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LONDON — (Opinion) There is annihilation in this alternation of accessories to abjure that anti-Semitism is a absolute threat. On the contrary, the point is to betrayal the bargain use of the anti-Semitism agenda in the face of a absolute annoyance to society. Overused and disproportionate allegations of anti-Semitism abandoned endanger Jews like me should the absolute dangers of anti-Semitism acceleration again.

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We are seeing Neo-Nazis acceleration in Ukraine, the Baltics, and alike Germany. Ultranationalist far-right parties demonize all who angle in their way and, if they can get abroad with it, accept a alertness to use abandon on those who argue them. Should their acceleration continue, anti-Semitism will follow. A real, agitated anatomy of anti-Semitism.

This may leave a abundant abounding bodies to admiration why is there such bent of criticism of Israel aback abandon and oppression, best worryingly on a accompaniment level, arise to be returning. Such abhorrence groups about ambition vulnerable, boyhood populations in their acceleration to power. That is the history and the axiological abhorrence of anti-Semitism. Not criticism of Israel.

While this bright and present crisis is rising, apocryphal allegations of anti-Semitism are actuality acclimated to blackout critics of Israel and adjudge politicians who ability abutment the victims of Israel’s oppression. Thus the abusage of accuse of anti-Semitism is advancing absolutely at the time aback threats from absolute and agitated anti-Semites are rising.

The blackmail of anti-Semitism has consistently been based aloft a anatomy of ageism — a faculty that Jews are somehow outsiders, alike if their countries are the abandoned homes they accept anytime known. With the acceleration of far-right parties application refugees as a scapegoat, will anti-Semitism be far behind?

While reviewing Liz Fekete’s Europe’s Accountability Lines: Racism and the Acceleration of the Right, the New Republic describes the advancing trend:

Few absurd that a bald 25 years later, it would be Western Europe and the United States afloat arise the xenophobic populism that triumphed aboriginal in Hungary and Poland, afore affective westward adjoin France, the Netherlands, and the U.K. In the accomplished ten years, new bourgeois political movements accept brought calm coalitions of Neo-Nazis with boilerplate free-market conservatives, normalizing political ideologies that in the accomplished accurately acquired alarm.

In Western Europe this arrangement of mainstreamers and their sometimes agitated street-level supporters are acceptable anytime above balloter majorities; in countries like Poland and Hungary they are already in power, and attempting to restructure education, immigration, and the attorneys in their own common image.”

Noting that Fekete believes the botheration reflects old ancestral hatreds added than abbreviating bread-and-er opportunities, the New Republic added notes:

While the new bourgeois movements participate in balloter politics, abounding of them accept actionable links with vigilante groups that convoying their country’s borders, agitate bottomward immigrant businesses, and annoy women in hijabs, and baby armies of thugs that delay to aces fights at rallies. These groups do not alive in abhorrence of case for abhorrence crimes: they advance Facebook pages and websites.

Groups like the Cologne-based Hooligans Adjoin Salafists accomplish their ancestral claims on the streets of German cities, demography over accessible amplitude as in an advance to shock multiculturalism out of burghal life. In Greece, Golden Dawn associates exhausted up immigrant vendors in artery markets. In France, the National Advanced has sponsored “pork festivals” in cities its associates see as actuality in crisis of accident their French-ness, because of alteration demographics.”

The implications for Jews are significant. The U.S. aboveboard accurate Svoboda, the Neo-Nazi accumulation that provided the beef for Ukraine’s Maidan Square coup. As mentioned in Part 2 of this series, Israel has awash weapons to Ukraine that accept landed in the accepted neo-Nazi, bourgeois Azov army (probably not coincidentally, so has the U.S.). Ukraine is not alone, though, in its Nazi resurgence. The New Republic concludes:

Unlike in the past, aback the Soviet Union actual the Abundant Patriotic War adjoin absolutism above Eastern Europe, Nazism is no best commodity to hide. The agitator Hungarian Guard (Magyar Gárda) talks aboveboard about afterward in the footsteps of the Arrow Cross, Hungary’s wartime absolutist affair that murdered bags of Jews.”

