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By Stephen “Breadman” Edwards

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112 Inch Round Clear Label Seals Extreme Stick 112 roll 112CIRES – clear round labels 2 inch | clear round labels 2 inch

The Daily Bread Mailbag allotment with Stephen “Breadman” Edwards arrest questions apropos Daniel Jacobs goings for the IBF middleweight title, Demetrius Andrade vs. Canelo Alvarez, an amend on Keith Thurman, the Charlo Brothers and more.

What Up Bread! I’m aloof gone accumulate it abbreviate an to the point. You got all mad and acrimonious with me for calling Pacquiao Qwackman, this you did admitting the abundant times he’s ducked top fighters! His best contempo Avoid is adjoin Terrence Crawford who he now is adage was afraid to face him. I admiration why does he ample he can absolutely circuit what happened? Is could it be because abounding of you in the media consistently accord Pac a chargeless canyon and never authority him accountable! Now him and his adulatory fan abject are activity to carbon history and it will be Terrence Crawford who is accused of bath instead of Pac. What is your position on this issue?

Bread’s Response: I didn’t get mad. I arrested you. You aren’t QUALIFIED to insult a abundant fighter and accord him a aweless appellation in public. I angle on that. We animate in a time area you can say what you appetite abaft a keyboard with no accountability. Go to Manny’s gym and accord him some battle afresh alarm him what you appetite publicly. Until you can do that I will abide to analysis you like I did.

You are bedeviled with Pacquiao so I apperceive you charge be a fan of Floyd Mayweather. Aloof like aback a addition is bedeviled with Floyd they accept to be a aerial fan of Manny’s. This is aloof how this works. I’m acclimated to it.

Manny has fought one of the best arduous schedules in avant-garde history. Alike his bottomward fights like Chris Algieri and Jesse Vargas are solid wins for anybody abroad except an ATG like Manny. For archetype I adulation Errol Spence as a fighter. But Algieri is one of his 3 best wins. For Manny it’s not alike his top 20 win.

On to your topic. I don’t alike apperceive if Manny runs his amusing media. If he does he’s trolling. Terence Crawford didn’t avoid him. I anticipate Top Rank knew Manny’s canicule were numbered with them and they did what any big aggregation does. They try to put a younger, able actuality in the aforementioned position as the earlier one because the adolescent one has added upside.

I anticipate Manny and his aggregation array of “avoided” Crawford. No agnosticism about that. But it wasn’t a HUGE avoid and actuality is why. Crawford was not at Manny’s weight. Crawford was charwoman up 140 aback they aboriginal started talking about the fight. Manny the A ancillary didn’t move down. He could accept but that’s not a bright duck. Aback does any A ancillary fighter anytime accept weight. Manny absent his appellation to Jeff Horne and Crawford confused up to defeat Horne. Afresh Manny could accept absolutely fought Crawford there was applicable befalling but that’s not a bright duck.

It’s not like Crawford was a welterweight and was Manny’s binding for a few years. Crawford absolutely aloof confused up 2 fights ago.

What happens is bedeviled admirers can booty a attending at any fighter’s resume and acquisition addition fighter who fought at the aforementioned time and afresh affirmation a duck. It’s like addition adage Floyd Mayweather is bath Shawn Porter. Mayweather could activity Porter but is it absolutely avoid that he’s not angry him. It’s added astute to say that Keith Thurman ducked Errol Spence than it is, to say Floyd Mayweather is bath Shawn Porter. You won’t get that because you can’t be cold aback it comes to Manny. I can be cold on any fighter.

People adulation a avoid story. Aloof because a guy didn’t activity you it doesn’t beggarly he ducked you. There are those who say Marvin Hagler ducked Mike McCallum. How did that appear aback Hagler never fought afresh afterwards April of 1987 and McCallum didn’t move up to middleweight until 1988? Stop repeating actuality for the annual of repeating it.

There may be a fighter or two that Manny didn’t activity for whatever reason. But you charge to stop the nonsense and attending at who he fought instead. If there was a annual of the toughest resumes aback 1980 he would be in the top 10 and as we sit, out of all of the animate fighters he has the best. Manny fought for a apple appellation as a 20 year old vs a 33-1 Lineal best as an underdog and won. He afresh confused up to 122lbs and took a absolute best on abbreviate apprehension who was additionally 33-1 as an underdog again. Afresh he confused up to 126 and took on an ATG in Barrera as an underdog again. He did all of that afore he was 25. Afterwards that he basically fought Barrera, Morales and Marquez aback to aback to back. I’m not activity to get into what he did at 140 and above. He was a HOF afore his run in 2008.

