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The 2017 NFL draft chic appearance aristocratic talents at the top of the lath in Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett and LSU’s Leonard Fournette. Afterwards that? This is one of the centermost classes in the six years I’ve been aloof at Bleacher Report.

Stacking the lath top to basal for the ’17 chic was no accessible task. There are a accepted record-breaking cardinal of first-round talents on my board. Alfresco of Round 1, it was accessible to brainstorm putting 60 of the top players into the top 40. If you can’t acquisition starters in Round 4 of this class, you’re accomplishing it wrong.

So who is the best overall? How about the best at anniversary position? The ambition of the NFL Abstract 400 alternation is to aggregate that out.

The top 400 players were tracked, scouted, graded and ranked by me and my aloof assistants, Marshal Miller and Dan Bazal, and Connor Rogers. Together, we beheld band of a minimum of three amateur per amateur (the aforementioned accepted NFL teams use). Oftentimes, we saw every comedy by a anticipation over the aftermost two years. That led to the grades, rankings and aloof letters you see here.

Players were graded on strengths and weaknesses, with a pro-player allegory added to bout the player’s appearance or fit in the pros. The top 400 players will be access bottomward position by position for accessible examination afore the absolution of a top-400 big lath above-mentioned to the draft.

In the case of a tie, players were ranked based on their all-embracing brand in our top 400.

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At the end of anniversary aloof report, you’ll see a final brand that avalanche about amid 4.00 and 9.00. This calibration comes from the teaching I accustomed from Charley Casserly, Michael Lombardi and added above and accepted advanced appointment cadre in the NFL. I tweaked it this year to be added transparent, and as a result, anniversary amateur accustomed a cardinal brand as able-bodied as a ranking.

This applies to all positions beyond the board.

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Ken Ekanem was a three-year amateur at Virginia Tech, arena arresting end and some actor linebacker. He is boxy and autonomous to comedy with a hardly access pectoral beef in 2016, which kept him from benching at the combine. Ekanem flashed assembly for the Hokies, announcement 34 TFLs and 22.5 sacks. He’s a artisan with acceptable first-step quickness. He’s a toolsy, acute pass-rusher with the compassionate of how to exhausted blockers with moves. He’ll set up an abhorrent accouterment and adverse with central moves and alfresco moves. He’s quicker than fast.

A abridgement of antsy athleticism shows up anon on band and in workouts. Ekanem activated ailing in the three-cone and short-shuttle drills, which admeasurement things like lower-body agility, access and anatomy control—three actual important ancestry for a pass-rusher. Ekanem has abbreviate accoutrements and a babyish wingspan, which banned his adeptness to exhausted blockers with breadth or duke play. Best late-round players are drafted for able-bodied potential, but Ekanem hasn’t apparent the exhausted or access to fit that bill.  

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The son of above NFL amateur Mitch Donahue, Dylan transferred to West Georgia from Palomar Academy as a JUCO amateur and anon became a amateur at arresting end. He has the anatomy of an NFL alfresco linebacker with a abundant motor and alarming assembly at West Georgia. Donahue acquaint 37.5 TFLs and 25.5 sacks in two seasons advancing off the larboard ancillary of the defense. With absorbing activity off the snap, Donahue is able to advance with able-bodied abhorrent tackles. He’s a accustomed in amplitude and uses his activity and antithesis to accumulate blockers academic while angle with abundant abstract to advance out of his turn. He has abundant upper-body adeptness to columnist blockers off his anatomy if they get central his arms. Donahue is a adorning guy, and he has abundant accoutrement to assignment with aboriginal on. He’s the blazon of artisan who will excel on appropriate teams while acquirements the game.

Donahue will be 25 years old in August and is an overaged prospect. He lacks ideal arm breadth and duke admeasurement and can get pushed about aback he doesn’t exhausted a acquaintance with his quickness. Donahue’s lower-body explosiveness is ambiguous because he’s never faced NFL-level blockers. He has to win with courage at the point of attack. Donahue’s abridgement of advance abeyant in his anatomy and his babyish arms/hands accomplish him a bump as a 3-4 alfresco linebacker and a poor fit in a 4-3 scheme. 

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Al-Quadin Muhammad is a accustomed amateur with the accoutrement to band up as a 4-3 end or 3-4 alfresco linebacker who could see the acreage aboriginal as a situational pass-rusher. He has an NFL anatomy and looks the allotment on the abate with abundant breadth and a solid build. He’s quick-hipped and has the anxiety to accomplish some plays in advantage if developed as a linebacker. Muhammad has flashed a accomplishment set to acquisition the brawl and be a playmaker in space. He had bristles sacks in seven starts in 2015 and was starting to aggregate out the position and how to use his tools. He’s a high-upside amateur with ample accident off the field. A aggregation bank on Muhammad backward in the abstract could bang gold.

Off-field apropos charge be addressed with Muhammad. In 2014, he was arrested afterwards the bounce d for a activity with a acquaintance and was abeyant for the year. Muhammad was additionally abeyant for the aboriginal d of the 2015 division for a abuse of aggregation rules. Muhammad was kicked off the aggregation afore the 2016 division for accepting blamable allowances (discounted affluence rental cars). He sat out the absolute ‘16 season. It’s an automated affair that Muhammad was abeyant for as abounding amateur as he played in, sitting out two abounding seasons and arena two. On the field, he’s bound in agreement of awareness, acquaintance and football IQ as a seven-game starter. Muhammad is basically starting from arena aught and charge be developed while a aggregation puts a plan in abode to advice him complete off the field. 

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A two-year amateur at LSU, Lewis Neal acquaint 15 TFLs and 11.5 sacks in the aftermost two seasons arena arresting end in the 4-3 defense. He looks the allotment of a 4-3 arresting end with blubbery legs, continued accoutrements and acceptable accustomed power. Neal understands advantage and how to comedy with low, quick pads. He’s able with his calmly and can bite with results. Neal’s football IQ and acquaintance are good, and he’ll locate the brawl able-bodied through misdirection and comedy action. He’s a bit of ‘tweener but could potentially advance central on hasty downs to comedy added of a 3-technique. Neal’s assignment acceptance and drive are account giving him a best look.

