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Avery-Zweckform Address labels, All-purpose labels L12-12 12.12 x ... | avery all purpose labels

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101. Carolina Panthers: Ian Thomas, TE, Indiana

Avery-Zweckform Address labels, All-purpose labels L12-12 12.12 x ..
Avery-Zweckform Address labels, All-purpose labels L12-12 12.12 x .. | avery all purpose labels

Strengths: Size, hands. Weaknesses: Acquaintance as a receiver.

Ian Thomas’ parents died from illnesses aback he was young. He was aloft by beforehand ancestors in Baltimore, formed his way up the JUCO ranks and emerged as a amateur for the Hoosiers aftermost season, communicable 25 passes for 376 yards and bristles touchdowns. Thomas is a able-bodied amateur who blocks well, but his best NFL attributes are his bendable calmly and adeptness to both snatch assurance from the air in cartage and accomplish difficult over-the-shoulder catches. Thomas looks a little like Keith Jackson, the 1980s-’90s bound end who bent few passes at Oklahoma but became a brilliant for the Eagles, Dolphins and Packers. That’s a absolutely optimistic high-upside bump for a raw prospect, but Thomas has an arresting skillset. A able aces as allowance and an closing advancement for -to-be anchorperson Greg Olsen, and a advantageous role amateur in the meantime. Grade: A.

102. Minnesota Vikings: Jalyn Holmes, Edge-Rusher, Ohio State

Strengths: Athleticism. Weaknesses: Production.

Jalyn Holmes recorded aloof bristles career sacks for the Buckeyes. It’s adamantine to sack the quarterback aback Nick Bosa, Sam Hubbard, Tyquan Lewis, Joey Bosa and Darron Lee (early in Holmes’ career) already accept dibs. Again again, a amateur with Holmes’ size, accoutrements and able-bodied abeyant should accept bellied himself up to the canal a little added generally in the aftermost two years. Consistently be apprehensive of these “grab the advancement from the big program” picks, because two sacks a year in the Big Ten never translated to 10 per year in the NFL. Grade: C.

103. Houston Texans: Keke Coutee, Advanced Receiver, Texas Tech

Strengths: Speed, production. Weaknesses: One of those Big 12 acceleration guys.

Coutee’s aboriginal name is Key’vantanie, which we cut and pasted from his academy bio and will never, anytime type. His aftermost name is arresting with the accent on the additional syllable, like you are adage “QT” as an acronym for “quality time.” (We acclimated to allocution like that in the ’90s.) Television announcers generally say “Cutie,” which sounds adorable, or sometimes “Cootie,” like what we acclimated to say girls had on the amphitheater (and now acutely regret). 

Anyway, Big 12 acceleration merchants will breach your heart, because it’s a adored amphitheater appointment and Coutee never met a columnist apostle in his life. He’s a advantageous slot-and-motion, swings-and-screens guy, has run some Wildcat being and can run abroad from the aegis aback it forgets to awning anyone, which is often. The speed, YAC adeptness and courage advance aperture distinction at the NFL level, but abounding of Coutee’s predecessors angled aback they couldn’t aloof antic in the Texas/Oklahoma pastures. Not a bad aces for a aggregation gluttonous abyss and big-play adequacy underneath; not a go-to receiver. Grade: B.

104. Indianapolis Colts: Nyheim Hines, Alive Back, North Carolina State

This is the best alive aback chic in years! To advice accumulate things beeline and abbreviate the jargon, Bleacher Address proudly presents addition chapter of our Acreage Guide to the 2018 Alive Backs!

Athleticism: Excellent. Nyheim Hines was the fastest alive aback at the combine, with a 4.38-second 40.

Every-down rushing: Fair. Hines is absolute amid the tackles and won’t shy abroad from contact. But he’s not absolutely advised to be a workhorse.

Open-field rushing: Exceptional. Hines is a blackmail to account with every touch. He acutely has the acceleration to run abroad from defenses, but he’s additionally got a abandoned circuit move and a jump cut.

Receiving value: Excellent. Hines started his academy career as a aperture receiver and generally operated out of the aperture in 2017. He can run the abounding avenue tree.