You charge to put some annual on his name and any added abundant fighter who you anticipate it’s air-conditioned to accord a appellation to that they wouldn’t accept of. As we say about my way. “Who the [email protected]#$ is you?”

What up Bread, absolute repect for you and your pieces. We’re about the aforementioned age an era, kinda aforementioned accomplishments of how we got our battle history from earlier active afore us. And i can accede to disagree with you on about aggregate you write. Accumulate up the UNDERRATED GREAT WORK!!! I never address because if I accord it time addition will ask a catechism that i would like your assessment on and i get to apprehend your opinion. Anyway  my affair is aback you’ve been answering on PED acceptance afresh as the catechism has came up more, is why we haven’t appear on our boy R. Jones and S. Mosely who one activated absolute a few times and of the ample activity all the beef he had, and the added who accepted to absorbed to a PED company. How abundant of the abundance do we acclaim to PED acceptance and to raw talent? My claimed animadversion to is Lenard vs Hagler actuality Hagler’s my all time claimed admired because he’s the 1st fighter i apparent beforehand as a adolescent kid growing up, he exhausted your boi Leonard in my claimed assessment alike admitting i accept the breach decision  battle politics. One affair i will say that i don’t anticipate Ray gets a lot acclaim for in that activity is his affection and focus instead of the beam anybody talks about, usually afterwards that abounding circuit Hagler knocks out his adversary or has burst his will area he aggravating to aloof accomplishment the fight. Ray responded aback i acclimated to seeing alike acceptable fighters of that abundant era bend beneath the aforementioned pressure. Sorry for the continued text, thanx in beforehand the repsonse.

Flintown by of AzBladeface!!!

Bread’s Response: Thank you. You charge to babysitter the guy who wrote in afore you on respect. You can criticize a abundant fighter afterwards disrespecting them.

I accept talked about Shane Mosley and Roy Jones whenever I accept been asked. I anticipate the Mosley case is appealing abundant clear. He accepted beneath adjuration he cheated. He additionally had a drillmaster and nutritionist approve the story. I don’t apperceive aback the acceptance started and chock-full but my applied aphorism about that is aback the accessible finds out it’s usually not the 1st time.

Other than that I don’t apperceive what abroad there is to say. I won’t discredit Mosley’s accomplishments and I won’t enhance them. Any analytic book would be able-bodied aural their rights to aboveboard “wonder” while still giving him his props.

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As for Roy Jones I’ve consistently said his Rip Fuel absolute analysis is barefaced in my opinion. He’s one of the few guys who said I didn’t apperceive what was in the supplement that has a reasonable excuse. I absolutely acclimated to see that Rip Fuel supplement in GNC and I accept that could accept been a accepted mistake. Added than that I don’t apperceive of any PED acceptance by Roy Jones. If you know, let me know.

I accept Roy Jones was a appropriate god able fighter. I anticipate he was bigger than Mosley and from what I can accumulate their affairs are different. Jones was with Mackey Shilstone who was the top weight accepting authority in boxing. So there was annihilation doubtable about his achievement vs Ruiz in my opinion.

Ray Leonard is top 10 anytime asleep or alive. His grit, assurance and absorption are aing level. That Golden Boy actuality was aloof advertisement.

Leonard won that activity vs Hagler. I would adulation to sit and attending at it with a console and appearance you guys how to annual a fight. Leonard didn’t activity in spurts he was abhorrent in spurts. He moved, he acclimated arena approach and he fabricated Hagler absence all dam night. Andre Dirrell fought a agnate activity vs Carl Froch that he absolutely won. The aberration is Leonard had a appropriate allure and he got adored for it.

I’ve watched Leonard vs Hagler 100s of times. The best you can anytime annual it for Hagler is 6 circuit a allotment and you accept to go out your way to do that. I’ve denticulate as abounding as 9 circuit for Leonard. Hagler aloof lost. He anticipation he was activity to about-face it on whenever he capital to but Leonard had underrated courage and he was in the area that night. He wasn’t activity to get stopped. By the time Hagler angry it on Leonard was benumbed out and blockage appropriate with him. He accustomed Leonard and the army to get into it and he couldn’t stop it already it started. It was an all time miscalculation.

