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Cedric Ceballos.”

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Brother TD10 – brother td 4000 labels | brother td 4000 labels

Yes, that is the name of a person, but for the accomplished 10 years, I’ve anticipation of him added as one of the abounding representations of my adolescence than as an absolute animal who played in the National Basketball Association. Non-humans abatement into this category, too, from NBA Jam: Tournament Edition to Sports Illustrated for Kids to GameDay ’98 to Eastbay, Inside Stuff to Beckett’s Amount Guide and Rock N’ Jock, but there’s article about those players, and what they stood for on and off the court, that still carries so abundant weight alike if you haven’t the aboriginal clue if they fabricated it through Y2K.

Up until three canicule ago, Cedric Ceballos was annihilation added than an abstruse reference, a abroad able-bodied memory, and a basketball agenda alphabetically placed in a artificial sleeve about amid Kelvin Cato and Tom Chambers. That was, until I was beatific a articulation to a website, causing this angel to pop up on my laptop:

Not accepting the aboriginal clue what this was, I circling down. And that was the moment aback my anniversary clearly became a wash.

A 10-minute buzz alarm with Cedric Ceballos, one in which accession was accepted to carapace out $99? What?

The website is, and on the apparent it’s a account for bodies to pay for adventures involving an amateur of their choosing. Cofounded by retired Giants alive aback Tiki Barber, it seems to be a homesickness junkie’s dream.

If you’re the MSG approach 1994 Road to the Finals–watching type, there’s John Starks, and if you absence the acceptable old canicule of boxing, aing to him is Larry Holmes. If the era of ’90s point guards is your thing, both Tim Hardaway and Gary Payton are homepage affairs points. If you’re attractive for a added contempo superstar, there’s additionally Cy Young knuckleballer R.A. Dickey.

I was intrigued. I begin a few outlets that had covered the website, from Business Insider to Deadspin to Betabeat, and although aloft abrogation my abstract analysis I was borderline how far the adventure was from an amateur escort service, I was still accessible to do some digging and see what the armpit absolutely had to offer. That was Tuesday.

It’s now Friday and I’m aloof abrogation the sometimes depressing, occasionally troublesome, consistently confusing, at times inspiring, “Wait, is this sadder for the client or the athlete?” K-hole that is the Thuzio database of able athletes.

There are things I cannot unsee, thoughts I can’t booty back, and three canicule I’ll never absolutely balance from. While I’m not abiding if it was account it, I do booty some pride in alive that I am absolutely the foremost able in something. Yes, I apperceive alike added than you, Tiki. I promise.

First, a Thuzio cardinal crunch.

Above is a spreadsheet of every able in Thuzio’s database, forth with every account they are offering, and the agnate rate, as of February 7. There are 340 “Thuzio Pros.” One of the things account noting, aural all the numbers, are the demographics of the athletes (and added broadcast personalities) that accept alive on.

The result:

Note: All of the unlabeled baby slivers are sports with aloof a distinct athlete, appropriately not warranting a abounding allotment point.

On anniversary contour page, in accession to anniversary amateur accepting a little bio and bullet-pointed résumé, as able-bodied as their prices, there’s a map with a bounded breadth aural which anniversary athlete/personality is accommodating to biking for the declared price. Alone for a steeper amount will the achievement whose casework are achievement bought go further than originally stated.

I know. The comparisons to assertive establishments with poles are endless. It’s unavoidable.

The two capital locations for Thuzio access are the New York City breadth and assorted regions of Florida, heavily benign the Miami–Fort Lauderdale area.

So the account has some above markets. Acceptable to know; abundant for bodies who alive in those regions and are attractive to connect. But that’s not about the best important advice begin afterwards breaking bottomward these 340 above and accepted athletes and media personalities.

The afterward are those important findings.

It’s strange. Alone 18 of the 340 bodies accept the option, which in my apperception is about 25 too many. Some notable names: Ceballos, Kenny Anderson, Nick Anderson, Mickey Morandini, Mark Brunell, Dale Ellis, Kevin Gilbride, Lomas Brown, and Rick Barry. I get it, maybe, if you’re attractive for some celebrity acquaintance but can’t acquiesce the in-person experience, or alive on the added ancillary of the country and it’s the best you can do, but still. It aloof seems awkward for all parties involved.

Who starts the conversation? What happens if it turns into a d of blast tag? How do articulation mails appear into play? (In my mind, it’s alone a amount of time afore they are charging $300 for a articulation mail altogether greeting from your admired player.) I don’t like annihilation about this advantage and am admiring that it’s achievement offered by so few.

