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Why? That’s the aboriginal catechism bodies consistently ask. Why would you appetite to bathe 2.4 miles, bike 112, and again run a marathon? Why would you do it bristles canicule in a row? Why would you plan the accomplished affair yourself? In the bristles boroughs? In the average of June?

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“Why does anyone do anything?” answered Chris Solarz, a guy who apprehend aloof aesthetics in the ablution while training for such a feat. “Why do we try to run approximate distances in approximate times? I don’t know. There’s no accessible answer.”

Last summer, Solarz and adolescent New Yorker Chris Calimano completed the approximate assignment of one abounding Ironman-distance triathlon anniversary day for bristles canicule straight, accretion 703 miles. The accident started as best absurd account do: over beers.

The two met at the 2016 Ultraman Florida, area they anniversary swam 6.2 miles, biked 263 more, and capped things off with a comfortable 52.4 mile run. Aback in New York, they got calm for a beer and a run, area they hatched the plan for Epic 5 New York City. Epic 5, as its banal name suggests, is bristles Ironman-distance triathlons over the advance of bristles days.

Its accord to the Ironman antagonism arena ends at the format. These days, a archetypal Ironman chase sees 2,000-plus athletes and their families alight aloft a boondocks for a continued weekend of running, biking, and swimming. They appear able with berserk big-ticket carbon-fiber bikes, baldheaded legs, and blatant spandex. Ironman is a well-calibrated comedy that swallows a boondocks whole: anchorage are closed, hotels are appointed to capacity, pasta aisles at grocery aliment are ransacked. It’s a arena absolutely befitting the corporate-driven behemoth that Ironman has become. Epic 5, on the added hand, is aloof a chase put on by some decidedly crazy athletes who adore abiding concrete pain.

The chase started in Hawaii in 2010, area competitors hopped from island to island. Twenty-five bodies accept completed it aback then, including Solarz, who did it in 2014. He and Calimano anticipation the chase architecture could be replicated in New York, modeled afterwards the New York City Marathon: Alpha in Staten Island, cycle through Brooklyn, accomplish their way through Queens, the Bronx, and again accomplishment in Manhattan.

But there would be no accumulated sponsors or accomplishment band or medals. It was aloof a brace of guys swimming, biking, and active through New York. They alike alleged up the NYPD and Coast Guard to cull the permits themselves.

“We said, ‘We appetite to bathe in the Hudson can you admonition us?’” Solarz recalls, laughing. “‘They’re like, ‘When are you activity to swim?’ We said, ‘We capital to ask you.’ They were like, ‘Oh, able-bodied again you can’t because we don’t appetite to spiral it up.’”

The canaille attributes of the chase shouldn’t accord anyone the consequence that Solarz and Calimano were acting on a lark. Their résumés are long, if hardly insane.

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The 39-year-old Solarz has accomplished over 280 marathons and ultra marathons, set nine Guinness Apple Records (including the fastest aeronautics of the New York City alms system), accomplished a chase in all 50 states and on all seven continents (seriously), run a 4:29 mile, and cruised to a chase claimed almanac of 2:39.

Calimano, a above wrestler, abandoned ran his aboriginal chase in 2010. The 36-year-old Staten Island built-in came into ability sports in his backward 20s and anon flourished—he’s done 14 Ironmans, over 100 marathons (one in anniversary state, naturally), Leadville Leadman twice, and accomplished 10th all-embracing in the 2016 Leadville Pack Burro Race, in which he advance a burro alleged Smokey 21 afar in four hours and 30 minutes.

The authorities eventually relented, and on June 26, 2017 Calimano and Solarz started their expedition with a 2.4 mile bathe at Midland Beach on Staten Island.

To accept the agreeableness of Epic 5 you charge to aboriginal accept what triathlon, and Ironman in particular, has become. Allocution to any salty, acclimatized triathlete and they will acquaint you the Ironman ambit is too abuse corporate. Cynical triathletes allocution about Ironman the way almanac abundance clerks talked about above almanac labels in the aboriginal 90s. They are not to be trusted. Ironman, run by the Apple Triathlon Corporation, is an all-knowing and absolute attendance in the triathlon scene, and they are actual careful of the booming Ironman brand.

And absolutely triathlon has accomplished a ton of growth. USA Triathlon has credible associates steadily access aback 2000, from 127,824 associates to over 477,000 in 2015. A 2014 abstraction estimated that the U.S. triathlon bazaar abandoned is account an estimated $2.8 billion. Amid the bikes, chase fees (a abounding Ironman runs from $650 and up), cher wetsuits, travel, accommodations, and all the absurdly specific accessories on the market, there is a lot of money to be fabricated out there. And if there’s one affair triathletes like to do, it’s absorb money. As a result, a acceptable majority of triathletes these canicule are aggro, on-your-left types who ride $10,000 bikes and don’t apperceive how to change a collapsed tire.

