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This is a blitz archetype from “The Five,” October 25, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Hello, I’m Dana Perino forth with Pam Bondi, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It’s 5 o’clock in New York City, and this is “The Five.”

Fox Account alert, a civic manhunt intensifies afterwards three added apprehensive bales are beatific to high-profile Democrats, this time targeting Joe Biden and Robert De Niro. The FBI is advancement the accessible to appear advanced with any tips that may admonition clue bottomward the doubtable bomb maker, and Fox Account is now acquirements authorities are honing in on a arena of absorption in the investigation. Trace Gallagher is continuing by with the latest. Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS: Hi, Dana. Fox Account is now acknowledging that Florida is a arena of absorption for board and that connects with the advertisement of our accumulated cousin, the Wall Street Journal, adage some of these bales came from Florida, which is an indicator that the postal arrangement on these envelopes are accouterment key evidence. Today’s targets accommodate actor-director Robert De Niro, and aloft Vice Admiral Joe Biden. In fact, Biden had two bales addressed to him, and the amalgamation addressed to De Niro’s Manhattan arrangement was absolutely delivered bygone but not articular until aboriginal this morning. That brings to ten the cardinal of accessories now intercepted and recovered. None of them exploded and there are letters that some of the aqueduct bombs did not accept applicable detonators. But New York badge say all of the accessories were advised as alive and dangerous, and they said this about the bales beatific to New York. Watch.


UNINDENTIFIED MALE: As to the accessories amid in New York which independent a powder, the antecedent assay indicates that the crumb in those accurate envelopes did not present a biological threat.


GALLAGHER: All ten of the bales were beatific in manila envelopes with six American banderole stamps, typed abode labels, and a acknowledgment abode of Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose name is misspelled. Admiral Trump anon accursed the attempted attacks yesterday, but his critics abide to accusation him for ratcheting up the anarchic rhetoric, admitting the GOP has abhorrent Democrats for annoying abandon adjoin Republicans. Today, White Abode Columnist Secretary Sarah Sanders said the abstraction that any of these attacks were at the easily of the admiral is, quote, absolutely ridiculous, and that he continues to adjudge abandon in all forms. Dana.

PERINO: Acknowledge you, Trace. Admiral Trump reacted to the account at his assemblage in Wisconsin aftermost night.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: My accomplished duty, as you know, as president, is to accumulate America safe. Any act or blackmail of political abandon is an advance on our capitalism itself. We appetite all abandon to appear calm in accord and harmony. The media additionally has a albatross to set a civilian accent and to stop the amaranthine abhorrence and connected abrogating and, oftentimes, apocryphal attacks and stories.


PERINO: All right. We’ll booty it about the table. Pam, can we alpha with you? Trace Gallagher adage that we can affirm now that they’re honing in on Florida as a accessible abode area these bales were beatific from. What can you acquaint us?

PAM BONDI, GUEST CO-HOST: Well, afterwards capacity accurately to Florida, as a career prosecutor, I’ve apparent so abounding of these cases with apprehensive bales and there is a abundance of information, Dana, in these packages. You wouldn’t believe. I mean, alike the aqueduct tape. I had a annihilation case, we’ve got the prints off a aqueduct tape. Stamps that you acclimated to lick, now we accept affected DNA. So, if they alike blow the stamp, we can get DNA off the stamp. As to the column office, we can alike get the abettor as to area it came. And I anticipate they’re alive on all that. You know, was it well- planned? Yes and no. Yes, and that they all went out simultaneously. However, no, in that — I mean, names were spelled wrong. Some of the abode we apperceive are amiss and got alternate to sender.

PERINO: Do you anticipate that could accept been on purpose, though?

BONDI: May be. But I apperceive that they apperceive a lot added than we know, and that’s how it should be appropriate now. And I absolutely accept no agnosticism that they will t this actuality and actual fast. I saw the admiral bygone at the White House, and he was so somber. You saw him. He was so somber. And actual seriously, anybody is demography this. And FBI is all over it.

PERINO: Greg, let’s go to you afresh — advancing conversation. You saw any of the action this morning, bottomward there?

GUTFELD: Yes — well, I don’t apperceive what time it was, but — I’m a few blocks from there, so I woke up to the helicopters that were, I guess, aloft me for at atomic a few hours. And I got up and I told my wife, I go, something’s happening. It’s absolutely downtown. And, you know, afresh it went on for like a brace of hours, and acquisition out it was, I guess, his restaurant.

PERINO: What did you anticipate of the chat today that was assured about Admiral Trump, his tone, him adage that the media needs to watch its tone?

GUTFELD: Well, it is. That’s what all these things you’re activity to get finger-pointing. And I think, the thing, is everybody can point their fingers, depending on what accumulation you accord to, and so it’s natural. It’s adamantine for me to booty admonition from the media overheated abode because if you were to decrease the acrimonious abode of Trump. Let’s say the account of behavior, the jokes about asleep eyes and lock him up. If you took that all away, right, like, Trump didn’t alike exist, you would still accept speakers on campus actuality harassed. You’d still accept Antifa block bottomward bodies on streets. You’d accept politicians annoying contiguous harassment. You’ve got Kathy Griffin, Johnny Depp, Madonna. They did all their actuality aboriginal on afore a lot of these stuffs. You accept Mika absorbing over the 25th amendment. So it’s all — and you accept awe-inspiring — at times, bodies arresting Antifa. So about you’ve had two years of analytic Trump’s sanity, calling him Hitler. And you’re agitated because he fabricated a antic about a anatomy slam. It doesn’t assignment for me.

PERINO: It does — I anticipate that the larboard feels differently, Juan. I don’t apperceive if you’ve heard from anyone today.

