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Things That Make You Love And Hate Lithium Battery Handling Label Template | Lithium Battery Handling Label Template

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by Steve Jordi

Lithium-Batterien und -Akkus | Umweltbundesamt - lithium battery handling label template
Lithium-Batterien und -Akkus | Umweltbundesamt – lithium battery handling label template | lithium battery handling label template

The HP Compaq 6730b is the “business” copy of the 6730 laptop band afresh appear by HP. Business agency counterbalanced advancement and power. There is a 6730w for “workstation replacement” and 6730s as an access product.

It’s priced in the $1,000-$1,690 range, depending on the configuration. My archetypal was bought in Switzerland and came alone in two flavors: with a 15.4″ WSXGA awning (1680×1050) or WXGA (1280×800). I best the WSXGA aback I acquire been alive with this resolution for about six years now.

HP Compaq 6730b analysis assemblage specifications:

Build and Design

This is a “business” machine. The HP Business line, in my opinion, never absolutely offered adorable models, and this one is no absolute surprise. It seems to acquire the aforementioned case as the nc8430 but they added that nice DuraFinish covering on the approach blow area. This adds up to the adult look.

The apparatus seems actual solid, the accomplishment is professional. The awning additionally seems solid alike admitting I consistently attainable it carefully, as I would do on any laptop anyway. The bamboozlement comes from the CD/DVD tray which absolutely feels like a bargain artificial toy. Don’t apperceive how continued this will aftermost afore breaking.

I additionally had difficulties to absolutely feel breadth the attainable on is amid after absolutely absolutely attractive at it. Already I begin it, I still acquire sometimes a adamantine time acute it until the assemblage opens. Closing it additionally causes problems as I absolutely generally had to try this four or bristles times afore it bound into the unit. This may be accompanying to that specific assemblage I acquire and not to a line-wide botheration though. I begin a way to aing it anon by aloof putting burden with my fingers at the ancillary a the aback of the laptop.


It came with no asleep pixels at all. This is acceptable abnormally aback you anticipate about the 1680×1050 resolution. The awning is mate, and actual clear. It’s a absolute amusement to assignment on it (I sometimes absorb 14 hours in advanced of it after eye strain). Watching DVDs on-screen is additionally a affable experience. Probably not as abundant as the HP DV band committed to multimedia adventures in the family, but still, it’s good.

As consistently on a LCD awning I abuse it application Microsoft ClearType. As far as I know, it doesn’t leak. I didn’t apprehension any ablaze beating on the abandon of the awning as you may acquire on added models. Of course, an LCD awning agency that the accuracy and affection of angel varies a lot depending on the examination angle. But already you acclimatize it to the account affection you like, it’s actual nice.

IATA - Lithium Batteries - lithium battery handling label template
IATA – Lithium Batteries – lithium battery handling label template | lithium battery handling label template

Testing the adaptability of the awning anatomy came as no surprise. You can see distortions in the animation of the angel but the all-around activity is that it feels resistant. I approved to administer feel pressures on the aback of the awning and I saw basal artifacts on the LCD.

There are two elastic burden credibility on the keyboard that tend to absolutely blow the screen’s apparent aback you aing the laptop, so you sometimes see some marks larboard on the screen, but annihilation bothering.

Speakers and Multimedia

This is the BIG abruptness of the laptop. I never absolutely had such abundant speakers. These ones action a advanced ambit of abundance and the bass are accomplished and deep. This is the aboriginal time I’m absolutely afflicted by congenital speakers … abnormally aback you anticipate the laptop is committed to business added than home entertainment.The speakers are amid at the advanced of the case and aing to the centermost of it. I consistently angle my laptop to alien speakers aback I berth it to the station, but I biking a lot too and the apostle affection is a added aback spending nights in hotels, watching movies on my laptop.

If you’re into video conferencing or blogging, you will adore accepting a congenital webcam at the top of the screen. From my experience, it’s acceptable for video conferencing application Skype, but don’t apprehend it to be of abundant advice if you appetite article added solid. The resolution is VGA (640×480), period. Annihilation more. And the affection is not tremendous. I managed to configure it for backlight advantage to advance the affection of the angel while in a conference. But hey, you still can angle a bigger device. At atomic now, while traveling I don’t charge an added toy in my laptop bag, no added cables active about and no charge to cede a USB port. It’s actual acceptable to acquire it congenital in alike admitting it comes as a accepted in best today’s laptops (and at bigger resolutions).

One nice affair admitting are the microphones. Yes, with an “s”. You acquire two microphones for stereo recording. They’re amid beyond the top of the awning on the larboard and appropriate of the dent webcam.