Pass protection: Fair. It’s not article you appetite him to do much, but he’ll get in his defender’s way.

Contrary assessment from a “source” accepting an all-overs attack: Hines is a clue guy. And you apperceive what us Real Football Guys anticipate of clue guys, right? (Source again begins twirling like a ballerina, gets beatific to binding acuteness training.)

Bottom Line: Hines, profiled by Bleacher Address beforehand in the week, is absolutely not a clue guy. He’s added of a bootleg adaptation Christian McCaffrey who can accommodate 50 catches, a few hundred hasty yards and a few continued touchdowns at the amount of a fourth-round pick. Grade: A.

105. Cleveland Browns: Antonio Callaway, Advanced Receiver, Florida

Strengths: Quickness, avenue skills, acknowledgment skills. Weaknesses: Reefer madness, added appearance issues.

The NFL is not as astern or biased about marijuana use as we sometimes pretend it is for punchline purposes. Best NFL decision-makers apperceive that some players smoke edger for affliction control, some to accomplish Saturday night Black Mirror binges a little added mind-blowing, and a few accept angry it into a wake-and-bake affairs that is about assertive to blemish their conditioning and preparation. It’s that third chic that coaches and advisers anguish about, and there is abounding affirmation Antonio Callaway avalanche there, abnormally afterwards he activated absolute at the combine. Callaway possesses first-round aptitude on the field, but if his habits don’t change, he will be the guy who gets out-hustled by undrafted rookies in training camp.

Pairing Callaway with Josh Gordon has accessible implications. Let’s booty the aerial alley and accept one will be a absolute access aloft the other. But let’s accede the accident bureau in the grade. Grade: C.

106. Denver Broncos: Josey Jewell, Linebacker, Iowa

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Avery-Zweckform L122REV-122 Labels 122.122 x 122.12 mm Paper White 1220 pc .. | avery all purpose labels

Strengths: Experience, awareness. Weaknesses: Size, block-shedding.

Josey Jewell was a three-year amateur for the Hawkeyes and is one of the best busy defenders in this year’s class. In 2017 alone, he was called the Big Ten Arresting Amateur of the Year, becoming the Ronnie Lott Impact Trophy and was a accord All-American. He’s one of the best acclaimed academy defenders in the nation, but a name that sounds like a riverboat charlatan from a Western cine helps.

Jewell’s academy accomplishments don’t construe able-bodied to the NFL because he’s a “Will”/“Mike” linebacker tweener. He plays able-bodied in space, admitting he doesn’t accept the high-end crabbed activity to awning Alvin Kamara types or top bound ends out of the backfield. He can accomplish as an undersized average linebacker if the linemen in advanced of him accumulate blockers away, but Jewell can get engulfed if a bouncer gets his pads into him.

Jewell doesn’t activity as a Pro Bowler, but he’s a abundant amount actuality as a circling linebacker and antecedence appropriate teamer. He’ll acquisition a way to be advantageous aback he gets on the acreage as continued as the Broncos don’t apprehend him to be Luke Kuechly. Inside linebacker abyss is an affair for the Broncos. They still accept bigger needs on offense, but Jewell does fit their arresting personality. Grade: C-plus.

107. New York Jets: Chris Herndon, Bound End, Miami

Strengths: Athleticism, blocking effort. Weaknesses: Production.

Chris Herndon was ashore abaft David Njoku until aftermost season, again he suffered an MCL abrasion astern in the year that comatose his opportunities at the Senior Bowl and the combine. Herndon was at abounding acceleration for Miami’s pro day, and he has a abundant accomplishment set for a No. 2 bound end. Herndon is a angry acquaintance who can be acclimated as a canyon protector or abaft acquaintance from the H-back position. He’s a accomplished amateur who can accomplish some moves afterwards the catch, admitting his route-running is annihilation special. Herndon has some upside, but in the abbreviate term, he should stick as a dirty-work acquaintance abaft Jordan Leggett and Clive Walford off the bench. A safe aces at a charge position. Grade: B.

108. New York Giants: Kyle Lauletta, Quarterback, Richmond

Deadly Accurate Quarterback Comparison: Jimmy G (Don’t do it! It will set expectations too high!)…Brandon Doughty (Too low! Too low!)…um, Case Keenum? (Sigh, fine.)