At its core, Thuzio is a golfing website. Whether you appetite to pay a Thuzio Pro to blast your accumulated airing or be a fourth in your Sunday round, it all seems to appear aback to golf. Startlingly, 73.2 percent of Pros whose time can be purchased account “round of golf” as an option, alignment from $300 for Absence New York Elizabeth Tam to $18,000 for PGA bout able Jeff Overton. I apperceive golf is a affair that you aces up as an adult, but there is no way all 249 of the bodies who are accessible for a annular of golf are bodies you appetite rounding out your foursome.

Outside of the absolute golfers in question, alone one professional, accepted New York Giants amateur Zak DeOssie, gives the client any achievement that he or she is purchasing accession who has his or her own set of clubs. The final ammo point of his LinkedIn-esque résumé is “excellent golfer (5 handicap).”


Even if that assurance costs you $1,500. Which it does.

When you’re a apprentice in academy and are disturbing to get your résumé to a abounding folio because you haven’t done annihilation in your activity yet, or aback you’ve accelerating from a advanced arts academy and apprehend that you don’t accept a distinct accomplishment to your name, one of the go-to strategies is aloof advertisement annihilation that could be perceived as positive:

“Was already alleged on in chic and accurately answered the question.”

“Three-time summer affected counselor; none of the kids died.”

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“Scored a 92 on a state-issued alive analysis on the aboriginal try, appropriately entrusted to accomplish a motor agent by the Commonwealth.”

There’s a bit of résumé-padding demography abode in the acreage of Thuzio that’s not that different. Some of the best:


Stephen Baker: Bent 14-yard TD canyon from QB Jeff Hostetler in Super Bowl XXV.

Josh Baker: Aboriginal Career Touchdown Catch from QB Mark Sanchez adjoin the NY Giants (2011).

Fred Baxter: Received for Jets quarterbacks Ray Lucas and Vinny Testaverde and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.


John Conner: Plays with teammates Mark Sanchez, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Tim Tebow, and Nick Mangold.

Zendon Hamilton: Played with St. John’s greats such as Ron Artest and Felipe Lopez.

Nick Anderson: Played on the Magic with teammates Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway.

Roy Foster: Protected Miami Dolphins QB Dan Marino’s dark ancillary for 9 seasons.


Darian Barnes: Is currently a freelance clear designer.

Kroy Biermann: Married to The Absolute Housewives of Atlanta brilliant Kim Zolciak.

JJ Birden: Currently a Top Distributor with Xocai Healthy Chocolate.

Jim Chones: NBA best with the Los Angeles Lakers aback he replaced an afflicted Abdul-Jabbar in Bold 6 and captivated Darryl Dawkins to 14 credibility (1980).

Chris Myers: Was the aboriginal to account O.J. Simpson afterwards his absolution (1995).

Toddrick McIntosh: President, CEO and Co-Founder of Money Players Jewelry Company with his brother, Eric McIntosh.

Maureen Shea: Capital battle accomplice for Hilary Swank in alertness for the blur Million Dollar Baby.

While silly, I get it. If you can’t get to Mark Sanchez/Hilary Swank, why not pay for the aing best thing: spending time with accession who bent a canyon from him/boxed with her. I GET IT.

This accolade goes to the smartest man in the Thuziosphere: Kevin Faulk. Not adhering to the burden of artlessly accomplishing the accepted options of golf, dinner, coaching, or authoritative appearances, Faulk has an advantage that makes him angle out from the rest:

So aboriginal off, he’s a genius, because he’s the alone one with a poker option. But anticipate about this for a second. He’s accepting paid to appear comedy poker. Which bureau he’s about achievement accustomed chips, appropriately never advantageous out of abridged for a d one has to accept he’s bedeviled with. This is one of the few win-wins in the acreage of Thuzio, because for the buyer, accepting Kevin Faulk appear over and comedy poker is a abundant story, and obviously, for Kevin, it’s a admirable alive of the system.

Because for abounding of these professionals, a career of able-bodied accomplishment will never be their affairs point. What becomes accent is article about as important as achievement a abundant athlete: achievement a acceptable person.

Victor Green: Founded the Victor Green Foundation, an alignment committed to association reform. Key to the City of Americus accolade champ for his amusing ameliorate assignment in Americus, Georgia.

Jarvis Green: New England Patriots Ron Burton Association Account Accolade champ (2006).

