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The affairs beneath are acceptable opportunities to acquire continuing apprenticeship acclaim afore December 31, 1998. Note: All affair schedules are listed in bounded time.

Bartering applicators charge to arise 2 accustomed training affairs in 5 years to abide certified. Any questions about the cardinal of affairs bare by an abandoned should be directed to the Division of Pesticides (502) 564-7274.

November 4 – Fayette Canton Addendum Office, Lexington. Antecedent and continuing certification- Categories 1 (ag), 4 (seed treatment), 10 (demo and research), and 12 (pesticide dealer) 8:30 am – noon. Testing for antecedent acceptance by Division of Pesticides cadre at 1 pm and Categories 2a (forest), 3 (ornamental and turf), 10 (demo and research), and 12 (dealer). 10 am – 2:10 pm. Testing for antecedent acceptance by Division of Pesticides cadre at 2:15 pm

November 9 – 11-Lexington Convention Center, Kentucky Accommodation Appointment and Trade Show. Class 3. Recertification and testing Acquaintance Mark Wilson (502) 245-1714.

November 19 Holiday Inn North- Lexington, Pesticide Recertification Training Course- categories 3 (ornamental and turf), 6 (right- of- way), 10 (demo and research). 1 pm – 4:15 pm. Acceptance testing at 4:30. Acquaintance Jim Mathews (502) 627-3206.

November 24 – UK Assay and Apprenticeship Center, Princeton. Aforementioned calendar and times as November 4 meeting.

December 3- 1998 Able Horticulture Seminar (Category 3 and 10), IU Southeast Campus, New Albany, IN 9 am – 4 pm. (Approval pending). Contact- Roy Ballard, Floyd Co (IN) CES (812) 948- 5470. No acceptance testing available.

December 15 and 16- Kentuckiana Fertilizer and Ag Chemical Meeting, Radisson Hotel, Evansville, IN Categories 1, 10, and 12,

By Ric Bessin

Interest in Bt blah and acceptance of varieties by growers has been remarkable. So abundant so, that a ample allocation of the 1999 blah acreage in Kentucky apparently will be buried with Bt hybrids. As the acreage increases, so does the abeyant for blah borers developing attrition to the Bt toxin. Now is the time to abstraction attrition administration plans, BEFORE THE PEST DEVELOPS RESISTANCE!

Protecting adjoin the development of insect attrition IS the albatross of ALL producers who use these hybrids. This charge not be taken lightly. Development of attrition by blah borers to these hybrids is a absolute threat. This bureau that anniversary ambassador application these new hybrids charge acquire a plan.

Currently, the abandoned able attrition administration plan is to bulb some acreage with non- Bt hybrids. This is alleged the ambush strategy. In it, non-Bt acreage on anniversary acreage serves as a refuge, acceptance some Bt-susceptible blah borers to survive. Then, if a attenuate aggressive blah auger were able to survive on a Bt-corn plant, it would best acceptable acquaintance with a affected blah borer. Blah borers produced from this alliance would still be moderately susceptible, and would not be able to survive on the Bt-hybrids. This action tries to anticipate alliance amid Bt-resistant blah borers.

With the ambush strategy, a allocation of their blah crop charge be buried with non-Bt hybrids. Best universities acclaim that at atomic 20 to 30% of the absolute blah acreage on anniversary acreage charge be buried with these varieties. Thus, the aerial absolute for Bt blah acreage on any acreage would be 70 to 80%.

The adjustment of Bt and non-Bt hybrids fields additionally is important. These plantings charge to be abiding so that any moths that arise to arise from Bt hybrids are best acceptable to acquaintance with moths from the non-Bt hybrids. Refuges should be buried in adjoining fields or as a block to one ancillary of the Bt blah in the aforementioned field.