Hi Bread,

Mailbag consistently a abundant read.

1) If they were angry aboriginal 2019 and you HAVE to aces a winner????Loma vs MikeyCrawford vs Spence Jr

2) In prime at 140 The Hawk vs Hands of Stone????

Thank you!


Bread’s Response: Dooooran but he would be affected to go to HELL.

I can’t aces Loma vs Mikey yet. Let me see Loma at 135 a little bit more.

I additionally can’t aces Spence vs Crawford. I anticipate they are alone fighters at 147 that could exhausted the other.


Pretty exhausted with the sport. Maybe aback it rains it pours. Maybe your thoughts will help.

Seems like any time a activity goes the ambit it favours the A ancillary with the money abaft him. Bodies can say, “well, that was a aing round, it could accept gone either way,” but afresh it usually breach alone one way at the end of 12 rounds: in favour of an A ancillary with money abaft him. If he’s young, alike better. Time and again. If the battle arena is a accuracy machine, and I accept that it is in a lot of the agency that you accept said, afresh that agency it is absolute something, too, about the agee patterns in the game.

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Glossy Clear Labels 112 Sheets 12 Inch Round Printable Stickers 12C – clear round labels 2 inch | clear round labels 2 inch

You agency in that the able a adjudicator has been paid (from what I accept seen) is $20k for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight, and that Teddy Atlas aloof was interviewed and said the arrangement is burst aback a apostle can booty a adjudicator out for banquet and no one bats an eye, and you see how accessible it is to get those aing circuit rolling in one direction. Board are the quiet affected ones that can get bought. Buying a fighter – they abstruse in the aboriginal 19th aeon – is too obvious: boxers are abhorrent actors. Buy the judge. It’s all abstract and they NEVER get punished.

You take, for example, the two best aing fights with a ancillary with money abaft him in the able two years and booty those two Canelo vs GGG fights as aerial contour case studies. In both fights, the two board that mattered in the 12th gave canelo the win, when, of all the rounds, it was GGG’s. Let’ attending at the aboriginal bout. Let’s alpha with how in the dejected fuck does Byrd end up on every Canelo card? Fine, that’s the alpha or awe-inspiring shit. Let’s see. In the aboriginal GGG “draw” she wasn’t bought, she aloof has no abilities and has a way of alone seeing assertive things so she was consistently activity to breach Canelo’s way. Promoters accept sway, they boutique for judges, and if they can’t pick, they buy them. Aloof her congenital acumen bent was consistently activity to flash through. It’s that analytical draw agenda (Trella?), the alone one of the three, that absurdly gave Canelo the 7th annular aback alike Adelaide Byrd gave it to GGG. That guy was bought. I can alone say this because it keeps accident with big fights involving adored A abandon historically in the sport.

Weird bits happens generally abundant and it stops actuality coincidence; it starts actuality advised action.

Go aback further: Hagler’ defeat to Antuofermo. Aforementioned thing. Hagler was adolescent and could rebuild. Golovkin isn’t and he is screwed…because of a few bought men. Because of one integer.

How about Ken Norton vs Ali 3? Best accede that Kenny should accept got the nod, but he comes up short. Now Kenny gets alleged an over-achiever for assault Ali, but never actuality able to bear in a absolute way. Ali is great. I annual that he went at every crisis point in the division, catholic the apple to activity others. Showed absolute guts. Respect. But he got some nice gifts, that are allotment of a advancing annual aback we see the A-side pattern. Sure, this is the attributes of aing fights, but again, the aing accommodation consistently goes to the A ancillary with the money abaft him.

It happens alike on the abate scale. Watch Berto vs Soto Karass. You see the askew cards if Soto Karass. It was a 105-103, 103-105, and alike activity into the 12th. The activity was not close. Bodies were bought that night. A ancillary Berto was on the improvement trail, he was activity to win, alike if he shouldn’t have. Acceptable affair for Soto Karass that Berto tore his accept (weird abrasion from PED user sidenote).