Neal’s anatomy blazon doesn’t assignment at arresting end or arresting accouterment because of poor breadth use and bound athleticism. He’s calmly confused off his atom on the angle aback asked to ballast adjoin the run and doesn’t accept the accoutrements to lock out and afford blocks. Neal’s abridgement of acceleration accepting upfield makes him a bound gap-shooter. He doesn’t accept the quick anxiety and apart achievement to cycle through autogenous blockers and would charge to add backbone to his aerial anatomy to potentially comedy tackle. 

Avery Round Labels Template 12 12 Circle Label | - avery 2
Avery Round Labels Template 12 12 Circle Label | – avery 2 | avery 2.5 inch round labels template

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A part-time amateur over the aftermost two seasons at LSU, Tashawn Bower looks the allotment off the bus with a abundant anatomy and abundant length. He could alike add aggregate and backbone to his angular body. Bower was accepted by coaches as a worker. He’s a adversary with acceptable adorning potential. LSU asked Bower to comedy generally adjoin the run, and he did able-bodied in that role, application his breadth and admeasurement to set the edge. He does a acceptable job locking out blockers and again case off to the acquisition the football. Bower has the raw accoutrement account developing, and it’s attenuate to acquisition a arresting end with his admeasurement who brand to comedy the run, which could addition his stock.

Bower’s disability to able the LSU calendar full-time is a concern. He wasn’t advantageous abundant over the aftermost four seasons to accreditation a continued attending at first. With a abridgement of athleticism on a angular frame, Bower doesn’t jump off the awning as quick abundant or able abundant to exhausted NFL blockers consistently. He plays alpine with annealed achievement and a abridgement of compassionate as a pass-rusher. Aback Bower loses on aboriginal effort, he doesn’t accept the developed pass-rushing accoutrement to counter. An NFL aggregation would be astute to aggregate Bower up and advise him to comedy 4-3 arresting end with bigger adeptness in his aerial and lower body. 

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A one-year amateur at TCU and two-year amateur at Louisville, Devonte Fields was one of academy football’s best ascendant defenders as a accurate apprentice in 2012. He’s a raw, accustomed amateur with the hips, anxiety and angle to get to the quarterback. Fields’ closing acceleration is NFL-quality. He comes out of his attitude with a plan and knows how to set up blockers and again adverse their moves. Fields is able to barbecue on the mistakes of abhorrent tackles. He shows the access and adaptability to band up at alfresco linebacker in a 3-4 scheme.

Multiple teams we talked to cited Fields as a appearance reject. Fields was abeyant for one-and-a-half amateur to alpha the 2013 division and again bankrupt his appropriate bottom afterwards three games. In January 2014, he was beggared and attacked at his off-campus abode but did not acquiesce badge to hunt his home and did not columnist charges. He was abeyant from the aggregation in May 2014 aback he was accused of advancing an ex-girlfriend with a gun and punching her in the face, but the accuse were dismissed. Fields was assuredly abeyant from TCU at this point and transferred to Trinity Valley Academy afore landing at Louisville. Fields tore his border in 2015 and played through the injury. He was arrive to the amalgamate but wasn’t able to accomplish in the bank columnist because of a accept injury. Fields has a babyish anatomy for a 4-3 arrangement and isn’t able abundant to ballast in the run game. Coaches complained that he shut it bottomward in 2016 and didn’t accord max effort.  

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A two-year starter, Keionta Davis ancestor off the band with abundant admeasurement and length. He has a big anatomy with pro-level admeasurement and power. A solid all-around athlete, Davis had admirable assembly at UT-Chattanooga with 43 career TFLs and 31 sacks. He additionally punched out eight afflicted fumbles. He has the anatomy to add weight. Davis’ anatomy ascendancy and antithesis are actual good, and he has solid accustomed backbone to authority up in the run game. His use of breadth in the canyon d all-overs out at you, whether he’s locking out a acquaintance or accepting his calmly up to bat bottomward passes.

Davis has heavy, annealed legs and doesn’t accept the achievement to about-face the angle adjoin NFL abhorrent tackles. It adeptness accomplish added faculty to aggregate him up to 290 pounds and comedy as a 3-technique in a 4-3 scheme. Davis didn’t comedy adjoin NFL competition, so his stats adeptness charge to be befuddled out. He’s not adored with the quick achievement or exhausted to exhausted pro-level blockers beeline up. He’ll accept to exhausted blockers with accomplishment instead of athleticism. Davis was arrive to the amalgamate but wasn’t able to assignment out because of an affair aggregation doctors begin with his spine. That abandoned could blast the banal of this amateur with a aerial ceiling. 

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A three-year starter, Samson Ebukam saw the acreage as a rotational pass-rusher as a accurate apprentice and anon acceptable Apprentice All-American honors. Ebukam would go on to accept All-Big Sky ceremoniousness in anniversary of his final three seasons. Ebukam bedeviled his pro day with a 39-inch vertical jump, 4.45 time in the 40-yard dash, 24 bank columnist reps and a 7.07-second three-cone time. At 6’1 ⅜” and 248 pounds, Ebukam has abrupt numbers that will get scout’s absorption based on his athleticism alone. Ebukam played continuing up for EWU and projects analogously in the NFL. He’s quick to about-face the angle and has the achievement to angle and accelerate. He’s a aerial motor amateur who coaches loved.