These developments accept taken the action far from its origins, which were condescending and anxious with little added than the spirit of competition. Ironman was started by a baby accumulation of dopamine-obsessed outcasts who aloof admired to swim, bike, run, and suffer. A 1979 Sports Illustrated affection put Ironman, until again little accepted to anyone alfresco of the actual few who competed, on the map. That adventure focused on the additional chapter of the race. Fifteen competitors took part. Barry McDermott’s SI adventure is a admirable time abridged of the advantageous canicule of the sport:

It would assume not abundant of an accolade for so abundant an effort, but the acceptation of the accident is that there is no credible significance. No award-winning money is involved, and little fame; aftermost year’s winner, barbate Gordon Haller, a 28-year-old retired auto driver, was captivated to apprehend a abbreviate chase abode in a Honolulu newspaper. Bigger yet, accompany started sending him mail addressed “Iron Man.” The 1978 accident began as an agreement and included a alloyed agglomeration of accidental entrants. One adolescent could about footstep water. Another bought a bike and abstruse to ride it the day afore the race. In the run, a adversary chock-full at McDonald’s for a bendable drink. The man who won the bathe had a bad knee from an old karate abrasion and bare eight hours to complete the marathon.

German Patrick Lange won $120,000 aback he won the Ironman Apple Championship appellation in Kona this October. And, in a attenuate and auspicious moment of according pay in sports, changeable champ Daniela Ryf took home $120,000 for her third beeline apple championship.

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I acknowledgment all of this because I dabbled in triathlon for the aboriginal time aftermost year, area I encountered some of the above lycra-clad zealots in the flesh. The acquaintance was apparent by an abhorrent mix of testosterone, race-day jitters, and absonant egos. So aback I showed up in Prospect Park to tag forth for allotment of the day with Solarz and Calimano, I accepted a brace of ice-cold bodies in mirrored Oakleys, demography themselves way too seriously.

But this was not the alarum and backer actuation of the big-city chase or modern-day triathlon. It was an IT administrator and a alimony armamentarium adviser slathered in sunscreen so blubbery it looked like they’d covered themselves in mayonnaise. Their friends, admired ones, and bike mechanics sat in backyard chairs alongside the park’s bend attention a accession of candy and a acknowledgment abounding of drinks. There wasn’t a academic alpha or accomplishment line—just a blanket.

Each morning started with a 2.4 mile bathe at 5:30 a.m. (except for a afterwards alpha on Friday, to booty advantage of favorable currents in the Hudson River). In Brooklyn, they swam in Coney Island and again rode their bikes arctic to Prospect Park, area they rode an atrocious cardinal of laps about the 3.35 mile loop. About and about they went, like hamsters, until they hit 112 afar on their GPS watches.

They did this for bristles days: deathwatch up, swim, bike, run, about-face boroughs, repeat. The routes themselves were uny and repetitive—112 afar of cycling asinine laps on a 2.2-mile bend in Staten Island, abundant laps about Central Park to hit 26.2 miles, active through the Bronx in jumpsuit spandex. The advance was accessory to the 140.3 afar they had to complete anniversary day.

When I aing Solarz about mile 70 of the bike in Prospect Park, he was articulate and sanguine, doling out training admonition that wouldn’t be out of abode in Murakami’s What I Allocution About Aback I Allocution About Running.

“Your acumen of the adversity is artlessly the aberration amid your expectations activity in and your reality,” he said. “If you anticipate it’s activity to absolutely blot and it a lot beneath than that balance is affluence and easiness. For months I was able to ache for this week. There’s no added choice.”

Endurance athletes can blooper in and out of aphotic places as they administer their pain. An anytime affecting (yet lovely) New York Times adventure about the Anvil Quintuple Triathlon aftermost year—essentially the Epic 5 beneath a altered name and hardly altered format—led me to accept Solarz and Calimano would be shells of themselves aback I begin them in Prospect Park. But, as arid as it sounds, they were too able for that.

“On these big, big challenge you’re so adorable and again you accord such an accessible accomplishment that you about accept article added to go in your legs,” Solarz told me the anniversary afterwards the race, over beers in lower Manhattan. “I’ve been activity absolutely good, like I appetite to do a workout, which is affectionate of odd.” Calimano ran a 31-minute bristles miler three canicule afterwards the Epic Five.

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These guys are, in a word, nuts. But they’re not annoying in the way a bucket-list marathoner who spends added time autograph Instagram captions than training can be. And they’re not in-your-face cornballs like CrossFit zealots. They’re normal-ass bodies who like the dopamine blitz of ability sports and a algid beer afterwards. They’re apostolic in their training (Solarz runs at 5:30 every morning, Calimano spins at cafeteria every day) and blithe and attentive about their passions. They are able-bodied acquainted of how antic it is to absorb so abundant time planning this chase and again application up a huge block of their vacation canicule to run over 100 afar bristles canicule in a row. “It’s a egocentric affair to do,” Solarz admitted.

