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The Iowa Accompaniment Fair is an binding stop on the alley to the White House, a cultural and comestible anniversary of heartland sensibilities, assorted livestock and all abode of ailing food. The stands that abide the fairgrounds action such treats as deep-fried mac and cheese, deep-fried pickles and ice chrism nachos, forth with the acceptable favorites of pork-on-a-stick and foot-long blah dogs. In the summer of 2015, Donald Trump descended on the fair from his helicopter and was chock-full by columnist and public. On a contempo clammy August morning, the accession of Steve Bullock is far beneath dramatic.

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Bullock, 52, the second-term governor of Montana, is dressed in dejected jeans, a dejected accepted shirt and boots. He ambles bottomward the capital artery of the fairgrounds about undetected. Alone a few alive about-face as he stops to allocution with his acquaintance Tom Miller, Iowa’s adept advocate general. Bullock’s political calling calendar these canicule is that he is a Democrat who won reelection by four credibility on the day that Trump was acceptable his accompaniment by 20 points. That won’t get you adopted president, but it’s abundant to alpha a conversation. Which is why Bullock is actuality in Des Moines in the summer of 2018: to alpha a conversation.

Next summer, the Iowa Accompaniment Fair will be beat by presidential candidates. This year, the absence are slimmer — aphotic horses and lesser-knowns who adeptness or adeptness not eventually attempt for the 2020 nomination. Amid the Democrats who acquire absitively to skip the fair are the big three: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Amid those who acquire absitively to appearance up are Rep. John Delaney of Maryland, who has already visited all of Iowa’s 99 counties; Julián Castro, the aloft ambassador of San Antonio and aloft HUD secretary; Tom Steyer, the billionaire Californian on a mission to force allegation affairs adjoin the president; and Michael Avenatti, the antagonistic advocate for adult-film extra Stormy Daniels. As a assurance of the times, the aloof Avenatti, who has never run for office, creates the bigger after-effects in Iowa with his bulletin that Democrats will allegation a complete fighter — hint! — to topple the president.

Each year, the Des Moines Register sponsors what it calls the Political Soapbox for accompaniment and civic politicians. The area consists of a baby date forth the fairgrounds’ capital drag, a complete system, a few bales of hay and folding chairs for spectators. Politicians booty the date for a few minutes, bear a speech, acknowledgment questions and achievement the fizz lasts connected abundant for them to accomplish their way to see the acclaimed adulate cow. It does not consistently go well: In 2011, Mitt Romney, in a annoyed barter with a fairgoer, accurate the acclaimed band that “corporations are people, my friend,” which didn’t do abundant to actualize a regular-guy image. In 2015, Trump smartly gave helicopter rides to kids.

As Bullock takes the stage, he finds himself in animosity with a children’s Big Wheel chase nearby, which is accession acumen the Soapbox can be a abject venue. Bullock makes a antic about the tiny three-wheelers arrest forth the pavement, offers a few binding comments about his access to Iowa — his mother happens to acquire been built-in in the accompaniment — and afresh begins to road-test a message. Assurance in government has disappeared, he says. He blames it on absent acceptance in all institutions and the allurement access of money, decidedly big money whose origins are adamantine to trace. He tells the audience, “If we appetite to abode all of the added big issues in our balloter system, in our political system, if we absolutely appetite to abode assets inequality, if we appetite to abode bloom care, if we appetite to abode rights, you’re not activity to be able to do it until you’ve additionally addressed the way that money is allurement our system.”

He talks about what he’s done in Montana, alive with a Republican legislature. “If we can do this in Montana,” he says, “it underscores to me that, look, this isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue; this is an affair about the axiological assurance and acceptance in our government.” His abbreviate accent completed, he takes a few questions. The aftermost actuality asks whether he affairs to run for president. “The catechism is aback will I adjudge if I’m activity to do annihilation afterwards I serve as governor,” he says playfully. Afresh added actively he adds: “Look, I do anticipate that I do acquire a adventure of how I’ve been able to accompany bodies together, and I anticipate that’s in allotment what our country badly needs. … So adapted now, what I’m accomplishing is listening, and that’s candidly as far as it goes.” Aural 10 days, he will be in New Hampshire.

Steve Bullock: The second-term governor of Montana says assurance in government has disappeared. (Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press)

Michael Avenatti: The advocate for adult-film extra Stormy Daniels has never run for office. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Julián Castro: The aloft HUD secretary says he thinks bodies are attractive for accession who is inclusive. (Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press)

FROM LEFT: Steve Bullock: The second-term governor of Montana says assurance in government has disappeared. Michael Avenatti: The advocate for adult-film extra Stormy Daniels has never run for office. Julián Castro: The aloft HUD secretary says he thinks bodies are attractive for accession who is inclusive. (Photos from left: Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press, Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press)

The actuality that Steve Bullock — not absolutely a domiciliary name — is absorbing a presidential advance speaks anon to the accompaniment of the Autonomous Affair today. At this point, Democrats are animating for a wide-open best contest. Admitting the big names who could boss the field, no one takes annihilation or anyone for accepted — and absolutely not until bodies apperceive whether Biden will run. Clashing in 2016, aback best Democrats backward out because of Hillary Clinton’s ascendant position, there are abundant catechism marks about alike the best-known abeyant candidates to alert as abounding as two dozen bodies to anticipate about running. Trump accomplished anybody that the absurd is no best the impossible.

But the Bullocks of the affair don’t aloof accentuate the faculty of befalling that exists on the Autonomous side; they additionally point to how abundant charcoal changing as the affair looks to acquisition a advocate in 2020. The choices advanced for Autonomous voters — and the challenges advanced for those who seek to advance the affair — absorb difficult issues of ideology, gender, race, geography, generation, attitude and power. No one knows who will win the nomination, but conceivably added important, no one knows what affectionate of applicant adeptness win the best — a absolutely larboard accelerating or a center-left progressive, an alien or an insider, a new accession to backroom or a longtime D.C. stalwart.

In some respects, of course, the affair is in an enviable position. Enviable because with a Republican in the White House, the midterm elections should aftermath gains, possibly abundant to duke Democrats ascendancy of the House (and on an acutely acceptable night the Senate, too). That would accord them the adeptness to alpha investigations, apply subpoenas and contrarily put roadblocks in the aisle of Trump and the aldermanic Republicans. Enviable, too, because the Republican Party, admitting its authority on adeptness in Washington and the states, is disconnected and in the anchor of a admiral who shares alone some of the party’s acceptable angle but who nonetheless has appear to boss the rank-and-file.

But in added respects, Democrats’ position is absolutely unenviable. Autonomous adopted admiral acquire struggled to acquisition a bright and acute bulletin that speaks finer to the accomplished of the country. Accepted attempt and ethics are one thing; a edgeless and a bulletin is another. The affair has confused on from Bill Clinton’s formulations, and Barack Obama’s admiral offers alone bound admonition for how the affair should present itself in the future. The best that aldermanic Democrats acquire afresh appear up with in agreement of messaging was their “A Bigger Deal” affairs — a amalgamation of old and new account that captured the imaginations of few voters. What has appear advanced as an accession to acceptable Autonomous account — some adaptation of autonomous socialism — is arguable as a civic bulletin and by no agency the accord position of the party.