JUAN WILLIAMS, CO-HOST: Yeah, I anticipate the larboard feels like, you know, it’s array of difficult moment for all of us. It’s a actual disconnected country appropriate now. And I anticipate it’s affectionate of sad that we accept accomplished this point. But I anticipate bodies on the larboard are affectionate of taken ashamed that the admiral aftermost night seemed to be added presidential in saying, you know, we charge to unify, we charge to appear together. You can’t advance political opponents. And afresh this morning, he accouterment again, as you were suggesting to Greg, and says, hey, you know, the boilerplate media needs to apple-pie up its act in agreement of ambience the tone. The acknowledgment has been appealing bright from Jeff Zucker, CNN, the arch of CNN, and others adage that the accent is absolutely set by the politician, by the president. This is a admiral who is talked about, you know, additional alteration bodies demography affliction of Hillary and anatomy slamming reporters. The columnist is — I can go on. I mean, everybody knows this with me, alike bottomward in Charlottesville, with accomplished bodies on both sides. So I anticipate that there’s a faculty that, you know, his aptitude is to be a antagonistic admiral and that, in fact, as a political action aing the midterms, he sees the analysis as battlefront up his base. And I anticipate a lot of bodies aloof anguish that you can’t accumulate — we can’t, as the American people, accumulate activity bottomward this aisle afterwards apropos — I mean, even, you know, cartel say, admiring anniversary added as adolescent Americans.

PERINO: Aftermost anniversary in the NBC — Wall Street Journal poll, 90 percent of Americans said we are the best disconnected that we’ve anytime been. So we absolutely accede on something, at least. The chat that we could accept about abode could accept happened afterwards these apprehensive packages.

JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: That’s true. It’s been baking up for a continued time. And aloof talking about accent as Juan brought up, attending at our table, we accomplish fun of agee Hillary, and we say Pocahontas, and we accomplish fun of Spartacus. And we.

GUTFELD: And that’s aloof you.


WATTERS: It’s true. And we, you know, we go afterwards people’s behavior and we apish them if they’re actuality artful and what accept you. But I don’t anticipate anybody at this table says, you know, this actuality is a Nazi.

PERINO: Right.

WATTERS: This actuality hates added indigenous groups. I appetite to see this political opponent. I appetite to see abuse done to that person. And I anticipate we’re appealing amenable at that table. Bethink aback Steve Scalise was attempt by a Bernie bro, no one at this table abhorrent Bernie Sanders. And Bernie Sanders.


WATTERS: Or Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders himself never accustomed responsibility. Pelosi never accustomed albatross aback bodies accession questions about Democratic rhetoric. And Greg laid it out perfectly. I mean, the account is long. People’s ribs accept been cracked. Bodies accept approved to be stabbed. Cars accept been firebombed. Anthrax and ricin accept been beatific around. And you attending at bodies like Kathy Griffin, or Snoop Dogg, or Hillary Clinton the added day saying, you know, we don’t accept to be civil. Sometimes we accept to be uncivil. We don’t anytime accomplish Democrats accessories to the crimes politically.

What the larboard is accomplishing now is they’re aggravating to accomplish Donald Trump an accent to these attempted mail bombings and adage you’re an accent and accordingly you charge to stop advancing the media, and you charge to stop advancing Democrats afore the midterm elections. And I don’t anticipate he has a albatross to do that. I agree, Trump talks boxy sometimes. Sometimes it’s too tough. A lot of times he’s actuality tongue-in-cheek and the media has no faculty of amusement and they don’t get that. But I accede sometimes he does cantankerous the line. But aback you’re slamming addition on a video, you know, activity like this and you’re biting addition get punched on purpose, it’s a little altered than aback the media calls you a mentally- ill Nazi that needs to be taken out or fetishizes your son actuality raped. I accede everybody needs to appear together, but both abandon charge to attending in the mirror, abnormally the media.

PERINO: All right. We’re activity to accumulate this coming. We’ve got a big appearance for you. Admiral Trump has big affairs to allowance the midterms for Republicans. We accept all the capacity and the secrets ahead, next.


BONDI: Admiral Trump is activity all-in for Republicans, the home amplitude of the midterms. He’s planning on hitting the attack aisle for at atomic ten added rallies in the aftermost six canicule afore the election. And Trump’s admirable finale, the admiral is reminding voters what this acclamation is all about.


TRUMP: This will be the acclamation of the caravans, Kavanaugh, law & order, tax cuts, and accepted sense.


BONDI: Today — because he’s captivation all these rallies, I saw him bygone and he was actual somber, of course, at the commemoration on opioids, and afresh the man is activity nonstop.

PERINO: Two a day.


BONDI: It’s crazy. He’s alive so hard. Will his laser-like focus accomplish a aberration in these midterms?

PERINO: Well, it’s a action that formed for him in 2016, right? Flood the zone, aloof be out there all the time. A lot of sports metaphors? Do you like it? Do you like it?

GUTFELD: I don’t know. I don’t like this affectionate of Dana. Accompany aback the dog Dana.



PERINO: Look, it’s absolutely aing out there. Like one moment you could say, wow, the Republicans can authority on to this thing, and aing affair you know, whoa, maybe not. There’s so abundant enthusiasm. There hasn’t been this abundant activity aback 1966. What was accident in 1966? Well, the country was accepting a big agitation about accretion the war in Vietnam. So, this is like we’ve been accepting — we’ve said — Greg acicular out, I anticipate alpha in 2015, we started this civic civics assignment and now everybody is engaged. Look, it’s acceptable accepting everybody appoint about about-face out your base.

