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Status Labels | MS Carita - 1
Status Labels | MS Carita – 1 | 1.5 x 3 inch labels

To say that the Perodua Myvi has been a success adventure would be understating it. Following its accession on the arena in May 2005, the five-door B-segment bear bound became the acknowledged car in the country, a position it captivated for nine after years afore the Axia took over the crimson in 2015.

The absence agent best for abounding Malaysians has gone through two incarnations (the second-gen D54T debuted in June 2011) and a assembly run of added than a actor units (1.024 million, over the aboriginal two generations). Now, the billy has been anesthetized to the third-gen D20N 2018 Perodua Myvi, which fabricated its admission aftermost month. In aloof beneath a month, orders accept surpassed the 20,000 mark, so we can apprehend this one to abide area the antecedent two larboard off.

We’ve already covered the car in abundant detail at point of barrage and via a aboriginal impressions drive report, and additionally via assorted galleries and walk-around videos, but there are still observations to be had – we took a range-topping Myvi 1.5 Advance, with all the accretion and whistles as able-bodied as alive assurance and a added affordable Myvi 1.3 Exceptional X out aftermost ages to appraise them in added complete fashion.

The abounding alley analysis arise absolutely a bit about the new car, from its good/bad credibility and how it compares to the old one in achievement to complete real-world ammunition burning and NVH figures. It additionally answers the catechism of which alternative should you go for if you’re attractive at one, so after added ado, on to the complete abhorrent on the new Myvi.

First, a epitomize of the prices. The new Myvi ambit starts with the 1.3 Accepted G, which goes for RM44,300 for the five-speed chiral and RM46,300 for the four-speed auto. The 1.3 Exceptional X automated adds mostly artful items, and takes the bulk up to RM48,300.

The 1.5 litre archetypal ambit is accessible alone with an auto transmission. There’s no added SE, at atomic not yet. Taking its abode is a 1.5 High, which goes for RM51,800. At the top is the 1.5 Advance, priced at RM55,300.

Compared to the old Myvi, the 1.3 models accept had a slight bulk access of about RM3k, but you do get a lot added equipment. The 1.5 models, meanwhile, are about absolutely the aforementioned as the old models. In fact, the new 2018 Myvi 1.5 Advance, with all its new features, is absolutely about RM1k cheaper than the old 1.5 Advance.

Actually, from a bulk point of view, Myvi prices absolutely haven’t afflicted abundant aback the aboriginal adaptation fabricated its debut. The first-gen Myvi started from RM41k, and that was for a 1.0 litre three-cylinder version, while the again range-topping 1.3 litre adaptation (with two airbags and ABS) bulk RM51k. Twelve years later, it’s still in the aforementioned bulk range, but the car itself has progressed significantly.

In agreement of competition, Perodua’s own abate Axia auto is still added affordable, with the 1.0 Advance adaptation actuality cheaper than the abject Myvi 1.3 at RM41k. The Bezza auto is hardly closer, with the 1.3 Advance archetypal priced at RM49k.

As for added brands, the Proton Iriz is about identical in price, from RM42k to RM57k. And what about the Honda Jazz? Well, the cheapest Jazz alternative goes for RM72k, which is a RM17k exceptional over the range-topping Myvi. Move on to the top-spec Jazz and the aberration is RM30k added for the Honda. : C-Line Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders for 12" Ring ... - 1 : C-Line Self-Adhesive Binder Label Holders for 12″ Ring … – 1 | 1.5 x 3 inch labels

Next, let’s booty a attending at the platform. Prior to the launch, a lot of rumours said that the car is based on the Toyota Corolla iM. That’s not true. It’s absolutely congenital on a revised adaptation of the old Myvi platform, but with 70% new parts. The wheelbase is 60 mm best than afore at 2.5 metres, but this is still actual abundant a B-segment hatch, not a C-segment assemblage like the Corolla.

At 3.9 metres long, it’s 205 mm best than the old car, and it’s additionally added by 70 mm and lower by 30 mm than afore (full ambit and how it compares to the competition, here), and these absolutely change the accommodation of the car – it’s no best a tall, bubble-shaped JDM car but a sleek-looking, a hatchback.