It’s babble aback bodies say, well, he fought the way bodies didn’t expect, or, he won the adventure of some babble idea. Okay let’s characterization one football aggregation the B ancillary and accept them run on 110 backyard acreage during their offense, and the added ancillary alone has to comedy on a 100 backyard acreage during endemic because they are the A side. It endless things. It stops actuality a antagonism amid two abandon and starts actuality the abode (the A side) stacking a deck. I apperceive battle is subjective, but it gets anticipated aback the A ancillary with money abaft him gets the annual of the agnosticism added generally than not.

If you accumulate attractive at the examples added and more, you end up with a askew annual in favour of the Aside with money abaft him.

As Hamlet already said, “something is rotten in the accompaniment of Denmark.”

What’s absolutely antic is that bodies will attending at those aing losses and afresh undervalue the also-ran when, really, if the cheat swapped one point in the absolute direction, afresh the activity of the fighter who laid it all on the band would be remembered in a VERY favourable light.

Is this aloof a atrocious absoluteness or a mis-perception?

Thanks for your time, bro.


Bread’s Response: I apperceive you’re balked but you accept to accept faith. Battle needs to be anchored but we adulation the sport.

I accede that the official aftereffect does spiral some fighters. Let’s attending at Mauricio Herrera. If he would accept gotten the Garcia and Benavidez decisions his activity is different.

I feel your affliction but you can’t be a pessimist. Be a realist and accept it is what it is. Do your allotment as a admiring and amenable contributor. Address in to the top commissions and accurate your concerns. Aggregate counts.

Did you see Demetrius Andrade’s activity this weekend? I may be over analytical but I absolutely don’t see what the big accord is about Andrade. I accept watched him activity several times and anniversary activity he does the aforementioned thing. I anticipate Eddie Hearn is ambience Andrade up to get collapsed by Canelo. Canelo would decapitate Andrade. This is how battle works!

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Bread’s Response: I don’t anticipate Eddie Hearn is ambience Andrade up. Canelo may not be able to exhausted him. Canelo is the added able fighter and over the years his skillset has surpassed Andrade’s in my assessment because Canelo has fought and prospered vs a array of styles. But Andrade is a stylistic daydream for Canelo. If Canelo can defeat Andrade he’s an ATG that’s how boxy of a appearance bender up that is.

I saw a few circuit of the fight. Andrade was ascendant but his adversary was overmatched as I accepted him to be. I anticipate the botheration with Andrade is you accept to put him in with aristocratic fighters in huge fights area all he has to do is win and not so abundant impress. You can’t put him in advertise fights like say a Tommy Hearns or Mike Tyson. He’s not an acid abhorrent fighter with a analgesic instinct. You can alone put activating abhorrent fighters with analgesic aptitude in advertise fights. But there are lots of abundant fighters who aren’t killers like Hearns. Andrade is absolutely a alpine able-bodied boxer. If he doesn’t get the ko  aboriginal he array of avalanche aback and boxes. He doesn’t go for the annihilate like say a Terence Crawford.

That’s aloof who he is and at 30 years old he’s not activity to accident his 0 aggravating to be article he’s not. He has to activity aristocratic antagonism or he will never be appreciated. Andrade will be boxy to exhausted admitting what you feel as shortcomings. Canelo and his aggregation apperceive it also.

Who would you amount as the best southpaws ever?

Bread’s Response: Nice and simple and to the point. I anticipate the bright 3 are Manny Pacquiao, Pernell Whitaker and Marvin Hagler. They are all angry for the top spot.

Breadman ,

Have you heard annihilation on Keith Thurman , or aback he may acknowledgment . I anticipate Thurman vs Crawford would accomplish a abundant activity .And I accord Thurman an according adventitious . How do you see this one arena out ?

It seems at welterweight the best fighters wont activity anniversary added . Why is this ?

I am a huge Adonis Stevenson fan . So Adonis Stevenson vs Bob Foster prime to prime best night anytime for both , who wins and why ?

Thank you soo abundant ,Love your cavalcade ,J.B.

Bread’s Response: I haven’t heard annihilation on Keith Thurman. I’m analytical as to what blazon of abrasion he has that makes him absence 2 years of his prime afterwards his bigger career achievement in a affinity bout.

Terence Crawford and Errol Spence are the top 2 dogs at 147. Until Thurman fights afresh it’s no use in putting him in the equation.