Mycostop Biofungicide GROWER PACK 12 Gram: Garden ..
Mycostop Biofungicide GROWER PACK 12 Gram: Garden .. | mycostop biofungicide label

A few producers acquire advised application Bt blah in some of the agriculturalist boxes and non-Bt blah in the others to bulb alternating strips through fields. This is not a acceptable idea. Producers should not bulb ambush strips in Bt blah fields. This fosters the development of attrition and makes administration of these fields abundant added difficult. For example, if the non-Bt blah ambush alcove beginning for blah auger control, it would be abstract to amusement the ambush with insecticides if it is buried as strips in a abundant beyond field. It would additionally be a decay of money to aerosol the Bt blah for blah auger control. Also, some blah hybrids acquire ample genes for blah auger ascendancy as able-bodied as herbicide altruism (Liberty, Roundup, etc.). To abstain application the amiss herbicide on the amiss hybrid, growers should abstain burying these hybrids in strips.

Producers should not mix Bt and non-Bt seed. This may animate the added accelerated development of resistance. Because blah borers do occasionally move from bulb to plant, bond berry or burying strips may acquiesce some partially aggressive individuals to escape a baleful dose.

The ambush needs to be buried at the aforementioned time the Bt blah is planted. For example, if Bt blah is buried on three dates, anniversary ten canicule apart, again refuges charge to be buried on anniversary of those burying dates, as well. The ambush should be buried with hybrids that are agronomically agnate to the Bt blah and buried as aing to the Bt blah as possible. The refuges should acquire the aforementioned abundance and irrigation inputs as the Bt corn. Reducing inputs and putting the ambush on bordering acreage may abate its effectiveness.

How Do You Know If Blah Auger Attrition Is a Problem? Artlessly award a few transgenic blah plants with blah auger damage, or alike a few plants with all-encompassing damage, does not beggarly that the blah borers are resistant. In any bassinet of Bt-corn seed, there will be some plants that accurate abandoned low levels of the Bt endotoxin or some that may not accurate the Bt-endotoxin at all (this may be as aerial as 2 to 5% of the seed).

Free whether or not blah borers are aggressive to Bt is actual difficult, decidedly in the aboriginal stages of development. Widespread bread-and-er accident throughout the acreage would be an adumbration of resistance, but attrition can abandoned be accepted through class analysis. Producers growing Bt-hybrids still charge to adviser their fields for blah borers in adjustment to actuate that the Bt- hybrids are authoritative blah borers. If blah auger attrition is doubtable in Bt corn, producers should acquaintance their bounded canton addendum annual appointment and their berry blah representative.

Back a ambassador has absitively that a Bt-hybrid is needed, how should this amalgam be positioned on the farm? Blah borers can advance blah buried at any time, but usually aboriginal bearing accident is best astringent in aboriginal buried corn. Backward buried blah is added acutely damaged by added bearing European blah auger and southwestern blah borer. So, growers may appetite to baddest Bt blah for aboriginal or backward plantings if they acquire had problems with blah borers in the past.

Afterwards plantings are added acceptable to acquire tip accident from blah earworm and bread-and-er infestations of abatement armyworm. Bt hybrids that accommodate abounding division ascendancy acquire bargain accident by blah earworm and abatement armyworm by 50% to 70%. Growers application Bt-hybrids with afterwards plantings still charge to adviser for abatement armyworm and amusement if necessary.

Fusarium acme and basis rot (FCRR) is acceptable added accepted in greenhouse amazon assembly in Kentucky. Alike admitting we sometimes acquisition low levels of FCRR in the aboriginal year of operation, it is mainly a botheration in accustomed operations. Houses that are actuality acclimated for tobacco transplants in the bounce and amazon fruits in the abatement acquire had the greatest problems.

A advanced ambit of affection are associated with FCRR, but a accepted yellowing affective from the basal up on abandoned plants and stunting are usually involved. In time, bent is usually present and generally basal axis cankers appear. Examination of the roots of plants with FCRR should acknowledge that the absolute basis arrangement is involved, with a brownish rot of the case and xylem that usually extends into the abject of the stem.

Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. radicis-lycopersici is the bane that causes this disease. This bane is an able colonizer of the soilless mixes actuality acclimated in bag-culture-systems. It develops best in air-conditioned soils, beneath 70 F. We see the greatest problems in systems breadth little calefaction is actuality used, or afterward acute algid snaps. The appulse of FCRR is additionally fabricated worse back the plants are stressed, alike though, it is bright that the infections acquire been present abundant earlier.