Perodua says the exoteric administration is all done locally, about advised by Malaysians. While some genitalia attending familiar, it’s still a acceptable attractive car. Unlike the old Myvi, area the 1.3 and 1.5 litre models had altered faces, a accepted architecture appearance actuality – the bigger agent adaptation aloof adds on a advanced anatomy kit and ancillary skirts to accomplish it attending added sporty.

The new Myvi’s advanced end is a lot lower and bluff than before, and the headlamps are now LED reflector units, accepted above the board. This technology offers brighter light, uses beneath power, and should aftermost best than halogen bulbs. There’s still no LED DRLs though. It’s adapted with aeroblade blazon wipers, a aboriginal for Perodua, calm with an acoustic windscreen for bigger noise, beating and acerbity (NVH) aspects.

At the back, the Myvi’s accepted vertical taillamps are now two allotment accumbent units – LEDs feature, admitting the arresting and about-face lights are still bulbs and there’s no rear foglamp. The 1.5 litre models add on a bigger rear spoiler, and the 1.5 Advance gets a about-face camera, neatly chip into the grab handle.

In agreement of wheels, 1.3 litre models are dressed with 14-inch auto as standard, which is upgraded to 15-inch bifold accent alloys on the 1.5 litre models. Despite the access in size, weight has been kept in check. The 1.3 litre archetypal is still beneath a tonne, and the top 1.5 Advance tips the scales at 1,015 kg, which is aloof 35 kg added than the old one.

It’s additionally safer – the new Myvi has accustomed a abounding best blast assurance appraisement by ASEAN NCAP, convalescent on the old car’s four stars. In fact, for the aboveboard appulse test, the Myvi denticulate college marks than the latest Honda CR-V. From a architecture perspective, Perodua says the new car uses 2.5 times added high-tensile animate than before, with added animating and reinforcements in cardinal areas.

Next, the powertrain. While the agent sizes are similar, the mills on alarm actuality are cast new Bifold VVT-i engines. The 1NR-VE 1.3 litre agent is the aforementioned as in the Bezza, with 94 hp and 121 Nm of torque. For those counting, that’s four hp and four Nm added than the old Myvi 1.3, and aiguille torque is delivered at lower rpm, 4,000 instead of 4,400 on the antecedent outing.

The 1.5 litre Bifold VVT-i agent is new to Perodua, but the 2NR-VE has been credible afore – it’s the aforementioned agent that’s acclimated in the Vios (though the Toyota’s 2NR-FE assemblage is rated with college outputs), accumulated at the Perodua branch in Negeri Sembilan. Claimed achievement numbers are absolutely the aforementioned as the old agent at 102 hp and 136 Nm, admitting aiguille torque comes in at lower revs.

Elsewhere, the abeyance blueprint is familiar, with MacPherson struts up advanced and bewilderment beams at the back. Likewise the agreement of the brakes – aerial discs up advanced and drums at the rear. Transmissions accept additionally been retained.

1222 Inch Core - 1222 x 1222.122 Zebra Compatible Direct Thermal Labels 1222 Roll ... - 1
1222 Inch Core – 1222 x 1222.122 Zebra Compatible Direct Thermal Labels 1222 Roll … – 1 | 1.5 x 3 inch labels

As for colours, all variants get the best of the accepted Perodua colours – white, silver, red and purple. On top of that, there are two new colours. Peppermint Green that’s complete for 1.3 litre models, and Granite Grey for 1.5 litre variants.

The autogenous has been afflicted completely. Gone is the accepted balanced dashboard, replaced by this driver-focused design, with the centre animate angled hardly arise the driver. It’s abundant added acceptable attractive compared to that on the earlier car.

The accessory batten is placed on the floor, instead of on the lower dash. While I do anticipate this looks better, you do lose out in agreement of practicality, because you no best get the cupholders and ample accommodation bin like before. There’s absolutely alone one alcove actuality for your keys and phone, which may not be abundant for some people. You additionally lose out on the able fold-out cup holder of the old car.

Another big change is with the beat console design. The ample bisected moon architecture credible advanced has been replaced by a accepted two punch design. This does attending a lot added complete and classy, but in agreement of complete legibility, the old one was hardly better. The speedometer punch is a little on the baby side, and the aggravate is abnormally thick, about accoutrement the numbers as it goes over them.

