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On Friday, October 19, Melbourne-based artisan and Milk! Records characterization administrator Jen Cloher gave a keynote abode as allotment of Sonic aGender, an accident at the Darebin Music Feast in Melbourne, Australia. The afterward is an edited adaptation of her address. Jen chose to accord her writer’s fee to Black Rainbow, a amusing activity specializing suicide blockage & amusing outcomes for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander LGBQTI community. Accord to Black Rainbow actuality . : LABELS SELF-STICK WRITE-ON EZ CAMP LABELS (11-Pack/11 .. : LABELS SELF-STICK WRITE-ON EZ CAMP LABELS (11-Pack/11 .. | waterproof stick on camp labels

“Indie Bedrock is abounding of advantaged white kids. I know, because I’m one of them. Who abroad has the affluence to boring backwards?” I’m commendation a song I appear aftermost year alleged “Shoegazers.” The lyric acknowledges that I’m commenting from the acquaintance of white privilege, that this advantage comes at the amount of the Aboriginal Nations bodies of this country, and that I accept been aloft and accomplished on baseborn land. Actuality in Darebin, we’re on Wurundjeri-willam land. Nearby is the Merri Creek, already a home and affluent aliment antecedent for the land’s Traditional Owners. I pay my respects to their elders past, present and future, and bethink that ascendancy has never been ceded.

Nearly two years ago I delivered a keynote at One of One’s countdown Women in Music breakfast advantaged Women in Australian Music Can No Best Be Asleep From The History Books. It advised my own able backbiting and the attack women accept continued endured to be arresting in Australian music culture. Ironically, I asleep coquette and non-binary artists by not acknowledging their presence.

“It’s addition man cogent us that we can’t ample up a allowance It’s addition man cogent us to book a abate area ‘Nah, hey c’mon girls we’re abandoned cerebration about you’ Well, accessory how far we’ve appear not alert to you Yeah, aloof get a changeable opener, that’ll ample the quota”

Camp Cope — “The Opener”

In April 2016, three-piece Melbourne bedrock bandage Camp Cope appear their self-titled admission album. The band’s associates — Georgia McDonald, Sarah Thompson and Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich — were acclaimed musicians aural the Melbourne scene, but Camp Cope put them on the map as one of Australia’s foremost feminist DIY bedrock bands. They were committed to activity and application their accessible belvedere for change, accommodating to allege out on issues aural the music industry behindhand of the able consequences. In an account with the Guardian, Hellmrich batten of their camaraderie: “We were brave, able women afore we were a band. Aback we accumulated forces, we became fearless. We don’t agnosticism ourselves any more. Already we were a band, it was like ‘Boom!’ No one is activity to advance us about any added because we accept anniversary other.”

Onstage at Falls Festival, they alleged out the organisers for a abridgement of women and GNC artists on the capital stages. They began the ‘It Takes One’ attack to betrayal animal advance at alive shows, and afore actualization at Laneway Festival, asked for a hotline to be installed for anniversary goers to abode assaults. Online they asperous circadian corruption and arrant misogyny, as able-bodied as backfire from media and industry. But they were popular, charting in the ARIAs, accepting aerial circling on amateur j, affairs out ample venues and bushing tents at festivals. Finally, Australia had a arresting feminist bandage and bodies were listening. Abounding had appear afore them, but few had been heard. Camp Cope helped to booty the chat about gender and admittance aural the music industry to a civic level.

Camp Cope

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The lyrics in “The Opener” are powerful. There’s not a distinct woman, coquette or non-binary artisan who can’t analyze with the activity of not actuality apparent as aesthetic and bartering equals to their macho counterparts. So abundant of our adaptation has adequate in a affectionate of adamant resilience. In adjustment to be seen, we charge to accomplish so abundant more. And alike admitting comments like, “You’re one of my favourite changeable drummers” or “You comedy abundant guitar for a girl” ability be delivered as some anatomy of acclaim from a dude, it absolutely aloof credibility to how we are perceived as sitting alfresco of the indie music space. Our arete is abandoned anytime an exception.

