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OSHA Improvement of Worker Safety Infographic | Graphic Products | osha pipe labeling

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October 15, 2018 Updated 10/15/2018

OSHA Improvement of Worker Safety Infographic | Graphic Products - osha pipe labeling
OSHA Improvement of Worker Safety Infographic | Graphic Products – osha pipe labeling | osha pipe labeling

Centrotherm Eco Systems LLC A belling apparatus helps to cast the sockets on Centrotherm’s UL-1738 listed polypropylene aperture lengths at the company’s accomplishment ability in Albany, N.Y.

Two manufacturers of artificial discharge systems are blame for a civic ammunition gas cipher in the United States that requires Underwriters Laboratories Inc. acceptance for use in some accustomed gas-fired baptize heaters, furnaces and boilers.

Albany, N.Y.-based Centrotherm Eco Systems LLC, which produces UL-certified polypropylene systems, and Pineville, N.C.-based Ipex USA LLC, which is introducing a UL-certified PVC blueprint in a brace of months, say discharge apparatus installed with high-efficiency accessories should be fabricated from abstracts able for the apparatus for assurance reasons.

UL-listed aperture pipes and accessories are engineered systems that affix accessories to a chase or aperture and afresh absolute baneful gases produced by the agitation of fuels, namely carbon monoxide, to the outdoors.

However, the UL standard, alleged UL 1738, isn’t acclaimed alike admitting it has been about back the 1980s. And, back 2009, PP has been the alone nonmetallic actual able of affair it for alleged abbreviating Category II and IV appliances.

Even so, U.S. codes currently admittance unlisted artificial vents to be installed with high-efficiency Category IV gas-fired accessories if installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, James Molloy, carnality admiral of business development for Centrotherm, said in a buzz interview. As a result, some installers are application PVC articles advised for drain, decay and aperture accouterments applications, not heating, he added.

“They do that because the accessories manufacturers accept PVC as a aperture arrangement in their lab testing,” Molloy said. “The PVC manufacturers don’t accredit to the discharge standard, yet the accessories manufacturers analysis them to be acclimated as such. With that blazon of disconnect, there’s apt to be problems, and there accept been, like carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Chemical Labeling Decision Flowchart | Graphic Products - osha pipe labeling
Chemical Labeling Decision Flowchart | Graphic Products – osha pipe labeling | osha pipe labeling

Venting systems fabricated with unlisted abstracts are affected to corrosion, appear and collective separation, which can absolution the alarming bashful analgesic gas into active areas.

For example, PVC advised for accouterments vents is about advised for applications area operating temperatures won’t beat 149° F. However, Molloy said situations can appear area gas-burning accessories run hotter. He acicular to incidents area a plumber sets a boiler at 180°-200° for it to be acclimated with baseboard heaters in a home; or a baptize boiler isn’t maintained and calibration accretion after-effects in college flue gas temperatures; or a boiler air clarify gets chock-full and restricts the air breeze that cools flue gases.

“If the artificial doesn’t accept a aerial abundant temperature rating, it can alpha to degrade, abate and melt,” Molloy said.

In response, Centrotherm, a analysis of Brilon, Germany’s Centrotec Sustainable AG, developed a PP blueprint that meets the UL-1738 accepted for discharge systems of gas-burning appliances. Their system, which is branded as InnoFlue, costs added than PVC but is warranteed for abiding flue gases up to 248° F (120° C).

In January, Ipex USA, allotment of the Oakville, Ontario-based Ipex Group, will acquaint the additional artificial arrangement — and aboriginal engineered PVC arrangement — to accommodated the standard, Gaetano Altomare, an Ipex artefact manager, said in a buzz interview. Aptly alleged Arrangement 1738, the apparatus are fabricated from a certified admixture PVC that is clashing DWV PVC, cream amount PVC or cream amount ABS. The soon-to-be-released flue gas discharge advantage fabricated the UL account because it can bear all the analysis requirements, including temperature spikes up to 219° F, Altomare said. He is aing Molloy in calling for a civic cipher update.

“There’s got to be some akin of accent to a accountable amount back you’ve got aggressive abstracts chain for the greater purpose of the industry,” Altomare said. “Plastics accept been acclimated for decades, however, they accept been application accouterments aqueduct and accessories certified for accouterments standards to aperture agitation gases. It’s abundant of a botheration to actualize a lot of babble in the industry because of adverse failures that accept happened.”

Altomare wants to alter the babble to accessible solutions with the Arrangement 1738 artefact barrage and a abstruse affair at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition, appointed for Jan. 14-16 in Atlanta.

Untitled - osha pipe labeling
Untitled – osha pipe labeling | osha pipe labeling

“As a architect of plastics that spends a lot of dollars on analysis and development, Ipex was able to architect a artificial of PVC that’s now able of extensive the requirements of UL-1738 and we’re the aboriginal ones to do it,” Altomare said. “We’ve been alive on it the aftermost four to bristles years, and we’re bringing it to bazaar Jan. 1.”

Meeting the UL-1738 accepted requires casual added than 40 tests to authorize both the actual and the achievement of the aqueduct and accessories as a system. Some of the tests awning how the actual and arrangement handle low and animated temperatures, UV light, collective load, aperture sag, punctures, appulse and flammability. The acceptance action additionally includes approval of abundant accession instructions and appropriate labeling requirements. To ensure affection and compatibility, the accepted stipulates that pipe, accessories and aing methods from altered manufacturers shouldn’t be mixed.

Altomare and Molloy would like the aing adaptation of the U.S. ammunition gas cipher to authorization acceptance to the UL accepted and annihilate the use of accouterments articles for flue gas applications.

“The cipher for 2021 is actuality advised now and the two of us accept submitted for changes that will get advised over the advance of the aing brace of years,” Molloy said.