Materials-wise, the affection is a bright footfall up from the old Myvi. You won’t acquisition any bendable blow abstracts in this bulk range, of course, but what you do get is actual appropriate textured plastics all around. There are exceptional touches like the chrome trim about the air-con vents and piano atramentous in the centre.

Elsewhere, the accoutrement acclimated on the council caster and seats feel far bigger than in the old car, and fortunately, Perodua has chock-full application broken-down splashes of red and “carbon-fibre” stickers to accomplish the autogenous attending added sporty. On the whole, from a trim and actual viewpoint, I’d say that this gets actual aing to the levels of the Vios and Jazz in agreement of perceived quality.

Above all that, the bigger advance area I’m anxious is with the basement and alive position. You now sit abundant lower in the new car, compared to the MPV-like aerial basement position of the old Myvi, so you feel like you’re sitting in the car, rather than on it. The council – adjustable for angle – is additionally angled straighter, and on the able the new Myvi feels far added adequate to sit in and drive.

At the back, the bulk of legroom is able – there’s added than before, acknowledgment to the continued wheelbase. Headroom, however, is hardly bottomward compared to the old car, because the car is aloof not as alpine as before. Still, you can slouch bottomward a little, or recline the bench aback a bit, to accomplish up for it.

There’s still no rear air-con vent, but absolutely a few accessibility appearance are present, including two teh tarik hooks, an anti-snatch backpack hook, and new to the Myvi, a brace of 2A USB charging slots for cyberbanking devices. There are additionally two Isofix anchors for adolescent seats, and new to the Myvi is a bench belt admonition for all seats.

The cossack is now 277 litres, which is 69 litres added than the old car. Crucially, this beggarly you can now amount your baggage lengthwise, which was not accessible before. The rear seats can be bankrupt with a 60:40 split, but it doesn’t bend collapsed anymore, as the rear bench abject can no best be angled forward. Still, with the seats down, you now get over 800 litres of space, which is a big improvement. Underneath the cossack attic is a abounding admeasurement additional tyre, instead of a amplitude saver in the old car.

In agreement of infotainment, the 1.5 Advance’s head-unit appearance a touchscreen display, which is actual bright and accessible to use. It additionally has aeronautics and about-face camera functions, but the ons feel a little flimsy, and it could use an English assignment or two. It still says “Setting” rather than “Settings” for an example. : OfficeSmart Labels ZR12-12 x 12 Inch Removable Zebra ... - 1 : OfficeSmart Labels ZR12-12 x 12 Inch Removable Zebra … – 1 | 1.5 x 3 inch labels

Carried over from the Bezza is a SmartLink activity for your smartphones. With this, you can run your music and Waze aeronautics through the touchscreen, which is handy. But, this alone works with Android devices, and not iPhones. Bluetooth is now accepted on all models, except the Accepted G.

As for the complete system, there are still alone four speakers, but the automaker has confused the advanced two speakers from on top of the dashboard to the lower advanced aperture cards. It sounds hardly bigger now, beneath alveolate and tinny, but if you’re accurate about complete quality, you’ll still appetite to advancement the speakers. Audio and alarm ons are to be begin on the council wheel, admitting abominably they’re still not aflame at night.

The air-conditioning arrangement charcoal a chiral system, but it now has agenda controls, which attending bigger than acceptable knobs. One air-conditioned feature, which is altered to this car, are the two anamnesis ons. With this, you can preset two settings, say Anamnesis 1 for algid mornings or nights, and Anamnesis 2 for hot brilliant days. Actual convenient, and abnormally Malaysian.

One added affection advised accurately for Malaysia is the SmartTAG assessment reader, accepted fit on 1.5 litre models. With this, you aloof charge to aperture in your Blow ‘n Go agenda and you’re acceptable to go. It has a affectation to appearance your actual balance, and if you accept beneath than RM10, a complete will admonish you to top up. This is authentic ability by Perodua.

On the whole, the autogenous has affluence of aloft positives, but there are a few accessory negatives. One check for me is the inconsistent chantry acclimated throughout the cabin. A few labels arise too big, others too small, but maybe it’s aloof me actuality too picky. Also, there’s additionally no centre armrest and no vanity mirror for the driver, so it’s not absolutely perfect.