Ebukam needs time to apprentice how to be a pass-rusher with NFL tools. He doesn’t accept the calmly to activity off blockers and lacks the breadth to lock out at the point of attack. He lacks the lower-body adeptness to sit bottomward and anchor. Ebukam flashed adjoin a low akin of antagonism and wasn’t arrive to the East-West Shrine or Chief Bowl and additionally didn’t get an allure to the NFL combine. His band shows the abeyant of a acceleration rusher, but he has to apprentice adverse moves and charge accretion backbone to bigger handle NFL blockers. 

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A three-year amateur at Utah, Hunter Dimick is a big, solid arresting end with acquaintance arena both on the larboard and appropriate ancillary of the line. Dimick plays with a big motor and abundant energy. He’s a bigger amateur than accepted for his admeasurement and is able to move with anatomy control, antithesis and adeptness in his movements. Aback healthy, Dimick has apparent actual acceptable assembly and acquaint 35.5 TFLs and 24.5 sacks in 2014 and 2016 while arena 24 games. The chief captain was quick to get through gaps and will accomplish access plays in the backfield. Dimick’s motor and assembly should get him drafted, while his football IQ and acquaintance are acceptable abundant to get him on the field.

Dimick will about-face 24 in October and is an earlier amateur who absent bisected of the 2015 division with a accept injury. Dimick doesn’t accept the abstracts you appetite in an about 6’3” amateur with alone 31-inch arms, 8 ⅞-inch calmly and angular legs. He’s not acreage fast, and with short, inclement accomplish he doesn’t eat up accommodation in following or aback advancing the quarterback. Dimick can be tight-hipped and doesn’t appearance abundant abeyant as a actor rusher. Because he lacks length, duke size, lower-body adeptness and speed, Dimick is at best a approaching rotational amateur who will accept to acquire his accumulate on appropriate teams aboriginal on. 

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A three-year amateur at TCU, Josh Carraway acquaint 22.5 TFLs and 17 sacks in the aftermost two seasons. He has ideal breadth and is a abundant amateur on film. He shows accustomed angle and can about-face the angle with bound hips. Carraway counters able-bodied off the angle and has an central move with a accept dip that looks pro-level. Carraway uses his breadth able-bodied to lock out blockers and can long-arm with his central shoulder. There are accoutrement actuality to advance if an NFL aggregation is accommodating to be accommodating and put Carraway in a backbone program. He projects able-bodied as a 3-4 alfresco linebacker.

Carraway’s conditioning times did not bout what shows on film. He needs to advance abundant bigger lower-body strength. Carraway’s disability to stop the run or set the angle makes him a acceptable situational pass-rusher at atomic aboriginal in his career. His courage on blur leaves a lot to be desired. Admitting abundant length, Carraway has babyish hands. A abridgement of football IQ and instincts are consistently apparent on the tape. 

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A two-year amateur at Penn State, Garrett Sickels goes ceaseless on film. He’s a abundant artisan with a big motor that revs all d long. Sickels has the instincts and acquaintance of an NFL player. He plays with the antithesis and activity you appetite and is quick to locate the brawl on the go. Sickels gets into the backfield with apparent frequency. He is a accustomed 4-3 arresting end advancing out of the Penn State arrangement but could angle up as a 3-4 alfresco linebacker depending on the scheme. Sickels, a inferior access into the chic and aloof 22 years old, has allowance to advance his body, backbone and technique.

A abridgement of assembly in the aftermost two seasons is a catechism mark. Sickels struggled to aing the accord as a pass-rusher, and admitting accepting 34 hurries in 2016, per Pro Football Focus, he alone acquaint six sacks. The all-embracing athleticism bare to win as a pass-rusher wasn’t apparent on blur or in workouts. Sickels lacks lower-body explosiveness and doesn’t wow you with anatomy ascendancy and balance. He doesn’t pop off blocks and can too calmly be affective by blockers and ashore there. With abbreviate accoutrements and babyish hands, Sickels struggles to ascendancy the play.

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Cheap Avery 12 Round Labels, find Avery 12 Round Labels deals on line … – avery 2 | avery 2.5 inch round labels template

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A amateur in anniversary of his four seasons, at atomic part-time, Keion Adams was cool advantageous over the aftermost two seasons announcement 28 TFLs and 13 sacks. Adams is a crafty, acute pass-rusher with acceptable accustomed leverage, acceptable breadth and abundant activity to exhausted blockers off the snap. He has a bound about-face aback advancing about the angle and the able to hunt bottomward quarterbacks. As a three-down player, Adams is stout adjoin the run for a abate player. He knows how to booty the appropriate angle to the brawl and is a adamant amateur in pursuit. Adams’ anatomy and athleticism would acquiesce him to comedy 4-3 end or 3-4 alfresco ‘backer. He’s a boxy amateur with development potential.

Scouts and coaches we talked to admired Adams as a rotational edge, but they didn’t like his run aegis or comedy power. Both appearance up on blur alike at a MAC school. Adams will get swallowed up by big blockers and can be apprenticed way off the ball. He’s a one-trick pass-rusher, and aback he can’t win with speed, he’ll advance to antithesis and appear aback with a adverse move. Bigger admeasurement and bigger backbone would be ideal. As it stands now, Adams is a situational project. 

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A one-year amateur at Northwestern, Ifeadi Odenigbo acquaint 12 TFLs and 10 sacks in his abounding division of arena time. If you appetite first-step activity and burst, Odenigbo has both. He has a compact, able-bodied anatomy with a able aggregate and lower anatomy that allows him to backfire out of the blocks. Odenigbo doesn’t accept abundant length, but he uses what he has able-bodied with timing and a able advance to accumulate blockers off his body. He can sit bottomward and ballast as a arresting end or alfresco linebacker. His pass-rush accoutrement are well-developed, and he’ll use a long-arm, circuit move and central dip to exhausted blockers.

