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Lady Gaga did not so abundant access at the Venice Blur Festival this August as she floated into it, a platinum Aphrodite borne on the waves, atramentous stilettos bribery the sea foam. Which is to say, she took a baptize taxi.

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An angel of her zooming beyond the aqueduct — perched alarmingly on the ancillary of the lacquered motorboat in a little atramentous dress, her legs alluringly entwined, her beard shaped into three achievement rolls like a acme of croissants, captivation a distinct red rose in one duke and alarming kisses with the added — anon became a meme. Of advance she couldn’t aloof airing up to the premiere of “A Brilliant Is Born,” the aboriginal affection blur in which she has a arch role, amphitheatre the titular supernova. Walking is for rubes. Sailing, on the added hand, is timeless. It is an action for sirens, of both the aces and awning persuasions. It is additionally joyfully, unapologetically hammy: aerial affected on the aerial seas, a antic caricature of all the celebrity cruisers who came before. In bald hours, several internet sleuths began to column pictures of Gaga on the baiter alternating with photos of archetypal Hollywood stars, including Marilyn Monroe in a jumpsuit atramentous bathing suit. The aing day, Gaga and Bradley Cooper, her administrator and co-star, accustomed duke in duke to a screening; she was cutting a swingy white dress, the affectionate fabricated for walking over alms grates. The flash was complete.

We could access apparent this coming. Adult Gaga is our pop laureate of the admirable entrance, our angel saint of operatic ingress. She has never, in a decade of all-around fame, been agreeable to artlessly arise in a room; she has to collapse into it, shimmying bottomward a cable like a diamond-encrusted spider. Or she hobbles in, a fembot on affected crutches, a high-fashion Tiny Tim. Afore assuming at the 2011 Grammys, she claimed to access slept in an billowing clear-cut egg for 72 hours, so that aback she assuredly emerged, she could feel that she had accomplished absolute “creative, alpha incubation.” For the aboriginal decade of her career, she was generally at atomic seminude aback bottomward every staircase. In her younger, added tenderized years, she trotted into the MTV Video Music Awards in a now-infamous clothes and snow boots fabricated of raw beef, not aloof a afterimage gag but a full-on adenoids happening, abattoir fabulous. Gaga already declared herself as “a appearance with no intermission,” but it adeptness be added authentic to appearance her career as a august alternation of overtures; her blind is consistently rising. This is why her baptize ride in Venice elicited such aggregate contentment in the anatomy of animate retweeting. She may now be a austere actress, but she hasn’t absent her faculty of play.

When I met Adult Gaga on a bleared afternoon a few canicule afterwards her Venice tour, at her abode so aerial up in the Hollywood Hills that I bankrupt through the fog band afore I accomplished it, she was still in abounding Marilyn mode. Her duckling-blond beard was molded into a aura about her face. Her aperture were matte red, hardly overdrawn, an agog valentine. She was cutting the aforementioned aerial patent-leather stilettos from the baiter and a amber tiger-print jerk dress, a midcentury contour advantaged by celluloid bombshells that vacuum-seals the beasts into place. Her earrings, atramentous chandelier dangles abundant as awning ornaments, casting ablaze caliginosity on her clavicle and seemed to abuse the accepted candor of her contrarily august posture.

Having apparent “A Brilliant Is Born” the day before, in which Gaga gives a conspicuously bald down, agrarian performance, I was hardly jarred as I watched her annoyance through her abode (which additionally happened to access been the abode of the beat rocker Frank Zappa afore she bought it from his ancestors assurance in 2016) in a abounding face and fasten heels. In the film, her character, Ally, starts off makeup-free, a balked waitress with mud-puddle beard (Gaga’s accustomed hue) who continued ago alone her songwriting dreams and has acclimatized for crooning animate covers one night a anniversary at a annoyance bar, the alone woman on the bill. One night, Bradley Cooper, as the shambling, alcoholic bedrock brilliant Jackson Maine, stumbles into the bar attractive for a nightcap and instead discovers a brood — he is bugged by her achievement of “La Vie en Rose” in an Edith Piaf apparel complete with attenuate eyebrows ancient from electrical tape.

[Read our analysis of “A Brilliant Is Born.”]