Ascendancy programs should be put in abode afore planting, because there are no accomplishment treatments, but already the ache is present in a house, alienated accent is an important allotment of aspersing losses. Aggressive sanitation programs are actual important, starting with a actual apple-pie abode and all the items to be used. The worse cases of this ache in Kentucky acquire been associated with attempts to reclaim items afterwards condoning them, abnormally items that appear in absolute acquaintance with the clay mix. Amazon cultivars aggressive to FCRR action the best achievement for ascendancy in operations with austere problems. The afterward are some varieties with resistance: Trend, Trust, Medallion, Match, Switch, and Blitz. However, we acquire bound acquaintance with some of these varieties in Kentucky, so growers apparently should initially try them on a baby scale. Do not abash attrition to Fusarium become with attrition to FCRR; they are two altered diseases.

FCRR additionally occurs in acreage plantings of tomatoes, with added and added cases empiric anniversary year. We doubtable this is in-part affiliated to added use of locally developed transplants actuality produced beneath poor sanitation. In addition, we are award acreage cases of agnate diseases associated with alarm peppers, eggplant, and tobacco, all angry to locally produced greenhouse-transplants.

Growers of ornamentals and bedding plants in the greenhouse generally ask for alternatives to chemicals for ascendancy of soilborne diseases. While accessory a contempo affair on diseases of ornamentals, the affair of biological controls (biocontrols) for soilborne diseases in the greenhouse was discussed. Three bartering articles formulated from naturally- occurring breed of fungi are registered as biocontrols for greenhouse crop diseases (Notice that tobacco transplants are not accurately mentioned.):

—-SoilGard is acclimated to ascendancy greenhouse accessory and aliment crop bulb damping-off and basis rot diseases acquired by Pythium and Rhizoctonia, two important soilborne pathogens. SoilGard (Thermo Trilogy 7379 Route 32, Columbia, MD 21044; Tel. 410/531-4582)is a conception of the bane Gliocladium viridens GL21.

—-Root Shield and T-22 Agriculturalist Box are formulations of Trichoderma harzianum T-22 which are acclimated to ascendancy Soilborne diseases of greenhouse ornamentals, nursery copse and shrubs, transplants, cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers, acquired by Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium. : Mycostop Biofungicide 12g : Soil And Soil Amendments .. : Mycostop Biofungicide 12g : Soil And Soil Amendments .. | mycostop biofungicide label

—-Promote (J.H. Biotech, 4951 Olivas Park Drive, Ventura, CA 93003; Tel. 805/650-8933) is a conception of Trichoderma harzianum and T. viride for ascendancy of Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium in greenhouse crops, nursery transplants, and seedlings.

These biocontrols are acclimated preventively, commonly actuality congenital into the potting mix acclimated to abound the greenhouse crop or activated as clay drenches. One of the criticisms of biocontrol articles is that they are appear to assignment inconsistently, actuality actual able for one agriculturalist or one circumstance, but not for another. Thus, for Kentucky greenhouse growers adulatory to try biocontrols, the best admission would be to try the biocontrols in aloof a allotment of their crop and see if they assignment able-bodied in their affairs afore committing their absolute assembly to this technique.

At the contempo appointment on accessory diseases, a agriculturalist from the Van Wingerden aggregation in North Carolina explained how they use this alert “try a little of it and see” adjustment for evaluating these products. Several of us afterwards visited the greenhouse and saw how they were managing diseases while at the aforementioned time recycling all of their run-off from irrigation water, pesticide, and fertilizer applications. The greenhouses are anxiously engineered to accommodate baptize and fertilizer to abridged plants through a “flood and flow” arrangement which minimizes the breadth of time that soils are saturated. It is a arrangement that could acquire abeyant for overextension diseases and communicable baptize so it is important that biological and cultural controls assignment well.

Biological ascendancy abstracts for some added sites. There are several added biocontrol agents registered for non-greenhouse crops.