Democrats haven’t activate the blueprint that both bridges these centralized fissures and appeals added broadly to a bigger electorate.

Even if the aldermanic after-effects in November are acceptable for Democrats, they acquire a alloyed almanac of admiration the future. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all suffered ample midterm losses and still went on to win reelection. Added than a few Democrats acquire that, in a acceptable economy, Trump will be a alarming and difficult opponent. And alike in victory, the 2018 elections cannot acknowledgment all the questions about what affectionate of affair Democrats are and appetite to be. This November, Democrats can be the affair of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old Bronx-born Autonomous left-wing who agitated Autonomous Rep. Joe Crowley in the June primary and instantly became a civic brilliant of the left. They can additionally be the affair of Rep. Conor Lamb, the 34-year-old aloft Marine and federal prosecutor who aftermost bounce addled a Republican-held bench in Trump country in southwestern Pennsylvania with a bulletin that choleric accelerating behavior with abstinent positions. Both Ocasio-Cortez and Lamb were near-perfect fits for their districts, but is either the blueprint for success in a civic campaign? No affair can be all things to all people. Choices allegation be made, priorities established, and at times bright curve drawn.

I afresh asked Autonomous pollster Mark Mellman to appraise the accompaniment of the party. “Internally, I anticipate it’s actual healthy,” he said. “We acquire added bodies alive for appointment as Democrats than we’ve had in a connected time. Tremendous billow in interest. Tremendous billow in participation. … There are aloof all-inclusive numbers of bodies putting themselves out for the Autonomous Affair in agency … that they had not done before. That’s a sign, I think, of amazing health.”

He continued: “If you attending at it from the outside, it’s not so healthy. The Autonomous Affair is not actual accepted today with a lot of people, and that is absolutely a problem. If you attending at it in complete agreement and aloof attending at area the Democrats angle today: not actual good. You attending at area our administering stands, you attending at area our affair stands in agreement of the public, it’s aloof not good. There’s no way to alarm it good. On the added hand, if you attending at it in about agreement and say area are we compared to the Republicans? Well, not so bad. They’re there to save us.”

Many Democrats say it’s an adornment to advance their affair is in the bosom of an appearance crisis. Yet afterwards a summer of advertisement in Washington and abroad in the country, afterwards talking with strategists, adopted admiral at abounding levels and grass-roots activists, it’s bright to me that for all the anti-Trump activity that exists — activity that will consistently admonition to bind Democrats in accepted account appear 2020 — the party’s challenges are serious. Brainy differences are alone allotment of it. This is a affair of ascent constituencies ambitious not aloof to be heard but to be at the table of decision-makers. It is a affair in flux, affective from one era to another, with no accessible baton and an appearance yet to be absolutely shaped.

Democrats haven’t activate the blueprint that both bridges these centralized fissures and appeals added broadly to a bigger electorate. But the moment is advancing aback they will allegation to activate authoritative cogent advance adjoin this goal. Otherwise, Democrats may be attractive at the one affair they best appetite to avoid: four added years of Admiral Trump.

A Gallup poll appear in August found, for the aboriginal time, that Democrats acquire a added favorable appearance of socialism than of capitalism. In 2010, aback Gallup asked the aforementioned catechism (without defining either term), 53 percent of Democrats had a favorable appearance of both isms. In the latest survey, 57 percent of Democrats had a favorable appearance of socialism, but aloof 47 percent had a favorable appearance of capitalism.

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In mid-June, Sanders and added -to-be 2020 candidates appeared afore a We the Bodies appointment hosted by several activity and accelerating organizations at a Washington hotel. Sanders acclimated the appointment to booty a basic achievement lap for accepting adapted the action debate. “A few years ago,” he said, “many of the account that we talked about were anticipation to be binding ideas, aitionist ideas, agitator ideas. But you apperceive what? Because of your efforts, those account are now boilerplate American ideas.” He got a roaring acknowledgment from the audience.

The account he took acclaim for injecting into the boilerplate of Autonomous backroom accommodate his “Medicare-for-all” health-care plan; tuition-free accessible colleges and universities; a $15-an-hour minimum wage; and an basement plan that would bulk $1 trillion. Add to that an abstraction that has aggregate abutment aloft the accelerating movement — a federal job agreement affairs — and the Autonomous Affair of today bears bare affinity to Bill Clinton’s New Democrat party, whose calendar included abundance reform, putting added badge on the streets, advancement of free-trade agreements and the acclaimed declaration, “The era of big government is over.”

Yet for all of Sanders’s claims, the affair has not acclimatized some of these questions. Abounding Democrats acquire beneath to embrace the Vermont senator’s abstraction of Medicare-for-all. Neera Tanden, admiral of the accelerating Centermost for American Progress, says she believes the accurate accord in the affair on bloom affliction is for accepted coverage. How to get to accepted advantage charcoal area for debate. “I acquire no absorption in angry with Bernie Sanders, and I anticipate that the affair needs to unite,” she told me one afternoon in her appointment in burghal Washington. “So if he thinks that ‘everyone is acknowledging accepted coverage’ is a attestation to him and not, like, FDR and every Democrat aback FDR who accurate that idea, afresh I’m accomplished with it.”

One acumen the affair has confused larboard is that abundant of the adeptness and activity has confused from enactment leaders adjoin the grass roots, whose backbone was accent by the Sanders campaign. The huge women’s marches alpha the day afterwards Trump’s inauguration, the organized, grass-roots insurgence adjoin Republican efforts to aition and alter the Affordable Affliction Act, the demonstrations over absorption “dreamers” — all allege to the armament alive the Democrats’ agenda. Affair leaders acquire accolade to chase along.

In the deathwatch of Trump’s victory, attrition groups acquire sprung up spontaneously all over the country — groups like Indivisible, Beat Larboard and Flippable. In some burghal areas, there are assorted chapters; they abide as able-bodied in alone and rural areas added acutely accurate as Trump country. Abounding of these groups acquire alone apart adherence to or account for Autonomous Affair structures. But they are ambitious a voice. Meanwhile, responding to criticism, the Autonomous Civic Committee afresh rewrote its rules for the nominating action to abate the adeptness of alleged superdelegates (elected admiral and affair leaders), acquisitive to analgesic the wounds larboard over from the Clinton-Sanders action but, added important, to abstain a debilitating action during the 2020 campaign.

“A lot of bodies are talking about the left-right debate,” says Jon Favreau, aloft speechwriter for Obama and now allotment of the podcast “Pod Save America.” “I see it as top-bottom or inside-outside. The activity is alfresco of Washington, and it’s actual abundant abiding to a convalescent accelerating populism clashing the populism that Trump is promoting. … There is this activity out there and ache for solutions and ideas. … Democrats acquire abstruse that incrementalism and small, bite-sized proposals aren’t activity to cut it anymore. Clintonism is gone.”

How austere are the brainy differences? Lynn Vavreck, a political scientist at the University of California at Los Angeles — and columnist with John Sides and Michael Tesler of a new book about the 2016 advance alleged “Identity Crisis: The 2016 Presidential Advance and the Action for the Meaning of America” — explained to me over cafeteria this summer a key award from the book. “One affair that bodies will acquisition the best hasty and that will apparently get the best annotation is Autonomous primary voters acquire the aforementioned opinions on issues, whether they were acknowledging Sanders or Clinton,” she said. “People like to say they’re so different. … They’re altered on demographics. But in agreement of what they appetite and what their positions are on issues, they’re not different.”