I profiled Kyle Lauletta in aboriginal April. He’s an awfully ablaze alone who absolutely majored in “Leadership” in college—don’t snicker, you communications majors; it sounds like a absolutely cool, arduous program—and becoming Senior Bowl MVP cachet afterwards an absorbing week. He’s a abundant decision-maker and abbreviate passer, but abysmal outs and continued throws tend to die on him.

The Jimmy Garoppolo allegory is about too acceptable to canyon up for an FCS artisan and Senior Bowl brilliant who additionally has Belichick Bait attributes (Bill Belichick’s dad accomplished Lauletta’s uncle at Navy), but Garoppolo had a quicker absolution and bluff arm, while Lauletta is added physically and mentally NFL-ready than the 49ers savior was abrogation college. Lauletta’s upside may be bound by his arm strength, but he’s the affectionate of amateur who causes quarterback controversies if apprenticed into account as a rookie. He’s a heck of a accommodation band-aid as a quarterback-of-the-future anticipation in the fourth round: If Lauletta is starting in bristles years, Dave Gettleman may be hailed as a genius. And Lauletta could able-bodied be starting in bristles years. Grade: A-plus.

109. Washington Redskins: Troy Apke, Safety, Penn State

Strengths: Speed, fundamentals. Weaknesses: Crabbed activity and agility, upside.

Troy Apke is the white guy who ran a 4.35-second 40 and larboard Deion Sanders flabbergasted. And “Prime Time” was the alone being on Apple afraid by Apke’s afire sprint. The blow of us are awful acquired citizens of a post-racial utopia who appearance no abruptness or activity whatsoever at such things. So let us all babble our tongues at Sanders one aftermost time and congratulate ourselves for acute old preconceptions and stereotypes. Tsk-tsk. With that, we achieve this abridged by adage Apke is a straight-line athlete. Wait…is that a cultural average too? Stop, don’t characterization this abstract abridged as “problematic,” please. Noooooooooo! Grade: C-plus.

110. Oakland Raiders: Nick Nelson, Cornerback, Wisconsin

Strengths: Size, some quickness, acknowledgment skills. Weaknesses: Brawl skills, amends issues.

Nick Nelson started his academy career at Hawaii but transferred to Wisconsin. If I had a scholarship at Hawaii, no force on apple could get me to leave. Well, except maybe a volcano. Anyway, Nelson commits too abounding penalties and, admitting acknowledgment experience, rarely intercepts a pass. A case of the grabbies can be cured, but it’s adamantine to activity Nelson as abundant added than a nickel or dime player. Addition high-risk alternative for Retro Riverboat Gruden, admitting at atomic this one is at a position of need. Grade: C-plus.

111. Los Angeles Rams: Brian Allen, Center, Michigan State

Strengths: Awareness, experience. Weaknesses: Size.

Brian Allen is a short, stout centermost with three years of starting acquaintance for the Spartans. He has able activity and can out-leverage his defenders. Top arresting tackles will put Allen amid two slices of aliment and bite on him if he tries to block them one-on-one. Positioning-and-technique centers like Allen generally stick in the NFL for years because coaches assurance them as atom starters, but Allen has bound upside. The Rams are abacus abyss forth an crumbling abhorrent line, which is fine. Annihilation will amount if the Suicide Squad they accumulated on aegis makes the aggregation appear in a behemothic Michael Bay-movie augment cloud. Grade: C.

112. Cincinnati Bengals: Mark Walton, Alive Back, Miami

This is the best alive aback chic in years! To advice accumulate things beeline and abbreviate the jargon, Bleacher Address proudly presents addition chapter of our Acreage Guide to the 2018 Alive Backs!

Athleticism: Fair. Mark Walton ran a 4.6-second amalgamate 40 at 188 pounds—not a abundant size-speed combination. He looks faster in pads.

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Avery White All-purpose Labels, 112 X 12.12 In., 11212 Pk. | Labels .. | avery all purpose labels

Every-down rushing: Fair. Walton does too abundant dancing amid the tackles and lacks the admeasurement for a abundant workload.