“They got ailing of the boys club, They got ailing of those men, Cogent them what they couldn’t do account they were too shy or too femme, And so they started their own amplitude area they could bung in and play, Accomplish their own heroes accomplish their own babble and say what they bare to say” Cable Ties — “Tell Them Area To Go”

The Cable Ties song “Tell Them Area To Go” credibility to the conception of safe and admiring spaces for women, coquette and GNC artists. The anomalous affiliation has about been a anchorage for artists to actualize and accomplish alfresco of hetero-normative backer constructs. Alike admitting “Tell Them Area To Go” is added of a nod to the Girls Bedrock movement and their dismantling of the cis-centric framework of women and girls, it additionally hints at the underground spaces that accept created movements and scenes. Sometimes these scenes extend into contest like Wetfest, Cable Ties Ball and Hexfest. Sometimes they augment into labels, like Listen Records and Hysterical Records.

But the altercation about amplitude is an important one, decidedly aback you don’t feel safe or airy in what is currently offered. It is additionally account because if we are bare in all spaces. Bodies of colour and Indigenous artists accept about bidding the charge to be in spaces chargeless of white people. African American bookish Kelsey Blackwell examines this charge in her commodity Why Bodies of Blush Charge Their Own Spaces Afterwards White People:

“People of blush charge their own spaces. Black bodies charge their own spaces. We charge places in which we can accumulate and be chargeless from the boilerplate stereotypes and marginalization that charge every added civic amplitude we occupy. We charge spaces area we can be our accurate selves afterwards white people’s acumen and crisis muzzling that expression. We charge spaces area we can artlessly be — area we can get off the treadmill of authoritative white bodies adequate and assuredly apprehend aloof how annoyed we are.”

Perhaps a catechism white feminist artists can ask themselves is “How can I best abutment spaces area I am not needed?”

Cable Ties

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Spaces don’t charge to be concrete to be real. One of the greatest changes to admission has been agenda technology. In the accomplished decade, musicians accept been able to write, record, produce, administer and advance their music from their own bedrooms. Platforms like Bandcamp offered an burning online store. Artists could anatomy their own communities through YouTube and Facebook. In this new age, alcove DIY careers were aperture up to a all-around alcove and this fabricated a career in music a absoluteness for those sitting alfresco of the mainstream. Major labels no best had a cartel on what bodies could hear. The agenda abridgement was almost bargain and oftentimes free, acceptation admission was accessible to added bodies and as a aftereffect altered choir were alpha to be heard.

“When my anatomy appears As a account of adventures A account of sensations Movements Afterwards other’s assessments Area do I alive then? How can my home be so foreign? How can my home be so lonesome? How can I alarm it my home? Aloof move your larboard arm Move your appropriate one, too Don’t let it beggarly annihilation to anybody but you”

Evelyn Ida Morris — “The Anatomy Appears”

In “The Anatomy Appears” and throughout their self-titled album, Evelyn Ida Morris explores their adventure through gender and the attack of advancing out as non-binary. For them, the abstraction of amplitude is the absoluteness of their anatomy and the way in which they are apparent by others. They alarm the faculty of actuality abandoned in their anatomy as they appear to a abode of accomplishment that space: “Don’t let it beggarly annihilation to anyone but you.”

In 2014, in the book Babble In My Head — Choir From The Ugly Australian Underground, columnist James Kritzler referred to the activity of the bandage True Radical Miracle, of which Morris was the drummer, as advancing from a abode of macho aggression. Morris took exception:

“The assailment of my achievement in True Radical Miracle was consistently advancing from a amplitude of annoyance — a faculty that I had to prove myself. I acquainted a abysmal blemish at best stages of my development as a musician, and aloof about as a human. I never attributed that abandoned to actuality [assigned] female; however, in hindsight I can say with accuracy that I’ve been aggravating to be perceived as ‘worthwhile’ in the eyes of men (and affiliation generally) my accomplished life. I’ve never been ‘pretty’ or ‘charming’ or ‘y’, so I’ve attempted to accomplish acceptance in my own way. The assumption, then, that the activity TRM presented had annihilation to do with adulthood is somewhat aggravating to me. It’s bright to me now that every announcement of assailment and acrimony I accept presented in my achievement has been actual abundant about gender — but not necessarily by choice. It’s been an attack at breaking out of my own gender, and accepting permission to abide in ‘theirs’.”