Jake Sullivan, who served as Hillary Clinton’s action administrator in the 2016 advance and afore that was a adopted action adviser in the Obama administration, put it this way: “When you band abroad the aberration in the way bodies allocution about issues and you absolutely attending at the calendar that moderates adjoin progressives are putting forward, the gaps are not about as big as they may acquire appeared during the Bernie-Hillary battle. … So it’s adamantine for me to see what affair is activity to be the one, or what set of issues, that will accomplish allusive Dem-on-Dem abandon branch into 2020. I don’t see it.”

And yet there are acutely captivated abstract differences over aspects of bread-and-er policy, in accurate how aggressively to claiming accumulated power, the accommodation amid assurance on bazaar armament vs. government intervention, the adapted akin of regulation, and the admeasurement and ambit of the federal government. There is additionally a accessible agitation about trade. Obama and Clinton were both free-trade advocates, but organized activity and abounding progressives are not. Debates access as able-bodied over adopted policy, over whether Obama’s access to the apple was in some areas too hesitant, decidedly the case of Syria and the abominable red line. Aloft that are questions about the adapted aspect for the Affiliated States, already the world’s alone superpower, at a time of a ascent and absolute China and an aggressive, if weakened, Russia.

Nor acquire Democrats absolutely bound the issues about immigration, added than to altercate Trump’s policies. The accessible agrees with abounding of the specifics Democrats angle for: no breach of families, no bank on the border, and alike a aisle to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who accommodated assertive requirements. But some axiological questions about clearing abide changing aural the party. Says Sullivan: “The bigger shortcoming of the Democrats adapted now is that, if you ask a Democrat, what is your clearing action — balloon Trump, balloon ancestors separation, balloon the wall, balloon the racism, balloon all of it. A actuality comes from Axial America, crosses the bound tomorrow and you’re in charge. What do you do about that person?”

Democrats accede that there will be debates on any cardinal of issues advanced of 2020, but they agnosticism there will be any Sister Souljah moments (when Clinton acclimated a rap singer’s lyrics to draw a acumen with Jesse Jackson in 1992 advised to allay accepted white voters). “People are absolutely affiliated in the complete and existential blackmail of Donald Trump,” says Autonomous pollster Anna Greenberg. “The angle that bodies are dying on the cast of single-payer [health care] is aloof not true.” Matt Bennett, of the centrist accumulation Third Way, adds: “What we’re activity to see over the aing year and a bisected is what we achievement is a agitation that is able-bodied abbreviate of a war. Republicans activate themselves in a war, an baleful war. There’s no acumen we should do that. There’s every acumen we shouldn’t. But there’s activity to be a alive debate.”

The incentives in the nominating action will be to comedy to and accede to the activity in the abject and on the left, which is why all of the Democrats who addressed aftermost summer’s We the Bodies appointment offered thumping, accelerating letters whose actuality differed little from that of Bernie Sanders. Republicans see that about-face as a abeyant allowance and say Democrats who abatement the risks of affective too far larboard are actuality foolish. “They’ve got their own Freedom Caucus,” says Karl Rove, who was arch architect in George W. Bush’s 2000 advance and afterwards White House agent arch of staff. “It exists abundantly alfresco of Congress. The attrition adjourned by Tom Steyer and the animosity of accustomed Democrats [toward the president] unhinges them from the affectionate of abode they allegation to allure beat voters.”

By that thinking, chain and agitative the abject cannot be the party’s alone imperative. Instead, Democrats should be cerebration about as abundant about how the broader electorate will accede to what its candidates are selling. “I anticipate the accelerating activist abject is an important articulation for our affair that needs to be heard and that will admonition us bigger represent the country,” says Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.). “But it can’t say that alone its articulation matters. Progressives can’t say we’re the alone ones that can be heard and we’re activity to accumulate everybody abroad out, unless we appetite to accumulate losing, unless we appetite to not be a force for American politics. I don’t appetite progressives to be quiet, but I do appetite them to listen.”

To progressives, that misses a aloft point, which is that the angle they are espousing, and the bodies for whom they speak, deserve added than lip account from the affair and its leaders. “The accelerating abject that shares accelerating ethics is tens of millions of people,” says Heather McGhee, acclaimed arch adolescent at Demos, a accelerating organization. “The claiming for Autonomous administering is to accomplish the Autonomous Affair and Autonomous backroom a conscionable home for their advocacy.” Adapted now, she says, those accelerating activists who assignment on issues like altitude change or ancestral amends or aborticide rights “don’t see the affair as the home and the access for their advocacy. In that way, the accelerating abject is abundant bigger and broader than the Autonomous Affair activist base.”

Some acceptable Democrats anguish that a characterless achievement in the midterm elections will alert progressives to say the affair did not go far abundant in all-embracing the larboard calendar and that this could aftermath demands for an alike bluff turn. “I anticipate if we don’t win the House and we don’t do able-bodied in governors, which I anticipate is unlikely, but if it happens, there will be such a defection in our party,” says one aloft adopted official. “And my adjudge is, to comedy it out, we will appoint an acute larboard [candidate] for president.”

Internally, Democrats are affiliated on best cultural and amusing issues, and, as William Galston of the Brookings Institution notes, the debates of accomplished decades “ended with a apple-pie win for the liberals.” In the connected run, Galston told me, that should not be awkward for the party, accustomed the accepted trend in accessible opinion, abnormally amid adolescent Americans. But he warns that this new accord “absolutely” is a botheration in the abbreviate appellation and average appellation for a affair that is attractive to clean its backbone in the centermost of the country. “It’s a botheration for Democrats in that cultural sentiments are not analogously advance through the American landscape,” he says, “and so the trends that I’ve aloof declared are abundant added accepted in the cities and the suburbs than they are in baby towns and rural areas.”

Geography presents a 18-carat botheration for the Democrats. The affair has agitated the accepted vote in six of the accomplished seven presidential elections but won the admiral in aloof four of those. True, a about-face of 80,000 votes in three states — Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — in 2016 adeptness acquire prompted a abundant altered chat about the accompaniment of Autonomous and Republican backroom today. But geographic issues are real, as apparent by arena absent in the states during Obama’s presidency. Amid 2009 and 2016, the affair absent about 900 accompaniment aldermanic seats and saw its ascendancy of governorships attempt to a low of 15 (now 16 aback New Jersey adopted a Autonomous governor in 2017). Today, Republicans ascendancy 31 accompaniment legislatures and adore abounding ascendancy — assembly and governor’s abode — in 25 states (to aloof eight for the Democrats), according to the Civic Appointment of Accompaniment Legislatures. Trump won 30 states in 2016 to Clinton’s 20. Overall, there are added red states than dejected states, and those baby red states accelerate as abounding senators to Washington as the added crawling dejected states.

The GOP’s anchor on accompaniment legislatures accustomed Republicans to draw favorable aldermanic commune curve that acquire helped them advance their backbone in the House aloft the allotment of votes they’ve received. Unless Democrats accomplish added adeptness in the states, they will abide at a disadvantage in the redistricting battles that will booty abode afterwards the 2020 Census. Affair admiral apprehend to barb aback some of the area ceded over the accomplished decade this November, starting with gubernatorial races. But they alpha from a abysmal hole.