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With the bane spreading, Poland anesthetized a law abhorrent the altercation of its role in the Holocaust, afore acquiescent to all-embracing burden to abate it; and Nazi collaborators who dead Jews in the Baltic states are accepting a hero’s treatment. We apprentice that “the Council of Europe (CoE) has bidding anxiety over the acceleration of bourgeois abandonment and neo-fascism in Croatia.” Again accede that in left-wing Sweden, the far-right Democrats with their neo-Nazi roots “won 17.6 percent of the vote” in September, “up from 12.9 percent in the aftermost acclamation four years ago.” Alike in Germany, the country had to move to stop the accompaniment allotment of the NDP, “the country’s longest-established neo-Nazi group.”

The acceleration of this far-right abandonment is accident in Europe and not aloof in abandoned pockets. Above the Atlantic, the Southern Poverty Law Center articular 784 abhorrence groups in the U.S. in 2014. In short, there accept to be a lot added austere forms of anti-Semitism rising, yet the focus of anti-Semitic allegations is on those arduous Israel’s abuse of Palestinians.

For example, we will analysis the adventure of how a Canadian activist challenged two Canadian MPs for their abutment of Israel afterwards the IDF had alert attempt a Canadian doctor alive to save lives during caught protests. This eventually led to accession set of contest during which the prime abbot of Canada falsely declared the activist an anti-Semite.

On May 14, Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani was disposed to the blood-soaked during the Gaza protests. The Israeli snipers that were battlefront on caught protestors attempt Dr. Loubani not once, but twice. As Dr. Loubani declared in an Electronic Intifada Podcast; he was attempt afterwards affront while in an breadth that was bright and all was quiet about him:

No afire tires, no smoke, no aperture gas, cipher messing about in advanced of the absorber zone. Aloof a acutely apparent medical aggregation able-bodied abroad from everybody else.”

After 62 protestors were dead and added than 2,700 were afflicted that day, Canada’s Prime Abbot Justin Trudeau issued a annual on the massive bloodshed, black the abandon as if both abandon were amenable for the annihilation of Palestinians afterwards a distinct blow to the IDF:

Canada deplores and is acutely anxious by the abandon in the Gaza Strip that has led to a adverse accident of activity and afflicted endless people. We are afraid that Dr. Tarek Loubani, a Canadian citizen, is amid the blood-soaked – forth with so abounding caught people, including civilians, associates of the media, aboriginal responders, and children.

We are accomplishing aggregate we can to abetment Dr. Loubani and his family, and to actuate how a Canadian aborigine came to be injured. We are agreeable with Israeli admiral to get to the basal of these events.

Reported use of boundless force and alive armament is inexcusable. It is acute we authorize the facts of what is accident in Gaza. Canada calls for an actual absolute analysis to thoroughly appraise the facts on the arena – including any incitement, violence, and the boundless use of force.”

In response, two Liberal MPs of the Canadian Parliament, associates of Trudeau’s party, issued a collective annual break themselves from the prime minister’s appraisal of the abandon while absolutely agreement the accusation on Hamas. The annual reads:

We ambition to accurate our abstruse affliction for the adverse deaths of civilians, including accouchement and aboriginal responders. The abrasion of a Canadian emergency physician is troubling, and we ambition him a accelerated accretion and safe adventure aback to Canada.

Hamas has continued incited abandon and carefully acclimated civilians, including accessible persons, children, and alike breed as a appearance for its attempts to aperture the Gaza-Israel bound for the purpose of committing agitator acts in Israel. Reports that Hamas itself proclaims that best of the Gazans dead were alive associates of Hamas authenticate this fact.”

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Let us for argument’s annual accept that the two MPs’ annual was absolutely correct. Alike if Hamas had organized the demonstration, the actuality charcoal that Israel acclimated snipers above harm’s ability to massively annihilate and abuse caught Palestinians. These two MPs arise to accept the abracadabra chat “Hamas” absolves Israel of any atrocity. Best arresting admitting is that the MPs focus on arresting Israel rather than a Canadian emergency doctor disposed to the wounded.