Open-field rushing: Excellent. Walton runs like a gazelle and knows aback to use the highlight stick.

Receiving potential: Excellent. Walton is an accomplished receiver.

Pass protection: Very good. Walton picks up assignments quickly, but he sometimes gets rocked astern into his quarterback.

Contrary assessment from a “source” accepting an all-overs attack: A 188-pounder advancing off an abate abrasion who doesn’t run able-bodied amid the tackles: Maybe we should aloof architecture plays for him to t out of bound for a two-yard loss.

Bottom Line: Walton has the accoutrement to be a solid third-down option. He does a lot of the things Giovani Bernard does, which makes this aces interesting, because Bernard has not been about as advantageous over the aftermost two years as he was at the alpha of his career. Grade: B.

113. Denver Broncos: DaeSean Hamilton, Advanced Receiver, Penn State

Strengths: Routes, character, upside. Weaknesses: Hands, quickness.

DaeSean Hamilton bent 82 passes as a accurate apprentice and again regressed aback Christian Hackenberg left, Saquon Barkley became the focal point of the Nittany Lions breach and Hamilton himself began acute and bottomward passes. He rebounded with a able 2017 and a abundant predraft season, with acceptable performances at Shrine Bold anniversary and an accomplished pro day. Hamilton is a absolute route-runner with some YAC capability, a aggregation captain from a aggressive ancestors who will be an A-plus in the locker allowance and an accomplished aperture receiver who knows how to assignment the middle. Beforehand admirers may bethink Penn State’s Bobby Engram’s development into a advantageous control receiver who played in the NFL forever. Hamilton, Penn State’s best arch receiver, has agnate traits. I like the Courtland Sutton-Hamilton one-two bite at receiver in this abstract class: a gamble-on-greatness amateur and a steadier option. They could be the Broncos’ starters in 2019. Grade: A.

114. Detroit Lions: Da’Shawn Hand, Arresting Lineman, Alabama

Strengths: Size, wingspan. Weaknesses: Versatility, some appearance issues.

Da’Shawn Duke was arrested for DUI in July 2017 aback badge reportedly begin him comatose at the caster of a anchored (but running) car. While the arrest may accept aching his abstract banal a little, Hand’s bigger on-field issues are that he’s carefully a two-gap apostle and has bound acquaintance and production. The “experience” botheration is archetypal for Alabama defenders, who consistently get ashore abaft added NFL-caliber defenders aboriginal in their academy careers, but the huge, able Duke should accept formed his way into the circling added assertively afore his final season.

Hand lacks biting activity and (ironically) aesthetic duke technique, attached his adequacy as an edge-rusher. He’s a advantageous player, but the Lions charge edge-rushing aptitude desperately, and that is not Hand’s able suit. Grade: C.

115. Chicago Bears: Joel Iyiegbuniwe, Linebacker, Western Kentucky

Strengths: Advantage potential, quickness. Weaknesses: Size, run defense.

Iyiegbuniwe (Pronounced: JOEL-from-WEST-ern-ken-TUCK-ee) recorded 116 tackles for the Hilltoppers aftermost division and performed able-bodied at the combine. He runs able-bodied and can comedy in space, authoritative him an athletic-upside aces who can be advantageous in canyon coverage. The Bears already drafted a abiding Pro Bowler at linebacker in Roquan Smith. Demography a late-rising activity abaft him is aloof beautification the lily. Grade: C.

116. Dallas Cowboys: Dorance Armstrong, Edge-Rusher, Kansas

Strengths: Quickness, run abutment value. Weaknesses: Variety of moves, consistency.

Dorance Armstrong recorded 10 sacks in 2016 admitting arena through a knee injury. His assembly alone to aloof two sacks aftermost year. Opponents adjusted, but Armstrong didn’t. He has appropriate antecedent activity and an able burst, additional a circuit move, but he relies too abundant on his balderdash rush. Armstrong is alive in run aegis and has approved some acquaintance as a apostle in space, so he can breach on the acreage for three downs as an alfresco linebacker. He has abeyant as a amalgamation amateur and adorning prospect. The Cowboys abide in acute “Everything is Fine” access at bound end, alike admitting aggregate is not fine. Grade: C.

117. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jordan Whitehead, Safety, Pitt

Strengths: Athleticism. Weaknesses: Awareness, technique, appearance questions.

Jordan Whitehead is an explosive, big-hitting, fly-around apostle with a checky career. He absent the end of the 2016 division with a burst arm and was abeyant for three amateur at the alpha of the 2017 division for a abuse of aggregation policy. He’s added of a hitter than a tackler who plays foolishly and will exhausted the ball. Whitehead is a gamble-on-athleticism type, but he is undersized and may not be appropriate abundant as an amateur to be account abundant of a gamble. This is an odd aces for a aggregation that upgraded it’s accessory beforehand in the draft. Grade: C-minus.

118. Baltimore Ravens: Anthony Averett, Cornerback, Alabama

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Avery Removable All-Purpose Labels, 12/12″ dia | avery all purpose labels

Strengths: Athleticism. Weaknesses: Size, instincts.

Anthony Averett is the nephew of above Vikings/Ravens larboard accouterment and adolescent South Jersey built-in Bryant McKinnie. Averett was a aerial academy clue brilliant as a sprinter and continued jumper, and the athleticism is axiomatic on tape. Not abundant abroad is axiomatic on tape, however, because the blow of the Tide aegis fabricated activity accessible for the cornerbacks: Averett alone had to stick with his receiver for a few strides to win on best snaps, and he could calculation on some of the best assurance abutment in the nation. This abstract is abundant with speedy, undersized cornerbacks. I accept a acquaintance whose cool is to access every bartender like it’s his aboriginal time in a bar and say, “I’d like to try a beer.” Ozzie Newsome still alcove abstract weekend and says, “I’d like to sample one of your Alabama defenders, please.” Grade: B-minus.

119. Los Angeles Chargers: Kyzir White, Safety/Linebacker, West Virginia

Strengths: Instincts, awareness. Weaknesses: Hands, arrangement fit.

Kyzir White is a high-effort, high-character apostle who played the Spur position for the Mountaineers. The Spur is basically a nickel linebacker or box safety, so you apperceive what that means: White is a tweener, a hybrid, a specialized antagonism defender, addition who doesn’t fit our anachronous 3-4/4-3 positional nomenclature, alike admitting he fits aloof accomplished on the avant-garde football acreage area defenses are in nickel or dime cadre groups about 70 percent of the time. White throws his anatomy about in run aegis and can use his continued accoutrements and activity to stick with bound ends in canyon coverage. He reads plays well, authoritative it adamantine for opponents to get him in a run-pass bind. White’s upside is limited, but he can advance into a advantageous nickel amalgamation defender. The Chargers cannot go amiss as continued as they accumulate demography middle-of-the-field defenders who can absolutely tackle. Grade: B-plus.

120. Seattle Seahawks: Will Dissly, Bound End, Washington

Strengths: Size, effort, abeyant as a blocker. Weaknesses: Refinement as a receiver and blocker.

There are three kinds of bound end affairs in the world: adapted advanced receivers, adapted basketball assiduously and adapted arresting linemen. Will Dissly is a adapted arresting lineman, and it shows: He’s a thudding acquaintance who can t a bank cantankerous if the brawl hits him absolutely in the calmly or numbers. Dissly projects as a appropriate teams boxy guy and the bound end who leeches two one-yard touchdown catches per year from your fantasy alive back. You apparently already anticipation of the “move to larboard tackle” gag, because that’s what the Seahawks do, so I will not belabor it. I will aloof achievement it charcoal a gag. Grade: D-plus.

121. Buffalo Bills: Taron Johnson, Weber State

Strengths: Quickness, advantage skills. Weaknesses: Akin of competition.

Johnson was a quick, advantageous apostle in the Big Sky Conference. He’s big and fast abundant for a aperture role. Johnson breach to the brawl quickly, reads routes able-bodied and throws his anatomy around: all ancestry that will advice him access up from FCS competition. Johnson is a bigger bet to comedy an actual role than abounding of the big-program slot-corner types who accept already been drafted. Adulation the player; catechism the akin of acute abnegation the Bills are in about the all-embracing accompaniment of their offense. Grade: C-plus.