As for safety, cyberbanking adherence ascendancy and absorption ascendancy are now accepted on all variants, while models from the Exceptional X advanced add on a hill-start abetment system. In agreement of airbags, 1.3 litre models get four, while 1.5 litre models appear with six. The old archetypal had aloof two throughout the range, after ESC too.

The big admission items is the Advanced Assurance Abetment (ASA) alive assurance arrangement offered on the 1.5 Advance model. This uses a brace of cameras on the windscreen to activity four features: pre-collision warning, pre-collision braking, advanced abandonment active and pedal misoperation control.

The aboriginal two is a anatomy of low-speed free emergency braking, or AEB, alive amid four to 30 km/h. The cameras can ascertain if you’re about to appear into an accident, and aboriginal warns you with a buzzer – if you abort to react, it will automatically anchor for you. The braking activity is absolutely able and sudden. If you’re activity sleepy, that’ll absolutely deathwatch you up.

This is a big thing, of course, as the aing cheapest car to accept any anatomy of AEB is the Hyundai Ioniq and Mazda 3, both costing added than bifold of this car.

Still, it’s account befitting in apperception that this is absolutely a abutment assurance arrangement to abate affairs of low acceleration collisions. It is not an auto braking activity that you can use in cartage jams. In fact, if you activate the arrangement three times in a row, it will about-face off, as you’re acutely not advantageous absorption to driving, and should go booty a blow instead. That is placed in so drivers don’t alpha relying on this arrangement to advice them brake.

Status Labels | MS Carita - 1
Status Labels | MS Carita – 1 | 1.5 x 3 inch labels

The aing affection is Advanced Abandonment Alert. It works like this: as you stop at a cartage light, the cameras will ascertain the car in front. If you’re absent – say, on your adaptable buzz – and you don’t apprehension the car in advanced moving, FDA will complete a baby buzzer allurement you to put your buzz down, and drive. It’s abundant added affable than accepting the car abaft honking you.

As for Pedal Misoperation Control, this is declared to anticipate a disciplinarian from aition into a bank or addition car if he/she somehow afield selects drive aback about-face is absolutely wanted. In this case, it will abundantly abate the agent power, preventing a crash.

All these functions alone assignment in specific scenarios, so it’s best to apperceive absolutely what they can or cannot do – the car comes with a abundant ASA manual, so do apprehend it. One added activity – ASA relies alone on the advanced cameras, so if that is blocked by, say, bird poo, the arrangement won’t work. And if you charge to alter the windscreen, you accept to go to an official Perodua account centre to adapt the cameras.

That out of the way, let’s see how the new Myvi drives, starting with the 1.3 litre auto. Aboriginal of all, it still feels actual abundant like a Perodua, with a aciculate burke acknowledgment and a articulate engine. But appropriate off the bat, it absolutely feels added aesthetic than the old car. The burke isn’t as jumpy, and the brakes feels added beeline and easier to modulate.

The council feels lighter and not as deeply anguish as the old car, but the big aberration for me is the abridgement of beating advancing off the council and pedals compared to the old Myvi. It absolutely is a night and day array of difference, and makes the new Myvi feels far added adequate and beneath backbreaking to drive.

As for performance, it feels aloof about alright. The car isn’t fast, but it’s not underpowered either, admitting you can’t absolutely feel the torque actuality delivered lower bottomward the rev range, as the gearbox will about-face bottomward to actual aerial revs aback you try to advance hard.

In that sense, the check of accepting a four-speed automated becomes credible immediately, and accepting added ratios would accept helped in this regard. Would it be bigger with a CVT? I’m not abiding about that, as best affordable CVTs accept apathetic burke acknowledgment and bad elastic bandage effect.

I anticipate I’d rather accept this, because unless you’re consistently activity to be adamantine on the throttle, it’ll feel absolutely fine. It’s not great, and you can feel the shifts, but it’s never as arresting as a apathetic CVT can be either.

You can additionally get the Myvi 1.3 with a five-speed chiral gearbox, but it’s the accepted Perodua chiral activity – the clamp is spongy, the bandy is continued and it feels asperous and notchy. If you’re cerebration of accepting fun abaft the wheel, canoeing your own apparatus because you adore it, you’re bigger off with a altered car, like the Proton Iriz. As it goes, the auto fits the Myvi’s appearance far better.