Many Democrats accusation Obama for the accompaniment and civic losses that occurred while he was in office. Though he won a majority of the accepted vote twice, article no Democrat aback Franklin D. Roosevelt had done, and advancing endless adolescent bodies to get complex in politics, he apparent little absorption in the affair and its structures. Democrats additionally complaining that the 50-state action of aloft Autonomous Civic Committee armchair Howard Dean was alone or abandoned during Obama’s presidency. The accepted chair, Tom Perez, has vowed to action in every accompaniment and precinct, but the affair basement needs a cogent check advanced of 2020.

Galston addendum that political parties rarely apprentice acquaint from elections they anticipation they would lose. It was Michael Dukakis’s blow in 1988, not Walter Mondale’s barrage defeat to Reagan in 1984, that befuddled up the affair and ultimately produced the centrist conception Clinton took into the 1992 election. “I do anticipate the amazing shock in the affair as the after-effects formed in on acclamation night in 2016 were a able arresting that article had gone amiss that was added than tactical, that some rethinking was in order,” Galston says. “I’ve apparent added Autonomous beat to the heartlands in the accomplished 20 months than the above-mentioned 20 years. I don’t anticipate that’s an accident.”

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Blue jeans with blank brown label tag — Stock Photo © alexbr #10 – brown label jeans website | brown label jeans website

Tom Steyer: The California billionaire is on a mission to force allegation affairs adjoin the president. (Richard Drew/Associated Press)

Jon Favreau: The aloft Obama speechwriter says, “There is this activity out there and ache for solutions and ideas.” (Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon)

Jake Sullivan: Hillary Clinton’s action administrator in the 2016 advance says, “It’s adamantine for me to see what affair … will accomplish allusive Dem-on-Dem abandon branch into 2020.” (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

FROM LEFT: Tom Steyer: The California billionaire is on a mission to force allegation affairs adjoin the president. Jon Favreau: The aloft Obama speechwriter says, “There is this activity out there and ache for solutions and ideas.” Jake Sullivan: Hillary Clinton’s action administrator in the 2016 advance says, “It’s adamantine for me to see what affair … will accomplish allusive Dem-on-Dem abandon branch into 2020.” (Photos from left: Richard Drew/Associated Press, Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon, Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

The Democrats acquire abounding letters for abounding people. On the website of the Autonomous Civic Committee, beneath the branch “People,” the affair lists 17 constituency groups, abounding overlapping. Hillary Clinton’s bulletin in 2016 generally came aloft as a diffuse account of programmatic responses to specific problems. What has yet to appear in the post-Obama era is a accent that finer speaks to the altitude and grievances that Trump broke into in 2016, article that transcends appeals to the constituencies, article that is both autonomous and aspirational.

It would be abnormal for a affair to aftermath that during midterm elections, aback the focus is on alone districts and states. This affectionate of assignment allegation anticipate the best action and the adeptness of a applicant to distill and amalgamate advancing and sometimes adverse priorities. But at this point, there’s little affirmation that a accord is arising — or alike that there is boundless assignment underway. As one Democrat told me, “First, the botheration has to be recognized, and bodies assume actual afraid to admit it.” Bill Clinton redefined the affair to heighten its abode to accepted voters. Obama transcended programmatic appeals with “hope and change” at a time aback the country was souring on old battles, axis adjoin the Iraq War and dog-hungry for inspiration. What Democrats abridgement is article that defines them in the American story, that binds the affair affiliation and expands it. It acceptable isn’t abundant artlessly to accent accustomed capacity of the abridgement and accomplishment and bloom care. Amid added challenges, Democrats allegation a bulletin that allows them to attempt in the capricious regions of the country. For now, they’ve absent best of the South, presidentially and congressionally, and are challenged in some of the Plains and Rocky Mountain states. The abrasion in the Midwest in contempo elections represents a aflame chicken ablaze that can’t be ignored.

Jerry Brown, who is commutual his additional two-term assignment as governor of California and who ran for admiral assorted times, recalls admonition he was accustomed connected ago, admonition that at the time he did not acquire graciously. “This actuality said, ‘Be added generic,’ ” he told me by blast backward in the summer. “When John F. Kennedy said, ‘Get America affective again,’ that was generic. [Reagan’s] ‘Morning in America,’ that was generic. Aback Trump said, ‘Make America abundant again,’ that was generic. You do acquire to abode to America, to the future, to the body of the Autonomous Party. Aback you get bent in this maw of identitarian animosity and movements, it becomes actual difficult to accumulate at the added accepted akin that unites people. So there’s a addiction to divide, to allotment and dice and bisect again. … You allegation to abode in ample terms.”

In the deathwatch of Trump’s victory, attrition groups acquire sprung up all over the country. Abounding acquire alone apart adherence to or account for Autonomous Affair structures. But they are ambitious a voice.

Trump activate a abrogating way into the electorate. Democrats backfire at artful that access but admit the call of ambrosial to economically hard-pressed workers with a bulletin that fits the party’s ethics and principles. “He had an acknowledgment for those people,” the Centermost for American Progress’s Tanden says of banal voters. “We like to anticipate it’s bulls—. We as policymakers like to anticipate like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t real, it was all character.’ But he had an acknowledgment for bodies who were struggling, and it was like, ‘I’m activity to stop outsourcing, I’m activity to be boxy on barter and I’m activity to stop immigration.’ Whether we like those answers or not, it’s an answer. And the Autonomous Affair has to acquire a bigger answer.” Why hasn’t the affair already activate that message? “The acknowledgment is hard,” she says. “With globalization and barter and technology, it’s not aloof the Autonomous Affair that hasn’t appear up with a abundant answer. No country has appear up with a abundant acknowledgment on this.”

Terry McAuliffe, the aloft governor of Virginia who is because a presidential bid, is amorous about the Democrats’ allegation to focus on the abridgement aloft all else. “We should own the affair of bread-and-er problems,” he says. “We should own the affair of jobs. All those key bulk issues, like I argued in Virginia, that’s what bodies affliction about. They don’t appetite to apprehend me allocution about Donald Trump. They don’t! What are you activity to do for me? What are your values? I anticipate bodies appetite to see accession who’s authentic.”

But it’s not aloof what Democrats say to people; it’s how they say it. Tone matters. Peter Wehner, who formed in George W. Bush’s White House and who has been consistently analytical of Trump, thinks Democrats are accessible to criticism that they allege bottomward to abounding voters. “It’s not that they’re angular with the accessible on some of these cultural and amusing issues,” he says. “But they assume so advancing about it. … If their attitude is, ‘We’re not artlessly activity to win in the acclamation box, but if you don’t accede with our angle we’re activity to breach you,’ that affectionate of cultural airs is what gave acceleration to Donald Trump.”

Another affair for Democrats is the catechism of their adequacy to accomplish government work. “One of Trump’s adeptness is that he speaks in alive affectionate of language,” says David Axelrod, who was Obama’s arch strategist. “His axiological bulletin was, ‘Let me handle it. I’ll booty affliction of it. I’ll booty affliction of bodies who are demography advantage of us.’ Instead of these fumbling, dissembling, egoistic politicians, he was saying, ‘I’m the ramrod who can absolutely get actuality done.’ I anticipate Democrats acquire to be acquainted that there is a abundant accord of skepticism about our adeptness to absolutely accord with any of these problems.”

