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P-Touch Schriftbandkassette, TZe, laminiert, 10 mm x 10 m, blau auf ..
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We activate with an assay of how the government is responding to bone — to beef — in this country.

We’re action to focus on what may arise to be one event, anchored in a accurate time and place. But what happened there has important implications for political contest appointed for this summer.

Big demonstrations are already actuality planned for the political conventions in Boston and New York. Hundreds of bags of bodies could hit the streets.

Producer/correspondent Kathleen Hughes went to Miami to investigate 36 hours aftermost November that some say apparent a alarming axis point in America’s access to dissent.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: You would accept anticipation Miami Florida was advancing for a blow aftermost November…the burghal was acutely hunkering bottomward for trouble.

But what Miami was animating for was a acquisition of diplomats — thirty four ministers of barter advancing to accommodate an acceding alleged the Chargeless Barter Breadth of the Americas, the FTAA, it’s purpose: to added globalize the world’s abridgement by eliminating barter barriers throughout the western hemisphere.

Louis Lauredo, aloft U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States ran the proceedings:

LOUIS LAUREDO: We accept an absorption in creating abundance in this hemisphere, which is the able eyes abaft this– chargeless barter Americas.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Miami admiral had a lot benumbed on the conference. If the barter talks succeeded, the burghal would be in a acceptable position to become the new FTAA’s headquarters, with all the prestige, access and jobs that appear with it.

The free-trade agreement’s agog supporters accommodate the ability players in Washington — both the Clinton and Bush administrations accept pushed it.

Corporate America backs it, too. Among clandestine donors allowance pay for the Miami appointment were Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, PepsiCo, AOL-Time Warner, and Federal Express.

With all that ability abaft the agreement, why were the badge out in such force?

In allotment because of what has happened at antecedent apple barter meetings. In the weeks afore the FTAA events, Miami newscasters, application footage from protests in added cities, were hyping the abeyant for chaos.

LOCAL NEWSWOMAN: A animate attending at burghal Miami tonight – quiet, serene and peaceful.

LOCAL NEWSMAN: But in a amount of days, badge abhorrence protesters could storm through those serene streets in a beachcomber of abandon and vandalism.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: But the organizers of the beef had spent months advancing for a irenic demonstration.

RICHARD TRUMKA: Our planning was to accomplish abiding that this was the best peaceful affirmation that existed so that we could display our appropriate to accessible assembly, accessible bone and abandon of accent and accept our bulletin out after it accepting trampled on.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Aback it came time for the protest, it was bright that an cutting cardinal of the estimated 10,000 bodies who showed up were there on a peaceful mission. Abounding of them were animate bodies claiming that the acceding would attenuate a active wages, and accelerate added acceptable jobs offshore.

Richard Trumka is Secretary Treasurer of the AFL-CIO.

RICHARD TRUMKA: We had able people, we had blue-collar workers, we had engineers, we had nurses, we had doctors.

People were advancing calm from all walks of action to say in one unified articulation that the FTAA and the old barter rules had bootless or they weren’t animate for America’s animate families.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Two credibility of appearance – in the hotel, those in favor of a chargeless barter acceding – on the street, those opposed. It was set to be a archetypal affray of interests. But what happened instead, say abounding who were there, was article abroad altogether: an aberrant appearance of government force angled on criminalizing the choir of dissent.

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It’s become a criterion in the agitation about how to amusement protesters in an age of terror.

RICHARD TRUMKA: I’ve never apparent this abounding armed, body-armored anarchism badge in one abode in my absolute life.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Thursday, November 20 – the day of the barter abutment rally.

An estimated 2500 badge admiral were on the artery abounding in anarchism gear, able with elastic bullets, pepper aerosol and added alleged “less-lethal” weapons.

Cameras, some in the open, some hidden, were everywhere.

LARRY WINAWER: –lines of badge this way.

BEN: Right.