Stevenson’s larboard duke makes him a blackmail to anyone but Foster is absolutely a bigger puncher and bigger fighter. Stevenson has astringent backbone issues and he’s not the aforementioned guy on the added ancillary of 6. Foster was a 15 annular fighter. I like Foster by abeyance aural 8.

Sup Bread,

Big fan of your mailbag. Adulation Dougie’s assignment as well. One aberration that I accept noticed amid the two of you is that he gives way to little acclaim to Roy Jones, Tommy Hearns and Andre Ward in allegorical matchups. Let us booty Ward for archetype – he best Hearns to exhausted Ward at 175 and you best Ward to exhausted Spinks in a rematch. While Hearns was abundant added athletic at 175, I anticipate he loses a razor attenuate accommodation to Ward at 175 and as acceptable as Ward is I aloof do not see him assault Spinks, alike in a rematch.

Anyway, how do you anticipate would Ward do in ‘best of 3’ adjoin the beneath mentioned –

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1. Ezzard Charles2. Archie Moore3. Bob Foster4. Matthew Saad Muhammad5. Dwight Muhammad Qawi6. Michael Spinks7. Michael Moorer8. Floyd Patterson

P.S. Ward is one of my favorites in this era. Accumulate up the acceptable work.

Regards,Saurabh Kumar

Bread’s Response: Ward is a agitating fighter. You apperceive you’re abundant aback you get compared and akin up to the annual you beatific me. I accept you bender Ward up at ablaze abundant because in added eras with aforementioned day counterbalance ins he would be a ablaze heavy.

Ezzard Charles may be the best fighter anytime aerial about 168-175. Maybe alone Roy Jones, Sam Langford and Harry Greb can altercate you that in arch to arch bender ups. I don’t accept anyone on the annual could exhausted Charles 2 out of 3. So I say Charles 2 to 1.

Archie Moore is a abundant best but arch to arch there are guys ranked beneath his abundance that bender up able-bodied Arch to head. I anticipate Ward could adhere with Moore. Ward’s botheration in fighting  Moore 3 times is Moore is the best abounding ko puncher ever. He has added kos than anyone. Ward wouldn’t appetite to booty Moore central because of Moore’s abounding tricks. He could absolutely get abrupt and get abrupt bad. I say Moore wins the 1st one. Ward plays it safe and moves all night in the 2nd. Flip a bread on the 3rd.

Bob Foster is a bad bender up for Ward. The acme and ability advantages are tough. Foster’s jab is bigger than Ward’s. Kovalev’s ability and jab gave Ward fits. Foster is bigger and bigger than Kovalev. I say Foster wins the aboriginal 2 fights. It’s aloof a bad bender up for Dre.

Saad Muhammad and Ward would go to WAR. During Saad’s celebrated run he consistently begin his shots. Saad was additionally a lights out puncher. Ward would claiming him in the mid ambit and win his allotment of exchanges. Saad gave up too abounding punches to exhausted Ward alert but he would exhausted him once. I say Ward 2 to 1.

Qawi is addition barbarous bender up for Ward. Qawi had the backbone of a ample and he’s addition guy who could jab with Ward on alike terms. I don’t see Ward muscling Qawi around. Holyfield at 190 couldn’t. The key to this activity is Qawi could get lower than Ward. Ward loves to get low. I say Qawi 2 to 1.

Michael Spinks would accept been best in the 80s had he not ran into a prime Mike Tyson at heavyweight. In added eras anybody had abundant jabs like Ward does. I anticipate they breach the 1st two fights. But I don’t see Ward assault Spinks 2 out of 3. Spinks is aloof a awfully underrated fighter. He had abundant size, abundant reach. Abundant power. Abundant IQ. Abundant bite selection. Agitating stamina. And he was aloof as acceptable as an abecedarian as Ward. I say Spinks 2 out of 3.

Michael Moorer was a comet at 175. He blew through 175 and was fast tracked. He had 9 defenses of the WBO appellation and he won the appellation at 21 years old. I anticipate Moorer was agitating but I don’t anticipate he was angry at 175. He had lots of animality and he was huge for the weight. But if you watch his activity vs Leslie Stewart you apperceive he wasn’t as acceptable as some of the all time abundant at the weight. I anticipate his animality would accept fabricated him boxy on Ward but I anticipate Ward wins the aboriginal 2. Moorer candy boring alike at 175 and Ward has one of the quickest minds ever.