Julián Castro, now advertent a 2020 campaign, takes an optimistic view. He believes that, about acknowledged Trump was as a candidate, there will be a admiration in the aing acclamation for a admiral with a altered style. “Sure, he’s afflicted the rules of backroom a bit, but there’s additionally a greater acknowledgment now for adequacy and ability and abiding leadership,” Castro says. “I don’t acquire in 2020 we’re activity to go aback to absolutely area we were before. I anticipate bodies are attractive for accession who shoots beeline for them and is honest and has administering abilities and is inclusive.”

Race and gender are now axial to the backroom of the day and abnormally to the Democrats and their future. The party’s best loyal voters are African Americans. Latinos anatomy an capital allotment of the coalition, but there are questions about whether in the approaching their adherence will abide as solid as it has been. Meanwhile, the affair has apparent the access of women ascent in the coalition, decidedly college-educated women, who in the age of Trump are now about a bulk constituency. For some years, women acquire been voting for Democrats in greater numbers. Beneath Trump, the gender gap is added than ever. “I anticipate it’s a affair in alteration rather than a affair of centralized conflict,” says Anna Greenberg. She sees this moment as “the aftermost blow of beforehand white men who acquire ascendancy in the party” and calls it “a advantageous reinvention.”

Inevitably, this turns the altercation to which voters Democrats should seek to activate or persuade. Can the Democrats be the affair of a awful assorted affiliation with its backbone concentrated on the two coasts and still win abundant abutment amid white banal voters in the average of the country to accomplish them aggressive in as abounding places as possible? There is a growing consensus, say Autonomous strategists, that the party’s candidates should focus best on mobilizing those already aural the coalition, and by some calculations that would be abundant to win the presidency. Clinton’s blow was so attenuated that improvements in African American assembly and in margins adeptness acquire put her in the White House.

As this altercation goes, the affair can win afterwards accomplishing decidedly bigger amid white banal voters, so why accede appeals that could adulterate able capacity of ancestral justice, altruism and inclusion? This catechism has the abeyant to be a beam point aural the party. “There won’t be huge action differences amid the Democrats in agreement of agency to abode assets inequality,” says McGhee of Demos. “We saw that at the We the Bodies conference, saw it in the Democrats’ Bigger Accord plan, which is abundant added accelerating than it would acquire been. The questions will be about how to abode racism and ism and xenophobia, and what is the action for architecture a acceptable coalition? Who are the Democrats’ appetite constituencies?”

The affair is abnormally abounding in the Trump era. Trump injected chase and ancestral issues into the 2016 advance and has connected to do so as president. It’s not difficult for Democrats to adjudge the admiral over things like the white supremacist, neo-Nazi advance in Charlottesville in August 2017. But how anon will Autonomous candidates in 2018 allege about race, acclamation the apropos and animosity of African Americans and added minorities, at the aforementioned time as they try to allege to white banal voters? Best adios the abstraction that it’s an either-or choice. “I don’t appetite to be Pollyanna-ish about the challenges,” says Autonomous pollster Geoff Garin. “There are issues about clearing and ancestral amends that are polarizing and alienated amid the two groups. But accepting said that, I acquire that, if Democrats acquire big, adventurous and important things to say about people’s bread-and-er aegis and bread-and-er opportunities, those account can arch the gap amid one allotment of the electorate and the other.” For now, however, no baton has approved absolutely how to do that.

In addition, Democrats ache from a generational aqueduct at a time aback they are added codicillary on adolescent voters. They are led by a accumulating of admiral connected ago acceptable for Medicare and Amusing Security. Biden is 75, Sanders is 77 and Warren is 69. Amid Autonomous aldermanic leaders, Nancy Pelosi is 78; Steny Hoyer, 79; James Clyburn, 78; Chuck Schumer, 67; Dick Durbin, 73. “I anticipate a lot of Americans attending at the Autonomous Affair adapted now and say, ‘Okay, arch citizens are actual able-bodied represented; they get us,’ ” says Rep. Moulton, 39, who has been calling for changes in the party’s aldermanic administering to the acrimony of some in the party. “But adolescent bodies will say, ‘Who’s there for me?’ ”

As the 2020 presidential advance comes into focus in the advancing months, the affair begins with Biden, Sanders and Warren aloft best acclamation (meaningless as those acclamation adeptness be). All three acquire been application 2018 to adapt for a accessible campaign.

Biden is apparent by some Democrats as a safe choice: experienced, accredited, accession who can abode aloft the party’s assorted affiliation and, possibly, allege to banal whites who are conflicting from the party. As some Democrats put it, if the country artlessly wants a acquittal from Trump, a aeon of clearing down, why not Biden? But he has not done able-bodied in antecedent presidential campaigns, and there are questions about how acclimatized he would be, how beginning he would be, alike whether he absolutely has the blaze to accomplish the run from alpha to finish.

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Sanders has never chock-full campaigning. He charcoal awful visible, on television and about the country. Nor has he wavered from the bulletin he acclimated in 2016 to claiming Clinton. Consistency is his trump card. But there are big questions about him as well. He has intervened in abundant primary contests this year, with alloyed results, adopting questions as to whether his Autonomous left-wing bulletin can ability as broadly as bare in a accepted election. Also, can he bear the attacks that will appear at him? In 2016, he took about no admission fire, not from Clinton, not from the Republicans. Should he run again, he would be challenged far added vigorously.

Warren has a reelection advance to run and win in Massachusetts this fall, but that presents no complete obstacle. She has been alive in presenting herself as the fighter the affair will allegation and already is in a approved action bout with the president. She gets beneath his skin, and that adventurousness appeals to abounding Democrats. Abaft the scenes, she has approved to augment her network. She has approved to brighten her accreditation as the affliction of both accumulated adeptness and Washington appropriate interests, alms action proposals over the summer advised to cast her as an alien admitting her cachet as a senator. But there are apropos about whether she can affiliate the country, angle aired a by some strategists and accurate spontaneously by rank-and-file Democrats as well.

Below the big three, the jockeying has begun. So abounding bodies are talked about, and are cerebration about running, that the Autonomous acreage in 2020 could battling that of the Republicans in 2016. The Washington Post’s Fix aggregation consistently handicaps the 15 top candidates but addendum to readers that they should additionally be watching 11 added Democrats: senators, governors, mayors, aloft Cabinet officials, business bodies like Starbucks’s Howard Schultz. Alike that connected account doesn’t accommodate Michael Avenatti. Nor does it accommodate Rep. Beto O’Rourke, the Texan arduous Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. O’Rourke has captured the absorption and imaginations of Democrats aloft the country. He is a audible underdog in the Senate race, accustomed the political leanings of Texas, but were he to cull off an agitated adjoin Cruz, he instantly would be added to the account of -to-be candidates.

It’s absurd at this point to highlight all the contenders, but conversations with a cardinal of abeyant candidates this summer offered a faculty of what they are cerebration and how they see the accompaniment of their party.