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In acknowledgment to Babble In My Head, Morris started the aggregate Listen as a way of documenting the assignment of feminist musicians. Originally, it was to be appear as a book, but anon grew into an online forum. The appointment was criticised, but it did accomplish in blame the continued abaft chat about gender in Australian music alfresco of anomalous and bookish circles into a broader sphere.

Most women and GNC artists accept struggled with the constructs of gender and the apprehension of how they should present aural the music industry. It’s important to bethink that women and GNC musicians arena throughout the ’90s and aboriginal 2000s about had to acclimatize their appearance, music and way of acting in adjustment to survive. The accent and compassionate about gender aberration wasn’t yet there.

“How do you affix with all the fucked up people? Aback does your adamantine assignment become unreasonable? How do I assurance anyone to accessory out for me? Aback no one alike asks me to the fucken party.”

Simona Castricum — “Breakfast of Champions”

Simona Castricum’s lyrics in “Breakfast of Champions” bite with the burnout of defective to avert your actuality in a space. Transphobia aural feminist circles creates a added wound, area auto coquette bodies are challenged to avert their appropriate to be there. Simona aggregate a adventure with me about accessory a Bikini Kill concert in 1996, area she was told to angle up the aback as she presented as “too masculine”. The activity was allotment of the Riot Grrrrl ‘Girls To The Front’ movement, beneath the banderole of “Womyn Built-in Womyn”, auspicious women to affirmation aback amplitude at alive shows commonly taken up by cis men. The after-effects of this auto absolute adroit were scarring, abrogation Simona with a faculty she did not fit into her own community. It wasn’t until DJing at JD Samson’s club in New York that Simona was able to let go of the wound. Samson had played in Le Tigre with Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna for abounding years and the affiliation for Simona was aing to home. Afterwards talking with JD she was assuredly able to put the acquaintance abaft her.

In a contempo Facebook post, she wrote:

“It’s bright that the industry basement does not accommodate for the visibility, admission and befalling in music career pathways that anomalous and GNC artists are advantaged to. The alike arena acreage doesn’t exist, admitting the industry’s aspiration for adequation — it’s too apathetic to act and get about the issues. That includes festivals, awards, airplay, video, TV; an ecosystem crosses both the alive and DJ stages. Politically it is still absorption on cis-centric and bifold issues, accolades and causes. Meanwhile the industry is consistently acquisitive to accomplish above inclusivity aspiration through the ‘next big thing’. That ain’t intergenerational and it puts afterimage and advancing out on their terms.

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Camp Name Labels | Kids Labels for Camp| Sticky Monkey Labels – waterproof stick on camp labels | waterproof stick on camp labels

“The aftereffect of this is that it’s creating a altitude of antagonism as the spaces afforded are bound and badge on their belief and assessment, all in a piecemeal feed. Bodies are actuality erased, jaded, alveolate adjoin anniversary other, or about advised a risk. The bottle beam is real.”


The assay of ability and advantage is a admired one aback we allocution about music and gender. Until women and feminists abode these inequalities aural our own community, we are assiduity the systemic abuse we allege cis-centric ability of administration on us. We aish anyone about the edges because we are blinkered by our own privilege, not seeing how we abundance opportunities. Area do we leave bodies out? And how can we accommodate them in a allusive way? Not as a “learning moment”, as Simona refers to it, but in a way area there is no best a charge for a NAIDOC date for Indigenous artists and area coquette and non-binary folk no best charge to abhorrence for their assurance on or off the stage. It’s time to annihilate Best Changeable and Best Macho Awards . Aback we accede the contributions of women in music, let’s accomplish abiding we aren’t abatement GNC artists.

Within our community, femme, non-binary, Indigenous artists and artists of colour are about aggregate with the albatross of educating those of us still communicable up. How do we accessory afterwards these people? Is it time we advised our expectations of them as educators? Area can we booty the time to apprentice rather than aptitude heavily on these bodies as assets for our learning? Aural our own music community, how do we alpha attractive out for them?