122. Baltimore Ravens: Kenny Young, Linebacker, UCLA

Strengths: Quickness, experience. Weaknesses: Size.

Young was a four-year approved contributor on the Bruins defense. He’s a standard-issue in-space linebacker with acceptable instincts and able quickness. A bit of a adeptness with so abundant aptitude on the lath at added positions, but the Ravens do accept a clue almanac of success with this affectionate of defender. Grade: C-plus.

123. Miami Dolphins: Durham Smythe, Bound End, Notre Dame

Strengths: Blocking. Weaknesses: Receiving.

Durham Smythe’s your basal blocking bound end, the affectionate scouts and coaches accomplish a big accord about again use on about 20 snaps per d (plus appropriate teams) because all the old-school allocution in the apple can’t change the actuality that teams bandy the brawl 50 times per game. Smith and Mike Gesicki about-face a anemic Dolphins bound end band into a abeyant strength, proving it is accessible and not difficult to do so—no amount what the Cowboys think. Grade: B-minus.

124. Kansas City Chiefs: Armani Watts, Safety, Texas A&M

Strengths: Big-play capability, experience. Weaknesses: Size, tackling.

Armani Watts, a four-year amateur for the Aggies, lives and dies by the big play. He has 10 career interceptions, gambles to breach up canyon plays and will access at the end of a continued run to band the brawl (like he did to Alvin Kamara in 2016). He’ll additionally assumption amiss too generally in coverage, and he hits the dive stick far too generally aback tackling. Ball-carriers additionally animation off Watts far too often. Poor arrest and admeasurement issues may accumulate Watts off the field. But if he finds a way to accompany bottomward ball-carriers added consistently, he has the instincts, accomplishment and brawl abilities to be a affection chargeless safety. The Chiefs accept emphasized advance their aptitude at all three arresting levels in this draft. They are demography some risks, but Watts’ upside makes him a able selection. Grade: B-plus.

125. Philadelphia Eagles: Avonte Maddox, Cornerback, Pitt

Strengths: Quickness, character/effort. Weaknesses: Size, technique.

Another big-hearted little aperture cornerback. Avonte Maddox is a big hitter for his admeasurement and has a rep as a locker allowance leader. He breach up a lot of passes but can be exhausted by activity added calmly than a 5’9” cornerback should be. Players like Maddox are everywhere in this draft; affection and hustle will advice him a lot aback he alcove camp. Grade: C-plus.

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Avery Removable All-Purpose Labels, White, 112/12″ x 12/12″, 112575 Total .. | avery all purpose labels

126. Atlanta Falcons: Ito Smith, Alive Back, Southern Miss

Strengths: Vision, accepting skills. Weaknesses: Size-speed package.

Ito Smith is a productive, common agent who can acquisition curtailment lanes, eject through holes and get low to accomplishment his runs. He lacks ideal measurables, but Smith has acceptable calmly and a bent alive style, two attributes that generally advance to a role as the No. 3 alive back. There are many, abounding bigger backs on the board. Grade: D-plus.

127. New Orleans Saints: Rick Leonard, Abhorrent Tackle, Florida State

Strengths: Traits. Weaknesses: Tape.

Leonard is a adapted arresting end who started at appropriate accouterment for the Seminoles in allotment of 2016 and all of 2017. He passes the eyeball analysis aback abrogation the locker allowance but is technically raw and doesn’t comedy with abundant leverage. The Saints absolutely Seahawks’d this one. Grade: D.

128. San Francisco 49ers: Kentavius Street, Arresting End, North Carolina State

Strengths: Size, hustle/effort, antecedent quickness. Weaknesses: ACL abrasion in April.

Kentavius Street tore his ACL while alive out for the Giants. He projected as a middle-rounds aces afore the injury. He’s a commutual pass-rusher (Bradley Chubb got best of the absorption for the Wolfpack, and the autogenous band was excellent) with the admeasurement and activity to comedy a agnate role in the NFL. We’ll accept to delay until 2019 to see him in action. It’s abundant to see Street drafted, but this is a fourth-round reach, and the 49ers accept a history of accepting themselves into agitation by advance too heavily in afflicted prospects. Grade: C-minus.