Sen. Kamala Harris of California, 53, leans advanced in her armchair in the Hart Senate Appointment Building. It’s midday and she is acknowledgment how she sees the ebbs and flows of backroom and progress. “So I acquire a theory,” she says. “It’s a crude, asperous affectionate of theory, but I acquire a approach about what was activity on in agreement of who we are as a country that led to the aftereffect [in 2016], that partially led to the outcome, and it is if you anticipate about the aftermost 10 years in our country, we acquire accomplished an absurd bulk of change.”

She mentions the Abundant Recession of 2008, homes absent and job opportunities downsized. She talks about the browning of America and the arrival of immigrants, and a woman alive for admiral and a admiral alleged Barack Hussein Obama. “There’s so abundant accident aloof in these aftermost 10 years,” she says, “and it has accurately larboard a lot of bodies activity absolutely displaced, apprehensive are they relevant, are they obsolete, area do they fit in?”

Trump, she continues, accepted that those fears were accepted and real: “He apprehend it accurately and afresh took it to the everyman accepted denominator and said, ‘And accordingly it’s us adjoin them,’ instead of what absolutely administering should be about, which is saying, ‘Hey, I’m with you, we’re all in it together.’ ”

One affair of her speeches is that Democrats allegation “paint a account of the approaching in which anybody can see themselves.” She rejects those who betoken that, to win the votes of some of those who absitively to action on Trump out of their frustrations and conceivably anger, the affair allegation “shift away” from African American or Latino mothers, as she describes one of the best basic genitalia of the Autonomous base. “That’s a huge mistake,” she says. “Don’t accomplish those … ladies ache from the box we put them in.”

Some Democrats airing calculating about the affair of race, Obama amid them. As the aboriginal African American president, he abhorred authoritative chase a axial affair for altercation unless there were moments that accepted it, such as the killings of bent African Americans like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. Harris believes that, accustomed the advance of 2016 and the racially based appeals of Admiral Trump, and what he said and didn’t say afterwards Charlottesville, chase is now a binding allotment of the political conversation. “I’m not activity to adverse myself to an acclamation that happened over 10 years ago,” she says, apropos to the way Obama ran in 2008. “But I’ll allege to this moment. Yeah, we acquire to allocution about this. We acquire to.”

Harris sees the byword “identity politics” as a debasing advised to marginalize issues that she believes allegation be advanced and centermost in the chat about the country. She recalls a altercation with her admiral advanced of a accent she delivered at the Netroots Nation appointment in August in New Orleans. “I’m sitting about with my aggregation aggravating to anticipate about what I’m activity to allocution about in this thing,” she says, “and I aloof said, ‘Do you apperceive what? The affair that’s been belief on me that I appetite to allocution about is this affair about this accomplished appearance politics, because it’s been annoying me and I anticipate we should aloof allocution about it.’ And anybody was like, hmmm. … I do acquire we acquire to allege truth, and that’s one of the truths.”

Harris, who sits on the Judiciary and Intelligence committees, credibility to what the Russians did in 2016 to try to attenuate American democracy. The Russians, she says, activated to actuate what would aftermath the best heat, the best discord, about like scientists in a laboratory. “And assumption what the one was? It was about hate. It was about racism. It was about ism. It was about anti-Semitism. It was about phobia. That’s what admiring heat. So isn’t that an absorbing affair that one of our longest adversaries, the Russian government, ample out America’s Achilles’ heel? One of the bigger ones is race, and they attacked us based on that. And we’re not activity to allocution about it?”

Toward the end of the conversation, she speaks about her parents and the struggles they accomplished during the civilian rights conflicts of the 1960s. “People say there’s a pendulum,” she notes. “I don’t anticipate there’s a pendulum. I anticipate that it’s basically an advancement spiral. So we ability a aerial and afresh it goes low and afresh we go” — she gestures upward. “The things that are accident now are bad, but there’s cycles. … There are dips, and we’re in a dip. But we are constantly, I think, activity in an advancement trajectory.”

Eric Garcetti: The ambassador of Los Angeles says Democrats “stopped speaking the accent of approved America.” (Richard Vogel/Associated Press)

Kamala Harris: The agent from California sees the byword “identity politics” as a debasing advised to marginalize issues that she believes allegation be advanced and center. (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)

Jerry Brown: The governor of California has run for admiral assorted times. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

FROM LEFT: Eric Garcetti: The ambassador of Los Angeles says Democrats “stopped speaking the accent of approved America.” Kamala Harris: The agent from California sees the byword “identity politics” as a debasing advised to marginalize issues that she believes allegation be advanced and center. Jerry Brown: The governor of California has run for admiral assorted times. (Photos from left: Richard Vogel/Associated Press, Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press, Alex Wong/Getty Images)

About 2,500 afar west of the U.S. Capitol, Ambassador Eric Garcetti governs the sprawling and assorted burghal of Los Angeles. He is one of several mayors or ex-mayors — Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans, Michael Bloomberg of New York, Castro of San Antonio amid them — actuality discussed as accessible candidates in 2020.

Garcetti, 47, is the son of Gil Garcetti, who led the bootless case of O.J. Simpson in the 1990s. He served on the Burghal Council for a dozen years afore acceptable acclamation as ambassador in 2013. He has aciculate angle about what happened to the Democrats in 2016 and some of the things they allegation to do to abstain accession defeat in two years.

When I allege to him in his Burghal Hall office, Garcetti is edgeless in his criticism of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. “It wasn’t about a abysmal abstract ideology,” he says. “It was the bequest of her husband’s [presidency] — ‘Hey, we don’t do big things anymore, we do a lot of incremental things. Ask me any catechism and I got a acceptable acknowledgment to like how we can move it a bisected an inch, and that will hopefully advance to accession bisected an inch, accession bisected an inch.’ ” Clinton’s action prescriptions went three levels abysmal on her website, he says. Trump, meanwhile, “had like three action things on his absolute website and two were the wall. I anticipate that there is a faculty of there’s been not abundant of any articular aesthetics to adverse that.”

He initially resists putting himself on an brainy spectrum, saying, “That chat is added out of blow with things.” Bodies vote presidentially “based on a activity of ‘How do I feel about you?’ ” He does not acquire that Sanders absolutely confused the Autonomous Affair to the left. “I anticipate both he and Trump contributed to an all-embracing activity that the arrangement doesn’t assignment for Americans,” he says. “So to my beforehand point, it’s not area you are on the spectrum larboard or adapted anymore. That’s an old conversation.” Afresh he adds, “I’m absolutely progressive.”

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Garcetti argues that Trump did two things Democrats should acknowledge. “One, he blanket who we are out from beneath us,” he says. “We’re the affair of the underdog. … He absolutely switched it. Now [Democrats are] the affair of the elites. … It’s absolute bulls—, but he assertive everybody. … Second, area I do accord him acclaim and area the Democrats bootless …” He interrupts himself to say, “This is absolutely an important point,” and afresh continues: “Identity matters, and Democrats acquire run away. If you appetite to run for admiral of the Affiliated States or if you appetite to be a civic aldermanic baton for the country, you bigger ascertain what the nation is.”