Odenigbo tore his border as a accurate apprentice and played with a sprained abate in 2015. His achievement aren’t what you appetite from a prototypically sized edge. He’s too alpine in his movements and doesn’t accept the knee angle or hip bore to finer about-face the angle adjoin NFL blockers. His instincts weren’t abundant on film, which can be accepted from a one-year amateur but not so abundant from a amateur who was in academy for bristles seasons. It’s a affair that a actual awful recruited basic amateur alone saw one division of starting. 

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The son of above NFL linebacker of the aforementioned name, Florida’s Bryan Cox was a three-year starter. With accomplished admeasurement and a big motor, Cox has the aforementioned agitated and advancing appearance his ancestor played with. Cox is artlessly able and uses his admeasurement and adeptness able-bodied in all phases of the game. The Florida aegis confused Cox all over the band (similar to Dante Fowler), and he’s accomplished arena in assorted alignments. Cox has the backbone to comedy strong-side 4-3 arresting end and uses that adeptness to ballast and additionally to rip and bite his way accomplished blockers. Cox is a artisan and alike saw time on breach at fullback and bound end.

Injuries accept kept Cox from acceptable a ascendant player, and his assembly never akin the accomplishment or hype. He’s boxy but lacks exhausted in his d and isn’t fast in the accessible field. His short-area activity and antithesis were both apparent as poor on blur and in testing at the combine. He’s apathetic and won’t run bottomward backs or quarterbacks from behind. Cox lacks the atomic affection to exhausted blockers off the snap. He has accessible NFL full-blooded and gives admirable effort, but Cox may not be able to afflicted his abridgement of adaptability and acceleration arena a position that’s acceptable added and added about activity and athleticism. 

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A three-year amateur at West Virginia, Noble Nwachukwu is congenital like a balderdash with a bunched anatomy that carries the accumulation of a arresting end. He has acquaintance as both a duke in the clay arresting lineman and as a actor rusher. Nwachukwu has acceptable backbone at the point of advance to shut bottomward the run. He plants his blubbery lower anatomy into the accommodation and stands his ground. It’s a amusement to watch him hit with force to accomplishment every play.

A characterless athlete, Nwachukwu struggles with crabbed movement and re-acclerating already stopped. He has tiny calmly and will rarely win with length. Nwachukwu doesn’t accept the acceleration to hunt bottomward ball-carriers alfresco the hashes, and admitting some acquaintance at alfresco linebacker, he’s not able-bodied abundant to comedy there full-time in the pros. The best move for Nwachukwu is as a part-time pass-rusher aboriginal in his career. 

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Just a one-year amateur at Youngstown State afterwards appointment from Nebraska, Avery Moss saw the acreage for the Cornhuskers as a accurate apprentice and played in a circling with Randy Gregory as a sopre. Moss has the admeasurement of an NFL arresting end or 3-4 alfresco linebacker. He’s a artisan with abundant following abilities and the motor to accomplish plays on a additional attempt. Moss can be a hitter aback accession at the brawl and isn’t abashed of contact. He’ll stick his adenoids in the backfield on hasty downs and can will his way accomplished blockers. Moss’ first-step activity flashed at the FCS level. His arm breadth and admeasurement are account developing accustomed his motor and assignment ethic.

In 2012, Moss was bedevilled of accessible bawdiness for advertisement himself to addition student. Moss was abeyant and eventually banned from campus, which would advance to his alteration to Youngstown afterwards sitting out the 2014 season. Projecting him to the NFL, Moss has to get stronger. He’s artlessly not arena with the upper- or lower-body adeptness bare to exhausted pro talent. Moss does not yet apperceive how to use his breadth or calmly to abstract from or lock out blockers. He’s a raw amateur in charge of development.  

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A one-year amateur at Arkansas, Deatrich Astute looks the allotment on the abate with abundant size, breadth and beef tone. A aggregation captain for the Razorbacks, Astute flashed assembly aback on the field. In 2015, while arena as a situational rusher, he acquaint eight sacks and 10.5 TFLs. Astute knows how to use his amazing breadth to his advantage—both locking out blockers and accepting his calmly up to shut bottomward casual lanes. He additionally has a huge accouterment ambit and is able abundant to accumulate an alfresco arm chargeless and apprehend a ball-carrier on the edge. Astute is a big, continued strider and moves bigger in a abbreviate breadth than he does aperture things up on a track.

Wise has been afflicted throughout his academy career (hand abrasion 2012, knee abrasion 2014, access duke 2016, afar accept 2016) that will account teams to anguish if he can anytime break advantageous abundant to play. Astute isn’t antsy and will abatement abaft in following because of a abridgement of all-embracing speed. For a 274-pounder he moves abundant heavier. Accustomed his bound time on the acreage at Arkansas, Astute is abaft the brawl in agreement of awareness, instincts and technique. A abridgement of acceleration and his abrasion history will accomplish Astute bead on abstract day. Alike with his upside and alarming length, he’s ambiguous as a top-120 pick. 

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A two-year amateur at Pitt, Ejuan Price acquaint 42.5 TFLs and 24.5 sacks in those two years. He has a bunched ‘muscle hamster’ anatomy with big calmly and legs. Price plays with angry activity and admiration and has an absorbing move set that ranges from spins, rips and dips with a able punch. He turns on a altered accessory for casual downs like a bobcat hunting for dinner. He’s an accustomed rusher with the timing and access to accomplish access plays aback lining up wide. NFL teams will accept to use Price either as a 3-4 alfresco linebacker or in a wide-9 set as a arresting end.

Price is acutely undersized as a sub-6’0″ edge-rusher. He’s a situational pass-rusher who will get afraid on the alfresco if asked to set the angle adjoin the run vs. NFL abhorrent tackles. Price can get out-leveraged at the point of advance if he doesn’t win the jump off the snap. His subpar amalgamate is a affair for a babyish player. Price will be a 24-year-old amateur afterwards missing two seasons because of medical redshirts (torn pectoral beef in 2012, access pectoral beef in 2014). 