Couple of things that I’ll point out, the complete bright average, complete bright backroom average, all-encompassing acclamation additional 7 for Democrats. Republicans thinks that allows them to like accumulate in range. Aloof for comparison, in 2006 aback the Republicans absent the majority, the all-encompassing acclamation was additional 11 for Democrats. There’s no agnosticism Republicans are accepting ashamed by retirements, 44 this year. In 2006 alone 17. But I would additionally point this out, accustomed at this amount of how aing is activity to be in the house, alike if the Democrats booty over, booty a watch. I don’t anticipate Pelosi can become speaker. There’s too abounding Democrats who accept apprenticed already not to vote for her if they win election, so we could accept some absolutely big array of administration vacuums that are advancing up because Apostle Ryan is leaving. They’re activity to accept a action on the Republican side. So, if you anticipate it’s activity to be over on November 6, it’s activity to accumulate activity either way.

BONDI: Juan.


BONDI: Juan, will they be able to get it over the goalpost? The dejected beachcomber — this dejected beachcomber we accumulate audition about. I feel like it’s axis into like a little pond that’s starting to dry up. What do you feel about that?

WILLIAMS: It sounds like that you attending at the numbers it’s absolutely accessible now that Republicans, as Dana was saying, abide aural range. I don’t apperceive that you would say that it’s the case that, oh, you anticipate Republicans now will retain, but it’s aloof not as large, Pam, as bodies had been advanced saying. So I anticipate that there’s a lot of faculty amid bodies that the activating accept confused already aback Kavanaugh collection up the activity on the Republican side. But I charge admonish you that the Democratic activity is acutely high. So it was aloof — it came up to bout it. The key affair actuality I anticipate in agreement of talking about Admiral Trump’s attitude is that this is a election on Admiral Trump. It’s adamantine to get abroad from it.

What we see in the poll numbers is bodies adage they’re voting to argue Trump. They appetite a analysis on Trump or they’re voting to abutment Trump. The bodies who are voting for the analysis appropriate now, way outnumbered the bodies who are voting to abutment Trump, but not in his base. And the additional point I accomplish as you attending at area Trump is going, several belief today announce that he’s activity to places area — not beat districts alfresco the big cities area the abode is activity to be determined, but oftentimes activity to rural areas in states area his bases is located, and that has some Republicans, which is, analytical to me, the one affair I heard today that bent my attention, Republican saying, you apperceive what, Trump is already focused on 200, and this is absolutely — the midterms are about Trump and, of course, 2020 will be about Trump.

BONDI: Jesse, Juan fabricated a acceptable point about — well, they’re accepting abroad from the caravans. They’ve stop talking — they’re radio bashful on the caravans now. And now they’re affective assimilate bloom affliction what Juan said. Do you anticipate that will be abundant to admonition them?

WATTERS: No, I anticipate they charge a little admonition because seven in the all-encompassing aldermanic acclamation is not activity to cut it, historically. Trump is a closer. He bankrupt on Cruz. He bankrupt adamantine on crooked. He’s now closing adamantine on the midterms. And he consistently rises to these big occasions. If you anticipate about the accompaniment of the abutment or adopted trips or debates, the aberration this time is his name is technically not on the ballot. Where, you know, Obama had big coattails in these generals, and he affectionate of swept bodies in. But remember, the midterms, he aloof got shellacked.

Now, this is activity to be a big analysis of Trump’s political capital. If he can face on these celebrated headwinds because his affair usually loses in a bearings like this, but admitting the actual headwinds he’s got a lot activity for him. He’s got the hot economy. He’s got a accursed up base. And the band is arena appropriate into his hands. But the October abruptness we anticipation was activity to be Mueller, and Mueller has said, you apperceive what? It’s apparently activity to appear afterwards November. Now this mail bombing book is the October surprise, and that could go either way. I aloof apperceive Apostle Pelosi, if she does become speaker, you’re talking Trump tax returns, impeaching Kavanaugh, and they’re activity to go — they’re activity to reopen the Trump-Russia investigation. It’s activity to be scary.

BONDI: And do you agree, Greg, that’s not activity to admonition Pelosi by adage that?

GUTFELD: I wasn’t listening, Pam. Why do you do this to me?

BONDI: I don’t anticipate it’s activity to admonition Pelosi. What about you?

GUTFELD: All right. I anticipate Trump is not advancing adjoin the Democrats. He’s advancing adjoin the news, right? Aback alike there’s a space, he can ample it with Trump stuff, and aback there’s a big story, afresh he affectionate of pushed aside. The Democrats, their bulletin appropriate now is alive for them, which is we’re not that guy. That’s all they’ve got. We’re not that guy. I accept antagonism helps, so I would like to see a acceptable Democratic Party. That would admonition actualize — advance a Republican Affair and Trump. So I accept the bulletin for 2020, but I don’t apperceive if I should allotment it.

WATTERS: Amuse allotment it.

GUTFELD: All right. All right. All right. I accept that they accept to accent accord because they accept to liberalize Trump’s message, right? Trump bulletin was accomplish America abundant again, it was about one country, patriotism. If the Democrats could aloof adapt that because it created so abounding rifts amid gender, race, uality, sports fans, ball choices, wherever there are liberals, there’s division. So what they could do, the abstraction of America as a family, right? That all altered kinds of families. Families could be any affectionate of family, but we’re all in this together. That would be basically demography Trump’s eyes and affective it a footfall further. If they absolutely believed in that, they would do two things. They’ve abstracted themselves from character politics, which bodies are annoyed of. And two, they accept a acceptable message.

WILLIAMS: You know, I’m aloof so addled because I accept such a altered view.

BONDI: Well, sorry, Juan. It’s activity to accept to wait.


BONDI: Big (INAUDIBLE) by Admiral Trump, he’s acclimation hundreds of troops to the southern bound as the band pushes north. That’s next.


WILLIAMS: Admiral Trump cogent the massive band branch arctic through Mexico to about-face around. This is — he’s sending signals, at atomic 800 troops will be accession at the southern bound to admonition stop the migrants. Trump is additionally continuing to use the affair to batter Democrats.


TRUMP: As we speak, the Democrat Affair is aboveboard auspicious band afterwards band of actionable aliens to breach our laws and breach into our country. Appropriate now, it’s the sole aftereffect of Democrat laws and activist Democrat board that do whatever they want. And that anticipate us from abiding actionable aliens aback home to Central America and added genitalia of the world.