He continues: “Who are we? We’re absolutely acceptable at adage who we are as individuals. I’m half-Mexican, half-Jewish, Italian aftermost name, ambassador from Los Angeles. But I can acquaint you what actuality American agency to me, and Trump offered an identity. Now, it happened to exclude a lot of us, but it was a civic identity. … We didn’t acquire one. We’re afraid of patriotism. We’re afraid of talking about acceptance in a claimed way, and we aloof acquire chock-full talking about an identity.”

Garcetti acknowledges there are abrogating furnishings of nationalistic appeals; he mentions the Balkans as an example. “But,” he says, “I additionally see, clashing a lot of added Democrats, bellicism is a absolute force. It’s what brings bodies together, it’s what makes you feel allotment of a aloft family, aloft ancestral and geographic and age curve and all that, alike affair lines.”

Toward the end of our interview, he allotment to his affair that the Democrats anticipate too abundant about themselves and not abundant about the country. “We chock-full speaking the accent of approved America,” he says. “I anticipate on the debit sheet, we’re the smarty-pants affair with an incremental abstraction to everything.”

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut has anticipation a lot about what happened in 2016 and what to do about it. He isn’t shy about suggesting that his affair needs to booty the adapted acquaint from Trump’s victory. In his Senate appointment one afternoon, he lays out his analysis.

“Trump accepted that you had to be the applicant who best credibly looked and articulate like a action reformer,” he says. “He never talked about it in those terms. … But he looked and articulate like the best accessible applicant to change the way that things were done here, and you could altercate that the presidential applicant who looks like the best acceptable to change the way things are done in Washington has been the one that has won consistently over the years.”

Democrats acquire become too alert about blame big account to ameliorate the way Washington works, too “self-satisfied with the abstraction that we are the affair of reform, because of advance we are. … I anticipate our affair has to get our arch captivated about the actuality that, if we don’t put in our party’s amphitheater reforming the way that this abode works, we’re not activity to breach through unless we acquisition a applicant who aloof array of oozes outsider.” Democrats, Murphy adds, acquire become too paternalistic, too conjugal to solutions in Washington and cagey of account that appear from the states and cities. “That has fabricated us a affair of basic irrelevance in big swaths of the country,” he says.

Murphy backed Clinton in 2016, but he praises Sanders for what he could advise the Democrats. “I bethink that day aback he larboard the conclave affair on a Tuesday and went alfresco to do his advertisement in the Senate ‘swamp,’ with like no prep, and I was like, ‘This is a presidential campaign? This is activity to be a disaster.’ It about anon bent fire.” He says Sanders additionally accent the adeptness of big syms and adventurous accent to accomplish bright whose ancillary he was on. “A lot of the Autonomous elites apology Bernie because chargeless academy was so unrealistic. Who cares?” Murphy says. “It’s a acceptable abstraction and it speaks to our values. … We anticipate way too abundant about what’s possible.”

Trump’s bulletin was effective, he says, because it was focused about the abstraction of protection: “It was aegis from a all-around economy, aegis from alarming immigrants. It was affected about the abstraction that we’re activity to assure you from all these armament that you abhorrence or don’t understand. That bulletin was adventuresome and dangerous, [but] bodies do feel like they’re beneath assault. … I anticipate we’ve got to action bodies our own adaptation of aegis from these alfresco forces.”

Murphy says Democrats allegation become “economic warriors” in the cast of Sanders. “I don’t apperceive the answers to whether Bernie has won a action of account aural the party, and I anticipate that alteration adeptness acquire been accident with or afterwards him,” he says. “But I anticipate he’s apparent us what can appear if you absorb about all your time cerebration about people’s paychecks and cerebration about the administration of bread-and-er adeptness in this country.”

Asked what banner Obama larboard on the party, he responds that there are millions of bodies now alive — volunteers, baby donors and the like — who were fatigued into the affair by Obama. Murphy additionally says Obama, by blame for the Affordable Affliction Act aback some of his admiral encouraged him to acquire less, showed the amount of not actuality conjugal to incrementalism.

But he makes accession cogent ascertainment about the Obama years. “I anguish that we were a burst affair blood over by an awfully accomplished president,” he says. “We didn’t acquire to anticipate about the affidavit why we couldn’t get a administrator adopted in bisected the states of the country because we had a admiral who kept on acceptable and who remained appealing accepted up until the end. So I aloof don’t anticipate we did a lot of work.”

Murphy acknowledges he has not sorted out all the contradictions and challenges that breeze from his analysis. He addendum with irony that, afterwards praising Sanders for adventurous ideas, he has not active on to Sanders’s Medicare-for-all proposal. Murphy has his own bill with Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon that he thinks is “a little added politically realistic.” He would rather see Democrats focus on bread-and-er issues than on some cultural wedges — and yet says he cannot footfall aback from the action over immigration. “I’m not walking the walk,” he says. Nor does he acquire the acknowledgment to how Democrats can allege to the absolute country. “When voters see us spending so abundant time messaging demographic accumulation to demographic group, it translates that we affliction about alone groups added than the bloom of the whole,” he says.

His closing anticipation highlights what may be the party’s bulk dilemma. “I anticipate it’s a abstract appetite these canicule for the affair to absorb added time on broad-based bread-and-er issues,” Murphy says. “I don’t anticipate we’ve ample that out yet.”

Unlike some Democrats who abide coy or absolutely ambivalent about their 2020 plans, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper makes no pretense about his absorption in gluttonous the Autonomous nomination. He is additionally acid adjoin the atom of a civic affair whose centermost of force is appreciably added accelerating than a decade ago.

At age 66, Hickenlooper is finishing his additional appellation as governor. Afore that he served as ambassador of Denver, and afore that was the buyer of a bar and restaurant. Afore all that, he was a geologist who absent his job during the oil apprehension of the mid-1980s. Today, he is business-friendly and a agent rather than a brawler. That accomplishments makes him a altered affectionate of Democrat. Assuming he goes advanced with his admiration to run for president, he will be demography on the claiming of aggravating to move the affair in a administration that few assume acquisitive to go: He rejects abrogating ads in his campaigns; he prefers accommodation to confrontation; he talks with pride about bringing calm environmentalists and the oil and gas industry.

He additionally sees America from a angle that some added Democrats do not. “I spent a ton of time in rural Colorado,” he says, “and I’m abiding there’s some racists out there, but there are not actual many.” He disagrees, he continues, with “this angle that amid the coasts there’s this aphotic malevolence.”

With the adapted message, he argues, Democrats can auspiciously ability some of the voters who anchored to Trump. “Trump does anger,” he says. “Democrats maybe allegation to do bigger at affinity or humor. There are added agency to engage. There’s annihilation added that connects bodies added auspiciously than anger. That’s allotment of why advance ads assignment so well. … But they’re actual harmful. The aition they do goes way aloft the election.”

Democrats ache from a generational aqueduct at a time aback they are added codicillary on adolescent voters. They are led by a accumulating of admiral connected ago acceptable for Medicare and Amusing Security.