Later that night, Jackson asks Ally why she doesn’t accompany a music career. She tells him that she tried, she absolutely did. She aloof couldn’t acquisition any industry types who could get accomplished her face. They admired the way she sounded, hated the way she looked. Hearing this, Jackson anteroom out with a distinct feel and traces the contours of her nose. While this is on its own an amative gesture, it is Ally’s acknowledgment that makes the scene: She aloof breathes as he acclaim outlines the agency she feels affliction about. It’s an arresting moment, in which she seems both acceptant and absolutely assured.

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Now, as we toured her house, Gaga was as blurred as Ally is transparent. She batten carefully, in a blatant tone, as if she were in an animate séance with an old cine brilliant whose columnist abettor brash her to abide ambiguous and demure. She showed me a camp bathroom, area she had activate a bed over the shower; she gestured cautiously at her backyard, announcing: “Some admirable auto trees. It’s a nice abode to appear and aloof create.” Aback we got into the studio, she tiptoed through the alveolate animate room, pointing out a admirable piano in a articulation so quiet I could about apprehend her. We fabricated our way to a baby anteroom with whitewashed walls and 20-foot ceilings, which looked like the accumulator allowance of an art architecture — an answer chamber, she explained. I asked about the acoustics, in allotment because it seemed the affable affair to do, but in allotment because I was aggravating to accessible any communicative tap I could find. Whether she was activity accurately shy or was artlessly method-acting as a aseptic ingénue, she had yet to allege at abounding volume.

Suddenly, she bankrupt into song. A cappella, unprompted, voce forte, her accoutrements flung out to abounding wingspan, her arch tossed aback to bald her throat. She was singing the choir of “Shallow,” the song she co-wrote for “A Brilliant Is Born” that has become the de facto affair song for the movie. It is articulate at the abrasive acme of the bivouac (which has been beheld about 10 actor times on YouTube) — the moment aback Ally cautiously accomplish assimilate an amphitheatre date for the aboriginal time to sing with Jackson. Gaga plays this moment with absurd restraint; it’s adamantine to brainstorm her not absent to storm a stage, but she absolutely sells it. Ally has been bottomward for so continued that she hesitates, not absolutely assertive that this is her shot. But afresh article shifts. She straightens her shoulders, struts out to the microphone and sends her articulation aerial over the crowd.

In the answer chamber, the words of the song ricocheted, afraid the room: “I’m off the abysmal end! Watch as I dive in! I’ll never accommodated the ground!” Aback Gaga sings, her accomplished anatomy vibrates. She clenches her fists, squeezes her eyes shut.

After she accomplished belting, Gaga looked beatific, about giddy, accepting answered my blah catechism with actual certainty. The acoustics in here, we agreed, were actual good.

The appellation of “A Brilliant Is Born” is ambiguous and consistently has been. It implies ad-lib generation, Athena bustling absolutely formed out of Zeus’ forehead. In reality, it is a adventure about adamantine work, about the arduous chicane abaft celebrity. In anniversary adaptation of the film, acclaim can abort (by enabling addiction or deepening self-destructive behaviors), but it can additionally be a angelic rite; it anoints the absolutely aces with acclaim and ambrosial oils, no amount how aquiline her nose. The anecdotal takes a cipher and brings her calm with a crumbling legend. He barrage in adulation with her and her artful potential, and thrusts her beeline into the affliction of accumulation popularity. It is a adulation adventure as durably abiding as “Romeo and Juliet,” except hardly beneath crushing, because alone the man is bedevilled and the arch adult gets to airing abroad from her tragedy triumphant, her adversity noble, her name in neon lights.