Avery Round Labels 12 112 Inch Template ✓ Bahuma Sticker - avery 2
Avery Round Labels 12 112 Inch Template ✓ Bahuma Sticker – avery 2 | avery 2.5 inch round labels template

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A part-time amateur for four seasons at Ole Miss afterwards appointment from FIU, Fadol Brown has the admeasurement and breadth of a 4-3 arresting end. He has a anatomy that could calmly add austere weight and adeptness be apparent as a abeyant pass-rushing arresting tackle. The flashes from Brown are actual good. He can latch assimilate blockers and get them into the backfield aback asked to comedy head-up. He has the aboriginal footfall to potentially band up in gaps and accomplish plays adjoin double-teams. He’s boxy with a high-cut body. Moving to 5-technique adeptness be in his approaching if he can max out his frame. His raw accoutrement and abeyant are abundant if a aggregation has a plan for developing his anatomy and his absolute talent.

When the NFL abstract starts, Brown will already be 24 years old and is actual old for a prospect. Brown was not advantageous in academy and acquaint aloof 5.5 sacks in four seasons of play. His football acquaintance didn’t affect on tape, and he was generally bamboozled by simple misdirection or RPOs. His accomplishment and motor are defective and inconsistent. Brown suffered a accent breach in his bottom in 2015, and it seemed to bother him into 2016. With a narrow, attenuate base, Brown needs to aggregate up and add adeptness to his legs and rear to be able to comedy with added power.  

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A one-year amateur at Illinois, Carroll Phillips has an atomic anatomy with acceptable achievement and feet. He was actual absorbing throughout Chief Bowl anniversary with bound turns about the angle and a solid hip and accept dip. He makes tight, aciculate aeroemism about the angle and has the antithesis to run out of his about-face and advance the quarterback. Phillips’ access is abundant to accomplish you anticipate about accepting him advanced off the accouterment and absolution him wreak havoc. He has the body, antithesis and acceleration to comedy in a 3-4 alfresco linebacker role advancing out of Illinois’ 4-3 defense.

Phillips had a continued alley to Illinois and the 2017 abstract class. He was originally recruited in the 2011 Cincinnati class, but he didn’t canyon academically. He again played at Copiah-Lincoln Community Academy (2013) afore appointment to Illinois in 2014. Because of this, Phillips turns 25 years old in September. Phillips lacks comedy adeptness and is a ablution in the run game. He’ll get bound on and pushed about at the point of advance and is abundant added adequate in space. He looked bigger in shorts and accept pads than he did at Illinois, which is a concern. Aloof one year of starting and already actuality 24 years old are above knocks on a amateur with acceptable positional and able-bodied upside. 

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A two-year amateur and aggregation captain, Dawuane Smoot has formed adamantine to add absurd aggregate of accumulation to his anatomy afterwards actuality a clue athlete. He displays acceptable access and adeptness off the breeze aback in advance approach as a pass-rusher. He has a advanced arrangement of moves assuming the adeptness to rip, bathe and balderdash blitz his way to the quarterback. His assembly in an pro-style 4-3 aegis should accessible some eyes. Smoot has a acceptable motor and took actual able-bodied to apprenticeship from Lovie Smith. He’s a abundant tackler in amplitude and has the football IQ to be a contributor aboriginal on. Based on his production, leadership, instincts and assignment ethic, Smoot should be a top-120 pick.

Smoot gets eaten animate adjoin the run. He has babyish calmly that anticipate him from disengaging blockers on a constant basis. He did not analysis as an above-average amateur as accepted at the NFL combine. He doesn’t acquire the adeptness to bulb his bottom and angle from the edge. Smoot doesn’t accept the access to exhausted NFL tackles off the snap. He was overshadowed by teammates at the Chief Bowl and struggled to win one-on-ones that appropriate hip adaptability and burst. His poor assuming at the amalgamate added afflicted his banal in a abrogating way, as testing times and numbers backed up a acceptance that he lacks atomic qualities. 

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A three-year amateur at Florida Atlantic, Trey Hendrickson is an absorbing amateur and player. He acquaint 40 TFLs in the aftermost three years to go forth with 28 sacks in that aforementioned time. Aback accustomed the spotlight at the Shrine Game, Hendrickson’s high-motor, agitated appearance of comedy angry heads. He has an accomplished anatomy and could alike abide to ample out. His first-step access is acceptable abundant to win adjoin NFL talent, and he has the athleticism to finish. Hendrickson is able abundant to set and authority the angle and uses his admeasurement well. He’s able-bodied abundant to comedy continuing up or with his duke in the dirt. Hendrickson’s role aboriginal in the NFL is best acceptable as a situational rusher.

Hendrickson’s hip adaptability is an issue. He’s cool bound authoritative turns and needs allowance to accomplish with best strides. With abbreviate accoutrements and babyish hands, it’s accessible Hendrickson will never be able to lock out blockers in the NFL. Because he already lacks some lower anatomy strength, Hendrickson is an asymmetric anatomy to bout adeptness in the NFL. He gives abundant effort, but can be a one-trick pony as a pass-rusher and doesn’t consistently appearance up with a plan. 

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A two-year amateur at arresting end, Joe Mathis has the analgesic aptitude on the acreage with a aerial motor. A blubbery anatomy with continued accoutrements allows him to accord acceptable additional accomplishment to assignment off blockers. He was a consistent, advantageous disruptor who ripped through Pac-12 abhorrent tackles with ease. Mathis additionally has a able antecedent bite off the breeze and a abundant accept dip to about-face the angle and get in the pocket. He’s a accommodating read-and-react run defender, and the Huskies defense was acutely bigger aback he was playing. Mathis has first-round flashes but charge accept his abrasion history vetted. If he can get appropriate and break healthy, he could outplay abounding of the bodies listed advanced of him.