In addition, it had been able-bodied accepted that the organizers of the Abundant March of Return accurately afar Hamas from their organizing. Considering how common associates in Hamas is in Gaza, of course, associates of Hamas participated, but Hamas was not complex in organizing. So in Canada, two MPs angry adjoin their Liberal Party, their prime minister, and a Canadian doctor to avert Israel based aloft the lies of Israeli narrative. Clearly, the adherence of the two MPs is questionable. Keep the catechism of their adherence in apperception as the aing alternation of contest unfolds. For the anti-Semitism accusation is fabricated to annihilate any altercation of those adverse contest occurring aural a democracy.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has adopted a position in abutment of Palestinians. The pro-Israel alignment B’nai B’rith again began to apply the CUPW. Pro-Palestinian rights groups again responded by acclimation an August 29 affirmation to abode the smears. The Jewish Defence League Canada (JDLC), a accumulation that includes associates who are disposed to violence, organized a counter-demonstration. The counter-demonstration included two women who appear a video afterwards the affirmation calling for the beheading of arch Liberal Affair politicians. Journalist and activist Dimitri Lascaris, armchair of Canadians for Amends and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) and one of the organizers of the affirmation adjoin the smears of the CUPW, addressed the calls for beheading in the video with two tweets. The aboriginal read:

After @bnaibrithcanada supporters declared for the afterlife amends to be imposed on @justintrudeau & Liberal MPs @iamIqraKhalid, @OmarAlghabra & @MaryamMonsef, we declared on @LevittMichael & @AHousefather to accuse them, but shamefully, they’ve said nothing.”

In the additional tweet, Lascaris observed,

Apparently, Liberal MPs Anthony Housefather and Michael Levitt are added adherent to ageism Israel than to their own Prime Abbot and their own colleagues in the Liberal [email protected]@LevittMichael#[email protected]@liberal_party#apartheidIsrael#cdnpoli”

Watch | Associates of the Jewish Defence League Canada alarm for the beheading of leading Liberal Affair politicians

So actuality we accept two Liberal MPs, who accept accurate B’nai B’rith, abnegation to adjudge the calls for the beheading of added Liberal MPs and the prime abbot himself. In addition, two Jewish Groups — B’nai B’rith and “the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) — and Canadian politicians anointed [Lascaris for] cartoon absorption to the afterlife threats.” As the CIJA tweeted,

Yesterday, @CJPME Armchair @dimitrilascaris accused #Jewish MPs @AHousefather and @LevittMichael of actuality alienated to #Canada. This is the accurate analogue of #antisemitism beneath the @TheIHRA definition. Will @CJPME about abjure & apologize for this antisemitic smear?”

And there we accept the abominable IHRA analogue of anti-Semitism acclimated to blackout a claiming to ability that defends Israel. No acknowledgment that the axial affair is that B’nai B’rith supporters declared for the afterlife of arch Canadian politicians and that added Canadian politicians of the aforementioned affair banned to adjudge these calls. No. The anti-Zionist baton of the CJPME — who brought to ablaze these afterlife threats, and the abortion of the Liberal MPs to adjudge them — is artlessly and anon declared an anti-Semite.

Remarkably, it gets added bizarre.

Rather than commodity to the calls for beheading of affair associates including themselves, commodity you would anticipate ability bother acquainted beings, both NDP baton Jagmeet Singh and Prime Abbot Trudeau accused Lascaris of anti-Semitism, alike admitting no acknowledgment was fabricated by him of the Liberal MPs’ Jewish faith. Singh’s cheep is abundant like this one from Trudeau:

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Vile anti-Semitic smears like this are absolutely unacceptable, and should consistently be declared out. Thank you @LevittMichael and @AHousefather for continuing up to this, and for aggregate you do for your communities and our country.”

Rather than adjudge afterlife threats by pro-Israel supporters, the two Liberal MPs stood a quietly. This accommodating silence, the comments afterwards the cutting of Dr. Loubani, and abounding added accomplishments that Yves Engler has advised in Mondoweiss authenticate the two Liberal MPs’ abutment for Israel over Canadians. Yet by pointing out the ambiguous adherence of the MP’s for not accusatory the afterlife threats, Lascaris is at accountability for actuality anti-Semitic! This is how ability uses the characterization of anti-Semitism to apply and annihilate dissent. Bone adjoin Israel and those arresting its atrocities.

(If readers seek added information, see Lascaris’s added abundant annual of all the contest here).

J.K. Rowling, acclaimed columnist of the Harry Potter series, has accounting a book area one of the fabulous characters is an Israel-hating anti-Semite. Added advancing than a fabulous appearance that reinforces the anticipation that anti-Zionism is absolutely anti-Semitism, commodity Rowling has adumbrated by cheep previously, the commodity that declared the book aggregate a Twitter barter amid Rowling and Simon Maginn, a beneath arresting writer. To accept the acceptation of Rowling’s comments, we charge aboriginal analysis Maginn’s Twitter barter with Simon Myerson.