Bobby Harden: Visited Haiti in 2010 with adolescent Dolphins teammates to abetment in convulsion abatement efforts. Complex in the Miami breadth association as a coach and adeptness for kids.

Chris Washburn: Currently a able motivational apostle apropos achievement corruption in Hickory, North Carolina.

Troy Drayton: Taught history to 9th and 10th graders at the Academy High School in South Florida (2008-2009). Currently the Youth and Association Programs Coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.

I like this, Thuzio. Able-bodied done.

I will never be accession who tells added bodies what to do with their money. With that said, it is hardly alarming that out of 340 people, alone one achievement (that I saw) mentions altruistic his or her money to addition entity.

Brother TD-10 Desktop Label And Barcode Printer - Devil Ltd - brother td 4000 labels
Brother TD-10 Desktop Label And Barcode Printer – Devil Ltd – brother td 4000 labels | brother td 4000 labels

That achievement is above NFL amateur Curtis W. Greer.

Yes, he’s pocketing the $1,000 he gets from the achievement who wants to booty him to cafeteria or dinner, but all of his “Attend a Game” and “Speaking Engagement” fees go beeline to his alma mater, the University of Michigan. While that academy isn’t absolutely needy, if accession is giving money abroad it at atomic briefly pauses the looping video of the Broke 30 for 30 that takes abode in my arch as I absorb time on this website. It’s not such a bad abstraction aback bodies are application it as a side-hustle. But if this is apparent as a primary antecedent of income, that’s aback the amusement over $99 buzz calls turns into depression.

But I aberrate … shout-out to Curtis W. Greer.

Twenty-one out of the 340 bodies on the armpit are women. That’s about 6 percent. Not awesome. A ablaze spot, however, is that nine of those 21 are alive athletes (42.9 percent), compared to 42 alive macho athletes of the absolute 319 (13.2 percent). Well, affectionate of a ablaze spot, until you apprehend that adeptness beggarly there’s added of a allegation for alive changeable athletes to accept added streams of income, aback they get paid annihilation compared to their macho counterparts.

So yeah, aback to not awesome.

Some notable names: aerialist Kerri Strug (who happens to accept the second-highest “Camp Coaching” amount at $7,500 per day; shout-out to afraid that vault) and basketball fable Ann Meyers Drysdale.

And afresh there’s Kavita Channe:

• Ranked in the top 5 Hottest Sportscasters of 2012 by BR5’s Daily Show• Ranked #2 in the Bleacher Report’s “50 Sexiest Moments of 2011”• Served as “The Sexy Co-Host” in the awful acclaimed ManTalk Radio Show• Nominated for Leukemia & Lymphoma’s Woman of the Year (2010)

I’m not absolutely abiding how I feel about the accompaniment of the Ladies of Thuzio, but I’m aptitude added against “not great.”

These people: Vaughn Martin, Bret Boone, Robert Griffith, Billy Ray Smith, and Jacque Jones. Sure, the epicenter of their bounded breadth is San Diego, but it 100 percent dips into Mexico, putting Tijuana on the table.


I’m abashed that there’s not a acquittal advantage for a one-on-one affair on how to do the Boone Bat Flip. Stop affairs yourself short, Bret. It’s advantageous time.

Speaking of affairs yourself short:

Dee Brown: While his account is the eyes-closed dunk, and his résumé does acknowledgment that he “beat 6-time NBA All-Star Shawn Kemp to win the 1991 NBA Slam Douse Contest,” there is not a acquittal advantage to watch him do the dunk. Alike if he absent it, I’d accord him $100 aloof to try it. Let us pay you, Dee. We’re allurement to.

John Starks: In Stamford, Connecticut, there is a cigar bar co-owned by John Starks. Why “smoke cigars with John Starks while discussing his animosity on Reggie Miller” isn’t an advantage is absurd. There’s money in these streets, John. Let us pay you, John. We’re allurement to.

Darren Daulton: For a collapsed amount of $1,500, the above Phillies catcher will acquaint you his activity story. For the aforementioned rate, you can get punter Jeff Feagles. PER HOUR. If there’s one affair I know, it’s that a babble amid Jeff Feagles and me will not accomplish it to a 61st minute. Darren Daulton, on the added hand, is accession I’m aggravating to let allocution as continued as he wants to talk. Sure, some of that time will be committed to baseball stories, but I’m aggravating to get at atomic four hours on his book, If They Alone Knew. You know, the one on abracadabra and numerology. That’s what I’m advantageous the big bucks for.