—-Galltrol-A (AgBioChem, Inc., 3 Fleetwood Ct., Orinda, CA 94563; Tel. 510/254-0789) and Norbac 84C (New BioProducts, Inc., 4737 NW Elmwood Dr., Corvallis, OR 97330; Tel. 503/752-2045) are formulations of Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 which are acclimated in the nursery on bake-apple and nut trees, roses, and ornamentals to ascendancy acme acrimony ache acquired by Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

—-BlightBan A506 (Plant Bloom Technologies, 2563 E. Bergerson St. Boise, ID 83706; Tel 208/389-7265) is a conception of Pseudomonas syringae acclimated to ascendancy blaze bane of drupe fruits and to anticipate frost accident of called fruits and vegetables.

—-AQ10 Biofungicide (Ecogen, Inc., 2005 Cabot Blvd. West, Langhorne, PA 19074; Tel. 215/757- 1590) is formulated from the bane Ampelomyces quisqualis M-10 for ascendancy of arenaceous bane of ornamentals, apples, grapes, cucurbits, and tomatoes.

—-Kodiak and Epic (Gustafson, Inc., PO Box 660065, Dallas, TX 75266, USA; Tel. 214/985- 8877) are formulations of Bacillus subtilis GB03 which are acclimated on affection and legumes to ascendancy damping-off diseases acquired by Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Alternaria, and Aspergillus.

—-Bio-Save 100 and 110 (EcoScience Cort., 377 Plantation St., Worcester, MA 01605; Tel. 508/7540300) are formulations of Pseudomonas syringae that are acclimated on citrus and drupe fruits to ascendancy post-harvest bake-apple rots acquired by Botrytis, Penicillium, and Mucor.

—-Mycostop (Ag Bio Development, Inc., 9915 Raleigh St., Westminster, CO 80030; Tel. 303/469-9221) is a conception of Streptomyces griseoviridis K61 which is acclimated to ascendancy diseases of field, ornamental, and vegetable crops acquired by Fusarium, Alternaria, Ppsis, Botrytis, Pythium, and Phytophthora.

Added bartering biocontrol articles accessible in the U.S. accommodate Aspire for post-harvest diseases of citrus and drupe fruit, Blue Circle for vegetable diseases, Deny for acreage crop diseases, Conquer for augment diseases, Intercept for vegetable and affection diseases, Arrangement 3 for acreage crop diseases, and Victus for augment diseases. For added advice on use of biological ascendancy abstracts for bulb ache control, growers and admiral can argue the Biocontrol Articles Annual on the internet at


Absolute absolution aerosol foggers or “bug bombs” are generally advised a quick fix for insect infestations in the home, such as the adult beetles that are aerial now. The insecticide in these formulations kills apparent pests that are anon hit with fog particles. There is no administration into adequate areas, such as beneath furniture. Consumers generally feel that they are “fumigating” and that most, if not all, pests aural a anatomy will be killed. Back foggers are acclimated as the abandoned bureau of control, no absorption is accustomed to sanitation or added genitalia of the absolute admission bare to baffle assiduous pests.

Added importantly, the aerosol propellants acclimated in foggers about are flammable; abnormal use could annual a blaze or explosion. The afterward advice on aerosol foggers is from an EPA actuality breadth on these products.

RootShield Plus WP Biological Fungicide - Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC - mycostop biofungicide label
RootShield Plus WP Biological Fungicide – Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC – mycostop biofungicide label | mycostop biofungicide label

There are two capital points-

Use no added pesticide than all-important Generally, one 6-ounce or 8-ounce fogger should be acceptable for an average-size home; smaller-sized foggers are accessible for apartments and added abate units.

Added precisely, application no added than one ounce of artefact per 1,000 cubic anxiety of alive breadth should decidedly abate the adventitious of blaze and still be effective. (To annual the aggregate of a alive area, accumulate the height, amplitude and breadth of a room, and add the allowance volumes together. For example, an 8 bottom by 10 bottom by 10 bottom allowance has a aggregate of 800 cubic feet.) Foggers should not be acclimated in small, amid places, such as closets, cabinets, or beneath counters or tables.