“A Brilliant Is Born” has never absolutely been a blur about an conflicting added cutting beyond the awning like a attenuate comet. Instead, from the actual beginning, it has consistently been a blur about an already superfamous woman cutting a movie. That’s the absolute acumen the authorization works: It comes with a congenital allowance policy. In 1937, aback Janet Gaynor stepped into the role of the acreage babe Esther Blodgett in the aboriginal adaptation (which was itself a remix of a 1932 brawl alleged “What Price Hollywood?”), she was authoritative a comeback, but she had been a box-office titan of the bashful era, the aboriginal woman to anytime win an Academy Award for acting. Judy Garland, who tackled Esther in 1954 (a flat controlling bound changes her name to Vicki Lester in the film), was a domiciliary name at 17, no best a vaudevillian striver but a minted flat girl, kept on a abiding beverage of amphetamines and barbiturates and praise. In 1976, Barbra Streisand, whose character’s name was Esther Hoffman (we access to access she goes from mieskeit to swan), was already an Oscar champ for amphitheatre Fanny Brice, and beginning off addition nomination, for “The Way We Were.” These actresses were all at atomic a decade into their careers, and they acclimated the actual beneath as a affair affair and added as a achievement lap. Of advance the Esthers would succeed; their real-life counterparts had already pushed through every obstacle.

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This is why the advance role is so adorable to divas who appetite to analyze the boundaries of their acclaim and what they had to abide to apprehend it. These actresses, in annoyance as adolescent versions of themselves, get to battle with their flaws and air out their darkest fears. But we don’t abhorrence for them, not really, because we apperceive how the adventure turns out. Garland, who consistently acquainted so abashed by the gangling army of MGM blondes that she spent her activity authoritative self-deprecating jokes, ancient herself into the world’s best admired brunette. Streisand, whose band “Hello, gorgeous” was assimilation in wry irony, angry a arresting arch into a locus of desire.

Gaga’s congenital New York City courage brings a altered acidity to the role than her predecessors. Area Janet Gaynor plays the starlet as authentic and cornfed, Garland plays her as a adventurous accompanist in animated award bow ties and Streisand plays her as a brawl prima donna in ablaze ponchos (hey, it was the ’70s), Gaga’s Ally is added apathetic and knowing. She is the affectionate of woman who gets into fistfights, who alternately sasses and fusses over her ancestor (Andrew Dice Clay), a bear who already had showbiz aspirations himself but never had a advantageous break. Aback Cooper offered Gaga the role, he told her that “this is what it would be like if you were 31 and had never fabricated it,” and she readily embodies the barbaric ache of the ambitious famous. She’s no innocent aback she walks onstage to sing. She knows absolutely what to do, and absolutely what this will beggarly for her career. She’s accessible to go.

Ally’s adventure is not about a accompanist developing her aptitude — that’s already there. It is about award her way against an artful already she has the world’s attention. She dyes her beard Tang orange, begins animate with a choreographer and sings adaptable pop songs about s, all of which she does afterwards wavering, alike aback Jackson drunkenly criticizes her for actuality inauthentic. Some admirers may apprehend a rock-versus-pop bureaucracy into Ally’s transformations — that she is added “real” aback she is adapted with Jackson’s twangy melodies or sitting at her piano — but Gaga’s onscreen adeptness over both genres is a pre-emptive acknowledgment to what is about a gendered bias. What “A Brilliant Is Born” makes ablaze about Adult Gaga is that she possesses the adeptness to accomplish whatever affectionate of music she likes.

Cooper told me that he casting Gaga afterwards seeing her accomplish “La Vie en Rose” at a blight benefit. The actual aing day, he accumulating to her Malibu home to analysis their chemistry. They affirmed appropriate abroad about their families (both East Coast, both Italian) and ate spaghetti on her porch. “She was absolutely aflame by the sun,” he said. “So charismatic. I anticipation central my head, Oh, gosh. If she is like this on film, if that’s the affliction case book that she’s this present on film, the cine will work.”

It is difficult to define absolutely aback Adult Gaga, the all-embracing superstar, was born. Accomplished a assertive akin of fame, the agent belief of pop artists activate to angle into the mythological. “I access a assumption central of me to do this,” Gaga said, sitting on a hinge armchair in her basement studio, aback I asked what drives her. She kept her legs beyond at the ankles and her aback rod-straight, with her shell-pink nails calculating intertwined in her lap, as if she were practicing to accommodated Queen Elizabeth (side note: Aback Gaga did accommodated the queen, afterwards assuming in the Royal Variety Appearance in 2009, she curtsied while cutting a floor-length, puff-sleeved dress fabricated absolutely of glossy red latex). “And I access no abstraction area it comes from, except that it adeptness appear from God. No one knows.”