129. Jacksonville Jaguars: Will Richardson, Abhorrent Tackle, North Carolina State

This year’s accouterment chic is…unspectacular. To advice you get a faculty of what you are in for, Bleacher Address proudly presents a Good, Bad and Terrifying breakdown of Will Richardson.

Good: Richardson meets or exceeds minimum requirements for size, athleticism and technique. He’s acquainted and alive on the additional akin and aback acquainted blitzes and stunts.

Bad: Richardson’s aloof address is abounding of B’s and C-pluses but no A’s.

Terrifying: Richardson has some marijuana-related arrests and suspensions in his background. He says that is all in his past, but I saw this video in bloom chic one time about how the reefer turns approved kids into certifiable hippie beatniks. NFL coaches still watch that video every offseason.

Bottom Line: Richardson is a solid amount at this point in the abstract who could abound into an able larboard accouterment or a adequately able appropriate tackle. Grade: A-minus.

130. Philadelphia Eagles: Josh Sweat, Edge-Rusher, Florida State

Strengths: Athleticism, potential. Weaknesses: Academy production.

Josh Sweat activated like a superhero at the amalgamate but produced aloof 14.5 sacks in his academy career. The sack absolute isn’t that abundant of a affair on its own, but band shows a apostle who gets active to blocks too generally and lacks a Plan B to disengage. Sweat isn’t a accountability in run aegis but doesn’t assure himself from cut blocks able-bodied and gets ashore in cartage in pursuit.

Even the analytics are all over the place. SackSEER at Football Outsiders projects Sweat as a sleeper because of his workouts and some hidden indicators, like his passes defensed rates. Optimum Scouting’s breakdowns begin Sweat absent far too generally adjoin one-on-one blocks.

This is a anemic chic for edge-rushers, and Sweat captivated his own adjoin top competitions and can run. The Eagles accept a activity of canyon rushers and can benedict Sweat and use him situationally. This is the affectionate of high-upside alternative a Super Bowl aggregation can accomplish with basal risk. Grade: A-minus.

131. Miami Dolphins: Kalen Ballage, Alive Back, Arizona State

This is the best alive aback chic in years! To advice accumulate things beeline and abbreviate the jargon, Bleacher Address proudly presents addition chapter of our Acreage Guide to the 2018 Alive Backs!

Athleticism: Exceptional. Kalen Ballage ran a 4.46-second 40 at 227 pounds at the combine, with abundant shuttles and drills.

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Amazon.com : Avery Self-Adhesive Removable Labels, 12-Inch Diameter .. | avery all purpose labels

Every-down rushing: Poor. Ballage was a 10-15-carry aback for the Sun Devils. His eyes on autogenous runs is suspect, and he tap-dances far too abundant for a big back.

Open-field rushing: Very good. Ballage can accomplish the aboriginal apostle absence and has breakaway speed.

Receiving potential: Excellent. Ballage has played in the aperture and has bendable hands. He bent 44 passes in 2016.

Pass protection: Fair. Pickup activity is a concern.

Contrary assessment from a “source” accepting an all-overs attack: Ooh, a amalgamate conditioning warrior who wasn’t alike his academy team’s arch rusher. No way that assault up in our face.

Bottom Line: Ballage afflicted at the Senior Bowl afore disturbing up the combine. There’s a little Kareem Hunt in him and a little Alvin Kamara in him. There’s additionally apprehension potential, but Ballage’s accepting chops and acknowledgment adequacy accomplish him a bigger bet to accord appropriate abroad than some of the awful accustomed 1,000-yarders in this class. Not a bad accompaniment to Frank Gore, and a acceptable low-risk alternative at this point in the draft. Grade: A-minus.

132. Baltimore Ravens: Jaleel Scott, Advanced Receiver, New Mexico State

Strengths: Height. Weaknesses: Quickness.

Typical alpine receiver with some 50-50 brawl highlights on his broil reel but little activity or breach ability. Jump-ball adeptness can get you drafted. Jaleel Scott is appealing accustomed at aggregate else. The Ravens accept never had the best aftertaste in amateur advanced receivers. Grade: C-minus.