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How to Create – how to print return address labels | how to print return address labels


WILLIAMS: Wow. So, let me alpha with Greg.


WILLIAMS: Actuality he is, we’ve been talking about, you know, can he accent it bottomward a little bit, accustomed what’s activity on with the bombings and everything. And actuality he is saying, oh, Democrats are auspicious the caravan. I think, previously, some were saying, oh, George Soros ability be advantageous them. Democrats are auspicious them, activist judges. Is this fair?

GUTFELD: I anticipate it is fair aback any time a actuality brings up affectionate of a analytic altercation about the after-effects of waiving a band through, they’re alleged bigots or xenophobic or racist. So, in that way, by alarming bodies and not absolutely adage the analytic consequences, I do anticipate that helps. The troops, though, are cogent you commodity actual clear. This is not happening. The band is destined to fail. So those agriculture this comedy with cameras and affecting testimony, they’re not allowance anybody. You anticipate you care, but you’re absolutely active a band that’s accretion and adding because, essentially, you’re adage accumulate going. Accumulate going. They’re activity to accommodated an army. It’s not activity to happen. And this is — for the Democrats, this is what happens aback your account are brought to a analytic conclusion, complete with visual.

WILLIAMS: And so, Dana, the actuality that there’s still added than a thousand afar away, we already accept 2100 troops on the border. Trump is talking about sending 800 added to admonition the citizenry security.

PERINO: Well, allotment of it — he wants to accelerate troops to the bound not aloof to accord with the caravan, but the actuality that behindhand of the caravan, like aftermost anniversary we were told by the abettor for the bound patrol, 640 actionable crossings attempted a day. So it’s not aloof for the caravan, which is a thousand afar away. It is for this advance that keeps coming. Politically, if you attending at Senator Donnelly and Senator McCaskill, red accompaniment Democrats, they’re in states area Admiral Trump won by additional 20, this is not the affair that they appetite to accord with.

And accepted acumen in Washington, D.C. would acquaint you it is not acceptable if you’re a Democrat to accompany up clearing and be boxy on the border. But what’s accident in the southwest, Dean Heller, who is the best accessible assembly Republican, he’s now additional 6 in a Reuters’ poll. McSally is starting to cull abroad in Arizona. So the Democrats — aback we’re talking about the dejected wave, the abode may be one thing, but the assembly looks like it is added out of reach. And I anticipate that — what Kavanaugh actuality one, the abridgement actuality another, Trump actuality out there and advancement for them, but you can’t abatement the actuality that clearing is still an affair that bodies appetite to vote on.

WILLIAMS: Well, I anticipate Republicans appetite to vote on it. I anticipate it’s cardinal one for Republicans.

PERINO: In some states.

WILLIAMS: . not for Democrat — in some states, what do you beggarly by that?

PERINO: Because bloom affliction is still one of the cardinal one issue.


WILLIAMS: Yeah, I anticipate for Democrats and for independents, bloom affliction is the cardinal one issue. But I anticipate for some Republicans, immigration. And so, Jesse, this brings me to you. It looks like the admiral is blame a ability war, fear-type affair in adjustment to activity his base.

WATTERS: Juan, you’ve been repeating that aforementioned altercation for a month. It doesn’t accomplish it right. I don’t anticipate there’s annihilation he’s accomplishing to stoke a ability war. He’s aloof adage we accept a country with borders that charge to be adequate adjoin bodies that anticipate they accept a appropriate to aloof appear beyond willy-nilly. I accept a columnist absolution from the bodies that are active the show, bodies afterwards borders, this is not a bounded group. This is a third-party group. You apperceive what they say, they’re ambitious account for, quote, the all-embracing appropriate to migrate. So anybody anywhere can airing beyond the bound of any country and they accept a appropriate to do that. Anticipate about that. As Dana knows, the accord of Westphalia accustomed the abstraction of the nation states. And we saw what happened in Europe, aback all these Syrian refugees flew beyond to the E.U. and it acquired complete chaos. Alike now, Merkel is regretting that decision. And bodies are architecture walls. And you accept Brexit. So that backfired big-time. George W. Bush beatific Civic Guard to the border. Barack Obama beatific 1200 Civic Guard to the border. Sometimes.

WILLIAMS: Delay a second, I anticipation a minute ago you said the Democrats appetite accessible borders.

WATTERS: Well, it was causing him such political problems that he had to go accord with bodies that were advancing beyond with children.

WILLIAMS: Brainstorm that.

WATTERS: Remember, that was aback he was additionally amid accouchement from their families.

WILLIAMS: So, Pam, let me about-face to you because today’s advertisement on the account is about how, in fact, the band looks to bearing smaller, because bodies are adversity burnout — calefaction exhaustion, dehydration. And, you know, they don’t — they’re still walking.

BONDI: Well, I achievement the mothers with the babies that you’ve seen, and there aren’t that abounding of them, acknowledge goodness, accept affronted about and gone back. Because somebody is agriculture them a band if they anticipate they’re activity to get into our country, because they’re not. So I achievement they’ve gone home.

Let me acquaint you, from a prosecutor’s point of view, Juan. The aftermost case I was alive on afore I ran for advocate general, the aftermost case, it was a car carrier from Mexico advancing into our country. And in the pipes that agitated the cars, advancing to dog sniffing. Stuffed abounding of kilos of cocaine and advance rifles, from Mexico and we chock-full it in Florida. That’s why we accept to assure our borders.

GUTFELD: What artery is that again?

WILLIAMS: Hey, you can’t go there. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

PERINO: He has a appropriate to migrate.

GUTFELD: I do accept a —

WILLIAMS: Appropriate to migrate.

GUTFELD: White band fever.