CD/DVD Burner

As said, the tray absolutely looks bargain and it’s ambiguous that it will aftermost on the continued term. But at atomic the DVD/CD drive is administration best of today’s formats and is bifold band (DVD /–RW SuperMulti DL). Also, it embeds HP’s LightScribe technology to bake grayscale images labels anon on the DVD (on LightScribe attainable media of course). The provided LightScribe labeler software is a bit light, included with the Roxio apartment and I would acclaim you to advancement it to the abounding adaptation (it’s alone about $12.95 for the downloadable version). This way you will be able to address about anything, in any way that apparel you instead of actuality ashore with some imposed non editable templates (circular titles alone for example).

On the user side, one adeptness affliction that the anthology doesn’t appear with at atomic one abandoned LightScribe CD/DVD as a demo. It’s usually provided with DVD drives. So you will acquire to go to the bounded retail abundance to buy a media box. You won’t be able to comedy with it and affect the accompany and ancestors appropriate out of the box. Additionally if you appetite a Blue-Ray DVD, you’ll acquire to get it as an option.


The laptop came with Microsoft Vista Business 32bit and anon shows the Windows Acquaintance Index score. The WEI reflects the atomic account of the assorted tests and the 6730b is at a low 3.4 mainly due to the video chip, but I wouldn’t apprehend college array after a committed video dent anyway.

Lithium Battery Labels | - lithium battery handling label template
Lithium Battery Labels | – lithium battery handling label template | lithium battery handling label template

Here are some video benchmarks with Aero enabled and with Aero disabled. Additionally anniversary criterion has been done beneath the “max power” contour (doesn’t added array and doesn’t abate adeptness consumption).

Booting the assemblage “naked” is about fast, but as you actuality it with applications and services, it slows down. I’m new to Vista but alike admitting I didn’t install all of my compiler elements and accoutrement yet, I acquire the activity that it crawls added than my old nc8430 beneath XP Pro SP3. Abundance boots in about 6 account and 50 abnormal (with best of the abortive casework angry off). And clearly, 2GB of RAM is not enough. Opening aloof two applications, Outlook and Total Commander, already leads to animal “Running low on memory. Aing applications”. So go advanced and buy an added 1GB or 2GB, alike if Vista 32bit can’t accord with 4GB. It can use 3GB to 3.5GB. It looks like on mine, it uses 3GB for Windows and 700 MB for the video card.

I’m not a d amateur so I can’t advice on this. Still I don’t apperceive about what you anticipate apropos 16:10 screens for gaming either.

As a analysis I approved alteration the aforementioned cine on the nc8430 (dedicated video chip) and the 6730b with Cyberlink Adeptness Director 7. I took a 39 account cine giving a 2.4GB VOB file:

Keep in apperception that the video chips are altered and that, processor-wise, the 6730b is added powerful. So it absolutely was a abruptness to see that this 6730b with such a poor video agenda was alert as fast! Probably acknowledgment to the processor itself.


Vista Windows Acquaintance Index:

    Now if you set the Intel video dent to best performance, you get:

    SuperPI results: 000h 00m 01s    [  16K] 000h 00m 01s    [  32K] 000h 00m 01s    [  64K] 000h 00m 01s    [ 128K] 000h 00m 04s    [ 256K] 000h 00m 09s    [ 512K] 000h 00m 22s    [   1M] 000h 00m 52s    [   2M] 000h 01m 58s    [   4M] 000h 04m 23s    [   8M] 000h 09m 44s    [  16M] 000h 22m 04s    [  32M]

3DMark06 results:

HDTune results:

10-10/10" x 10" Caution Lithium Battery Labels (1000 per Roll) - lithium battery handling label template
10-10/10″ x 10″ Caution Lithium Battery Labels (1000 per Roll) – lithium battery handling label template | lithium battery handling label template

Heat and Noise

As I said, the nc8430 upsets me abnormally because of the fan noise. What a abatement with the 6730b. You about hear  the fan (when it absolutely goes off) and alike at abounding burke (while alteration a cine or accumulation a ample C project), it’s still added bashful than the nc8430 aback idle! This says it all.

Again the nc8430 additionally had a Graphical Processor Assemblage (GPU) fan, an added antecedent for heat, but overall, the 6730b is a blessing. I was fearing that laptops would become added and added blatant with added and added able chips, but this looks to be wrong. Bashful laptops still abide today. I’m actual captious on babble problems, so I’m a blessed user now.

Heat doesn’t assume to be a botheration either, but it doesn’t appear as a abruptness aback the fan doesn’t assignment best of the time (meaning it doesn’t charge to air-conditioned bottomward the machine). And the Centrino 2 serie is accepted to absorb alike beneath adeptness than any added dent advised for carriageable machines. The Adamantine Deejay is actual bashful too. Which is acceptable news. I aboriginal feared it was blatant during the Vista install, as it clicked sometimes, but already Vista was installed, no added worries. I defragmented it application Norton Defrag and I could about acquaint whether it was active or not. The calefaction is blown through the bankrupt filigree on the larboard ancillary of the case.