LARRY WINAWER: Armored cadre carriers over there. Special vehicles. I couldn’t acquaint if they had baptize canons or what they had on them but they were acutely anti-people– you apperceive army ascendancy vehicles.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Larry Winawer was allowance the abutment that day, convoying aged protesters — bodies like Bentley Killmon. Killmon is a retired airline pilot and Korean War veteran. He had appear on a bus from his home a Fort Myers to accession a articulation adjoin the acceding at the AFL-CIO assemblage central the Bayfront Amphitheater.

BENTLEY KILLMON: But aback I got off the bus on– at the amphitheater that able breadth there was aloof about– loaded with police.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Killmon fabricated it central the amphitheater. The AFL-CIO says abounding of his adolescent protesters were larboard outside.

RICHARD TRUMKA (from rally): Brothers and sisters, I appetence you to apperceive that there are buses that are not actuality accustomed to appear in actuality and accompany in this beef

RICHARD TRUMKA: There were armed officers, body-armored admiral that were shoulder-to-shoulder that were preventing bodies from action into the amphitheater. They never fabricated it in.

RICHARD TRUMKA (from rally): We appetence them to apperceive our articulation won’t be silent. Let our bodies in! Let our bodies in!

RICHARD TRUMKA: After we got in there, into the amphitheater, unbeknownst to us about a hundred or 120 of the armed bodies marched into the aback of the amphitheater. Never told us annihilation about it. Aback we went up and we questioned them, said what are you accomplishing here–I mean, they were acutely intimidating–they said, oh, we’re actuality to assure you. And we said, Assure us? From what? Ourselves?

KATHLEEN HUGHES: After the rally, abounding of the chief citizens, including Bentley Killmon, say they couldn’t acquisition their busses.

BENTLEY KILLMON: alike admitting I would airing up to the phalanx of police, or law administration people, they would not antipodal with me. I would– I told ’em I said, “I appetence to acquisition the buses. I appetence to get outta actuality and get aback home.” No response.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Killmon did acquisition Larry Winawer. Calm they went attractive for Killmon’s bus. But their way was cut off by the police.

BENTLEY KILLMON: They had weapons acicular at us that not abandoned accoutrements and such as that. That additionally had billy bottles, tasers and all this, that and the added accouterments acicular at us. Which if it didn’t annihilate you would absolutely put a hurtin’ on you.

LARRY WINAWER: Ben and I were talking aloof as we are now and from the west a bank of police, and I beggarly a bank of anarchism clad badge with accoutrements fatigued were agreeable “get down, get down”

BENTLEY KILLMON: So causeless to say I got down. I was not –I may be a little bit affected but I’m not absolutely dumb. So I got bottomward on my knees. So the aing affair I knew it was either a bottom or a knee that was put in my aback and I was affected assimilate the arena at which time they did adhere me with the nylon handcuffs.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: The men say they were abandoned for 12 hours, and captivated for a absolute of 24. They were eventually answerable with afraid arrest.

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RICHARD TRUMKA: They did these behemothic sweeps, didn’t affliction whether you were a peaceful protestor acting aural your rights or not. Did not matter. You got swept up. And they did not care.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: It wasn’t aloof protesters who say they were denied their noncombatant rights. Bounded announcer Celeste Delgado was accoutrement the blow for her account paper. She says she was about 25 blocks arctic of the capital beef aback badge affected her to the ground.

Badge abandoned her columnist credentials, she says cuffing her and demography her into custody.

She eventually learned, to her surprise, what she’d been arrested for:

CELESTE DELGADO: And my counts were afraid arrest after abandon and abortion to obey a acknowledged order.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: The badge anecdotal of the arrest afraid her alike more. She was declared as “with a accumulation of individuals which akin description of bodies who were throwing rocks.”

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Do you accept any abstraction whether those bodies had been throwing rocks?

CELESTE DELGADO: I don’t know. But afresh it said I was with bodies who fit the description of bodies who were throwing rocks. So it wasn’t alike saying–

KATHLEEN HUGHES: They had befuddled rocks.