WILLIAMS: All right. But you apperceive what I can’t angle is all the affected actuality online that, it seems to me accomplish the band out to be, like, an army approaching. I aloof don’t anticipate that’s real.

GUTFELD: I anticipate the visuals acquaint the story.

PERINO: What about the visuals?

WATTERS: You apperceive what the A.P. said, Juan? They alleged it a canaille army of the poor. That was the A.P. that said that.

WILLIAMS: That’s — “the poor” is the accessible chat there. It’s not “army.”

WATTERS: I was activity to go canaille army.

WILLIAMS: You like that better. All right.

WATTERS: The A.P. did.

WILLIAMS: Jesse wins.

Brown University demography on alleged baneful adulthood with a new course, and we’ve got the man to accord you the capacity appropriate actuality on THE FIVE, beeline ahead.


GUTFELD: It’s the byword you apprehend these canicule from dopes assuming to be smart: “toxic masculinity.”

The gist: adulthood is poison. Forget the abundant achievements that took abundant accident on the allotment of men and alike resulted in their deaths. No, man are violent, -mad animals.

And so Amber University offers a advance aimed at unlearning baneful masculinity. We acclimated to alarm this “Basket Weaving 101.” If you’re accommodating to accord amber 50 admirable for this crap, you charge to balloon accepted sense, too.

Besides, it makes no sense. I mean, if men are so toxic, why would you appetite them detoxing on your campus?

My prediction: unlearning baneful adulthood will anon be replacing Western Civ. Afterwards all, there’s no catechism men are added advancing than women. It’s science.

And it doesn’t aching to acculturate assertive cads. That’s what dads and moms acclimated to do afore we absitively they sucked.

And men do alive beneath lives. Aloof attending at me.

But mainly because of the risks taken to allure and assure the bodies we love.

But if you accept this is about affectionate men while terming abroad the asperous parts, you kid yourself. This is authentic chic abhorrence based on stereotypes meant to abase a accumulation of people. It’s the branding of a gender by angry, absinthian radicals.

It’s additionally ist. If you don’t accept me, aloof actualize your own chic for Amber and alarm it “Unlearning Baneful femininity.” How continued do you anticipate that will last?

Well, afresh again, maybe it’s in the works already, advised to focus on those horrible, baneful calm moms who voted for Trump.

All right, Dana, let’s say you’re at Brown, which I accept is a university. And you — would you date a guy who is demography a —

PERINO: Never. No, it’s not alike a question.


PERINO: You know, we do these belief about date — bethink dating tips?


PERINO: And you’ve had “Gutfeld’s Dating Tips.” Nowhere on any dating tip should you be demography this class.

Nowhere. I anticipate a bigger analysis would be for men from Amber to accept to go assignment on a ranch.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.

PERINO: For like a month.

GUTFELD: And I’m adage that as addition who couldn’t assignment on a ranch.

PERINO: They would booty you, though, at home, aback home.

GUTFELD: I can — I could use agronomical —

PERINO: They would adulation to accept you appear visit.

GUTFELD: Yes. No, it would end badly.

Juan, are you abounding with baneful masculinity? Are you a baneful male?

BONDI: Could you use the class?

WILLIAMS: Actually, Pam, I anticipate I could use the class. Because it seems to me you, you know, the macho charge to be ascendant and the way that we attending at and the interaction, I — things accept puzzled me throughout my life. Like, for archetype — this is —

WATTERS: Explain that, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Go back, like you apperceive —

Mail Merge for Mac - Labels - YouTube - how to print return address labels
Mail Merge for Mac – Labels – YouTube – how to print return address labels | how to print return address labels

WATTERS: Let’s get deep.

WILLIAMS: I’ll acquaint you one, Jesse. Because you know, you’re a guy, too. I aloof — but like —

WATTERS: Acquaint me, Juan.

WILLIAMS: — the O.J. Simpson case, I could never accept why a woman would go aback to a guy that was assault her.


WILLIAMS: It aloof was abstruse to me. And afresh I heard from added people, “Oh, no, that’s not unusual.”

BONDI: Classic D.V.

WILLIAMS: That’s nuts. And my niece is a prosecutor in D.C., and she tells me bodies appear from some countries, and they’ll say, “Oh, yes, that’s the way men act. Men hit women.”

I’m like, “What? Area is that from? How is that a defense?”

WATTERS: I don’t apperceive if O.J. is what they beggarly aback they say baneful masculinity.

WILLIAMS: I anticipate that is.

WATTERS: You do? I don’t apperceive if that’s what they mean.

GUTFELD: I anticipate he’s aloof alleged a murderer.

PERINO: I anticipate you should go analysis the class, Jesse.

WATTERS: Yes, well, I accept a actual continued history at Brown. The aftermost time I was cutting a “Watters’ World” there, a guy with a brim chased me about and heckled me the accomplished time. They abhorrence me up there. It’s because I’m so toxic. I anticipate that’s absolutely what it is.

But I accede with Dana. I’ve consistently been beneath the acceptance that women are admiring to men that are manly: that accomplish a lot of money, that assignment with their hands, that ambit you off your feet, that authority the aperture for you, booty affliction of you and act tough. You know, don’t cry. Never appearance their feelings.

PERINO: OK, yes. That’s not absolutely —

GUTFELD: That’s absolutely what Dana said.

WILLIAMS: Dana, allege up.

PERINO: I’m activity to let Pam allege for me.

GUTFELD: Pam, do you anticipate this is — this feels like a reeducation affected for the affronted macho to me. I don’t know.

BONDI: Well, as an employer, as a alum school, can you brainstorm attractive at transcripts, seeing “Unleashing Baneful Masculinity”? what brand did you get? If you didn’t get an “A,” you’re activity to be in big trouble, demography that class.


BONDI: First of all, this needs to be learned, obviously, abundant adolescent in the home.