Abstain agitation sources Accidents are best acceptable to action if ample amounts of propellant appear into acquaintance with an agitation source, such as a flame, pilot light, or a atom from an electrical apparatus that cycles on and off, like a refrigerator or air conditioner. EPA recommends that the alive fogger be placed at atomic six anxiety or added from all agitation sources.

The afterward excerpts from an AP adventure from a few years ago allegorize the points-

COWETA, Okla. – A woman aggregate up two children, a pet bird and a puppy afore ambience off 18 cans of bug fogger in her adaptable home. She stepped alfresco and the effluvium exploded. The windows, aperture and one bank were absolute out. Fortunately, no one was injured. According to the bounded blaze chief, a pilot ablaze apparently afire the fumes. The eighteen cans of insect fogger , activate in the rubble, were abundant to amusement 90,000 cubic feet. The aggregate of the adaptable home was about 6,000 cubic feet.

The advice beneath is from a September 14, 1998 KPN article. Alive additive names acquire been added for the home annoyance ascendancy articles added cast names for some of the choices accessible to professionals. Agenda that articles activate on Internet searches may not be labeled in Kentucky or may not be readily accessible to consumers.

Consider applying an exoteric (barrier) insecticide treatment. While sealing is the added abiding way to exclude pests basic from outdoors, absolute pest-proofing is labor-intensive and sometimes impractical. For audience acute an alternative, annoyance proofing can be supplemented by an exoteric assay with an insecticide. Homeowners will get the best for their efforts by applying longer-lasting aqueous formulations absolute constructed pyrethroids e.g., Spectracide Bug Stop (tralomethrin), Ortho Home Defense Arrangement (bifenthrin) or microencapsulated, slow-release Dursban, awash at hardware/lawn and garden shops.

Apply with a pump up sprayer, corrupt end sprayer, etc., alleviative at the abject of all exoteric doors, barn and clamber amplitude entrances, about foundation vents and annual openings, and up beneath siding. It may additionally be advantageous to amusement about the alfresco ambit of the foundation in a 2 to 6-foot-wide bandage forth the ground, and 2-3 anxiety up the foundation wall.

Audience who acquire not to accouterment these activities may ambition to appoint a able annoyance ascendancy firm. PCO’s acquire added ascendancy options, such as, Demand CS, Tempo, Demon, Saga, Commodore, Talstar, and Suspend.

Several types of pests may be activate alive in firewood. Termites, copse arid beetles and carpenter all-overs generally adit and augment aural firewood logs, but aloft emergence, usually will not abound structural copse or apparatus central the home. Added kinds of pests artlessly adumbrate or overwinter beneath the bark. Examples accommodate centipedes, arena beetles, sowbugs, pillbugs, spiders, scorpions and copse cockroaches. Typically, these pests arise aural a few canicule of the copse actuality brought indoors. For the best allotment they are controllable added than by their presence.

Preventing Firewood Pests

Ascendancy of firewood pests is best able by administration of the firewood itself. Spraying the copse with insecticides is not necessary, effective, nor recommended and could aftereffect in adverse abasement back the copse is burned. A abundant bigger admission is to:

1. Store firewood outdoors, abandoned bringing in what you plan to bake anon or aural a few hours. Storing firewood for continued periods central the home, barn or basement allows pests developing or ambuscade in the copse to arise aural the structure. Firewood stored central can additionally become a asylum for rodents.

2. Position the woodpile abroad from the abode and off the ground. Firewood ample adjoin the ancillary of a architecture impedes blast and encourages damp problems. Storing the copse in this address additionally provides a direct, hidden admission for termites and carpenter all-overs into the structure. Stacking firewood off the arena (e.g., on poles abeyant amid accurate blocks) increases air apportionment and drying.

MilStop Natural Fungicide - Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC - mycostop biofungicide label
MilStop Natural Fungicide – Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC – mycostop biofungicide label | mycostop biofungicide label

3. Bake earlier copse first. This shortens the time during which annoyance infestations can become established.

4. Shake or beating logs calm to dislodge any pests adhering to bark. Don’t balloon to analysis cheers of log carriers, back pests generally clamber into these back logs are transported into the home. The casual insect arising from firewood can calmly be abandoned application a besom or a exhaustion cleaner.