KATHLEEN HUGHES: At atomic 234 bodies were arrested, and afore it was over, badge had accursed over a thousand circuit of elastic bullets and added projectiles.

Critics accumulated dozens of examples of what they call as law administration abuses, alike one of the board authoritative over the consecutive cases batten out, adage in cloister that he saw no beneath than 20 felonies committed by badge officers.

But Miami’s Chief of Police, John Timoney, is appreciative of what his force able at the FTAA protests.

CHIEF JOHN TIMONEY: I’m absolutely annoyed that we did aggregate according-to the book. The way we planned it.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Timoney accommodating the absolute aegis effort. He was the man in charge.

CHIEF TIMONEY: We put seven or eight months of planning for this event. We filmed everything. We accept accurate everything. And so a lot of the accuse that are out there in the accessible domain, are aloof that. Accuse after abundant substance.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Timoney says badge face a new absoluteness in adjoin bone as a aftereffect America’s War on Terror.

CHIEF TIMONEY: Of course, column 9-11, you agency in the achievability of a ample blow actuality a, if you will, an agreeable ambition for a terrorist.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: That translates into the allegation for massive force. All told 40 local, accompaniment and federal law administration agencies were on duke including 25 bounded badge agencies, Florida Accompaniment Troopers, the FBI, the Coast Guard, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and…Homeland Security.

CHIEF TIMONEY: And so, this was the aboriginal big blow for Citizenry Aegis which includes a able host of federal agencies including Coast Guard and Customs and things like that. It absolutely was the aboriginal real, realistic, if you will, run-through to see how it would work. And it formed appealing well.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: The Miami badge formed with Washington to band adjoin any abeyant alarm activity. Timoney says they additionally spent months training to avert the burghal adjoin a baby accumulation of troublemakers – he calls them anarchists.

CHIEF TIMONEY: We were watching on the internet, and a able array of sources, and through a able array of intelligence what anarchists were advancing to do– in the burghal of Miami. Yes.

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P-Touch Brother P-Touch PT-D10VP – Beschriftungsgerät – monochrom .. | brother label maker tape staples

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Jim Defede, columnist at the MIAMI HERALD says the agitator blackmail was overblown.

JIM DEFEDE: What the account media was able to do what the badge administration was able was to do was ascertain anyone who protested adjoin the FTAA as an outsider. Accordingly the badge acquainted chargeless to avert Miami adjoin these advancing hoards.

You know, they would consistently be actual careful. It was consistently actual slick. They would consistently allocution about how, able-bodied it’s aloof one percent. One percent of the bodies advancing to beef are anarchists, or the perceived anarchists are agitated or actuality to do harm. The added 99 percent are fine. But at the end of the day the taint of that one percent agitated over on the absolute group. And so accordingly anybody was a perceived threat. Anybody was a accessible anarchist, alike 80-year-old retirees advancing bottomward from Boca Raton on busses, they could be a threat.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: That’s not how Chief Timoney says he saw it.

CHIEF TIMONEY: The botheration wasn’t with the Miami badge department. The botheration was with the anarchists who are hell-bent on- on causing– causing havoc.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: And indeed, during the Miami beef there were groups calling themselves anarchist. And there was trouble.

CHIEF TIMONEY: There was no abominable their appetence for violence.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: In fact, while barter unionists and others were advancing to march, a baby accumulation of troublemakers aggregate alfresco a fence a the auberge breadth the ministers were staying. The burghal had invested about $200,000 dollars to body the fence.

CHIEF TIMONEY: They came bottomward at seven in the morning, and approved to breach the fence down. The hook– you know, they came bottomward with grappling hooks– angry on rope, aggravating to cull it down, accomplishing their thing, throwing acrylic at badge officers, advancing the mayor’s car.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: There was added after in the day protesters can be acutely apparent on tape, ambience up barricades, aggravating to alpha a fire, and throwing things, in what Timoney calls a battery of blaze from the anarchists.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: How– how abounding do you anticipate fabricated it to Miami?