What she does apperceive is that at some point, she acquainted free: to bead her bearing name (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), to about-face herself into an event, to accumulate address old skins.

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Lady Gaga’s aboriginal career was a abstraction in this invitational freedom: Accessory how chargeless I am, accessory how chargeless you could be. This is what she was selling, at 21, with her platinum billowing hairbows and gigantic sunglasses and architecture access pads. This is the adeptness that led her, afterwards growing up on the Upper West Side, accessory a clandestine Catholic girls’ academy and belief piano minuets, to move city in 2004, aboriginal to abstraction amphitheater arts at N.Y.U. (she alone out during green year) and afresh to sing in abominable confined on the Lower East Ancillary while she beatific her demos to almanac labels. She apprehend Andy Warhol’s books and accomplished that what best bodies want, aback they dream of fame, is not necessarily abundance or adeptness but limitlessness: the adeptness to change. So abounding artists alpha out abrasive and acquaintance but amalgamate into accustomed personae over time; aback Adult Gaga adopted her new name (sometime about 2006, best acceptable from a Queen song), she absitively to cast the formula. What if she began with the character, and the appearance was the concrete apotheosis of flux? What if she never wore the aforementioned accouterments twice, or gave an account out of costume, or claimed to be a apotheosis of artistic authenticity?

Gaga’s admission album, “The Fame” (quickly reissued with added songs as “The Acclaim Monster”), came out in August 2008, a division of optimism and political overhaul, aback adolescent bodies were accessible to access clinking pop hooks from a apparent sprite who told them they could consistently redefine themselves. Her aboriginal recordings may not access been too abysmal — “Poker Face,” still her second-biggest distinct to date, afterwards “Just Dance,” is an ode to mirrored surfaces, to actual foolishly ambiguous — but they were addictive (she afflicted the way an absolute bearing hears the byword “ooh la la”), and their active animation was intentional. Abundant of her aboriginal music was assault and linear: big synths, big hooks, the beats clinking calm like a wristful of argent bangles. The music was a accoutrement for breeding her beaming image, which was consistently hasty to behold.

When Gaga aboriginal emerged assimilate the pop scene, she was a abnormality — a cool admixture of New York club-kid toughness, art-school experimentation, record-label grooming, classical articulate training and bona fide radio hits. She acutely took her cues from antecedent incarnations of above pop distinction (David Bowie’s amphibian glam, Madonna’s albino ambition, Michael Jackson’s bifold adulation of sparkles and precision), but she was alike added focused than her predecessors on the animate event, on the accomplishment de théâtre. She started blame boundaries and chock-full cutting pants; she became a walking advance for beat appearance (Alexander McQueen’s ankle-bending ankle heels, a anorak covered in acquainted Kermit the Frogs, several gowns fabricated of animal hair, that meat dress), a actuality that served to accomplish every added artisan at the time who wasn’t rolling about onstage in a basin of affected claret seem, frankly, dull.

Gaga’s antecedent attraction with masquerade predicted the bifold lives we all animate now, our accompanying existences as living, breath bodies and aerial avatars. But instead of seeing those identities as anecdotal — the absolute person, the bluff — she put alternating the abstraction that it’s possible, and ultimately adaptive, in a burst apple to try to chargeless yourself from old boundaries. You can be an cabal and an conflicting at the aforementioned time, a animal and an alien. All that is solid melts into Gaga. If this seems paradoxical, it is; but the absurdity is area Gaga shines. Postmodern bifold truths are her milieu.

She started calling herself a monster, not aloof to embrace a affectionate of outré aberancy that had mainly been the arena of macho pop icons like Bowie or Prince, but additionally because she was monstrous, a pop conception that devoured the zeitgeist and afresh blithely regurgitated it. She mock-hanged herself with a asphyxiate onstage, she dreamed up a hat abounding with animate cockroaches, she sucked on a chaplet in the “Alejandro” video, she assassin a “ artist” to barf lime-green milk on her accouterments at South by Southwest, she delivered an awards-show accent as her macho alter-ego, Jo Calderone. Her accomplished activity was a Technicolor dream ballet, a delicate hallucination. And it awash annal (over 27 million, worldwide) and won awards (six Grammys).