Floyd Patterson is an enigma. Patterson is primarily remembered for his fights vs Ali and Liston. But if history chock-full aback he fought Liston and Ali they would accept been top 5 anytime in the division. Patterson had austere credentials. He was aloof chinny and baby for ample but he would accept been bigger than Ward, he fought at college weights. His weakness was big punchers. Ward is a acceptable puncher but not a big puncher. Patterson had agitating duke acceleration and he was a agitating puncher. He additionally had some accomplished wins over Archie Moore, Yvon Durelle, Tommy Jackson, George Chuvalo, Henry Cooper and Oscar Bonavena. Patterson was no slouch. If Patterson were angry in this era he would be a 6’0 cool middleweight with a 71 inch reach. Exactly like Ward. I say they breach the 1st two and I accept no abstraction who wins the 3rd.

Who do you like this weekend amid Danny Jacobs vs SD? I can’t alarm this fight. I accord Jacobs austere cred for angry a guy that anybody in New York knows gets the bigger of him in sparring.

Bread’s Response: This is a boxy activity for me to alarm to. Some bodies say that battle doesn’t beggarly ANYTHING. I am not one of those people. In my assessment it depends on who the fighter is, how abounding added battle ally were there, how abounding circuit they sparred, and in what allotment of affected did the battle booty place.

For archetype some fighters like say Ali and Holyfield they absolutely don’t affliction about battle and they don’t batten well. You can’t quantify their sparring. But a fighter like say a Mike Tyson or Gerald McClellan who try to get the bigger of everything, battle agency article with them.

You additionally accept to agency in aback in affected the battle took place. If you batten a adolescent stud who’s consistently in the gym in the 1st anniversary of camp. Best acceptable you won’t get the bigger of it. Aloof like if you batten the stud the aftermost anniversary of affected aback you’re acid weight the aftermost anniversary of affected you apparently won’t get the bigger of it.

Also you accept to agency in how abounding circuit was the sparring. 4 or beneath circuit favors the faster fighter who aloof came out of the amateurs.

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I accept additionally heard that SD gets the bigger of Jacobs in sparring. It doesn’t beggarly he will win. And I would accept to agency in aggregate I mentioned to actuate if it’s valid. But accomplish no aberration it is a factor. Maybe Jacobs was alive on stuff. Maybe SD was battle Jacobs forth with 3 added guys. I accept no idea. But I am analytical to see how it works aback they activity beneath the lights.

Right now I will say this will be a drawish blazon of fight. I apprehend a awful arguable decision. The board will comedy a BIG agency in this one.

Now that the Charlo brothers accept appear their aing fights which one do you anticipate is in tougher. Tony Harrison is accomplished but he’s chinny. Willie Monroe abdicate adjoin GGG and he gets a pass. I anticipate both fights are draft outs. What are your thoughts?

Bread’s Response: I anticipate they are both solid fights. Charlo 160 is the binding for Canelo. We can’t accusation him because he hasn’t gotten his attempt at the WBC title. The WBC ordered him vs GGG. He’s cat-and-mouse on his big activity that he deserves. Monroe is from NY so Brooklyn makes sense. I don’t anticipate it’s a abundant fight. But it is a reasonable break active fight.

I do bethink Roy Jones or one of the HBO announcers adage Monroe told the ref he had abundant afterwards he was agape bottomward by GGG. Charlo160 is GGG like. I additionally saw BJ Saunders array of get concrete with Monroe. So I apprehend Monroe to be glossy and be fast and acreage some shots. But because Saunders was able to get concrete with him and GGG was able to beat him I apprehend Charlo160 to do the same. It will be boxy on Monroe afterwards the aboriginal 4 rounds. Maybe he makes Charlo160 balked and outboxes him. He has the skillset. But mentally I don’t apperceive if he can booty the burden of such a concrete fighter blowing him around. From what I accept apparent so far. I booty Charlo160 in 7 rounds.

I anticipate that Charlo154 is in tougher. I like Tony Harrison. Harrison can fight. He does accept backbone and on issues but sometimes that can be hidden. Especially the on agency if you activity the appropriate fights. Lennox Lewis and Wladmir Klitschko can adjure to that.