BONDI: If you’re in academy and you still accept these issues, you shouldn’t be there.

GUTFELD: And by the way, the issues are they aloof don’t like men. So they do this.

PERINO: At Brown, don’t you anticipate that guys assurance up for this chic cerebration that they’re activity to get a date?


PERINO: OK? And they ability get a date.

GUTFELD: Really?

WATTERS: The clandestine baneful masculinity.

GUTFELD: But do you appetite to date a woman who’s absorbed in demography the baneful adulthood —

WATTERS: You appetite to date any woman in college! They’ll booty any course.

PERINO: Yes, exactly. And women at Amber apparently appetite them to booty that class, and afresh they can allocution about it and things like that. But I don’t anticipate it will last.

GUTFELD: I don’t anticipate so either. But it’s now — the new affair is to alarm it toxic. It’s like if you said this about women, your baneful femininity, you would be — you would apparently be fired.

PERINO: You should abode that commodity tomorrow.

GUTFELD: Really?

PERINO: “Toxic Femininity.” I anticipate it would be great.

GUTFELD: What would be the symptoms, Dana, of baneful femininity?

PERINO: We allocution about them all the time.


PERINO: I think.

GUTFELD: Oh, really? All right.

PERINO: Cheese.

GUTFELD: Yes, cheese now.

All right. An cool new appearance trend and abundant added up aing in “Fastest Seven.”


GUTFELD: That’s fun music.

WATTERS: Welcome back. Time for “The Fastest Seven.”

First up, chewing gum etiquette.


BEN STEIN, ACTOR/COMMENTATOR: As of this point, this is actual controversial. Does anyone apperceive what Vice Admiral Bush alleged this in 1980? Anyone?



WATTERS: A altercation over a blatant amalgamation of gum led to a affray at a classical music concert in Sweden. Apparently, one concertgoer anticipation the adult aing to him was actuality too loud with their gum and tossed it beyond the room, bidding her to bang him beyond the face.

This seems like commodity you would get complex in, Greg.

PERINO: No, 100 percent absolutely justified.

WATTERS: And Dana.

PERINO: Sorry. I —

WATTERS: Both of you.

PERINO: Three canicule ago — this about happened to me today.

I had to go to the eye doctor. Anybody should go to the eye doctor. And I was accepting my — aloof accepting a little tea to booty admiral to my appointment. And this woman aing to me had her headphones in, and she had this bag, and she was bistro a croissant. But she was demography little bites and coiled the cardboard the absolute time. And she couldn’t apprehend it, because she had her earphones in.

And I anticipation of this woman who was chewing her gum at the concert. You can’t do that.

WATTERS: I aloof appetite the admirers to know, aback my buzz dings during the show, Dana, like, shoots acrimony at me. She’s actual audition sensitive.

PERINO: Peter and I haven’t gone to the movies in 15 years because of this.

WATTERS: Really?

PERINO: Yes, really.

GUTFELD: God, what a advantageous man.

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Return Labels: Create return address labels on your Mac – how to print return address labels | how to print return address labels

WATTERS: You haven’t absent much, all right?

GUTFELD: You apperceive what this tells you, though? Acrimonious abode holds annihilation compared to proximity.


GUTFELD: It’s, like, all about the adjacency of an annoyance.

For example, if somebody told you you could bite somebody in the face with no aftereffect for somebody 300 afar abroad for coiled a bag, you’d go “Why?” But if it’s somebody aing to you on the subway, you’d go, “Hell yes!”

PERINO: If somebody told you to about-face your headphones bottomward on a plane.


WATTERS: That’s why the media is so affronted all the time, because they alive in Manhattan.


WATTERS: And they’re all like this all the time, ascent the subway.

GUTFELD: Adjacency creates all hostility.

WATTERS: That’s right.

GUTFELD: That’s how wars happen. I fabricated that up.

WATTERS: Right. That’s why you accept a actual ample acreage about that no one knows about.

GUTFELD: That’s why everybody in Kansas is happy.

WATTERS: That’s right.


WILLIAMS: I anticipation your facts were off, because as I apprehend the adventure —

WATTERS: Excuse me, Juan.

WILLIAMS: He was — they were aperture — she was aperture a aboriginal amalgamation of gum. And you know, at some akin you can —

PERINO: It was crinkling, and they’re at a concert.

WILLIAMS: That’s what I think, yes. So I mean, I would tolerate, because I anticipate —


WILLIAMS: — you’re in a concert. It’s music. But I would abide addition aloof aperture a Lifesavers or something. But a accomplished amalgamation and authoritative a big accord out of it, appear on.

WATTERS: They’re declared to alcohol albino at commodity like that, not bite gum. So gauche.

What do you think?

BONDI: I anticipate Juicy Fruit should uses it: the gum account angry for.

WATTERS: Ooh, I like that. That’s a acceptable idea.

BONDI: We should get allotment of that royalty.

WATTERS: All right. I appetite a allotment of the check.

Next up, the new camp winter appearance trend. Adenoids warmers. A British aggregation accepting a lot of absorption for a lin of articles that affiance to accumulate your adenoids nice and balmy this winner. The catechism is: would you absolutely abrasion one of these things?

I mean, I ability abrasion one but apparently not with the bobcat print.

PERINO: I — look, I can see area they’re going.


PERINO: But I anticipate it’s bigger to have, like, the whole, like, bisected face affectation thing.

WATTERS: Looks like Rudolph.

PERINO: Yes, I don’t anticipate I would do this. But I understand. I mean, aback your adenoids is cold, like abundance is appropriate now because it’s freezing in the studio, I could see why you’d appetite it.

GUTFELD: This is a prank. They’re cutting a thong. They’re cutting the Chippendale’s dancers’ thong appropriate now.

By the way, I accept a adenoids warmer. It’s alleged my finger.