“I do accumulate transforming into a new carapace of me,” she told me. “So sure, there is an acting basic to what I do, or a showbiz basic to what I do. But the chat ‘acting,’ it’s adamantine for me to allocution about in that way, because ‘acting’ to me about implies appearance it.” She insisted to me that all her iterations anatomy an ceaseless line, that the achievement is the reality.

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Gaga has, over the aftermost decade, arguably confused the absolute pop accoutrement against bull weirdness. Her access is everywhere — she opened the doors for added changeable hitmakers to be cheekily camp (Miley Cyrus cutting on a accident ball, Katy Perry with her sniper-rifle bra abounding with aerated cream, Sia active beneath her wig, alike St. Vincent’s indie Fritz Lang affect) — but as a result, Gaga’s aboriginal maximalism began to feel beneath basic to the cultural conversation. In 2011, Adele’s “21” anchored a new acerbity in pop; all she had to do to advertise 11 actor annal was angle in one abode and sing plaintively about heartbreak.

So Gaga swerved again, and again, and again. She fabricated a applesauce almanac with Tony Bennett. She fabricated a crunchier, heavy-metallish anthology alleged “Artpop” that mostly bootless to affix with the public, at atomic on the ample Gagagian calibration she was acclimated to (it awash beneath than a actor copies). Aback she angry 30, she appear a added minimalist fifth almanac alleged “Joanne,” afterwards an aunt who died adolescent of complications from lupus. She answer the anthology in ripped T-shirts and a plain, blush acquainted hat. She toured dive confined afore the arenas. She additionally appear the Netflix documentary “Gaga: Bristles Foot Two,” a vérité glimpse into her circadian activity as she able for the 2017 Super Bowl, produced and answer “Joanne” and batten aboveboard about the debilitating affliction acquired by her fibromyalgia (something she had been ambidextrous with a for years). The documentary presents Gaga with a arresting abridgement of vanity. She appears on camera with bedraggled beard and a bald face. This is Gaga the Vulnerable, Gaga the Sensitive Soul.

That blur ends with her achievement at the Super Bowl, area she sang all the karaoke staples of her aback annal — “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” alike “Just Dance” — with appetite in a sequined bodysuit, casting through the clinking disco beats of “Born This Way” in high-heel boots, amidst by an army of dancers in irised capes. It was a baking set, a Greatest Hits Cardio Workout and a absolutely absorbing affectation of her cultural dominance. But it additionally acquainted elegiac, as if it belonged to a altered era, aback Gaga was giving speeches about aishment “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the song became an canticle of the action for gay alliance on a civic scale. In contempo years, anomalous ability has become added anti-institutional, beneath about normalizing and added about afraid norms. In a way, Gaga’s galactic fame, which already gave her such a huge belvedere as an apostle for equality, became a accountability aback the chat became added affectionate and nuanced. Pop is not absolutely post-spectacle (Beyoncé’s contempo Coachella achievement was a multiact extravaganza), but it is evolving into a beneath aureate space. It is accepting added raw, smaller. And Gaga is accomplishing the same.

Two artists analyze the abstraction of transformation. Video by Marilyn Minter

She has not accustomed up on the adeptness of an adventurous animate appearance (this winter, she will put on a pyrotechnic Las Vegas address alleged “Enigma”), but in authoritative “A Brilliant Is Born,” she is entering into a softer chat with the accessible — about talent, about ambition, about her own trajectory. Ally is the best animal of all of Gaga’s creations, and alms her to us — her fear, her loyalty, her burst affection afterwards tragedy — is a altered affectionate of action than dispatch out in advanced of millions dressed like a holographic Muppet. She is, in essence, authoritative basic autofiction on a admirable scale, alike as she is amphitheatre yet addition character.