Hickenlooper is an apparent action wonk. During an hour-long conversation, he goes abysmal into questions of advancing bodies for the abode of tomorrow. He sees that as the bigger bread-and-er claiming adverse countries about the world, area he says acrimony and annoyance acquire accustomed bourgeois populism to accretion a foothold. “There’s got to be a affecting transformation on how we attending at what automation and bogus intelligence [are accomplishing to workers] and all the outsourcing that’s already happened,” he says, adding, “The [Democrats’] absolute bulletin is, ‘We’re activity to fix this.’ ”

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Some Democrats on the larboard acquire alleged for abandoning U.S. Clearing and Customs Enforcement. “Aish ICE or change it?” Hickenlooper asks. “I’ve been adage we should change ICE for 10 years. There’s a bigger way to do it and accomplish all the goals.” He sees banned on immigration. “Some bodies anticipate we should acquire accessible borders. I don’t. … I anticipate you’ve got to defended the border. I anticipate that’s not a advanced or a bourgeois thing. … You still allegation to admit that not anybody can alive here.”

Hickenlooper lacks the affectionate of booming personality that some Democrats acquire is bare to booty on Trump. He says a acquaintance has told him that, while he won’t acquire to actuate anyone that he knows policy, he will acquire to acquisition an able way to affix with bodies who acquire abbreviate absorption spans and are fatigued to celebrity, affectation and pugnaciousness. “I don’t anticipate you acquire to use Twitter the way [Trump] does,” he says. “But whoever is the applicant needs to be able to authority their own in agreement of communicating their affection in bite-size pieces and somehow affix them to article that engages people.”

I ask him how, if he runs, he affairs to cull the affair adjoin him. “I don’t know. I abstruse in the restaurant business that aback accession is absolutely upset, don’t acquaint them that what they’re agitated about is wrong,” Hickenlooper says. “I can’t anticipate of a distinct time aback I’ve told someone, ‘Here are the affidavit why I’m adapted and you’re wrong.’ That’s never worked.”

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey brings affection to the convenance of politics. He sees things in claimed terms: backroom as a one-on-one enterprise, sometimes in-your-face but additionally article to be accomplished with love. In his appointment aloft the artery from the Capitol, he cradles a football as he speaks.

“Why is it the absolutism of the ‘or’?” he asks during a altercation of whether Democrats can attempt for all constituencies. “It’s either this action or that strategy. I’m sorry, aback I played Stanford football, we didn’t say we’re aloof activity to assignment on our abhorrent game, we’re aloof activity to assignment on our casual game, we’re aloof activity to assignment on our alive game. Aback we were arena USC, we brought aggregate we had.”

Booker, 49, was adopted to the Senate in 2013, accepting beforehand served as ambassador of Newark. His angle charcoal ashore in that burghal — and the bodies who were his capacity and neighbors. “I don’t anytime appetite to anticipate in agreement of these aloft labels,” he says as he names some of his constituents. “I appetite to consistently put myself adapted aing to Miss Virginia Jones, adapted aing to Natasha Laurel. Adapted aing to the cop who aloof texted me about an baffling annihilation in our neighborhood.”

He dismisses claims that the Democrats are divided. “I anticipate the media brand to accomplish a lot added out of this than it absolutely is, and maybe some of this is because we’re advancing off a presidential advance aback bodies approved to absolutely acrylic two affecting differences of the behavior of these two association [Clinton and Sanders]. One actuality said debt-free college. One actuality said chargeless college.”

Still, he sees vulnerabilities that Trump exploited. “Trump was able to accomplish a lot of bodies acquire that he was activity to accomplishment [them], and I anticipate he did it as [a] divisive, carnival-barking [candidate],” he says. “He was able to allege to people’s hurt, people’s pain, and I anticipate my affair has got to be able to do that. … Campaigns are as abundant the affection as they are the head, and I anticipate he absolutely batten actual able-bodied to the gut of abounding Americans who aloof acquainted article is awfully wrong.”

Asked to action a adverse to Trump’s byword of “Make America Abundant Again,” he demurs, adage he would leave message-making to those who seek the 2020 nomination. But he says there’s article he consistently talks about and suggests others can apprentice from it. “I allocution about adulation and affection and decency,” he says. “I anticipate what makes America abundant is our goodness. We are acceptable to anniversary other. We’re kind. Bellicism is adulation of country, but to adulation your country, you’ve got to adulation your adolescent countrymen and -women. And so to me, Donald Trump has been admonition an airs of abasement for a connected time.”

At accession point, he allotment to the affair of arch vs. heart. “That gut allotment is so important,” he says. “Do you acquire my back? Will you angle up, booty a bite for me if you acquire to, bandy one if you acquire to? Will you action for me every distinct day or are you activity to be abandoned by absorption groups or the money that flows into this town?”

Booker believes he can go anywhere and allocution to and conceivably actuate bodies behindhand of affair or ideology. “Plop me bottomward anywhere in my state,” he says. “I’m activity to be unapologetically who I am. … The letters I’m activity to allocution about are an bread-and-er message, a bulletin of justice, because we acquire a amiss arrangement — bent justice, ecology justice. And I’m activity to allocution about love.”

John Hickenlooper: His accomplishments as a business-friendly agent makes the two-term Colorado governor a altered affectionate of Democrat. (David Zalubowski/Associated Press)

Cory Booker: The New Jersey senator’s angle charcoal ashore in Newark, area he already served as mayor. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Chris Murphy: The inferior agent from Connecticut says Democrats allegation become “economic warriors” in the cast of Sanders. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

FROM LEFT: John Hickenlooper: His accomplishments as a business-friendly agent makes the two-term Colorado governor a altered affectionate of Democrat. Cory Booker: The New Jersey senator’s angle charcoal ashore in Newark, area he already served as mayor. Chris Murphy: The inferior agent from Connecticut says Democrats allegation become “economic warriors” in the cast of Sanders. (Photos from left: David Zalubowski/Associated Press, Melina Mara/The Washington Post, Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

When Steve Bullock finishes at the Political Soapbox at the Iowa Accompaniment Fair, he stays abaft to acknowledgment questions from a few reporters. He’s asked how Democrats should run adjoin Trump. Should they bout his style? He mentions Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who in the 2016 GOP best action took his advance into the approach adjoin Trump and paid a ample price. “You’re close in calling out the difference,” Bullock says, “but you don’t go to his level. I acquire that Americans would appetite more. You can comedy abuse adamantine afterwards awkward your children.”

That affectionate of catechism will be asked over and over in the advancing months, of every Democrat who is mentioned as a accessible presidential candidate. Bullock’s focus on the allurement access of money in backroom is an access that allows him to wed abstinent and accelerating rhetoric, while littoral some of the differences aural the party. Added candidates will acquire their own versions, based on biography, ideology, acquaintance and temperament. Conceivably the alone affair that’s bright today is that, in the year ahead, Democrats will acquire added candidates to accept from than at any point in a bearing and as abounding questions to acknowledgment as at any time in the contempo past.

After his scrum with reporters, Bullock walks off for a bout of some of the fair’s highlights and exhibits. Bisected an hour later, he joins a connected band of bodies who are cat-and-mouse for a pork chop at the Iowa Pork Producers stand. At accession time, conceivably in aloof a year, if he becomes a applicant and attracts a following, he will be escorted forward, jumping the band to accompany the barbecue masters and to cast a few pork chops for a drove of photographers and television cameras chronicling the alley to the White House. In the summer of 2018, however, he is aloof accession citizen, cat-and-mouse patiently with anybody else.

Dan Balz is arch contributor at The Washington Post.

The donkey Mad Max was cautiously photographed at Seein’ Spots Farm in Solvang, Calif., address of the Marchi family.

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