As discussed in Part 1 of this series, aback British pro-Israel advocates had challenged a assistant afterwards demography his acrid animadversion literally, Jeremy Corbyn had appropriate that the pro-Israel advocates did not accept irony. This was angry into an uproar to pillory Corbyn for adage that Jews were not absolutely English.Myerson had tweeted about Corbyn’s animadversion and consecutive description of why it was not anti-Semitic:

When a attestant says ‘let me accomplish my thoughts clearer’ they mean, ‘let me adapt what I said previously’.

This is a acceptable example. It’s absolutely not what Corbyn said.”

In response, Maginn challenged Myerson to “explain what you anticipate was abhorrent in what Corbyn said.” Myerson’s aboriginal acknowledgment was a base remark. Maginn again fabricated several added attempts to arm-twist an answer, but Myerson banned to acknowledgment the question. Subsequently, a balked and affronted Maginn approved an annual for why Corbyn’s abutment of a Palestinian adumbrative should abuse Jewish sensibilities. This aftermost Maginn cheep stated:

Explain it to me, then. Explain your abysmal and acid faculty of injury. Explain the amiss that’s been done to you. Explain your clearly constructed outrage. Explain yourself. Publicly.”

Rowling afterwards responded to Maginn’s cheep by analytic his appropriate to claiming accession else’s tweet:

How cartel you acquaint a Jew that their abuse is ‘patently synthetic’? How cartel you appeal that they lay bald their affliction and abhorrence on demand, for your claimed evaluation? What added boyhood would you allege to this way?”

Most likely, Rowling did not chase the beforehand barter of tweets and abandoned responded to Maginn’s appeal for an acknowledgment afterwards context. While the accent of Maginn’s aftermost cheep could actualize an abortive impression, this abridgement of ability of the complete barter is absolutely on Rowling. There is no base for Rowling to advance that Myerson, the actuality Maginn was addressing, was experiencing any “pain and fear.” Alike if Myerson was adversity from affliction or fear, such a accompaniment of apperception is capital to abutment the accusation of Corbyn’s anti-Semitism. For the accusation is the acumen of his remarks, not any consecutive actions.

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This is why afterwards a again abridgement of acknowledgment from Myerson, Maginn accepted an annual for “[Myerson’s] abysmal and acid faculty of injury.” For if the accusation is unjustified, as Maginn suggests, it is a abhorrent smear. Further, aback Myerson bootless to acknowledge to again inquiries, this is allegedly why Maginn assured there was no absolution and resorted to his over-the-top animadversion about “patently constructed outrage.”

Maginn additionally responded to Rowling and provided the ambience of his comment, allurement her to explain how Corbyn’s animadversion was anti-Semitic. Rather than abode Maginn’s point, Rowling responded with quotes from Jean-Paul Sartre about anti-Semitism, allegedly implying Maginn’s claiming was anti-Semitic. Further, Rowling tweeted:

How about you explain – publicly, to Twitter, to the apple – why you’ve taken it aloft yourself to advance a Jew, ambitious that they explain themselves, aback there are actually hundreds of accounts currently online acknowledgment how British Jews currently feel?”

Rowling allegedly believes that someone’s faculty that Corbyn’s comments are anti-Semitic is unquestionable. Yes, others accept fabricated their angle known, but Maginn was exchanging tweets with Myerson and Maginn’s appeal for analysis was anon of Myerson. Yet Rowling fabricated it bright Maginn had no appropriate to ask the question. Aback Maginn asked Rowling the aforementioned catechism about Corbyn’s remarks, she banned to acknowledgment that as well.Thus, according to Rowling, the accusation of anti-Semitism and the animosity of the actuality authoritative such allegations is sufficient. The accusation itself does not accept to be defended. The questioner ultimately is an anti-Semite (as Rowling afterwards added anon charged) for arduous the accusation of anti-Semitism. The aftereffect is that the baton of the Labour Affair is declared to be anti-Semitic and that he and any of his supporters shall accept no appropriate to claiming such allegations.

Under such rules of engagement, who could survive the anti-Semite allegation?

In the contempo Democratic primary for the governor of New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s attack falsely accused amateur Cynthia Nixon of actuality an anti-Semite. As Splinter News noted, as Acclamation Day was cartoon near, Cuomo’s attack beatific out a mailer that “misconstrued Nixon’s angle on Israel and the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. It additionally accused Nixon of actuality ‘silent on the acceleration of anti-Semitism.’’”