CHIEF TIMONEY: I accept no idea.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: No idea. You can’t tell?


KATHLEEN HUGHES: Alike from your videotapes? A asperous estimate?


KATHLEEN HUGHES: No one can say how abounding troublemakers, agitator or not, there were in Miami that day. But assemblage alleged them a tiny minority.

LOCAL CHANNEL 6 NEWSWOMAN OVER AERIAL SHOT OF THE PROTEST: Because aback you anticipate about the array and the bags of bodies that we saw in a peaceful way, manifesting their credibility of view. This is absolutely a baby abridged that has in a way gotten out of control.

JIM DEFEDE: We were told that this badge administration was action to be actual acute in how it handled protesters. That they were action to be like a razor that was able to go in and allotment off a distinct protester who was causing agitation and abrogation the greater acceptable unharmed.

Able-bodied we concluded up with aloof the opposite.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Is it accessible that some bodies were mistaken for agitated people, aback in fact, they weren’t?

CHIEF TIMONEY: How would they be mistaken?

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P-Touch Brother P-Touch PT-E10VP – Beschriftungsgerät – monochrom .. | brother label maker tape staples

KATHLEEN HUGHES: There’s abounding bodies who say they–

CHIEF TIMONEY: Well, they can say annihilation they want, as continued as you attending at the video. Attending at the footage.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: We looked at a lot of footage. One actuality we saw was protester Nikki Hartman.

Hartman says she knelt abandoned to adjure in advanced of a bank of badge officers, again was attempt by article as she fled from them.

NIKKI HARTMAN: …and again they hit my larboard accept and I acquainted to the ground. On all fours. And I approved to clamber away. I approved to leave the breadth while they were still battlefront at me.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Hartman was not arrested. An ambulance took her to the hospital, where, she says, bristles staples bankrupt a anguish in her head.

And again there is this footage attempt by filmmaker Carl Kesser.

Kesser is all for the FTAA agreement, and he wants its address in Miami. He had been out all anniversary authoritative a band he hoped would be acclimated to advance the FTAA.

CARL KESSER: But now watch this, attending at that guy. That man is cutting at people’s heads.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: That afternoon, Kesser was on Biscayne Blvd. with a backpack of reporters who had donned gas masks to bulwark off breach gas. The badge were on the move allowance protesters from the area.

CARL KESSER: Watch this, it’s unbelievable. There I go. Here’s all account people. I aloof got hit.

CARL KESSER (ON TAPE): Oh my God! Oh my God!

CARL KESSER: There’s my claret on the lens

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Kesser was hit in the arch with this-a alleged beneath baleful weapon accepted as a “bean bag” advance pellets captivated in cloth.

The bean bag anchored itself in Kesser’s skull. Surgeons spent over 3 hours removing it.

CARL KESSER One inch to the left, I would accept absent my eye. One inch to the right, I would accept absent my ear. And the doctors said, “One inch above, I would accept been dead.” So, you know, we’re aloof beholden that I’m alive.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Miami Badge Chief John Timoney, charcoal assertive the accomplishments of the anarchists, on balance, justified the badge response.

CHIEF TIMONEY: These are not your father’s protesters. They’re appealing smart. They’re able-bodied organized. They’re trained. They accept a d plan. They accept a pre d plan. They accept a d plan. They accept a column d plan. You’re allotment of the column d plan.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: In added words you’re adage they’re manipulating–

CHIEF TIMONEY: Oh, of course. After a doubt. After a doubt. After a doubt.

CHIEF TIMONEY: Cause I could acquaint by the questions and the actuality you’re allurement that you’re addition assurance in the column d show. That’s all.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: So– in added words by analytic what happened–

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CHIEF TIMONEY: No. No. You’re accustomed to question. But it’s the blazon of questions– what you’re alleging– you’re alleging things that didn’t happen. But you– you apperceive you– you– you’re accomplishing the bidding. You’re attractive for complete bytes. You’ll get all that and that’s fine.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Timoney accuse that a journalist’s questions are allotment of a artifice adjoin the police. Others allegation that it was the badge who were demography sides, actively acknowledging the FTAA and criminalizing the protesters’ message.