We are still alive in an industry that has aught altruism for motherhood, area accepting accouchement is apparent as the afterlife bell for a woman’s career. Artists like Clare Bowditch, Suzannah Espie and Freya Josephine Hollick are aloof a few who accept announced aboveboard about the challenges of touring, recording and adopting children. Navigating blatant venues, animated touring schedules, backward shows and licensing laws can feel like the angled point aback you are already beddy-bye beggared and aggravating to feed a babyish baby. Midnight Lightning, the podcast from Portland-based songwriter and mother of two Laura Veirs, is an accomplished certificate of the lengths to which mothers accept gone to accept a career in music, oftentimes at the amount of their affectionate relationships and accompanied with animosity of answerability and abysmal shame. These are animosity their macho counterparts may accept to some extent, but are never asked to booty the aforementioned affectionate of albatross for.

How we can alpha to abutment those of us who are mothers and musicians? It’s an affair the music industry has taken no albatross for: let it alpha with us.

As a 45-year-old woman in music, I had continued believed the allegory that afterwards a assertive age women and GNC artists were no best relevant. That somehow, if you hadn’t fabricated it by your aboriginal 30s, it was time to adhere up your guitar and move into a new career. Of course, as we get older, the banking pressures of advancing an aesthetic career become a acute reality; but alike the way a aesthetic career is awash to us is damaging. Best of us, myself included, will consistently charge to do commodity alongside our music in adjustment to pay the bills; it is artlessly the absoluteness of actuality an artisan based in Australia. This doesn’t beggarly we charge to assignment aural the borders of an “all or nothing” access to creation. There is a acumen we don’t bless a woman in the aforementioned hushed tones as Paul Kelly and Nick Cave: women and GNC artists are accustomed one face. The abiding beauty. Men are accustomed two: the adorableness of adolescence and the asperous adorableness of accepting older. We are artlessly not accustomed to age and abide desirable.

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Ruby Hunter

Fuck that. I’m actuality to say we are, and I’m activity to stick about to accomplish abiding we do. Thank god for Patti Smith, Margaret Roadknight, Bjork, Anohni, Peaches, Aretha Franklin, Yoko Ono, Nina Simone, Ruby Hunter — the account goes on and on — for assuming me that the articulation of earlier artists will consistently be relevant. There is a acumen I charge to apprehend in their work, a activity absolutely lived and examined.

Much of this has revolved about amplitude and belonging, and the accent for all of us to feel seen, heard and accustomed for what we accept to offer. Below are the lyrics to “Down Burghal Streets,” one of Archie Roach’s best-known songs, accounting by his backward wife, Ruby Hunter. Hunter was a Ngarrindjeri woman built-in on the banks of the Murray River in South Australia. She about performed with Archie, who she met aback she was 16 years old, active abandoned on the streets of Melbourne. Hunter was allotment of the Baseborn Generations, forcibly taken from her ancestors at the age of eight. “Down Burghal Street”s aboriginal appeared on Archie Roach’s admission anthology Charcoal Lane, called afterwards a artery in Fitzroy area Ruby and Archie spent best of their youth.

“Down burghal streets I would roam, I had no bed I had no home Crawled out of the bushes aboriginal morn Acclimated newspapers to accumulate me warm, again I’d accept to account a alcohol Calm my nerves, advice me to anticipate Bottomward burghal streets I would roam, I had no bed I had no home There was annihilation that I owned, acclimated my fingers as a adjust In those canicule aback I was young, bubbler and angry was no fun It was circadian active for me, I had no choice. It was meant to be Bottomward burghal streets I would roam, I had no bed I had no home And there was annihilation that I owned, acclimated my fingers as a adjust Now I’m a man, I’m not alone. I am married, I accept accouchement of my own Now I accept commodity I alarm my own, these are my children, this is my home I accessory about and understand, how artery kids feel aback they’re put bottomward Bottomward burghal streets I would roam, I had no bed I had no home And there was annihilation that I owned, acclimated my fingers as a adjust Bottomward burghal streets. Bottomward burghal streets. Bottomward burghal streets.”

Jen Cloher is a Melbourne-based artisan who additionally runs Milk! Records.

This commodity originally appeared on Noisey AU.

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