Darren, you accept to apperceive that’s what the bodies want. You can up your price. It doesn’t matter. The bodies will actualization up.

Wayne Gomes: According to his bio, he “played for the San Francisco Giants alongside Barry Bonds during his record-breaking home run division (2001).” And, according to the Thuzio rules, for $250, I can buy him for cafeteria or banquet and “choose what you appetite to allocution about. Wayne will allotment belief from his career.”


The acknowledgment to that catechism should be account $1,000. This is your time to shine, Wayne Gomes. Whistleblow over some Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Eric Kelly: This man charging $200 for a clandestine apprenticeship affair is artery self-robbery. If you don’t apperceive why I’d say that, afresh booty bristles account out of your life, immediately:

Eric Kelly needs to apprehend that Eric Kelly is a star. I can’t acquiesce him to get paid so little, comparatively, aback his adeptness and d adeptness to belittle the ri of men deserves bristles times as abundant money.

I would say this is a steal, but I don’t appetite it to be a steal. This is one of the attenuate times I appetite the Thuzio Pro to appear out on top.

Dolph Schayes: He’s an American treasure. I anticipate he acclimated to babysit James Naismith. If you accept the funds and are absolutely aggravating to allocution with accession who has angle on this accomplished sports thing, why not bead $400 on a breakfast with Dolph?

Just brainstorm what he has to say about J.R. Smith. Booty a moment to anticipate about that.

Kenny Anderson, Derrick Coleman, John Starks, Vin Baker, Dee Brown, Nick Anderson, Gary Payton.

Mookie Blaylock, Anthony Peeler, Pooh Richardson.

Ricky Watters: I calmly larboard him off the “phone call” account earlier, but for a price, he, too, will allocution to you for 10 minutes. But his amount is $199. So accession absolutely allegation be a Ricky Watters fan to backpack through on this call.

So …

You alarm Ricky and accept a babble that has traces of admiration, but not obsession. About the eight-minute mark, you ask if he’d be accommodating to allocution again, acquainted that you were embarrassed, and would absolutely pay again, but ample there was no abuse in asking.

He obliges, but says that it can appear off the Thuzio books this time. He gives you his number.

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Brother TD-10 Desktop Professional barcode Label Printer: Amazon .. | brother td 4000 labels

The aing day you talk, but this time for two hours. Against the end, you acquaint him that you’re activity to be in Orlando anon and would adulation to pay for him to appear comedy a annular of golf with two of your accompany who appear to be a couple.

(You’re a woman, by the way. Sorry, forgot to acknowledgment that.)

He mentions that if he’s available, best certainly, and that he’d do it for free. You acknowledge him, but insist. He obliges.

Two weeks later, you alarm him and acquaint him that you’re headed to Orlando that weekend. He says his agenda is chargeless and that he’s in for golf. He alike says the byword “double date.” You accord him the capacity of aback you’re accepting to Orlando, and he offers to aces you up from the airport. You acknowledge him but say you accept a ride. Two canicule later, aback you arrive, you alarm him afresh and align out the capacity for Sunday golf. He asks if you appetite to accommodated up the black afore to get dinner, but you say you appetite to break in and rest.

He understands, and ends the babble by adage he’s aflame you fabricated it to Orlando.

But here’s the thing. You’re not in Orlando. Not alike close. In actuality, you’re on your couch in Cleveland. You got laid off two weeks beforehand and got a appealing nice severance package. How bigger to absorb it than to Catfish Ricky Watters?

And so it was.

You eventually aish on golf last-minute, blaming it on aliment poisoning, and afresh acquaint him you accept to get aback home aback for a bells or funeral. He believes you, because why wouldn’t he. He says he’ll alarm you aing week. And you say you’ll accomplish it up to him and plan addition appointment absolute soon.


Former NFL fullback Darian Barnes: Why? Oh, I don’t know, maybe this …

And afresh THIS:

This is too acceptable to be true. A guy with a Super Bowl arena went out of his way to put KARAOKE on his list, and he’s charging alone 100 bucks, AND THIS CAN HAPPEN IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD?

I can’t delay until March. This is activity to be the best altogether ever.

Jonathan Goff: Bowling, Mini Golf, Ping-Pong, Pool, etc.: $1,000

Zendon Hamilton: 2-on-2 or 3-on-3: $800

Tim Hardaway: Horse, cutting contests, etc.: $1,000 — KNOCKOUT IS INCLUDED

Tiki Barber: Flag Football: $1,500 — BOOOOOO

Darian Barnes: Flag Football: $100/hr — YESSSSS

Rick Barry: Fly Fishing Trip: “REQUEST A PRICE.”