The aboriginal adamantine frost or two in the abatement finishes off some insects and end the abeyant for bane until aing spring. Horse bots abatement into this category. They are honey bee-sized flies that bound about and cement their tiny eggs or nits to anatomy hairs of horses, donkeys and mules. The fast movements of these flies can affright animals. Horses additionally can abrasion themselves as they attack to abate the affliction from burrowing activities of anew hatched bots. In addition, best of the abecedarian or bot date of the fly is spent as an centralized bacteria breadth it can annual austere problems.

There are three breed of horse bots. Their activity cycles about alter abandoned in breadth they attach their chicken to gray eggs to the host. Accepted horse bot eggs best generally are absorbed to hairs on the ahead legs but can be activate on the alfresco of the legs, the aigrette and on the flanks. Throat bot eggs are absorbed to the continued hairs beneath the jaws. Nose bot eggs are ashore to hairs on the aerial and lower lips. It is accessible to see how horses can be abashed by flies alive at these areas and may abuse themselves or bodies alive or benumbed them at the time. Depending on the species, females drop from a few hundred to 1,000 eggs during their activity time.

Bot eggs bear afterwards a 2- to 5-day evolution period, generally angry by amore and damp from the animal’s tongue. Anew hatched bot larvae admission or are taken into the mouth. They absorb about 3 weeks in bendable tissue of the lips, gums, or tongue. The bots again drift to the abdomen or baby civil breadth they use aciculate aperture hooks to attach to the lining of the organ. Bots can accident the lining of the abdomen or baby intestine, baffle with the admission of food, or annual added gastrointestinal disorders. They absorb about 7 months there afore casual out in the . The complete larvae admission the clay beneath the dung accumulation and pupate. In 2 weeks to 2 months, depending aloft the season, they arise as adults.

The adults do not acquire anatomic mouthparts so they cannot feed. Females go to horses abandoned to lay their eggs. Best of the egg- laying is done during August and September. A adamantine frost is bare to assure the end of fly division anniversary year.


While bot flies may or may not be noticed about horses, it is accessible to attending for nits, or eggs, on the animal’s coat. Virtually all horses in Kentucky are acceptable to be infested. Best of the annoyance activity aeon occurs in the horse. Consequently, an insecticide, activated internally, is all-important to accommodate able control. Analysis artefact labels carefully, all equine deworming drugs do not necessarily affect horse bots. Afore purchasing any product, apprehend the annoyance annual on the characterization and agenda any precautions apropos artefact use.

Trichlorfon, an organophosphate insecticide, is accessible by itself (Combot) or included in some aggregate dewormers to accommodate bot control. No added organophosphate or cholinesterase inhibiting products, such as those absolute dichlorvos (Vapona), coumaphos (Co-Ral), or tetrachlorvinphos (Rabon) should be activated to horses at the aforementioned time, or aural several canicule of treatment. The artefact characterization will accord specific restrictions. Ivermectrin, the alive additive in articles such as Eqvalan, Zimectrin, and Protectin 1, controls bots and added centralized parasites but is not a cholinesterase inhibitor. No added bot ascendancy actual is bare back application articles that acquire ivomectrin as the alive ingredient.

Argue your veterinarian about an adapted bacteria ascendancy program.

UK Internet Sites for Pesticide Applicator Training and Integrated Annoyance Administration

Pesticide Applicator Training- Maintained by the Entomology department, this armpit is a connected antecedent of training information. Dates and locations of accustomed antecedent and continuing apprenticeship affairs for bartering applicators which acquire been accustomed by the Division of Pesticides are acquaint regularly. One advertisement contains affairs in the accompaniment or aing by. A added annual contains civic meetings. This armpit additionally provides admission to publications and training manuals.

Integrated Annoyance Management- Maintained by the Entomology department, this folio has advice on the affairs in Kentucky forth with on band aloof advice and actuality sheets.

UK College of Agriculture- This armpit has links to all departments and programs in the College.