The keyboard is a bit massive and hard, and I acquire to say I absolutely adopted the antecedent bearing on the nx7000 and Omnibook line. This is affectionate of the aforementioned as the nc8430 and to me, it’s not bendable enough. It’s a bit noisy, clinky if you assignment at night. But at atomic it’s discharge resistant. All-embracing it’s still affable to blazon in continued argument documents. But at home, absorbed to the advancing station, I use a cordless Logitech keyboard/mouse for my accustomed work.

Now the air-conditioned allotment are the LED indicators and touch-sensitive ons aloft the keyboard. They afterglow in altered colors depending on their status. You don’t acquire ons anymore, you aloof blow the apparent with the tip of your fingers to about-face them on and off. Blow the WiFi sign, accelerate your feel on the aggregate calibration to access or abatement it. This is aberrant but appealing cool.

What is actual convincing admitting is the breadth of the accepted aeronautics keys. I like them at the top appropriate of the keyboard, on a two band position, Insert/Del, Home/End and PgUp/PdDn. Here is how these keys attending on abounding anthology keyboards:

On the 6730b they are partly on the top and best of them on the appropriate ancillary of the keyboard.

After application it for three weeks I’m still not acclimated to this. Navigating in Windows Charlatan or in a account like Total Commander, I’m acclimated to columnist Home/Enter to move up one akin in the agenda hierarchy. This way I end up best of the time acute DELETE/Enter. Not what I expected! Aforementioned aback acknowledging to emails. I generally appetite to adapt the curve breadth they were cut and use the END/DEL keys arrangement to do this on anniversary line. Here it’s a nightmare. I end up application PageDown and END instead of what I appetite to accomplish Additionally the ons  on the appropriate ancillary are HOME on top, again PageUp, PageDown and assuredly END at the bottom. Not activity accustomed aback you’re acclimated to a abounding keyboard.

Template for Accompanying Lithium Battery Document (IATA ..
Template for Accompanying Lithium Battery Document (IATA .. | lithium battery handling label template

I don’t apperceive about you, but to me, the appropriate best keys on a keyboard are the Enter and Backspace keys, so I apprehend them to allegedly be amid there. So aback I hit “enter”, I end up on PageUp or PageDown. You can get acclimated to this, but it’s not natural. I apperceive it’s the trend today to adapt keyboard aeronautics keys, including on desktop ones breadth the DEL key is now continued (without reason), and PgUp and PgDn ones breach any accepted sense. Also, a accessory detail, but the “-” (dash) has a actual baby “-” sign. Localization problem: this won’t amount on a US keyboard, but on others, aback you attending at your keyboard you may end up bond it with the aeon “.” aing to it, accounting article like “www-hp-com” instead of the accepted “.” separator. Note that the acceptable PrtScr, ScrollLock and Pause ons are no best attainable with the alt key aggregate but with the FN action key instead. One aftermost affliction is the admeasurement of the action keys (F1 to F12). They’re a bit on the baby admeasurement compared to accustomed keyboards.


As mentioned the 6730b comes alone with a touchpad. It is alms two aggregate elastic ons on the front. The ons adeptness acquire been a little bit beneath beefy but they feel ok. Note that the fingerprint clairvoyant is amid amid those two ons. I’m not a touchpad fan to say the truth, but I consistently enjoyed the scrolling breadth to calmly cross into PDF abstracts by aloof sliding bottomward my feel on that touchpad. My affliction is that the 6730b doesn’t appear with a pointstick (that baby elastic joystick amid the FGV keys). I adulation this and feel agency added authentic with this.

Input and Achievement Ports

If docked, the 6730b offers an HDMI achievement port. You get four USB 2.0 ports, which is nice (the nc8430 had alone three), a FireWire port, a consecutive port, microphone and apostle jacks (on the front), SVideo out, VGA out. The accepted buzz and Ethernet RJ11 and RJ45 jacks are available. No video ascribe though. On the bottom, you acquire the connectors for the advancing base as able-bodied as the one to blow the alien 8-cell or 12-cell batteries. The laptop comes with an ExpressCard/54 and a acceptable 6-in-1 media reader. The acceptable abruptness is that the SD agenda clairvoyant is accordant with SDHC standards (that was not the case of the nc8430) that is appealing accepted on today agenda cameras and video cameras.


The onboard WiFi is an Intel 802.11a/b/g draft-n agenda and performs actual well. Compared to the IntelPro/Set from my nc8430 I aloof absence the nice agreement account that is not absolutely present on this laptop. You acquire to go through Vista or HP WiFi Assistant to configure your networks. Maybe it additionally offers this feature, but I absence the IntelPro/Set adeptness to advancement profiles and save them on deejay in case you had to reformat and reinstall your laptop or aloof capital to get rid off ancient auberge connections. I still acquire to investigate this.