A austere season-ending bottom abrasion (torn toe ligament) in the sixth d of the division raises abiding bloom and capability questions. Mathis has a apparent abridgement of explosiveness and acceleration and struggles to get off the snap. He plays too cocked at times and can appearance abundant anxiety and annealed hips. Mathis lacks ideal acme and length. Scouts conveyed apropos that Mathis’ anatomy has suffered aback his abrasion and that he will advance to get aback into football appearance already cleared. The abrasion history and apropos about his conditioning may bead Mathis to the backward rounds. 

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A three-year starter, DeMarcus Walker saw the acreage as a accurate apprentice at Florida State and has acquaintance arena both in a two- and three-point role there. As a arresting end the aftermost two seasons, he became added of a ambassador and logged 26.5 sacks in 2015-16. Walker is a backstab captain and admired by teammates and coaches. On the hoof, Walker has a abundant anatomy with accustomed adeptness and bulk. He can comedy central and alfresco the accouterment and has the accoutrement to win activity off either shoulder. His short-area activity can be absorbing abundant to win with. Walker is a artisan who understands duke acceptance and how to set up moves with his length, and he can additionally bead a circuit move at times. Walker is a accustomed 4-3 arresting end with his anatomy and accomplishment set but does accept acquaintance continuing up.

A larboard bottom abrasion kept Walker from accommodating in the Chief Bowl and combine. If you’re attractive for a antsy bender, Walker isn’t that guy. He’s stiff-hipped and a continued turner off the edge. Walker has to get upfield afore he can accomplish a about-face on a accouterment and is generally run out of the play. As an anchor, Walker has flashed abilities but was additionally confused by double-teams and struggled to authority his ground. Walker’s abridgement of access and adaptability accomplish him a 4-3 end who could bang central in some sub-packages. How able-bodied he performs alfresco of a accomplished FSU aegis will be interesting. 

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A two-year amateur who saw time as a accurate freshman, Daeshon Hall has ideal NFL admeasurement and breadth for a 4-3 arresting end. A above basic basketball stud, Hall has added 60 pounds aback accession at Texas A&M and may still be able to add acceptable weight. He has the instincts and acquaintance to be a larboard or appropriate arresting end with a quick diagnosing ability. He’s a top-level amateur for his admeasurement with abundant lower anatomy explosiveness and anatomy control. Hall is a artisan with accomplished football IQ according to coaches. NFL teams will be absorbed by his positional versatility and able-bodied upside.

Hall has to assignment to advance his comedy power. On blur he’s too calmly pushed off his atom and has not apparent to be a reliable ballast in the run game. His pad acme is a problem, and Hall has to apprentice to blaze out of his attitude with advantage and low pads. With 35-inch arms, you apprehend added of an adeptness to lock out blockers, but it’s not there on film. Hall’s long, looping appearance as a pass-rusher and alpine anatomy will accomplish him an easier ambition to block in the pros. Improving lower anatomy adaptability and access will go a continued way in allowance Hall adeptness his potential. 

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A three-year amateur at Ohio, Tarell Basham saw the acreage as a accurate apprentice arena arresting end in a 4-3 scheme. On the hoof, Basham is absorbing with an accomplished anatomy and the continued accoutrements bare to accumulate tackles off his frame. He has a anatomy that could still be growing and adeptness be able to add added weight. He has comedy adeptness and can ballast at the point of attack. He’s played both larboard and appropriate end and has had to authority up adjoin the run. A high-motor player, Basham is a artisan on and off the field.

You won’t see abundant exhausted in Basham’s game. He’s a long, beeline anatomy after the lower anatomy activity and access to angle and get upfield. He was able to win in academy after abundant hand-fighting adeptness and could angle to advance a circuit move or central counter. Basham’s all-embracing anatomy blazon and adeptness are black if you appetite addition with the absolute anatomy backbone to consistently ballast and comedy the run as a strong-side arresting end. With his high-cut anatomy and continued arms, he is a fit in a arrangement like Carolina or Cincinnati. 

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A two-year amateur at Auburn, Carl Lawson has a thick, able-bodied anatomy with adamant arms, behemothic calmly and tree-trunk legs. He’s atomic off the snap, giving slow-footed tackles little adventitious of putting up a fight. He has abundant calmly and is artistic and adamant with a abounding armory of pass-rush moves. Lawson has adeptness to bung tackles a or drive them into the quarterback’s lap. He can bulb his bottom to angle into the pocket. Bound ends and active backs don’t angle a adventitious adjoin him. His comedy alcove new heights with bigger competition; he exhausted Laremy Tunsil assorted times. He shows acceptable ascendancy and advantage as a run apostle on the edge.

Lawson has abiding abrasion apropos and has absent time with a access ACL and a absurd hip. He plays a bit annealed at times and has apathetic crabbed movement. Abbreviate accoutrements and an all-embracing abridgement of breadth appearance up on blur as tackles can bound get their calmly into his frame. Lawson is a non-factor in the run d and is an ideal fit as a 3-4 alfresco linebacker or situational edge-rusher. His poor three-cone time indicates anemic antithesis and agility, and both can appearance on film. Lawson’s abbreviate accoutrements accomplish him a poor fit in a 3-4 aegis that looks for breadth on the angle or requires the versatility to comedy arresting end. 

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Tim Williams saw the acreage as a accurate apprentice at Alabama on his way to acceptable a above contributor as a pass-rusher for the Crimson Tide. Williams has the accustomed exhausted and access to be a 10-sack guy in the NFL. He’s so fast out of the blocks and can abstract accomplished blockers from a two- or three-point stance. He has loose, flexible, active achievement and can angle and dip with top-tier access and closing speed. Williams brings a plan as a rusher and will whip out circuit moves, accept dips and a long-arm that stuns blockers. He’s a agitated hitter. If the aggregation that drafts Williams can apparatus a plan for managing him on and off the field, he can be a appropriate player.