I ran 20 afar of the chase with them in Prospect Park—an amaranthine cardinal of laps through the park’s abounding trails—and we were aing by an all-embracing accumulation of ability junkies. A dude aloof out to run a chase on a Tuesday afterwards work. Some guy training for a 120-mile race. A babe from the Brooklyn Triathlon Club training for Ironman Louisville. And an amiable guy alleged Rusty who has never absolutely run a chase for his own time, but already led a dark agent to a 2:43 accomplishment at Boston.

The active allocation of anniversary day started about 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., which was calmly timed for those who capital to accompany in afterwards work. They alone by with the accumulated action and alarming that’s accustomed to anyone whose spent time about aerial academy clue stars afore a adamantine workout. I assumption I accept to do this. They all did it, though, at which point accepted active conversations ensued (runners abandoned absolutely allocution about active while they’re running).

The vibe was appreciably relaxed, about like actuality at a Phish concert, but anybody was swapping belief about 50-milers and blisters instead of dancing to “Wading In the Velvet Sea” and bistro goo balls. (Though there is some crossover here, as there was a diffuse altercation about hallucinating in the average of the night during 100-mile races.) There was accidental burping and farting and mid-run ablution breaks. Coca-Cola archetypal and Oreos. But added than annihilation else, these bodies were snacking. Not slurping on Gatorade and nibbling at Clif Bars. Beeline up bistro meals.

A archetypal four-hour marathoner ability ingest, say, three or four gels during a race—on the go. Somewhere amid 250 and 400 calories, depending on their metaism. Aloof abundant caffeine to accumulate the academician aciculate and carbohydrates to accumulate the agent going. But aback you’re appliance 13-16 hours a day for bristles canicule straight, you accept to eat. You accept to ammunition for the assignment at duke and for tomorrow. So Calimano and Solarz would stop—mid-ride or mid-run—take a bench in a folding armchair and accident on whatever their affection desired. And there was no curtailment of options.

There were potato chips and pretzels and those bendable amber dent accolade you can get from broad grocery stores. Cheetos and Nutella and gummi bears! Mid-run burritos and Egg McMuffins and a comically ample bake-apple bloom from a aliment barrow Solarz frequents a his Midtown office. As anon as Calimano beyond the accomplishment band on day four in the Bronx he inhaled a Burger King milkshake, a abecedarian Whopper, two fries, and two sodas. (When he accomplished the chase on Friday, he advised himself to amber milk and prosciutto while he sat in an epsom alkali bath.)

While training, Solarz would eat banquet and again go for a run in Central Park. Calimano ran 5 to 10 afar already or alert a anniversary with a 30-pound haversack on his back. “That’s a little crazy,” Solarz said. But the abstruse weapon was not a carbon cilia bike or a $750 wetsuit or some sports alcohol adapted up in a lab. It was an ADHD boyish boy’s dream: Mountain Dew. Aback Solarz hit a low point, he knew it was the abandoned way out.

“Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Aboriginal time I had one Mountain Dew, and again two and, again three,” he said. “Pretty simple solution. It was aloof like a one or two-hour aeon area I didn’t appetite to talk. You try to aloof accumulate your apperception blank. That’s what I approved to do. Aloof accumulate it authentic and not think, and aloof get into the attentive state. I was aloof aggravating to acquisition that abiding state. Whether it’s aloof my brainy ambush that my Mountain Dew is my go-to, or whether that absolutely works or it’s a placebo, I don’t absolutely know.”

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Calimano’s argent ammo to get through the low credibility was a little beneath sugary. “It was aloof I anticipate the agency of not absent to one, attending like a chump,” he said, laughing. “And two, let anybody down.”

And admitting it ability complete like a absurd black-and-white Olympics ad campaign, abandonment absolutely was not an option. Not aback you bake up a anniversary of vacation, absorb your family’s weekends during training, and allure a anchorman along, you bigger finish.

“People bandy about the appellation award your limit,” Solarz says. “You abandoned acquisition your absolute aback you’re coiled up on the ancillary of the alley arrant and taken abroad in an ambulance. That’s your absolute limit. You haven’t begin it yet if you accomplishment the race. Which is the catchy one because it absolutely was adamantine but it wasn’t too adamantine because we finished.”

When I apprenticed Solarz added about why he does this, he angry the articulation recorder on me. “Do you anticipate you could do it? Because I anticipate you can,” he said. “Once you’re committed there’s no added choice. Which is why it’s actual adulatory and a little bit silly. It’s actual adulatory that you’re allurement us these questions, but I anticipate anyone could do it.”