133. Green Bay Packers: J’Mon Moore, Advanced Receiver, Missouri

Strengths: Size. Weaknesses: Hands, routes.

J’Mon Moore is one of those tall, complete receivers who posts big amateur adjoin the brand of Idaho, Delaware Accompaniment and Missouri Accompaniment by aloof acceptable the antagonism battles. Bigger cornerbacks can balk him, admitting Moore will still win some jump assurance and can beef through an arm tackle. Moore’s accomplished d consists of 50-50 assurance and quick hitches/comebacks aback accustomed a bendable cushion. His added routes are rudimentary, and his absolution and breach are annihilation special. Moore additionally had a asperous Senior Bowl week. You accept to absolutely adulation Moore’s anatomy to see added than a abyss receiver and accomplished tease. But he has academy upside than Jaleel Scott, a agnate amateur called by the Ravens with the antecedent pick, and he’s an adequate-value amateur at this point. Grade: C-plus.

134. Arizona Cardinals: Chase Edmonds, Alive Back, Fordham

Strengths: Quickness, production. Weaknesses: Level-of-competition and abrasion concerns.

Chase Edmonds had a adventitious to breach the FCS hasty almanac afterwards a leash of 1,600-plus-yard seasons afore he absent abundant of 2017 with leg injuries. He has a effectively congenital lower anatomy for a abate back, runs adamantine and has some open-field niftiness. Amid the overuse fears, level-of-competition apropos and conditioning after-effects that didn’t dazzle, there are a lot of chicken flags surrounding Edmonds. Abyss abaft David Johnson is thin, so Edmonds deserves a look. But again: There are added alive backs accessible who action added and accompany beneath little worries. Grade: C.

135. Los Angeles Rams: John Franklin-Myers, Arresting End, Stephen F. Austin

Strengths: Upside. Weaknesses: Weight and level-of-competition issues.

John Franklin-Myers performed able-bodied at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, again formed out able-bodied at 283 pounds at the combine. He played added in college, as he could calmly outmuscle lower-level blockers, but he lacked the activity bare to be able in the NFL. If he gets cogent arena time on the Rams band this year, article really, absolutely awe-inspiring happened. Grade: C.

136. Carolina Panthers: Marquis Haynes, Edge-Rusher, Ole Miss

Strengths: Activity off the edge. Weaknesses: Run support.

Marquis Haynes is a apparent edge-rusher who tries to win on the aboriginal footfall and torque to the quarterback. He’s able and advantageous at what he does. He’ll never be a assault run defender, but he can be an accomplished role amateur if he develops some countermoves. Not a bad amount at this point in a anemic edge-rush class, and a charge aces who can circle with and apprentice from Old Man Logan (i.e., Julius Peppers). Grade: B-plus.

137. Dallas Cowboys: Dalton Schultz, Bound End, Stanford

Strengths: Blocking, beneath receiving. Weaknesses: Speed, production.

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Back in my teaching days, there was a beloved, admired old science abecedary who secretly abominable the administering afterwards decades of mismanagement. One year, afterwards axis bottomward early-retirement bales and actualization to agilely basic for his aing advance load, he aback retired—on Labor Day weekend, aback award advancement science agents is basically impossible. It was an accessible average feel to his bosses, who couldn’t say or do a affair about it except scramble, because he was a colonnade of the community.

That adventure popped into my arch Friday aback Jason Witten reportedly retired aback for an announcement job afterwards accepting a restructured arrangement during chargeless bureau and watching the Cowboys abstract a linebacker (instead of, say, his replacement) in the aboriginal round. The Cowboys again went into “We Apperceive What We Are Doing” access until this pick, alike admitting it was absolutely accessible they had no accident plan whatsoever for replacing a amateur they should accept accepted bare to be replaced.

Anyway, cue Handel’s Messiah. Dalton Schultz is a solid run-blocker and canyon protector with abundant accepting chops to be a bureau in the beneath game. He’s a Garrett Celek blazon who fits best as the No. 2 bound end. He’ll be apprenticed into account as a amateur appropriate away, but hey, at atomic the Cowboys assuredly drafted one. Grade: B.

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