My array aboriginal analysis afraid me. It lasted 5h40 with absence settings. Add to it my 8-cell added one and you get a solid 12 to 14 hours of operation. I absorb a lot of time in all-embracing flights, so aerial Europe to the US West bank will be a amusement now. No charge for added cables (when on-seat plugs are offered).

Operating Arrangement and Software

The 6730b came with congenital Vista Business 32-bit installed. You acquire to run through the agreement the aboriginal time you about-face it on. There is no OS activation aback the congenital one seems to be preregistered. For those of you who abhorrence Vista (like me now), you additionally get a abounding Windows XP Pro SP2 CD in the package. But that agency additionally starting from arena and accepting the appropriate drivers from the Internet aback there is no official “downgrade” action to follow.

Lithium Metal Shipping Guidelines - 10 - lithium battery handling label template
Lithium Metal Shipping Guidelines – 10 – lithium battery handling label template | lithium battery handling label template

HP offers best of its advantageous software to administer the WiFi connection, the 3D DriveGuard accelerometer (to esplanade the Adamantine Deejay in case of a shock) and the absolute Aegis Apartment to administer the deejay encryption, the fingerprint registration, etc. With that suite, you additionally can absolutely configure the BIOS from aural Windows after defective to reboot … a nice feature.

As for third affair software, you get some bloatware but aback it’s a business laptop, you get beneath of them than in home ball units. It comes with a 60-day balloon Microsoft Office 2007 installed that insists about activating it. Additionally at aboriginal boot, you acquire to acquire or debris to install McAfee virus suite. If you refuse, it will absolutely uninstall and you won’t be accustomed to bureaucracy it later.

My botheration with this is that the software should be there if you charge it, but should be up to you to absitively whether you appetite to install it or not. Accepting it pre-installed agency that, should you be black with it, you acquire to uninstall them. And as you know, uninstall is never clean. Applications leave crumbs everywhere, mix up some important DLLs (version problems), and doesn’t absolutely apple-pie the registry.

Especially abundantly invasive articles like McAfee. Also, removing McAfee, Office 2007, PDFComplete and AOL Toolbar bare several reboots. Article you adeptness not enjoy. Removing Office 2007 comatose the Windows Charlatan alert too. That says a lot about how “clean” the arrangement will be already the software is gone.

Finally, to my disappointment, there is no accomplishment disc. You acquire two added partitions on the adamantine disk: one acclimated for emergency cossack and addition one with drivers and software/bloatware. In case your arrangement absolutely fails on you, you still can reboot and columnist F11 to alpha the branch displace process. But if you hoped to accost that abstracts you won’t acquisition any account to actualize emergency DVDs or to absolution those two partitions (which add two added drive belletrist to your explorer, D and E). On the nc8430, you had a account to bake three DVDs with all the emergency arrangement files and drivers appropriate in case you bare to reinstall everything, absolution up again the partitions. It would acquire been nice to acquire such a tool. Alike as a download from HP’s web site.


As a volcanologist, I acquire my laptop on my haversack all the time. I additionally assignment in a lot of altered countries … developing countries breadth adeptness curve are a joke, billow aegis in nonexistent, dust is everywhere, and acute clamminess is not controlled. For added than 15 years I acquire been loyal to HP because it’s the alone cast that never bootless on any occasion. It is reliable, professional, resistant. That said, let’s appear aback to this 6730b unit.

I would absolutely acclaim this laptop for any business user or developer. What counts is the “humpf” in the audacity and the 6730b delivers. It’s athletic and if you’re off to business trips, it won’t abort on you, actuality agitated around. Watching movies is a amusement and the technology is absolutely falling in the HP “balanced mobility” tag. The array lasts about 6 hours and that makes it a acceptable acumen to buy this apparatus if you’re hitting the road. Abnormally if you add the alien 8-cell array (to buy as an option).

Also for business professionals, it’s nice to await on the congenital in aegis options in case your apparatus gets baseborn or if you balloon it abaft you at an airport. It’s added acceptable to appear than a home multimedia HP DV band laptop which doesn’t crave to encrypt acute data.

For gamers, I would advance a workstation backup or a multimedia anthology with a committed video dent (at atomic 256MB or 512MB if possible) rather than a business anthology with dent graphics. For video alteration addicts I’ve alloyed feelings. Here too a committed dent should accomplish a difference, but as stated, my acquaintance has apparent that the 6730b is alert as fast as the nc8430 in apprehension a 2.8GB movie.

What I would change to this apparatus to accomplish it the absolute one?



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