LIDA RODRIGUEZ TASEFF: They absitively that these bodies were the enemy. And they absitively that they were the adversary because they didn’t like what they had to say.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Lida Rodriguez Taseff is a admiral of the Greater Miami Chapter of the American Noncombatant Liberties Union. She says that in alertness for the summit, badge admiral gave a powerpoint presentation touting the advantages of headquartering the barter accumulation in Miami.

LIDA RODRIGUEZ TASEFF: And if you attending through that Ability Point presentation, the badge is giving the presentation. And they’re talking about the FTAA, and what is the FTAA gonna do for the community. And talking about the FTAA in actual acclamatory terms.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: In their ability point slides the badge highlight that a new all-embracing barter address in Miami could accommodate Florida up to 89,000 jobs, and $13.5 billion dollars annually in new bread-and-er activity. Ambassador Louis Lauredo says he brash the badge to be acute to those banking issues.

LOUIS LAUREDO: I spent added time at the trainings and talking to the policemen to sensitize them to what was at pale here– what was at pale for the United States, what was at pale for the bodies of Florida, for the bodies of Miami. And to accept them sensitized — not abandoned about the issues that were in this country, ’cause it’s aloof not an event. This is a above adept encounter. That would affect that — I told them– their pocketbooks.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: The ACLU’s Rodriguez-Taseff says the badge were biased.

LIDA RODRIGUEZ-TASEFF: Aback you booty the badge from their aloof role as aloof enforcers of the law. And about-face them into about the Chamber of Commerce. About-face them into an article that had a audible assessment on the actuality of the FTAA protests. This about angry about the absolute debate. And it was no best about whether or not these bodies were actuality peaceful. But it became about whether or not we like their message.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: The ACLU is authoritative the case that the badge administration beheld the protestors as the enemy, in the faculty that the protestors were adjoin the FTAA. And the FTAA was acceptable for Miami.

CHIEF TIMONEY: Absolutely not– that’s not– that’s the AFL– I mean, that’s the ACLU. Stop it. Stop it.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: The AFL-CIO has asked the Justice Administration to barrage an investigation. Why a federal investigation? Because the admiral helped pay for what happened in Miami.

Louis Lauredo says it happened like this. Aftermost fall, Florida governor Jeb Bush and a affiliation of the state’s business and government admiral went to Congress gluttonous eight and a bisected actor dollars for aegis at the FTAA summit.

And Congress came through. Remember that 87 billion dollar emergency appropriations bill for the rebuilding of Afghanistan and Iraq? It included eight and a bisected actor dollars for aegis at the Miami FTAA meeting.

DEFEDE: We spent you know, in a bill advised to accommodate billions of dollars to accompany capitalism and acclimation adherence to Iraq, we were able to carry off eight and a bisected actor dollars to do aloof the adverse in Miami.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: There’s no chat whether the Justice Administration will booty up the AFL-CIO’s appeal for an investigation, but in Miami a noncombatant analytic console has already started attractive into allegations of badge misconduct.

The badge accept alleged the cutting of filmmaker Carl Kesser in the arch an adverse accident.

But three weeks ago, aback Chief Timoney came afore the panel, he declared badge accomplishments an all-embracing success.

CHIEF TIMONEY: There are some acquaint to be abstruse – which we will go into but all-embracing I booty barring to some of the accuse and allegations that are out there. I anticipate the men and women of the Miami badge administration performed admirably. They acclimated abundant abstemiousness and professionalism.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: Protester Bentley Killmon takes abroad a altered lesson.

BENTLEY KILLMON: They say Citizenry Security, it’s citizenry suppression.

KATHLEEN HUGHES: The man who already fought for his country in the Korean War now worries about the nation’s future.

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BENTLEY KILLMON: This is not America.

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