Serenade ASO Biofungicide - Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC - mycostop biofungicide label
Serenade ASO Biofungicide – Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC – mycostop biofungicide label | mycostop biofungicide label

Excerpts from Action Band , a newsletter appear annual by the American Crop Aegis Association. Don Collins, Margaret Speich, editors: (202) 872-3863; [email protected]; [email protected]


At a annual appointment October 22, the Natural Resources Defense Council filed a address with EPA allurement the bureau to baptize acreage accouchement as a “major identifiable subgroup” beneath the FQPA, “treating them as a citizenry at appropriate risk.” Alleging that acreage accouchement are “surrounded by a basic sea of pesticides,” NRDC says that EPA should booty them into annual back free pesticide tolerances. ACPA and the pesticide industry, which supports the axiological goals of the FQPA, abnormally the added aegis for breed and children, are administering all-encompassing new studies to actuate how all children, not aloof acreage children, may appear into acquaintance with pesticides residues on food, in the baptize and from the surrounding environment. The industry additionally credibility out that there acquire been aing to 100 new pesticide assurance banned that acquire been accustomed beneath FQPA back its achievement in August 1996 and, by definition, they are accounted by the EPA to be safe for everyone, including breed and children.


Although interviewed abundantly for Newsweek’s June 1 commodity on “Pesticides and Kids’ Risks,” Allan Felsot, Washington Accompaniment University, was afraid to acquisition none of his statements quoted. Instead, Newsweek editors autonomous to adduce the “wisdom” in EWG’s report, “Same As It Ever Was,” alleging added pesticide use and residues on aliment crops. So, he listed his facts in an beat in the September 14 Tacoma Annual Tribune, beatific to ACPA by Heather Hansen, Washington Friends of Aliment & Forests.

Felsot contends that “EWG…and added advancement groups acquire a alternate theme: There is a bloom crisis in America today because of pesticides. EWG wants the accessible to acquire that…pesticide use is rising, pesticide residues in aliment are accretion and bubbler baptize is alike added attenuated than a few years ago.” The addendum specialist on ecology toxicology again wrote that (a) pesticide use has risen abandoned as added acreage are farmed; (b) 90 percent of pesticides acclimated on blah and soybeans are herbicides with residues rarely activate in foods, and 29 percent of insecticides are acclimated on cotton, which is not eaten; (c) lumping all pesticide residues calm to appraise accident is absurd; and (d) the akin of pesticide residues in our waterways is not increasing, but, rather, how our adeptness to ascertain added minute amounts access apprehension numbers.

PESTICIDES AND CHILD SAFETY(Modified from an EPA Actuality Sheet)

Although pesticides can be benign to society, they can be alarming if acclimated abominably or if they are not stored appropriately and out of the ability of children. According to abstracts calm from the American Association of Adulteration Ascendancy Centers, in 1990 alone, an estimated 79,000 accouchement were in complex in accepted domiciliary pesticide-related poisonings or exposures in the United States.

A contempo analysis by the U.S. EPA apropos pesticides acclimated in and about the home appear some rather cogent findings:

Almost bisected — 47% — of all households WITH accouchement beneath the age of bristles had at atomic one pesticide stored in an apart cabinet, beneath than 4 anxiety off the arena (i.e., aural the ability of children).

Approximately 75% of households WITHOUT accouchement beneath the age of bristles additionally stored pesticides in an apart cabinet, beneath than 4 anxiety off the arena (i.e., aural the ability of children). This cardinal is abnormally cogent because 13% of all pesticide contagion incidents action in homes added than the child’s home.

Bathrooms and kitchens were cited as the areas in the home best acceptable to acquire break stored pesticides. Examples of some accepted domiciliary pesticides activate in bathrooms and kitchen accommodate roach sprays, chlorine bleach, kitchen and ablution disinfectants, rat poison, insect and wasp sprays, repellents and baits, and flea and beat shampoos and dips for pets. Added accepted domiciliary pesticides accommodate pond basin chemicals and edger killers.

Training and Testing Schedule

Lee TownsendExtension Entomologist

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