Ipex USA LLC In January, Ipex USA LLC will barrage a new PVC flue gas discharge arrangement that meets UL 1738 standards.

The Canadian Standards Association set a antecedent for the change, Altomare said, back it adopted the ULC S636 accepted for non brownish flue gas discharge systems in 2007 afterwards letters of abounding ​ acreage failures predominantly involving ABS. Canada doesn’t acquiesce accouterments articles to be acclimated in flue gas applications and now inspectors can confidently verify whether assurance and accession requirements accept been met, he said.

Ipex offers two options fabricated from certified compounds that accommodated Canadian discharge codes and are branded as Arrangement 636 PVC, which is acceptable for abbreviating accessories with flue gas temperatures up to 149° F (65° C) yet meets all achievement requirements, and Arrangement 636 chlorinated PVC, which can be acclimated up to 194° F (90° C).

Pipe Marking for Your Facility - HIPLOGIC - osha pipe labeling
Pipe Marking for Your Facility – HIPLOGIC – osha pipe labeling | osha pipe labeling

“In the U.S., we’re aggravating to booty acquaint abstruse from Canada and advice advance the industry here,” Altomare said.

The affair did accomplish U.S. account 20 years ago back the Consumer Artefact Assurance Commission recalled some 250,000 high-temperature artificial aperture aqueduct systems branded as Plexvent and Ultravent afterwards it was begin they could able or abstracted at the joints and aperture baleful carbon monoxide gas. While no deaths were anon attributed to absurd pipes, CPSC said four bodies died because of afield installed artificial vents in 1994 and 1995.

The anamnesis of the two artefact curve began in 1998 afterward battleground arbitration with 27 manufacturers of aperture pipe, boilers and mid-efficiency furnaces. The manufacturers agreed to pay up to $100 actor to alter the artificial aperture pipes with metal pipes.

“The anamnesis about complex every above apparatus architect in North America,” Altomare said. “That artificial was afresh no best accustomed to be used.”

More recently, he said cream amount ABS and cream amount PVC were accounted clashing for flue gas venting. The bankrupt temperature can alter the autogenous amount and account holes or appear of the aqueduct and accessories afterwards abiding exposure. The apparatus manufacturers afresh adapted their account of accustomed materials, Altomare said, but he thinks there’s a bigger solution.

“Instead of anecdotic clashing abstracts as a aftereffect of failures, let’s move abroad from accouterments articles and go to articles certified to a discharge standard,” he said. “The industry angry to accouterments articles because of a abridgement of acquaintance of UL-1738, and plastics weren’t able of affair it. But things accept evolved. Technologies accept emerged. We’re able of engineering and sourcing plastics today that accommodated the standard. We charge to go out and brainwash the industry.”

In the meantime, some places are acclamation the affair locally and statewide. Idaho requires a burden test. New York City prohibits the use of PVC for apparatus venting. And New Hampshire requires installers of Category IV discharge to baddest abstracts based on the high-limit set point of the appliance.

Infographic: Pipe Marking 10 | Creative Safety Supply - osha pipe labeling
Infographic: Pipe Marking 10 | Creative Safety Supply – osha pipe labeling | osha pipe labeling

A 2016 account announcement the New Hampshire alteration says, “Upon analysis and the abstraction of Category IV venting, it was assured that assertive types of discharge systems recommended by the apparatus architect can abort back apparent to periods of operation alfresco the ambit of the safe operating temperature of the discharge material.”

In Danvers, Mass., Altomare said boondocks admiral alone acquiesce UL-1738-certified articles for discharge agitation gases, which he thinks is the way to go.

“There’s no bendability in the American industry today,” he added. “UL-1738 will advice actualize bendability and through that you body awareness. It brings absorption to the all-embracing purpose and objectives.”

Centrotherm and Ipex additionally are aggravating to get the absorption of added agencies that address codes, such as the International Cipher Council, International Association of Accouterments and Mechanical Admiral and Civic Fire Protection Agency.

“Most of them chase the NPFA,” Molloy said. “We’re alive on alteration NFPA 54 to crave UL-1738 or accept the accessories manufacturers absolutely accumulation their own aperture systems.”

Ipex USA LLC Installing an Ipex Arrangement 1738 PVC pipe.

Some accessories manufacturers are agreeable to acquiesce DWV PVC with their accession instructions because alternatives like PP and stainless animate can amount three times more.

ANSI / ASME Pipe Marking Color Code - YouTube - osha pipe labeling
ANSI / ASME Pipe Marking Color Code – YouTube – osha pipe labeling | osha pipe labeling

“If you’re the alone one that doesn’t accept PVC, afresh you’re the one that allegedly has a higher-cost system,” Molloy said.

With best discharge systems in the 3- to 25-foot range, the amount aberration is about about $100 or less.

Other installers are anxious that if UL-1738 is enforced, it will discredit systems put in to date. Altomare tells them not to worry.

“You installed that because annihilation was accessible until now. It’s a accustomed change of the industry with new technologies, new abstracts and new products,” Altomare said.

Ipex is bearing its new band UL-certified PVC systems in Pineville. With an estimated $450 actor in anniversary sales, Ipex USA LLC is the seventh-largest pipe, contour and tubing extruder in North America, according to Plastics News’ latest ranking.

Meanwhile, Molloy said Centrotherm’s sales of PP discharge systems, which are bogus in Albany, accept apparent double-digit advance back 2010. The company’s better affairs account is residential aperture systems, followed by bartering aperture systems and afresh sales to OEMs accessories manufacturers.

Part of the about traded Centrotec, Centrotherm Eco Systems is amid several companies in the flue gas systems segment, which accounted for 20 percent of 2017 all-embracing sales of $685.1 million.

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