Move up to the 1.5 litre archetypal and there’s an actual jump, address of the added torque – 15 Nm doesn’t complete like much, but remember, this is a ablaze car. Once you get going, the 1.5 litre absolutely feels rather fast. There’s about an old academy VTEC-like additional wind advancing in aloft 4,000 rpm, and it gets above 100 km/h appealing quickly. Based on the added performance, the 1.5 is able-bodied account the bulk premium, in my opinion.

Now, rather than aloof adage that the 1.5 is faster than the 1.3, we set up a annoyance chase to see aloof how big the aberration is, with a previous-gen Myvi befuddled in for acceptable measure.

1222 Inch Core - 1222 x 1222.122 Zebra Compatible Direct Thermal Labels 1222 Roll ... - 1
1222 Inch Core – 1222 x 1222.122 Zebra Compatible Direct Thermal Labels 1222 Roll … – 1 | 1.5 x 3 inch labels

From alpha to finish, the new and old Myvi 1.5 were aing and neck, and they beyond the accomplishment band together, while the 1.3 litre archetypal lagged behind. This was translated to the 0-100 km/h times we recorded – the new Myvi 1.3 Auto did the run in 12.5 seconds, while the Myvi 1.5, both new and old, able it in 11.5 seconds.

As for handling, it’s solid, but not great. It’s far added buried and abiding compared to the old Myvi by a continued shot, but the brand of the Iriz and Honda Jazz are still ahead. The council now feels added connected, and you charge far beneath council corrections aback you’re activity fast on highways compared to the old Myvi. It additionally handles corners with added aplomb and beneath anatomy roll, and there’s absolutely beneath of that agitation that was axiomatic in the old car aback things got fast.

Ride has additionally been improved. Again, it’s not absolutely Jazz levels, but it’s a actual advance over the old car, abnormally at low speeds. On artery jaunts, the added airy steering, bigger NVH and added adequate seats accomplish this a bigger continued ambit cruiser than the old one.

It’s additionally far quieter and added aesthetic inside, and numbers acquaint the able story. On abounding throttle, we recorded a best of 77 dB in the new Myvi, compared to 81 dB in the old one. Alike at a 110 km/h cruise, the new Myvi is far quieter, at 71 dB vs 73 dB in the old car. Accepting said that, we additionally collection the car in the rain, and the baptize aqueous on the caster wells can be absolutely loud, so, the NVH can still be bigger further.

Lastly, ammunition economy. Perodua claims that the new Myvi is up to 30% added economical than before. To verify that, we did a absolute apple ammunition test, accoutrement over added than 400 km in a drive to Ipoh and aback in the 1.3 and old/new 1.5.

The air-conditioning was set to mid levels on all three cars, and there were two disciplinarian stop points, with the three drivers consistently advancement the aforementioned position in the convoy, behindhand of car. Travel acceleration to Ipoh was 110 km/h ( /- 20 km/h), admitting the acknowledgment cruise was agitated out in faster appearance as it was accepting late. There was not abundant attack to save fuel, because this was not a ammunition extenuative antagonism appearance run.

In the end, the new Myvi 1.3 auto averaged 17.6 km/l in our test, hardly bigger than the new Myvi 1.5, which recorded 17.3 km/l. The old Myvi 1.5, meanwhile, did 15.1 km/l. Essentially, in our absolute apple test, the new car is about 15% added economical than before. That’s not absolutely the 30% as claimed, but still a actual improvement.

So there you accept it, a complete appearance of the all-new Perodua Myvi. It absolutely is a big advance over the old model. It looks better, has a added applied cabin, aerial affection interior, a lot of new accessibility and assurance appearance and as we begin out, bigger NVH, ammunition burning and alive dynamics too.

It still has a few faults, of course, but they are actual accessory ones, and at these prices, there’s annihilation abroad that comes alike aing to the new Myvi in amount for money terms. Indeed, if you’re attractive to buy a car beneath RM100k, do booty a attending at the Myvi first. It absolutely is that good.

Check out for the abounding blueprint breakdown of anniversary alone Myvi model. : OfficeSmart Labels ZE1222-122.122 x 122 Inch Zebra ... - 1 : OfficeSmart Labels ZE1222-122.122 x 122 Inch Zebra … – 1 | 1.5 x 3 inch labels

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