GUTFELD: By the way, I accept this is for —

WATTERS: That’s a —

GUTFELD: — coke heads. That’s what it’s for. For coke active to adumbrate their missing septums.

PERINO: Smart.


WATTERS: The Brits do adulation the coke. I didn’t ask. Doesn’t — I’m not activity to accompany it up.

All right, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Able-bodied I mean, the affair about it, like, you apperceive the botheration actuality is if you were an Eskimo, how would you kiss, because they kiss with their noses?

PERINO: That’s a problem. Hadn’t anticipation it all the way through.

WATTERS: Translate that ablaze affinity to politics.

WILLIAMS: But I’d say, doesn’t that affair attending like a bra?

GUTFELD: Yes, it’s like —

WATTERS: You and Gutfeld. Really. Get your apperception out of the gutter, guys.

WATTERS: But attending at it. It’s ridiculous.

PERINO: Pam doesn’t alike apperceive what we’re talking about. It’s, like, never this algid in Florida.

BONDI: Well, I know. I would say, I achievement they appear with attic aroma scent.

WATTERS: That’s a nice idea.

BONDI: Medium-size, and with sunscreen.


GUTFELD: Nobody would abrasion them.

BONDI: Sunscreen. Sunscreen.

GUTFELD: I anticipate this is a affected story.

WATTERS: Did we aloof get hoaxed?

GUTFELD: I anticipate we ability have.

WATTERS: It’s on my segment.


WATTERS: And assuredly with Halloween, beneath than a anniversary away, is application its polling accomplishment to appear up with the ultimate Halloween bonbon ability ranking.

The all-embracing winners: Reese’s peanut adulate cups.


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How to Print eBay Shipping Label – YouTube – how to print return address labels | how to print return address labels

WATTERS: With Reese’s Minis additional and Twix, Kit Kats and Snickers rounding out the top five.

All right. So this, I guess, this is the No. 1 bonbon in America. Do we all agree, or do we disagree.

PERINO: Yes, 100 percent. You know, the brits additionally like Reese’s peanut adulate cups.

WATTERS: They do. They accept abundant taste.

GUTFELD: They snort them. They accept them with their cocaine.

WILLIAMS: Hey, delay a second.

WATTERS: Reese’s and coke.

WILLIAMS: Everybody agreed that Reese’s peanut adulate cups is No. 1?


WILLIAMS: What about Snickers? I anticipate that’s the No. 1?

WATTERS: They’re up there, Juan. You’ve got to apprehend the packet.

PERINO: It’s not No. 1.

WILLIAMS: You were adage the No. 1?

WATTERS: It’s top five.

GUTFELD: Did you anytime accept somebody in your neighborhood, on trick-or- treat, that they didn’t accept candy; and they would, like, accord you additional change?


GUTFELD: I anticipation that was weird, and afresh I accomplished that that — I’m that person. Because I don’t accept kids, so I aloof absolutely amplitude on Halloween. And all of a sudden, the doorbell rings; and there’s these, like, abbreviate creatures agreeable at you. So you accept to run about —

PERINO: Wait, why did you appear out of the basement?

GUTFELD: I accord them Campbell’s Soup.

WATTERS: You don’t eat Campbell’s Soup.

GUTFELD: I accord them cans of Campbell’s Soup. I accord them socks, annihilation that’s about my house.

WILLIAMS: You accord it away.

WATTERS: The socks would apparently fit the kids.


WATTERS: I’m the affectionate of guy that gives, like, the big colossal size. I’m a absolutely acceptable bonbon giver.

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what’s abundant —

GUTFELD: What’s your address, Jesse?

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what was abundant about this list, Jesse?

WATTERS: Maxine is activity to appear over and bawl at me if you acquaint her. What?

WILLIAMS: They said the affliction candies.

PERINO: What are they?

WATTERS: What are the affliction candies?

WILLIAMS: So the affliction candy, it turns out, was to accord a kid bazaar peanuts.


WILLIAMS: And I was afraid at No. 2, which was bonbon corn. I anticipation – –

PERINO: I like bonbon corn.

BONDI: I like bonbon corn.

WILLIAMS: Well, that’s the worst. But the — but how Mary Jane’s? I remember, aback I was a kid, those things get ashore in your teeth.

WATTERS: Those are no good.

WILLIAMS: Right, right. But here’s —

BONDI: I abhorrence those.

GUTFELD: Bazaar peanuts, you’ve got to be absolutely accurate aback you say it.

WILLIAMS: I was aghast that Tootsie Rolls was additionally on the affliction bonbon list.

PERINO: Yes, I could see that, though. You’ve got to go to the dentist —

GUTFELD: What about Sugar Daddies?

PERINO: I like Sugar Daddies.

GUTFELD: I beggarly the suckers.

PERINO: The babies.

WATTERS: What about Twix?

WILLIAMS: I anticipate you angered Dana.

WATTERS: This is the additional animal advertence in the aforementioned segment. Aloof accumulate that in mind.

What do we anticipate about Twix?

GUTFELD: Baby Twixes are disappointing. You’ve got to accept a big Twix. The baby ones, they’re too small.

PERINO: I additionally like a Kit Kat. You can accomplish those last.

WATTERS: Am I the alone one who’s activity to eat bonbon during this segment?

PERINO: I’ll booty a Kit Kat, please.

WATTERS: All right. Actuality we go.

GUTFELD: I’m on a no-sugar diet.

WATTERS: “One Added Thing” is up next. We’re activity to accord Dana a Kit Kat.

GUTFELD: Those are great.


PERINO: It’s time now for “One Added Thing” — Jesse.

WATTERS: So we’re beginning aback from Texas. We had the barbecue, as you guys saw the added day. We admired it, but it’s creating a little bit of a controversy. Who has the best barbecue in America?

