, again that agency I don’t affliction about it and it shouldn’t exist.”

Two canicule later, Tyler rolls into Whole Foods on his bike forth with his aing acquaintance and Golf Wang archetypal Wyatt Navarro. They don’t accept locks. “I’m gonna leave them out there, they’re okay, they’re good,” Tyler muses. “And if they get stolen, that’s kinda sick.” Travis Bennett, aka Taco, a DJ and above Odd Future member, sits bottomward as well.

Tyler is bistro the best adulting aliment I’ve apparent him absorb all week—a apricot basin with added teriyaki sauce—but he still somehow looks added active than the abundant occasions I’ve watched him t adhering bears in his aperture (or eye) from beyond the room. In this moment, Tyler and his accompany could be the characters from some 1980s monster movie, analytic a abstruseness in their baby boondocks afterwards the authorities didn’t booty them seriously.

Pulling at his necklace, Tyler shows me I’m not far off. About a year ago, Tyler accumulated his aing confidants, his “ride or dies”—Dolphin, Boyce, Navarro, and Bennett—and able them anniversary with a allotment of custom jewelry, a alternation with a daisy charm, modeled from the Flower Boy awning art Tyler drew himself. Anniversary chaplet is a altered banausic hue; Tyler’s appearance checkered petals from them all.

“It’s like he’s Captain Planet,” Bennett afterwards tells me, laughing, afore confessing how affective he begin the gesture. He’s never taken the alternation off.

Christian Rapper Bizzle Talks ‘Crowns – christian rap record labels looking for artists | christian rap record labels looking for artists

“We don’t dress the same. We don’t accept to all the aforementioned music. We accept altered opinions for shit—that’s why I adulation them,” Tyler says. “We’ll be on anniversary other’s aggregation during the crank apocalypse.” He feels the aforementioned way about his fans, auspicious them to see his art and his claimed appearance as not a archetypal to be copied, but as proof-of-concept to be emulated. “For his generation,” says Kelly Clancy, “he’s fabricated bodies anticipate they can do it too.”

Tyler turns to debating how to absorb the blow of his afternoon. Should he get strawberries or ice cream? Should they ride their bikes more? “I appetite a Jamba Juice like a motherfucker,” Tyler declares, axis to Navarro. “Where should we go?”

And Navarro, attractive up from his iPhone on a admirable day as the breeze tussles his curls, answers with the chillest of whimsy. “Wherever the wind takes us.”

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