Lady Gaga bought Frank Zappa’s aberrant backcountry acreage not as a abode to animate while in Los Angeles — she already has a Mediterranean-style alcazar on an isolated, broken cliffside in Malibu for that — but as a assignment retreat, the new assumption centermost of her endless artistic pursuits. She wants to acrylic here, address music actuality (she told me that currently she is feverishly autograph songs on a white piano upstairs; actually on the apparent of the piano, with a atramentous Sharpie) and plan her Vegas amazing from actuality with her assembly team, like a war board acute some admirable siege. In her recording studio, afterwards her “Shallows” serenade, Gaga played me bristles advance from the advancing blur soundtrack. As the music blasted, she began to alleviate up — this was her turf, her above addition to the film. She lip-synced to her own songs from her hinge chair, attractive beeline into my eyes and cartoon me insistently into her joy.

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The flat is her sanctuary, and one of the capital affidavit she acquainted she had to access the property. She is additionally animate to bottle as abounding of the home’s oddities as possible: the best abysmal doors with blubbery portholes, a behemothic dragon mural, the library attic corrective to accessory like a afraid pond. She told me she loves the house’s “intricate chaos.”

Gaga is an bargain client — she brand to access iconic objects, created by iconic personalities — and as I toured Zappa’s abode it occurred to me that we were continuing in a behemothic collector’s account of sorts, an 8,000-square-foot accept in the magpie’s backup of pop cultural artifacts that she has been architecture for a decade. In 2012, she purchased 55 items from Michael Jackson’s clandestine archive, including his covering “Bad” anorak and a clear glove. That aforementioned year, she bought an eggshell cottony Alexander McQueen clothes from the accumulating of the British appearance adjudicator Daphne Guinness. In 2016, for her Dive Bar Bout in abutment of “Joanne,” Gaga formed up to a appearance in Elvis’s blush 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood (she was aloof borrowing it).

Perhaps this collector’s actuation is what she captivated from her aboriginal abstraction of Warhol. Gaga is an artisan of accrual, of remixing and reimagination, of affairs her heroes into her gravitational orbit. She already told an accuser that her “whole career is a accolade to David Bowie,” but her career is absolutely a accolade to all the altered means a being can be monstrously famous: She wants to abrasion every costume, animate out every blazon of distinction to its maximalist extreme.

If she was activity to be a cine star, she couldn’t aloof footfall into a role, or a film, that no one had anytime heard of — she capital to flit into a lineage. Aback she was younger, she told me, she acclimated to watch “The Wizard of Oz,” over and over, assertive that Judy Garland was the greatest amateur alive. “Judy, I aloof anticipate she’s tremendous,” she told me. “There’s a vulnerability abaft her eyes, the way she speaks, she has big features. I aloof consistently capital to be like her. It’s as simple as that.” And now she is continuing on the actual aforementioned stage.

Earlier in the afternoon, she showed me a allowance that was abandoned save for a gigantic photograph of her own face, at atomic 15 anxiety across, in a gilded frame. “It was a allowance from Bradley,” she said. “It’s the aftermost anatomy of the movie. Do you apperceive the scene?”

I did apperceive it. It is the moment aback Ally is continuing on the date of the Shrine Auditorium — area Garland attempt her final arena — in an ice dejected black gown, singing a admiration to her backward husband. She starts out afraid and drained of expression, answer to the admirers that she is activity to sing the aftermost song that Jackson wrote for her, and that maybe with their support, she can get through it. But as the carol goes on, her articulation swells and becomes an avalanche. It’s a adventuresomeness achievement in acute close-up, a array of symphonic summoning of every woman who has played the part. Gaga channels both the way Garland sang (wounded, tonally bright, about captivation it together) and the way Streisand did (forceful, sweeping, with a backward bulging of the jaw). But Gaga adds article of her own: a sensual, bawdy confidence, like gasoline in her veins.

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When she finishes, a distinct albatross breach rolls bottomward her face. Magically, the moment somehow avoids bathos — the breach feels absolutely earned. Afterwards watching her accomplish this scene, I acquainted animated by what Gaga managed to do, not aloof for her appearance but for herself. You badly appetite to apperceive what her approaching holds afterwards the blind falls.

I asked Gaga after what we can apprehend from her aing phase. Of course, there’s Vegas and a new almanac on the way, and she’s account bags of scripts. But she absolutely didn’t appetite to altercate any of that. Instead, she aloof smiled enigmatically. “Oh,” she sighed. “I’m aloof shape-shifting again.”

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