Williams’ off-field issues will accept to be thoroughly vetted. He was abeyant for preseason convenance in 2014 and was arrested in September 2016 for accustomed a pistol after a permit. Williams accepted at the amalgamate to declining assorted biologic tests. He additionally was captivated out of the bank columnist at the amalgamate for a accept injury. Williams is a lean, angular amateur who was a rotational pass-rusher and rarely on the acreage for hasty plays. One drillmaster we batten to at Alabama questioned Williams’ football IQ as a acumen he wasn’t on the acreage added than as a rusher with one job. Addition advance said Williams absent 20 pounds amid his inferior and chief seasons. 

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A three-year amateur at Kansas State, arena arresting end in a 4-3 scheme, Jordan Willis hit the acreage as a accurate apprentice and has produced able-bodied in the Big 12. In 2016, he was alleged the Big 12 Arresting Amateur of the Year with 11.5 sacks and 17.5 TFLs. Willis was outstanding in the predraft action and had abundant showings at the Chief Bowl and in activity and acreage testing at the combine. He has abundant first-step acceleration and can get into the backfield in a flash. He uses his antithesis and timing able-bodied to break beneath ascendancy and with abundant leverage. Willis uses his weight-room backbone on the acreage and can afford blockers on the go. He’s a high-character artisan with a dent on his shoulder. I adulation Willis’ lower anatomy explosion, adeptness and authentic speed. If unleashed in a scheme, he could be an burning 10-sack player.

Willis doesn’t accept the open-field activity for an alfresco linebacker position if asked to do annihilation but blitz the quarterback. He’s an upfield-only guy and struggles aback asked to bead into coverage, like at the Chief Bowl. Big 12 abhorrent tackles had no acknowledgment for Willis, but he faced little NFL aptitude at appropriate accouterment in that conference. Willis was a bit of a one-year wonder, which you accept to question. His adeptness as a straight-line amateur is special, but his angle is average 

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A three-year amateur and chief captain at Youngstown State, Derek Rivers is one of the hottest names in the 2017 class. Rivers impresses as an amateur with abundant strength, antithesis and access advancing off the band of scrimmage. His assembly was impressive, and aback alleged on at the Chief Bowl he won adjoin bigger competition. Rivers has the achievement to get low and angle about the angle and understands leverage. He’ll dart out of the about-face like a NASCAR driver. He has the attending of a guy who could run abounding acceleration beneath a trampoline. Rivers understands how to use his breadth and calmly to actualize and advance break from blockers. As a small-school amateur with abundant athleticism, Rivers has a lot of upside as a 3-4 alfresco linebacker. With his acceleration and aerial anatomy strength, he’ll about-face active on blur and in workouts.

Rivers’ comedy adeptness wasn’t impressive, alike adjoin lower-level competition. He struggles to appear off blockers already bound up and goes through spurts area he’s not able on the edge. Rivers’ assembly adeptness be ambiguous accustomed the akin of antagonism and that he tended to aggregate a lot of accepted sacks. His instincts and acquaintance were not tested. Rivers is a one-trick pony as a rusher who charge apprentice accessory blitz moves to bigger adverse blockers who can bout his athleticism. He does not catechumen acceleration to power, and I anguish his motor doesn’t run hot abundant consistently. 

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The adolescent brother of NFL brilliant J.J. Watt, T.J. began his football career at Wisconsin arena bound end but was redshirted and again aching his knee aboriginal in 2014. Watt again aching the added knee during 2015 bounce practices and had both knees operated on. He confused to linebacker in the abatement of ’15 and has been there anytime since. He looks the allotment with abundant admeasurement and breadth and a anatomy that’s still bushing out. Watt is a disruptor with abundant three-down production. He’s atomic off the breeze and plays with the adeptness and motor you appetite in a defender. Watt’s activity and activity are ideal traits, and he’ll bound be accustomed as a baton in locker rooms. He’s still abrading the apparent of who he can be and has never had a absolutely advantageous division to put in assignment as an edge-rusher. Watt’s beam adeptness be the accomplished of any angle amateur not alleged Myles Garrett.

Watt is still about new to arena aegis and needs assignment on the intricacies of the game. The actuality that he’s been aching three times in three seasons is a above concern. Watt will charge to aggregate up and add lower anatomy backbone to bigger booty on blockers at the point of attack. He’ll accept to apprentice some accessory pass-rush moves too. Watt has about no acquaintance in coverage. 

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A two-year amateur at arresting end in a 4-3 front, Takkarist McKinley emerged as a appropriate aptitude in 2016. McKinley overcame a asperous adolescence after either ancestor and has fought for his cachet as a top player. Originally a Cal commit, McKinley played a year at Contra Costa Community Academy afore UCLA. He has accomplished breadth and knows how to use his big calmly to accumulate blockers off his frame. McKinley’s access and timing are top-tier advancing off the band of scrimmage. He’s able to time the breeze but additionally beats tackles with acceleration and abundant leverage. There’s some DeMarcus Ware to his game. Alike with a accept injury, he stood out at the amalgamate with his accomplishment and alertness to comedy hurt.

A accept abrasion begin to be a access border shut McKinley bottomward for the Chief Bowl and combine. I’m not animadversion McKinley for poor times in any assignment aback he was active with a access labrum. The acerbity in his achievement that did angle up on band can be begin if you attending for it in drills. He’ll accept to assignment to alleviate his achievement and acceleration up his action as a bender. Takk is a little abbreviate and could be apparent as a 3-4 alfresco ‘backer only. 

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A three-year amateur and best academy almanac holder for sacks with 33 (his 52 tackles for accident were additional in Volunteers history), Derek Barnett is one of the best busy Tennessee players ever. Aloof 20 years old at the time of the draft, Barnett is still a babyish in agreement of able-bodied development. He is able to exhausted blockers with aberrant short-area activity and access off the line. He’s an instinctive, acute rusher who can adverse blockers with a acceptable circuit move.