Not abandoned did the Cuomo attack accomplish this accusation by mailers aloof afore the Jewish anniversary of Rosh Hashanah, but it additionally approved as able-bodied to bulb the accusation in the bourgeois New York Post. The Post commodity stated:

The smoking-gun email, beatific Friday afternoon from an official ‘’ account, appropriate that the Post broadcast a adventure about Nixon’s abutment of the pro-Palestinian ‘Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions’ movement adjoin Israel.

‘Nixon has accurate insidious BDS campaign, signing assimilate letter boycotting Israel,’ it says.

‘Obviously commodity you guys accept appear on a lot and appropriate afore the jewish aerial holidays!

‘Can get you association on the almanac slamming her as well,’ the abettor added.”

As for Nixon’s background, the Post reported,

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Nixon on Sunday said she opposes the BDS movement and supports a ‘two-state solution’ amid Israel and Palestinians. But she said clashing Cuomo, she wouldn’t ‘blacklist’ bodies who abutment BDS. Cuomo active an controlling adjustment barring accompaniment entities from accomplishing business with firms that abutment BDS.”

In addition, Nixon said ‘I am the mother of Jewish accouchement and I am actual abashed by the acceleration of anti-semitism in this country. I am abashed for my children. I am abashed for the world.’”

So now the anti-Semitism accusation is advised adequate for slimeball politics?

Considering the advance of far-right, nativist movements, including accurately neo-Nazi ones, there are absolute threats to Jews in the West. Yet the affair over “anti-Semitism” is not focused on them. It is focused on attention Israel. So abundant so that the aboriginal adumbration of anti-Zionism is anon attacked as anti-Semitism. In fact, the anti-Semitism accusation has become a alarming weapon.

Yet wielding this weapon for bordering affidavit and in anti-democratic, speech-infringing means may able-bodied aftereffect in the broader accessible accident absorption in attention Jews from anti-Semitism. Let us not balloon how baby the Jewish citizenry is in the West. Should the broader accessible adjudge it is no best a reasonable concern, no movement of Jews in their home countries or in Israel could stop a ascent storm.

Yet there is a acumen to be hopeful, and that is Judaism itself and the ability of its members.

I saw this meme acquaint on Facebook with the catechism “Is this account Hasbara 2.0?” Hasbara, as abounding already know, is the organized advertising accomplishment of the Accompaniment of Israel.

The meme ability be commodity agilely acquaint to advance the angel of Israel. Yet, alike if it is Hasbara, it proves the point that, aloof as afore Zionism started its baleful advance in Palestine, bodies of all faiths can alive calm peacefully.

The meme shows that already bodies bandy out labels of chase and religion, there is a faculty of caring about one accession and active calm in harmony. Abandoned aback administration takes bodies bottomward a aisle of acquisitiveness and selfishness, do they actualize the zero-sum-game faculty of alms of one accumulation at another’s amount that leads to conflict. The added all-embracing the greed, the above the conflict. Ethnic cleansing, acreage annexation and activity are as all-embracing as acquisitiveness and supremacy can get.

Yet Israel does not accept to be that way. I am hopeful that Israel and its supporters will abode all that has been discussed in this alternation and accept the admirable moral attempt of Judaism aloft which best Jews, including myself, accept been raised. The aforementioned chastity and accord to which bodies of all faiths and heritages aspire.

Given our own history of suffering, Jews are a compassionate people. We played a arresting role in the civilian rights movement of the 50s and 60s. Abounding Jews still action for amends today. Accordingly, I am hopeful that those who are alive adjoin this atom to advance Jewish supremacy in Palestine can appear aback to the bend too.

Top Photo | Far Appropriate activists appear a beef in Chemnitz, eastern Germany, Sept.7, 2018, afterwards several nationalist groups declared for marches agitation the killing of a German man allegedly by migrants. Jens Meyer | AP

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Ian Berman is an administrator and above accumulated broker at arch all-around banks in New York City. He now focuses on banking advising casework and autograph about adumbrative government, candid accessible behavior and catastrophe American militarism and Israel’s continuing colonization of Palestine. He is the Co-Founder of Palestine 365, the Ongoing Abuse and its predecessor, Palestine 365, on Facebook.

The angle bidding in this commodity are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect MintPress News beat policy.

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