A lot of antagonism out there, so my associate Brian Parker, sports abettor to the stars, beatific us some ribs from Charlie Virgo’s Rendezvous in Memphis, Tennessee. And this abode is so good, Gutfeld accomplished the absolute bowl in the breach before. It’s gone. I ate them for lunch. Greg apparently had seven of them.

GUTFELD: Eight. I anticipate I had eight.

WATTERS: This abode serves a lot of stars. Justin Timberlake has been there, the Rolling Stones.

GUTFELD: I’m not activity there.

WATTERS: George W. Bush.

PERINO: Oh, yes.

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Return Labels: Create beautiful return address labels on your Mac .. | how to print return address labels

WATTERS: Prince William and Harry, and now Greg Gutfeld, addition star, loves the ribs from Rendezvous. Acknowledge you guys actual much! We acknowledge it.

PERINO: That’s so nice. Hey, Bri.

Go ahead, Juan.

WILLIAMS: All right. So adulation knows no language. Booty a attending at this elementary academy accumulation in Tennessee, adulatory their deafened babysitter a actual blessed birthday.




WILLIAMS: The custodian, James Anthony, as you can see, was affected with emotion. He’s been at the academy added than 20 years. Sometimes he makes accompany with the kids by alms them tips on how to use assurance language.

Assistant Principal Katie Crabtree said the acceptance accept a boxy time compassionate Anthony, but he’s possibly the best accepted actuality in the accomplished academy because his appropriate nonverbal accord absolutely takes the kids to a altered akin in their lives. What a admirable story.

PERINO: That’s so great.

GUTFELD: That’s a abundant job to have, if you’re a deafened custodian.


GUTFELD: Because you don’t accept to accept to the kids.

PERINO: Accept to them.


GUTFELD: They adulation him.

PERINO: Do you apperceive how acute dogs are?

GUTFELD: Oh, jeez.

BONDI: Smart.

PERINO: This smart. Analysis out this pup. So she pretends to be a stray, and she goes to the bounded McDonald’s and asks barter to accord them her burgers. Her name is Princess.

So she was bent at McDonald’s by her owner, who claimed that the aberrant dog sometimes sneaks out at night to aberrate a McDonald’s, cat-and-mouse for barter to canyon her debris while they’re in the drive-through lane. And she captured the video by — the video was captured and Princess was apparent aing a car, and the disciplinarian passes her some food. Afresh she goes to the aing car, but it’s her owner, so she turns about and goes to the car abaft her, because she knows she’s not activity to get any food.

So the buyer put a account on Facebook, allurement patrons, “Please don’t augment the arch dog. She’s not a stray. She does absolutely get fed.” And they appetite to accumulate her about for a continued time.

Dogs are appealing smart.

GUTFELD: Yes, it ample out what works.

PERINO: Would you arrest her?

BONDI: Of advance not.

PERINO: Of advance not.

BONDI: I’d augment her.

PERINO: All right, Greg, you’re next.

GUTFELD: All right, this is a new thing.

GRAPHIC: Gutfeld Was Right!

GUTFELD: “Gutfeld Was Right!”

So today I was autograph some actuality in my office, because I accept an arrangement on the 18th floor. I accept a admirable staff. Some of them are OK. Some will be gone tomorrow.

But I autograph — I mentioned that “your,” I go, “your” is a pronoun, obviously.

And this added guy, Luigi, goes, “No, ‘your’ is an article.”

I go, “It’s an article?” So I accept to change the stuff.

And afresh somebody comes by, and he goes, “No, I aloof looked it up. ‘Your’ is absolutely a pronoun. It’s not an article.” So —

GRAPHIC: Gutfeld was Right!

GUTFELD: — “Gutfeld Was Right!” There you go. I adumbrate that this articulation will be the best accepted segment.

WATTERS: You’re afraid it to your agents over grammar?

GUTFELD: Yes, I am. How cartel —

WATTERS: On civic television?

GUTFELD: How cartel they catechism the host about grammar?

WATTERS: By name?

GUTFELD: Yes, Luigi, you ability as able-bodied aloof get your things appropriate now, backpack it up in one of those boxes that they — what they alarm the banker’s box. Put the little lamp, put your books, and get the hell out of here.

WATTERS: You can appear assignment for “Watters’ World.” We’ll booty you. We don’t affliction how you spell or how you write.

PERINO: Grammar is not an issue.

WATTERS: Grammar is not an important thing.

GUTFELD: That’s —

WATTERS: My mom is activity to annihilate me now.

BONDI: All right. In the apple in which we live, this is so great. Wilson Middle Academy in Tampa, Florida, my hometown, and I was at this d but absent — I absent the final shot.

Nick, he’s had Bottomward syndrome, and he plays on the basketball team. And Principal Faucett and Coach Fricke, they accept embraced, forth with the team, this absurd adolescent man. And I anticipate that Nick is watching now.

And they put him in, and let’s watch this video.

Nick is cardinal 9, I believe, in a dejected jersey.





PERINO: And they won?

BONDI: And they won. They were winning, but they were arena their better rival. And anybody stood and let Nick shoot the acceptable attempt of the game. Isn’t that great? Bodies are good.

PERINO: Bodies are good.

GUTFELD: Some people.

BONDI: Some people?

GUTFELD: Not all people.

WATTERS: Not Luigi.

GUTFELD: Not Luigi.

WATTERS: He’s in trouble.

PERINO: “Your,” “you’re.” Accomplish abiding you apperceive the aberration —

WATTERS: Grammar shaming.

How to Print Envelopes and Mailing Labels on Your Mac – how to make ..
How to Print Envelopes and Mailing Labels on Your Mac – how to make .. | how to print return address labels

PERINO: — amid “you’re” and “your.” That’s the alone affair I affliction about.

OK. Set your DVRs. Never absence an adventure of “The Five.” This guy knows all the grammar. “Special Report” is up next. Hey, Bret.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS: Acquaint Luigi we’re hiring in Washington. Thanks, Dana.

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