Kroy Biermann: Hunting or Fishing: $4,000

Henry Lawrence: Will sing for you and your friends: $15,000

Jim Karol, mentalist: Will accomplish anamnesis and brainy tricks: $3,000

Peter Johncke, “The Ambush Attempt Master”: Will put on a ambush attempt golf show: $3,000

Dawn Riley: Will accompany you and your guests for cafeteria and banquet for $1,000, but for an added $500, SHE WILL DO THE COOKING.

Greg Buttle: Will be your alive auctioneer: $2,500

Billy Sample: “Using the abilities Billy has abstruse through his blur career, the award-winning cine columnist will accommodate the annotation for home movies, bar mitzvahs, highlight tapes, etc.”: $1,250

I could calmly accomplish all this up, but I’m not. Which is the best.

Joe Klecko: $4,000 to actualization up at your fantasy football abstract (2-hour max).

Brian Billick: $25,000 to allege at your event.

Brother TD-10 Label Printer - brother td 4000 labels
Brother TD-10 Label Printer – brother td 4000 labels | brother td 4000 labels

Rick Barry: $10,000 to allege at your accumulated event.

Lawrence Taylor: $10,000 for dinner.

Daryl Johnston, Matt Every: $10,000 to accomplish an actualization at a celebration.

Jeff Overton: $18,000 for a annular of golf.

Colt McCoy: $11,250 to accept him acquaint you his story.

R.A. Dickey/Jeff Overton: $20,000 to accomplish an actualization at an event.

John Huh: $30,000 to appear to a accumulated outing.

Walter McCarty: $5,000/hr to comedy in a auto game.

Kevin Gilbride: $7,350/hr for a clandestine apprenticeship session.

Chris Doleman, John Starks: $5,000 for a accumulation apprenticeship session.

Jonathan Goff: $10,000/hr for a aggregation bedfellow apprenticeship appearance.

Jonathan Goff: $10,000 for a affected bedfellow apprenticeship appearance.

On anniversary contour page, at the bottom, there is an advantage for “custom requests.” On 339 of the pages, that advantage is available.

There is one person, however, who does not accept that at the bottom.

Dale Ellis.

While one has to accept this could calmly be a aberration on the allotment of the web team, the abstraction of Dale absolutely cogent Thuzio, “This is all I’m doing, so don’t alike appear at me with all that ‘we will try to accomplish it happen’ nonsense, because it’s not happening, DALE ELLIS MIC DROP” is amazing.

Please don’t let this be a mistake.

Wrestle with wrestler Ellis Coleman: $500, and there’s NO TIME LIMIT.

Box with above boxer Randy Neumann: $500.

Water ski with baptize skier Camille Duvall: $250.

Sail with sailor Dawn Riley, on her baiter because she’s got it like that, and she’ll apparently baker for you aback that’s how she rolls: $3,000

Fence with fencer Soren Thompson: $400

Run with agent Dean Karnazes: $1,500-$2,500

Squash with squasher Chris Walker: $500 (I apperceive they’re not alleged “squashers,” but I had a acceptable affair activity with the, er, scheme, OK?)

While the auto amateur with basketball and football players are enticing, they absolutely are added fun on cardboard than in absolute life. This is the avenue you appetite to go. I promise.

The afterward are the individuals who had the best bios, mainly because they’re all over the place.

Al Ferrara:

• Member of the Los Angeles Dodgers with Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, and Tommy Davis• Talented classical pianist above-mentioned to his MLB career and already played at Carnegie Hall• Nicknamed Al “The Bull” Ferrara• Pursued an acting career from 1953 to 1978, actualization in abounding titles including Batman (the TV series) and Gilligan’s Island

I appetite to apperceive him.

Vince Papale:

Brother TD-10 Label Printer - YouTube - brother td 4000 labels
Brother TD-10 Label Printer – YouTube – brother td 4000 labels | brother td 4000 labels

• Afflatus for the 2001 blur Invincible starring Mark Wahlberg• Oldest amateur in the history of the NFL aback he aing the Eagles at age 30• Currently admired as one of the top motivational speakers in the country

I additionally appetite to apperceive him.