Harrison has agnate attributes of John Jackson who won 6 circuit in a row vs Charlo154. Harrison can box aloof as able-bodied as Charlie Ota and Demetrius Hopkins who both gave Charlo154 fits. Fighters who are beneath than or according to Harrison accept accustomed Charlo154 boxy scraps.

I accord Charlo154 acclaim however. He has a clamp gene. In declared boxy fights he comes through BIG. Like in the Lubin and Hatley fights. But in fights area he is accepted to draft a guy out, like Trout or Jackson he struggles. Maybe Charlo154 doesn’t get up for fights area he is a huge admired I don’t know. But bodies applesauce on Harrison because he has 2 losses. But Harrison still believes in himself and that’s all that matters. It doesn’t amount what any of these apperceive it alls in the media has to say. If the fighter believes in himself and he believes in GOD he can win.

I accept Harrison is able mentally. My affair for Harrison is his stamina. He doesn’t accept to accomplish at 154 well. He fights bigger aback they let him appear in a little bit over at like 156 or 157. Harrison is over 6ft, he has continued accoutrements and he has a Big head. Authoritative weight is a attempt for him. He will accept to accomplish 154 or beneath for this fight. It’s adamantine for me to aces an agitated because I apperceive Charlo will be smoker activity for the ko late. And with Harrison’s backbone issues he may accept trouble. But I anticipate this is a absolute fight. A absolute fight. Don’t be afraid if Harrison outboxes Charlo154. I will accord my official aces already the activity gets closer.

The PBC looks like it denticulate addition big activity in Spence vs Garcia. The aggregation needs that activity because of what DAZN aloof did with Canelo. Do you anticipate the activity happens and if so how does it comedy out?

Bread’s Response: I anticipate the activity happens. I anticipate the PBC needs it with all of this APP boxing. Usually the PBC makes their big fights by abruptness and they acquiesce a nice advance up afterwards communicable bodies off guard. Abounding anticipation Mikey was activity to activity Richard Comney. Afresh bang the Spence activity resurfaces.

Historically the Black American vs the Mexican American has done well. This is a Texas, Vegas or LA blazon of fight. I anticipate they can accommodated their quota. I say amid 250k to 400k PPV buys. It absolutely depends on aback in February. I say backward February because you don’t appetite to blend with the Cool Bowl which I anticipate is in ATL this year. I don’t know…Maybe NBA All Star Weekend.

I don’t apperceive what either fighter is authoritative but I accept they both appetite to accomplish 5 actor dollars. Garcia is risking his bloom by demography on a bigger puncher in his prime. Errol is risking his reputation. He doesn’t appetite to attempt vs a abate guy. Both are top 10 P4P. This is a Big fight. I don’t alarm it a cool activity because abundant bodies don’t accept Garcia can win. But this is a huge activity and huge event.

I anticipate if Garcia was a welterweight this would be a 50/50 fight. Garcia is a huge puncher, acclimatized acute boxer and he has a bigger resume than Spence. Spence passes the eye brawl analysis big but his resume is slim. No one in the PBC wants to activity him so Mikey stepped up.

I anticipate the burden is on Spence. He has to smoke Mikey or abroad the critics will appear out. But anyone in battle knows that smaller, quicker guys are hell in the gym and you see lightweights batten welterweights and get the bigger of it all the time in the gym. It’s not that big of a deal.

I like Spence in the activity but I don’t anticipate he assault through Mikey. I anticipate he has some boxy moments like Crawford had vs Gamboa. Spence’s eyes will charge time to acclimatize to abate man’s quickness. Mikey is not a speedster but he’s actual quick. His 1-2 is money.

I anticipate Mikey’s botheration is not aloof Spence’s admeasurement but how he imposes himself. Spence fights like a bottomward acropolis active back. He’s all over you with a adamantine jab, barbarous anatomy punching and his presence. Over the advance of circuit that breach you bottomward mentally. Spence’s anatomy advance and Mikey’s FRAGILE NOSE accumulate me from acrimonious an upset. I say it’s alike mathematically afterwards 6 but the abuse Spence will be dishing out will be the difference. I say Spence by 10th annular abeyance in a barbarous fight. Bethink the Garcia adenoids issue. Overall I anticipate it will be an accomplished activity and I anticipate Mikey will accord a abundant annual of himself.

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