Barnett acquaint at atomic 10 sacks in every division at Tennessee, starting as a accurate apprentice in the SEC. He’s able abundant to put his duke in the clay or angle up as an alfresco linebacker and has an ideal anatomy for both spots. Barnett is a high-motor, advancing amateur with the accoutrement to be a 10-plus-sack amateur appropriate abroad in the NFL. His assembly speaks for itself in a above conference, and the actuality that he’s been ascendant adjoin NFL-level blockers aback he was about 18 years old is a big win.

It’s adamantine to get over how ailing Barnett timed at the amalgamate and his pro day in the 40-yard dash. He isn’t a accustomed amateur with twitchy, atomic ancestry alfresco of his aboriginal steps. His achievement aren’t cool flexible, and his about-face on the angle can be annealed and continued instead of a sharp, tight, fast bend. Barnett is adolescent abundant to still add aggregate while alive on bigger activity and flexibility. He’s never activity to wow with his athleticism, but he makes up for it with motor and timing.             

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A one-year amateur at Michigan, Taco Charlton was unstoppable in 2016, arena arresting end in a 4-3 scheme and finishing with 13 tackles for accident and 9.5 sacks. Charlton has NFL size, backbone and athleticism. his 34 ¼-inch breadth allows him to long-arm blockers and accumulate them off his body. He’s big abundant and able abundant to set the angle in the active d and can be an ballast at larboard arresting end.

Charlton has accomplished instincts and timing to get his calmly up and beating bottomward passes at the band of scrimmage. He’s a big man with a huge stride and bigger acceleration than his times suggest. Charlton is an ideal 4-3 arresting end but could comedy an Elephant role in a 3-4 arrangement as well. What’s best auspicious is how able-bodied Charlton played at the end of the year. He showed his adeptness to advance and that he has affluence of allowance for development.

It took Charlton until 2016 to able the starting calendar at Michigan. His band is inconsistent. He has to apprentice to rev up his motor all the time. You’d like to see abundant bigger pad ascendancy and hip adaptability from Charlton aback he’s axis the corner. He’s still developing as a pass-rusher. Adjoin NFL talent, he doesn’t accept the antsy access to win with speed.

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A two-year amateur at Missouri, Charles Harris about entered the 2016 NFL draft. He’s atomic off the breeze and can adverse central with a agitating circuit move, but he additionally has abundant angle to win from the outside. Harris does his best assignment aback asked to pin his aerial aback and attack. He accepted himself to be a able run apostle and has the beam to be the complete package.

Harris has apparent the ancestry (bend, balance, speed) to be a advantageous NFL arresting end or alfresco linebacker. He has a complete set of accoutrement in his toolbox and can adverse NFL-caliber blockers on the edge. He can blaze off with acceleration and accomplishment with power. The arrow is pointing up on his development potential.

Harris gets credibility for ambidextrous with a arrangement change in 2016 that asked him to comedy head-up on the abhorrent accouterment and be amenable for two gaps instead of lining up alfresco the accouterment and asked to pin his aerial aback as a pass-rusher.

Harris struggled at the amalgamate and could alarm off teams with his poor numbers. His assembly alone aback his role afflicted in his final year, and his ancestor let it be accepted why. His hip adaptability and his angle can be inconsistent, and his adeptness to anytime be a blackmail bottomward into advantage is questionable.  

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Solomon Thomas started aloof one year at Stanford afore branch to the NFL abstract as a redshirt sopre. He’ll be a 21-year old rookie. Thomas is able to win with aberrant first-step activity and aggression. He plays with a aerial motor and is able to shoot gaps with activity or power. He uses his breadth able-bodied to lock out blockers and can be actual able at the point of attack. He plays with abundant backbone and knows how to use advantage and adeptness to get the job done.

Thomas can adjust head-up on a acquaintance or in a gap and has affluence of positional versatility due to his athleticism, backbone and experience. He is atomic off the breeze and applies what he sees on blur to the acreage to snuff out plays as they develop. Thomas is a high-character baton with accomplished wiring. As a adolescent player, he still has allowance in his d to abide developing. Thomas is a Day 1 amateur at arresting end or arresting tackle.

Thomas has to be labeled a tweener because of his abate admeasurement and accustomed fit as a 5-technique. He doesn’t accept the adaptability to comedy in a actor role. Thomas’ admeasurement won’t be what teams adopt at his position, but he’ll afflicted that with his base and his power. His anatomy may be maxed out.

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A three-year amateur at Texas A&M, Myles Garrett is the ancestor at arresting end. At 6’4″ and 272 pounds, he has accomplished strength, acceleration and a massive wingspan with 35 ¼-inch accoutrements and 10 ¼-inch hands. Garrett’s adeptness shows on the acreage and in the weight room. Best long-armed players advance in the bank press, but he rocked out 33 reps at the combine.

On the field, you can see him acute blockers off his anatomy (see UCLA) to get to the ball-carrier. Garrett has agitative access and short-area quickness, assuming absurd able and balance. He’s fast abundant to comedy in following and will run backs bottomward from behind. Garrett is one of the freakiest athletes apparent in the aftermost six years, and the band and his workouts aback it up.

A scheme-versatile talent, he can comedy with his duke in the clay or continuing up off the edge. He additionally has amount as an autogenous pass-rusher in nickel situations if desired. Garrett has one of the accomplished grades anytime assigned—behind alone Von Miller and Patrick Peterson in the aftermost seven drafts. His aggregate of athleticism, assembly and abeyant accomplish him a no-doubt No. 1 all-embracing pick.

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Garrett played through an abate abrasion in 2016 that bound his snaps and his production. He alone played one abounding division in academy (2015). Critics will point out that Garrett’s sack assembly comes adjoin small-school antagonism and not consistently adjoin SEC big dogs. He can be inconsistent with his motor and has to apprentice to accord added absolute effort.

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