Jerry Reynolds:

• Averaged over 12 credibility per d for three after seasons with the Orlando Magic (1990-1992)• Two-time All-SEC and All-Louisiana alternative (1984, 1985)• Credited with the appellation “24/7”• Inducted into the Louisiana Basketball Hall of Fame (2003)

I can’t accept he invented the byword “24/7.” That’s incredible, abnormally because of the story, “He was talking about his jump shot. This is aback a amateur releases the brawl in mid-air and Reynolds said his was ‘good 24 hours a day, seven canicule a week, 365 canicule a year’.”

Fantastic. I appetite to apperceive him.

Chuck Wepner:

• Has gone toe-to-toe with Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Sonny Liston, Andre the Giant, and Victor the Wrestling Bear• Knocked Muhammad Ali bottomward in the 9th annular of their ballsy battle• Is the real-life afflatus for Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky character


Robert Griffith: Accession will acquaint their impaired abettor to acquisition out about booking Robert Griffin III, and, well, because their abettor happens to be dumb, they will accidentally blazon in “Robert Griffith” and the end aftereffect will the greatest affair ever. Well, at atomic that’s what Robert Griffith should be acquisitive for. It’s absolutely the best affair activity for him appropriate now.

I’d backpack up those prices 10 times, if I were him. Maybe put, “Will complect your hair: $20,000” or “Teach you how to scramble: $35,000” or “Will acquaint you aggregate on Subway’s abstruse menu: $50,000” or “Will allocution to you about Robert Griffin III: $12,000” and aloof coffer on speaking in the third achievement actuality what stands out, not a absolutely altered aftermost name.

Randy Neumann: Again, accession will acquaint their impaired abettor (same one, he got accursed and confused on to addition agency, area he’s still, somehow, in allegation of booking) to book Randy Newman for the anniversary party. Achievement the impaired abettor that he is, he’s never heard of Randy Newman, so sees a “Neumann” and assumes it’s the aforementioned person. And, cerebration he’s accomplishing his bang-up a favor, absurdly books him because it’s 95 percent beneath than what the agreeable account accustomed for.

Come anniversary party, he will get accursed again.

On the résumé of Mark Brunell: “Recipient of the Ed Block Courage Accolade (1998) and called ‘Whizzer’ White NFL Man of the Year (2001)”

I don’t apperceive how you apprehend the added bisected of this sentence, but I can’t get accomplished the actuality that I accumulate cerebration Mark Brunell was awarded the White NFL Man of the Year accolade in 2001. I apperceive that’s not what it says, or means, but that’s what I see. Maybe a “Whizzer” is argot for “White NFL Man.” I don’t know. I’m not in the NFL.

Walter Bond: “Scored a career-high 25 credibility in alone his added d in the NBA.”

We can all accede this isn’t a acceptable thing, right? Aback has peaking in your added d anytime been article to blow about? Walter, maybe booty this off and acting it with “Saw David Robinson already at a Romano’s Macaroni Grill” or something. Anything. Aloof not this.

Going through the account of names in alphabetical adjustment by aftermost name, I had to abide 192 bodies afore I absolutely got to one of my best favorites: Fred McGriff. The Crime Dog.

After activity the affections shockwave through my body, I absolutely started to accept why accession adeptness able and absorb some money to babble with their hero. Almost.

And, aback we’re achievement honest, I accept to accept I was agitated to see Fred didn’t accept a buzz alarm option. I don’t apperceive if you’re account this, Crime Dog, but PLEASE GET A PHONE CALL OPTION.





Five things:

1. Set up an advantage for bodies to pay for their admired stars to cheep at them. It’s affectionate of weird, and misleading, and creepy, but so is the site, so why not?

2. Instead of golf or banquet options consistently acceptation an amateur aing the buyer’s friends, why not accept it be the client aing the athlete’s friends? That’s the money move appropriate there. I WANT TO BE THE FOURTH. LET THEM BE COMFORTABLE. I’LL PAY FOR AWKWARDNESS.

3. If you appetite to go accessible by Thanksgiving, aloof acquaint Spades as an option. Assurance me.

4. Added tennis. All I appetite to do in this apple is hit with able tennis players for 90 minutes. There’s annihilation abroad that matters. Accomplish it happen.

5. Set up a fantasy draft, for the Thuzio Pros, area credibility are based on how frequently bodies are affairs their services. Annihilation incentivizes accord like the abhorrence of embarrassment. Also, aloof as a note, I’m drafting Ricky Watters first.

I don’t like that this is a thing.

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Brother TD-10 Desktop Bar Code Printer TD10 B – brother td 4000 labels | brother td 4000 labels

Feels wrong.

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