Calimano, who struggled through best of the fourth day in the Bronx, was a little added amount of fact: “Magic and misery,” he said. “But if you ask that catechism 10 times I’ll accord you 11 altered answers.”

“Nobody in Honolulu knew about this,” Barry McDermott said aback asked about how easygoing the 1979 Ironman was. “Nobody knew about this. This was 15 guys adage let’s do article crazy and amount out who the best abecedarian is and we’ll accept this contest. The runners will be there and the swimmers will be there and the bicyclists will be there and again we’ll adjudge who’s absolutely the boxy guy of this group.”

After McDermott wrote his Sports Illustrated affection about the aboriginal Ironman, he got a alarm from Paramount cine studio. They were absorbed in optioning the story, so he flew out to Los Angeles for a meeting. McDermott larboard SI in 1987 to assignment in absolute estate, and these canicule he’s semi-retired active in Florida. He doesn’t bethink the Paramount producer’s name, but he does bethink what he said.

“In retrospect, attractive back, he set the stage,” McDermott told me, afore relaying what the Paramount exec told him: That he envisioned a approaching in which Ironman would be taken over by accumulated interests, and that eventually the abstention of the experience, the one that collection bodies to run the chase artlessly for the account of competition, would die.

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McDermott larboard the affair abashed about what he’d aloof heard. This batty race, with 15 bodies in Hawaii, is activity to set the apple on fire? “It was affectionate of absorbing that this guy from Paramount had it alleged appropriate perfectly,” he recalled with a big-hearted laugh.

Tom Warren, the biting San Diego bar buyer who ashore anybody at the additional anniversary Ironman in 1979 and was the brilliant of McDermott’s piece, never anticipation Ironman would anytime become as accepted as it is today.

“Not alike a hint,” he said aback I tracked him bottomward beforehand this year. He’s still active in San Diego and had aloof swam a mile in the ocean aback he alternate my call. “Spent bisected my activity in basin so I don’t like it anymore,” he said, afore allurement how I’d begin his buzz number.

Warren, who doesn’t accept a computer or email address, was blessed to altercate the accepted accompaniment of backer triathlon. He believes the arena has changed. “Well, maybe I could aloof go aback to our triathlons in San Diego. The little ones afore the Ironman. You aloof showed up and raced, and again it got so,” he paused for a second. “So corporate.”

Warren, who did 20 Ironmans afore he afraid up the boots, is the absolute antithesis for the accepted triathlon movement. He’s not crotchety or bigoted like above ballplayers who adulation to bickering about how bendable kids are these days. He’s an absurd abecedarian who enjoyed the abstention of triathlon afore it got so big. And the way he tells stories, he’d fit appropriate in with the Epic 5 crowd.

“When I aboriginal did it, I never alike trained,” he said. “I aloof went out and did it. I’d already done a 70-mile run and a 15-mile swim. I’d ridden bottomward from Vancouver to San Diego on a Peugeot in a dress shirt and tennis shoes. I got sunburned so bad. I got some assignment gloves and cut the fingers out of them and I aloof took off.”

He regaled me with belief of his exploits for about an hour, but his connected burden was frustration. Annoyance with how money had broke the sport. Annoyance with triathlete’s attraction with gear. Annoyance with drugs, alike in the abecedarian ranks. And annoyance with how he feels the accepted altitude has afflicted the affidavit bodies run. “You do it to see how able-bodied you can do,” he said. “And you do it for yourself. You don’t do it so you get a bays or money or whatever. And it changed.”

I assumption there absolutely is no acknowledgment to why added than why not? Ability sports, like aggregate abroad in our culture, accept been bigger and accompanying broke by money. Ironman started out as a chase adjoin oneself and has accomplished its backer endpoint: a agglomeration of bodies with too abundant money staring at screens cogent them how adamantine they’re blame themselves.

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So it was auspicious to see two athletes testing the banned of the animal anatomy in the average of the assignment anniversary aloof for the hell of it—an ode to the aboriginal canicule of the sport. They alleged up the NYPD, organized this bits on their own. And alike swam through a accurate sea of afraid in Jamaica Bay, Queens, which Solarz afterwards said was like pond in balloon tea.

They seemed annoyed and appreciative of the effort. But it was ultimately aloof article to do. They kept talking to me about the accident in hilariously airy fashion, like they were aloof accepting a barbecue. Or activity to a baseball game. Who knows what will become of the Epic 5 in the future, but Solarz doesn’t assume too afraid about it. “If it anytime ceases actuality fun,” he said. “I’ll aloof stop.”

Bill Bradley is a biographer and anchorman active in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter @billbradley3.

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